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A Fourth of July Post On The Corporate State, Part Deaux

At the link is an interview done in 1985, I believe.   The interview is with a KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to Canada.  These interviews are pretty popular consumption on Youtube.   Many readers may be familiar with Yuri.  In another interview, also done during the Reagan administration, Bezmenov, trained in state subversion and propaganda techniques, talked about how astonished he was in seeing the decay of America into a system of propagandized, dumbed-down Marxist-Leninist statism just like in the Soviet Union.   

Interestingly, a poll recently came out that showed Reagan as the most popular president since World War II.   The effects of state propaganda?  They certainly don’t meld with Bezmenov’s view of the U.S. during Reagan’s presidency.   Bezmenov had already seen the U.S. populace as being steeped in tyrannical propaganda techniques and substantial loss of freedoms at that time.   How can one really argue with the reality that Reagan was a horrible, statist president as documented on here ad nauseam.  An outsider who understood this after living through the Soviet experience was able to see reality through an unfiltered lens of corporate state propaganda while most Americans were not.

As an aside, remember, Putin is also KGB.  Don’t believe any of the fawning press or useful idiots easily duped.  Russia is clearly a predator state.  There are many state agendas to what we are being fed about world affairs and no one knows what they are.  Some believe that the Soviet power structure still exists today.  That it has been reconstituted in the current Russian state.  And they are using the west’s technology transfer to coalesce into a new statist power structure.   Europe and American corporate capitalism are more than willing to oblige with that technology transfer in the name of greed and profits.  Just as they did with the Nazis.  Just like they did with the Chinese communists.  If this viewpoint has some validity to it, and it is clearly plausible, the same communist predators may rise again in new Russian power structures to be a threat to humanity.   That certainly appears to be so to some degree with Soviet apparatchiks now the capitalist oligarchs the KGB Putin shields in the Russian corporate capitalist state. 

Back to Bezmenov.  There is ample evidence Bezmenov was very prescient on one hand but possibly wrong on another.   In other words, the U.S. was already heading down a steep slope but the Soviet Union collapsed soon after his warnings to Americans about communism and communist ideals strongly rooted in this nation by the mid 1980s.   Communism in this world is dead.  But the U.S. continues down a slippery slope of tyranny, injustice, corruption and state violence.  Now, the threat of communism may still be simmering under the surface and kept alive by liberal fanatics around the world, but the possibility exists that the real threat was never communism at all.  But that it was the king’s corporate capitalism, central banks, private for-profit bankers and capitalist greed.   And that while Bezmenov may have recognized the violence of the Soviet Union, what he did not recognize was that it may have been created by western capitalist nations in the first place.  Let me expand upon that somewhat further. 

Bezmenov was certainly right about the state and its endless violence against humanity.  Something to consider in these videos are his remarks that outright war and physical violence are a last resort of state control.  Something I have noted many times.  That the state has actually failed in its mission of propagandized emotional and spiritual control when it has to resort to outright physical violence.  Humanity cannot live under a system of continual violence of any kind.  The human condition simply crumbles and we are witnessing that today on a mass scale in the U.S.   The same crumbling that existed in the Soviet Union.  This manifests itself in countless social dynamics be that addictions, physical violence or whatnot. 

One dynamic that people can clearly appreciate is those exploited (corporate state violence) at work end up sabotaging their work, cruising the internet, doing a half-assed job and other forms of often subconscious forms of resistance to that violence.   This while the exploiters in corporate America and the state believe life is grand.  Buy their new BMWs, Mercedes, second homes and take multiple vacations off the backs of the exploited.   Whether that is the California firefighter making $190,000 a year or the Wall Street banker or anyone in between.  It’s not quite working out so well for the 150 or so million Americans on the receiving end of this violence.

Instead, people in society must accept their slavery willingly.  Violence must be covert and sinister.  This is accomplished through state propaganda aka subconscious emotional and spiritual violence.  Bezmenov talks about how 85-90% of state resources are directed at this type of violence and control rather than the overt use of violence that people generally see in spying, espionage, terrorism, etc.   

If this is anywhere true in the United States today, can you begin to imagine how much time and effort is used to manipulate Americans into accepting our own tyranny?  It must be a staggering degree of propaganda and deception.  Because the 10-15% he cites in spying, espionage and terrorism of the United States is staggeringly beyond surreal.   Of course, another possibility exists.  That is, the emotional and spiritual violence are no longer working.  That either people are awakening to the deceit or are walking corpses who just don’t give a shit anymore.  If this is so, then the increase in outward violence is a manifestation of coming corporate state collapse.  Just like the Soviet Union.

Bezmenov talks of a demoralizing process used by the state with an intent of control.  And this was a process the KGB developed and instituted in the Soviet Union and around the world.  The steps were:

  1. Demoralization
  2. Destabilization
  3. Crisis
  4. Normalization

This program of state violence would  “change the perception of reality to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one would be able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”   In other words, institutionalize as much of the population as possible.  Thus reducing their threat to state power and ultimately their acceptance of it.  Or, possibly even going so far as to become useful idiots who, rather than supporting their own freedom, actually support the state’s victimization and exploitation of them and their fellow citizens without consciously realizing it.  Let’s see.  Who is institutionalized in this country?  Many public workers.  Wall Street.  The political class.  Corporate capitalists.  The birthright rich.  Shopaholics.  The merchant class.  Real estate-related careers.  Anyone who can be exploited for substantial profits; that would include doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, programmers, most college-degreed corporate workers, etc.    Essentially anyone who is anywhere near successful.  Or, anyone other than the working class.

Of those who are under the duress of propaganda, as Bezmenov notes, “Even if I shower him with authentic information, with authentic truth, with documents and pictures. Even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him a concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it.”

We have seen this type of manipulation and deception throughout history.   Even when there is no formal state process developed for purposes of control.   Whether that is Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union or the British Empire or the Roman Empire or the U.S. Empire.  It all rhymes.  It rhymes because, in effect, what Bezmenov is pointing out is simply formalizing pathology for the benefit of the state.  It’s essentially formalizing the behavior of psychopathy for state actors to control humanity.  Where victims are actually manipulated into believing a false reality so that they are capable of being exploited by state predators.   This is why tyranny is so consistent throughout the ages and throughout the world.  Pathology always and eventually controls concentrated power.  And its intents and methods of manipulating humanity are consistent.   

Here is a key point I want to make.  Unlike the Soviet Union, in the United States that propaganda is often most effectively developed and carried out by corporations, creatures of the state that are  extensions of state policy and propaganda.

When Bezmenov talks about a willing target to state propaganda, in the U.S. that is substantially driven by corporate advertisers, corporate propaganda, the corporate military-industrial complex and their talking mouthpieces in politics who promulgate propagandized beliefs in free market corporate capitalism and the like. 

The threat to the United States was not the Soviet Union or  Leninist Marxism.   In fact, the rise of Marxist-Leninist propaganda in this nation has likely been as a statist counterweight to the growing power of corporate capitalism.   There is ample evidence that corporate capitalism and western banking funded the communists in the 1917 revolution.  Trotsky was living in New York and Lenin in western Europe.  Both were  clearly somehow funded by American and European interests while living there.   Capitalist interests?  Do your diligence.  But many in Russia and the west have recognized the 1917 Revolution and the resultant tyranny under which they lived was funded by corporate capitalists.   And that funding continued through many covert means for much of the Soviet Union’s existence.   Again do you own diligence but there is ample evidence.

Some people would question why any good capitalist would seek to create a communist state.  Well, that’s not for me to answer.  I am not privy to those possibilities.  But remember that corporate capitalism is a system of class created by class.  And it uses the state to perpetuate class through violence. 

From what we now see unfolding, that is the true violence behind corporate capitalism revealing itself, there are many easily appreciated reasons why capitalism may have wanted to create a communist state.  One may be that Russia was on a path to democratic reforms that would have collapsed corporate capitalism as many believe.   In other words, to remove that threat.  Is that so hard to believe given all of the meddling we now see courtesy of Snowden, Wikileaks, etc.   The U.S. and Europe have their fingers in all forms of state violence around the world.  Another may be that the Soviet Union created the enemy that capitalism and the corporate state needed to survive, as noted on here before.  As we look around us today, how hard is Europe, especially Britain, and the U.S. seeking to find a new enemy to maintain this system of economic injustice?  Pretty damned hard.  And that will almost certainly continue as they attempt to goad Russia and eventually China into taking some sort of action against us.  So, that a new statist Cold War can develop.  Or that economic warfare can be taken to the next level?

The question remains, as noted in my first 4th of July post, what is the common interest driving this state violence and why?  It is definitely concerted between Europe, Canada, the U.S. and other capitalist nations.  

Remember, what most institutionalized capitalists won’t accept or fail to realize is that capitalism was invented by feudal societies in Europe well before democracy ever took hold.  While European nations have achieved some substantial modicum of democratic reforms, economically, they still live in a very stratified, class-based system.   In other words, private for-profit capital controls their democracies and societies as it now does ours.   And in Europe, it has since the time of kings, queens, lords and ladies or birthright aristocracy who subjugated humanity to a system of brutality and exploitation for their own amusement.   Capitalism is the very method through which those interests have maintained their grip on Europe.  Europe is still a monarchy-driven culture of class.  There are a dozen monarchies that still exist in Europe.  Without the force of the state, they would disappear and so would their power.  Capitalism is the sole mechanism through which titled families and birthright aristocracy maintain their power in Europe.  Especially Britain but certainly other nations as well.   Do you see any of the aristocracy  or 1% dealing with austerity?   The enemy is not the millionaire who achieves their wealth through their own intellectual and physical exertion.  It is the multi-millionaire to billionaire who achieves their wealth through corporate rent extraction, surplus value of the working class and state welfare.

The natural state of the human mind is to be present.  That means we acquire and consume no more than we an need in the present moment.  Beyond that, the acquisition of substantially more than we can ever use is driven purely by the disconnected ego, the source of all evil in this world.   Frankly, this understanding has been recognized for thousands of years by ancient religions and spiritual mystics.   It is also understood in the natural world where no life or resource is taken unless it is needed to survive.   In other words, the natural world operates on a system of mutual respect for all life.  Bears may gorge before their winter slumber or squirrels may bury away seeds when the coming season is void of food, but this is appreciated within the context of the present moment.  

Corporate capitalism can only survive by seeking greater and greater rent extraction.  That manifests itself with massive overproduction and associated overconsumption.   Of raping the planet and humanity.  Additionally, overconsumption makes us stupid.  It disconnects our minds from this natural state of being and places us in a primitive ego-state of mindless attachment.  Attachment is never satisfied.  It is meaningless.  So, it drives even greater attachment as the ego seeks meaning through the acquisition of more and more worldly possessions.  This is not the founding principles of our nation.  This is not what we celebrate on the 4th of July.   Capitalism was only brought to this nation years after the Revolutionary War by Alexander Hamilton.  

Capitalism is no less a form of state violence than communism.   Ironically, does one require the other to exist?  Similar to the false meme of Democrats and Republicans?   If one of the political parties in this nation collapses, the other is going with it.  Because they too operate under the same false meme of state violence.

Happy 4th of July.  Celebrate your true identity.  That is, your divine existence of freedom and worthiness granted by your Creator that is void of your state-driven identity.

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