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A Fourth Of July Post: A Conspiracy Exposed? Five Eyes Are The Only Nations Excluded From U.S. Spying.

Let me say as noted on here many times, I don’t typically partake in conspiracy theories.  Conspiracy is much different than conspiracy theory although theorists would try to deny that fact.  Parties conspire on behalf of their own interests very day.  That is the basis of capitalism and statism.  Conspiracy theory is often the paranoid mind’s fear-based beliefs that someone is out to get them.  That everything is a conspiracy.   I’m going to relish in a little conspiracy theory today.  I don’t have any beliefs on this topic.  Simply observations that seemingly warrant further discovery.   Maybe that discovery would uncover more facts proving some type of conspiracy.  Maybe they would simply be a dead end.  But we are never privy to that discovery given the massive corruption and tyranny of state violence in this nation.  

Today, it is being reported through Snowden revelations that the Five Eyes are the only nations out of two hundred that are exempt from U.S. spying.   The Five Eyes (explained this text’s link) or Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Britain and the United States have what in common?    Well, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are Monarchies under the Commonwealth Realm.  In other words, while granted general daily freedoms, are still Dominions of the British royal family and British aristocracy.   That means there is likely some degree of British aristocratic looting or control involved in these relationships.  Be that through capitalism or private, for-profit banking or whatnot.

Remember, Britain is probably the most violent, repressive, spy-happy, class-based society in the developed world today.  And, frankly, it has been for hundreds of years.  It is arguably far worse than even the U.S.  Historically, there is no comparison.  As noted on here many times, the British Empire was a murdering machine that killed far more than even the Nazis.  Slavery is not a blight of this nation but a blight of Britain and European monarchies on this nation that we inherited. 

This leaves the U.S. as the odd man out in the group of Five Eyes.  The only nations the U.S. is forbidden from spying on include states still controlled by the British crown and governed by Anglo-Saxon populous.   Why is the U.S. included in a group of five countries still part of the British monarchy?

I’m getting ahead of my posting schedule but there is some evidence, although certainly far from conclusive, that U.S. sovereignty was hijacked by Britain in the 1800s and remains hijacked to this day.   Not our government hijacked.  And not knowingly hijacked by the general populous or even government representatives.  But, nonetheless economically hijacked.  And, that was accomplished through the British aristocracy’s banking cartels.

Actually, before this is discounted out of hand, Britain has meddled in the U.S. far more than history books ever tell.  There are at least half a dozen major known acts of British state terrorism in our country in the 1800s.  That includes the war of 1812, the U.S. – Mexican War and the Civil War.   Additionally, there is the Andrew Jackson - Bank of the United States War.   Here and here.   There was much concern that this predatory U.S. bank was actually driven by British banking interests.  There is so much misinformation in this world, often at the hands of state actors, and always has been, that truth is in short supply and often hard to discern.     The U.S. Mexican War and the War of 1812 clearly had known British involvement.  But there is also ample evidence the British were heavily involved in attempts to destroy the United States in the Civil War. 

Obviously, none of this was part of any official British policy.  In fact, official British policy is and always has been they played a neutral role.  That is a bald-faced lie and many have reported their involvement in great detail.  Britain’s meddling in the Civil War involved both economic and monetary terrorism on behalf of the Confederacy that was aligned with British capitalists.  Some of this was just recently exposed in the mainstream.  But it is far more sinister and involved counterfeiting our currency in an attempt to collapse our nation.  This continued from 1776 well into the Civil War.  And in fact, during the Civil War, rampant inflation existed in our nation due to massive British counterfeiting operations.    To take that into the twentieth century, there is substantial evidence British economic and monetary policy under the British pound reserve currency created the U.S. Great Depression.  And did so with willful intent.  Possibly to maintain British domination over the world and to thwart an upstart United States.  Although U.S. overtaking Britain eventually became inevitable.

Remember, in 1929 the world’s reserve currency was the pound.  And no one voted on that dynamic.  It was a de facto reserve currency achieved through violent domination.  It simply was because the sun never set on the British Empire.   This is a criminal aristocratic society that looted the entire world with impunity and forced countries into using the pound for trade.  And that allowed the British aristocracy to achieve wealth well beyond anything legally possible.  Sound familiar?

This is certainly a conspiracy theory but everything I am citing above is grounded in fact.   The only reason I really consider this as possible given the ample evidence of how our nation continues down a path eschewing founding principles in favor of European-style, class-based, capitalist nations.  And because Ireland, Scotland and much of Europe have struggled to stay out of British control for hundreds of years.   And both countries are currently seeking their own independence from Britain after centuries of rape and murder.

This announcement of Snowden-released information only adds confirmation to the fact that there are many things we don’t understand.   Now, if the United States is substantially influenced by the British monarchy’s private banks, then Obama, Congress and American politicians are almost certainly simply useful idiots.  They would likely have no idea.  And much of U.S. policy would simply be a reflection of the bribery by private banking and corporate capitalist interests that would possibly then “push” the U.S. towards alliances with Britain and the Five Eyes.   This is no different than the useful political idiots in Washington doing the bidding of Monsanto, Coca-Cola, the Koch Brothers, ALEX, Rupert Murdoch, Saudi Arabia or any other private interest.   So, it really isn’t that far-fetched in some form or another.

Who knows?  Maybe it is just coincidence that an American  aristocracy sought the type of power that British elites once wielded and used their power to enable that type of evil society here.   And that itself is the tie that binds the two massively corrupt nations into a relationship that is on a much higher plane than any others on earth. Because our society certainly is evil.  Or, should I say those who control our society certainly are evil.  

But Britain’s meddling in our banking and monetary affairs was also given some credence by FDR in his personal memoirs.   More on that later.  Additionally, there are many more anecdotal issues that warrant further investigation.  But I want to keep this readable and as short as possible.

One must remember that private for-profit banking, central banking and corporate capitalism were the very reason we fought the Revolutionary War.   Fact.  A fact left out of history books.  But a fact.  As I have noted on here ad nauseam, U.S. society today looks exactly like English society in 1776.  Exactly.  A ruling class of aristocratic predators, a king needed for empire, the king’s private, for-profit corporations used to loot humanity, renter capitalists who used money to make money rather than adding any value to humanity or society, the king’s private, for-profit banks to enslave humanity to debt, a massive war machine, a voluntarily conscripted rank and file army that has no other economic opportunity but to serve the looting aristocracy,  massive wealth imbalances created by class, a gentried land owner aristocracy that preys upon its renter serfs, an aristocracy in the military-industrial complex that preys upon the rank and file voluntary conscripted army,  gated aristocratic communities, a ruling class that overconsumes and amuses themselves to death whilst leaving others with the environmental, social and monetary bill, a global network of slave economic colonies called free trade, a police state, rampant drug and alcohol addiction, rampant poverty and homelessness, corporate wage slavery, massive trade imbalances, etc, etc, etc.   We are England in 1776.   

The fact that so many people in this country believe corporate capitalism is a manifestation of freedom is purely propaganda.  Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations was written in 1776 glorifying the exact same repressive economic system we see in this nation today.  It would be akin to someone writing a thesis today on U.S. economic policy titled The Wealth of Nations. 

Remember, in western capitalist culture only the state has primacy over private capital or capitalism.  Not humanity and not natural rights.  This whole Atlas Shrugged mythical fantasy where corporations leave the state to practice their magic in a benevolent corporate utopia is dystopianly absurd.   Only the disconnected ego could ever buy such a line of utter bullshit. 

Corporations only exist through the force of the state.  Without state violence, corporations would collapse.  Do you think free people who had alternative means of property, production, wealth creation, empowerment and self-determinism that God grants us, as truly free people do, would willingly subjugate themselves to autocratic corporate bureaucrat control and wage slavery? 

Through state violence the working class has been herded like cattle or chattel into private, rent-seeking capitalist factories and enterprises for hundreds of years.   When the state has stolen  everything from you, you were given one of two choices.  Head to the poor house or the work house (literally there were brutal, miserable, subhuman places called poor houses and work houses in England) or go to work for your capitalist masters as wage slaves.  Well, or die.  Plenty of that happened as well.

Belief in corporate capitalism as a form of freedom is a prime example of people suffering under the tyranny of their own beliefs.   Beliefs implanted in them through state propaganda.  That is what beliefs are.  Tyranny.  Self-imposed tyrannies of the ego that subvert discovery of our present moment experience and rather create self-fulfilling, self-victimizing outcomes to those experiences.  In other words, our beliefs keep us in a loop of suffering.  When we no longer believe something, it no longer can control us.  Our minds are free to explore and discover our experiences beyond the self’s own imposed tyrannies. 

By the way, this is the very enlightenment that is happening all around the world today.  People no longer believe in capitalism, corporations and the state as the source of truth in their lives.  They are beginning to recognize their worthiness beyond that granted to them by these predatory, pathological, evil institutions of the ego.  Worthiness granted by our Creator.  Just as in 1776.  That’s a very, very good thing for the future of humanity.  And a good thing to celebrate this 4th of July.  The booming cry of freedom that is once again reverberating around the world. 

In summary, the only reason I can fully get my head around for Five Eyes being excluded from U.S. spying is to perpetuate the British aristocracy’s control over the world.   Or, continued Anglo-American class-based dominance.   Either way, there is a reason why this comingling of power exists between these two nations.  Why is that?   Something heinous and horrible certainly is a possibility given the lack of transparency we have into what is really going on. 

Snowden’s release of Five Eyes link here.

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