Monday, July 07, 2014

The World Of Unprecedented Global Violence - Refugees Highest Since WWII

This is a perfect example of how ignorant the world has become under the corporate state and its political toadies.  While suffering is at such an extreme level, our fearless leaders tell us we are living through unprecedented times of peace and the global economy has recovered.   Is there any better example of how hierarchy and class dumbs down the human experience?  Honestly?  Obama commented some weeks ago that the world is less violent than it has ever been.  His intimation, through exclusion, a lack of acknowledgement of the times in which we live, and his remarks that every single day he helps someone, goes beyond violence to include implied prosperity.   As your great leader I am handing you with a better world.  This is a prime example of megalomania  taking credit for a reality that truly doesn’t even exist.  This is right out of the dystopian 1984 or some Soviet Union or communist China propaganda campaign or a third world Marxist manifesto.   But I suspect Obama, like Bush, Clinton, Reagan and others before him, actually believes his own storylines-

 “Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

The reality is we are living through a time of unprecedented state violence around the world.  Statists like Obama perpetuate global emotional, spiritual and physical violence on a level never before seen in the history of humanity and these astronomical refugee numbers are simply confirmation of that fact.  If we add in those suffering with no prospects of employment or a living wage in the developed world to those of refugees, the numbers of people suffering under tyranny, injustice and violence in this world are absolutely staggering.   It is certainly a number in the billions.   The cumulative human experience is under unprecedented duress of state violence.   But the propagandists are here to tell us how wonderful life truly is.  For those who have stolen everything from humanity, that is, statists of all ilk including corporate bureaucrats, I am sure they truly do believe life is grand.  And that they are all doing God’s work.

This level of global refugee diaspora is certainly substantially the same dynamic behind the mass influx of immigrants swelling into the southern United States.  That is, it is actually U.S.  policies that are creating unprecedented suffering in countries on our southern border.   The United States is not the only nation facing this issue.  It is everywhere as this global system of violence collapses.  Der Spiegel has a new story of the same issue facing their nation - Germany caught off guard by surge in refugees.  And Europe as a whole is facing the same issue.  Nations such as Italy have actually threatened to leave the Eurozone if they cannot get a handle on illegal immigration.   In fact, as noted on here before, it is corporate capitalism that has even created a diaspora within our own nation.  Communities, families and friendships are broken apart as employment opportunities become less bountiful over many decades as corporations and the state tighten their grip.  So, people must often move half way across the country, forsaking life-long bonds and connections simply to find work.   The “parking lot” suburb is a manifestation of this transient diaspora dynamic.

As with everything else, no one in the mainstream is talking about what the real issues are.  Although there are plenty of people who appreciate the real issues.  They just don’t get their voices heard.  It’s just like every other crisis that faces humanity.  There are a plethora of solutions.  Just no one with their foot on our necks willing to shut the f*ck up long enough to actually listen.   Our masters don’t want that.

Non-ironically, the Wall Street Journal has just run an op-ed in support of lawless borders under the guise of free market, capitalist principles.  Everything written in this article is absolutely wrong at absolutely the right time.  In other words, its author, just another ignorant corporate bureaucrat, is top-ticking decades of neoliberalism corporate-state inspired beliefs that are about to come crashing down on him and the brutal, inhumane world that he and other plutocrats have created.

One has to wonder why both Republicans and Democrats are completely united on trashing our borders and allowing the “free flow of immigration” cited in the Wall Street Journal op-ed?   Because that is exactly what it is.   It is exploiting the masses whether that be the immigrants themselves or the masses in any particular nation who “pay” for these lawless programs by being tax donkeys or through the loss living wages.     Is this op-ed an example of a new form of compassionate corporate capitalism?  Ha!   The Chamber of Commerce is pushing very, very hard in support of these dynamics as noted on here before.  And so are multinational corporations.  These plutocrats are exploiting the compassion of people to allow this type of suffering to become accepted.  I think it is quite plausible that the real reason for immigration reform-less “reform” is exactly the same reason why the U.S. is in an economic and social crisis in the first place.  That is, as a Japanese American professor at Berkeley notes, the U.S. immigration influx is about re-educating society into a permanent subservient class to serve our aristocratic corporate state masters.  You know, that same state propaganda I cited in my last post.   This is what our corporate masters want.  So, we are fed a healthy dose of propaganda to normalize us to this type of suffering.  That is exactly what this Wall Street Journal op-ed is espousing.  That this type of dislocation and diaspora that is a result of hardship become the new normal. 

Here is what we do know from the mass of diaspora around the world.  This movement is not driven by a compassionate and empathetic world.   It is not driven by an unprecedented level of peace and prosperity.   It is driven by an unprecedented global evil in this world. 

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