Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Joke Of The Day: Mainstream Media Reports Computer Passes Turing Test (Passes As Being Human) And Computers Will Be The Dominant Intelligence By 2045

A month or so ago it was reported by the brilliant mainstream press that a computer passed a Turing Test and, thus it is implied has somehow reaching some level of human ability.   Additionally, just some days ago a physicist, with a profit-driven intent of selling books, noted that humanity would no longer be the top species by 2045.  Instead, it will be computers.  

Bullshit.  I’m constantly amazed by what passes as knowledge in modern corporate capitalist society.

The accepted absurdity that has become so much a part of our lives is truly surreal.  Humanity doesn’t even know what the brain is, let alone what the mind is.   In fact, science views them as one and the same.   That is a very dubious assumption.   Many in science interchangeably use the term mind and brain.  Who said the mind had anything to do with the brain or vice versa?  How do we know that the mind resides in the brain?   There is no truly good evidence of this.   There are assumptions but those assumptions provide no compelling evidence that the mind has any physical shape or physical form.  There is actually some  scientific evidence that the mind may not reside in the brain but rather simply controls it.

One proof point that we know little about the mind or the brain is that modern science has a cure rate of less than 5% for chronic or serious mental illnesses or what we believe is improper functioning of the brain and/or mind.   Allopathic medicine is occasionally and often temporarily able to ameliorate mental illness symptoms, often at a substantial cost,  through pharmacological agents.  But the reality is the cure rates for mental illness is essentially not much better than statistical zero.   What does that tell us?  Maybe our entire foundations of brain and mind science are completely wrong.  Or that we still know almost nothing about either.  

Mainstream medicine and associated science has become reasonably knowledgeable in dealing with sensory abilities of the brain.  That is, the physical interfaces from the brain to our world.  And, thus physical abnormalities associated with the connections to the brain such as the possibility of restoring sight, hearing or motor function.   If we get beyond these simplistic views of our brain and mind then our knowledge becomes more precarious.  Beyond both of these, science still can’t even define what consciousness is.  Does consciousness even have anything remotely to do with the brain?  When I hear neuroscientists claim that self-awareness is consciousness, as is very often the case in the mainstream, it reinforces how little we actually know.   Self-awareness is self-awareness.  That’s why it’s called self-awareness.  If self-awareness was consciousness it would be called consciousness.  Consciousness is something we don’t really understand except at an intuitive level.  And that is why it really has escaped proper and consistent definition.  How can we define of explain what we really don’t understand?  It’s akin to defining or explaining the life force of the universe.  Another related topic we know nothing about. 

Through scientific experiments, some believe there is evidence consciousness does not reside in the brain but rather in the pineal gland or what is often literally seen as a third eye in some species, and thus is often called humanity’s third eye or eye into the soul.  There certainly is much to consider on this topic as our  view of reality may actually be created through the pineal gland and its possible release of compounds creating that illusory experience.  My point?   We really have no idea what the human experience really is. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t many good and decent people trying to make a positive difference in the mental health or medical sciences industry.  Or that scientific progress should be abandoned.  Not is not what I am saying at all.  They certainly do make a difference.  And some of the motor and sensory discoveries made in the last handful of years have been quite profound.  Science is a never-ending journey.  But as it pertains to the human mind and brain, the road is long, hard, and without a seeming end.  

Much of today’s brain “science” was stumbled upon accidently decades ago.  And much of it is now collapsing like a lot of other allopathic medical “science” or other science that is now catching up to itself and its dubious assertions and conclusions.  I suspect that is because our basic assumptions about what the mind and the brain actually are could both be very wrong.    If that is so, it means institutionalized brain and mind science reinforces wrongness and stifles innovative and new research ideas.   In other words, what we call mainstream, institutionalized science, education and associated  knowledge might be better labeled as indoctrination. 

I know a little bit about artificial intelligence re the supposed Turing Test results and the ludicrous claims of some coming singularity; a topic I have mocked on here in the past.  I’m not on the cutting edge of AI nor am I going to sit down and write any code or design circuits anymore but then the fundamentals of that science really haven’t changed.   They haven’t changed because our knowledge of the human experience, the human brain and the human mind really haven’t changed.  And, in fact, as noted above, much of it is regressing.  Bigger, faster, easier to program and marginally better programming techniques is all science has to offer in its extremely weak, ignorant and unknowing understanding of the human human experience.  That’s about it in layman’s terms.  

It’s been a while since I have talked about this on here but it’s a combination of ego, ignorance and propaganda when anyone claims that we are close to copying the human brain or mind through computer technology or human invention.   Or that we can create computers capable of being human.  Or as some blowhards spout for highly profitable, self-interested purposes, like selling books and themselves, that we are nearing some kind of singularity.  Frankly, these people are either deceitful or ignorant or ignorantly deceitful or deceitfully ignorant.  They do a disservice to wonderment, creativity, invention, science, humanity and discovery by blatant misrepresentation of science that simply does not exist. 

Without digging up scientific citations and references, of which there are many, (because this is a stream of conscious blog post and not a dissertation) there is ample evidence that much of the human experience may actually operate from outside of the brain.  Especially when it comes to many higher order abilities and higher order intelligence.  As noted on here some years ago, there is more evidence that the human brain evolved to meet the demands of the expanded human mind and/or consciousness rather than vice versa as is believed by all of institutionalized science.  In other words, in some way human consciousness or the mind’s ability took a gigantic leap forward and that expansion of power and ability drove rapid and radical brain development needed to take advantage of it within our perceptions of physical reality.   Do Newton’s Laws not state that energy is required to create change?  What energy created that rapid expansion of the human brain?   Well, that could certainly have been the eternal light of the human mind.

In other words, for many functions and abilities, the brain may simply be some kind of receptor that processes information and translates that into something our bodies and this world can understand or act upon in our perceptions of physical reality.  On that note, I have already posted that the human mind actually grows biological magnetic material or magnetite within it.   In other words, magnetic material that our body produces organically.  And we have absolutely no clue what it is for.   Simplistic interpretations try to link it to some lost receptor ability to navigate direction through the earth’s magnetosphere.  Most certainly this is wildly simplistic and erroneous because we are, in fact, so scientifically-ignorant.  

Turing’s original questions were founded around a concept of whether computers could actually think.   That’s obviously a valid question.  Albeit, not in the sense that Turing believed.  This recent test isn’t proving that at all.   The fundamental question is what actually is thinking?   Again, we are at another assumption science makes that clearly could be another dead end or false assumption that keeps institutionalized science heading down the wrong path. 

Do we really know what thinking actually is?  To take this further, there is also some evidence, although certainly far from conclusive, as just about nothing regarding the mind ever is, that thinking isn’t thinking at all as institutionalize science believes.  Rather, it’s listening.  That the brain is listening to the mind or the universe or consciousness in some way we don’t understand.  And that the human gift of discovery, invention, creativity and innate human values may arise from listening to the divine higher power of our mind rather than any particular “stuff” found in our brain.  And that expression is then interpreted based on our unique experiences.  Does the brain light up when we are “thinking”?  Sure it does.  But does that mean the source of our thinking resides in that part of the brain?  Meh.  Mimicry?  Possibly.   Discovery, creativity, invention and innate human values?  A very dubious assumption. 

If thinking is really often listening, then each human being has within his or her ability to be incredibly creative and wonderfully brilliant if able to connect to and refine the ability to listen to the knowledge of the universe or the human mind or whatever we are able to tap into.  We often see this with people who are nothing more than average, if not, mentally-challenged in some or even all aspects of life but are gifted beyond words in other aspects.   I’m not just talking about savants, Einsteins, Michelangelos, clairvoyants, mystics or whatnot.  I’m talking about craft, art, literature, cooking, comedy, music, raising children, love, kindness, empathy and other gifts and forms of human expression that we see in people of all walks of life.  Everyone has a gift that makes them unique.  It’s simply a matter whether it has been tapped and refined.   Mind you, the greatest gift is one of unconditional acceptance and love.  Something that is clearly lost in our Godless, primitive, corporate state existence that disconnects us from our mind’s higher power.

Frankly, were it up to state actors, the human mind would be suppressed to the point of emotional and spiritual  meaninglessness.  Because that is what is required to subjugate humanity to a world of state power and control.   And, that is exactly the problem in the world today.  The human spirit has been tyrannically subjugated to unbridled state power and the thugs who wield it.  How many Albert Einsteins are we missing because our voices have been repressed through state tyranny?  Frankly, there is ample reason to believe any Albert Einsteins born into poverty or the mass of humanity simply trying to stay alive in this state-dominated world may not make it out of poverty or a life of meaninglessness in today’s controlled society.   Einstein wasn’t exactly a child prodigy and thus easily identified and exploited by the corporate state.   In today’s world he might be selling crack on the street corner to stay alive.  Or how many compassionate and merciful people who have a gift to change the world are brutally subjugated to a life of state-created and enforced poverty, repression and nothingness?

The greatest inhibitor to acquiring new knowledge, new scientific discovery and human expression is definitely the ego’s intent of control.   Control driven by subconscious and conscious fear.  Control and fear are the definition of the state.  The state exists for one reason; to perpetuate violence on behalf of class-based state actors.  To control you for their own self-interest.  And, thus by conclusion to inhibit the discovery of new knowledge and truth.

This fear/control dynamic literally shuts down normal functioning and connection of the mind and brain as we enter a primitive state of survival.  This is something science can actually measure.   And given how primitive of an existence we all lead under corporate and state control, propagandized consumerism, competition with each other over economic success/employment/survival, debt slavery and corporate wage chattel, humanity certainly is living through a substantial dark ages in science, art, literature, creativity, music and innovation.  Instead, we live in a world of conformity to corporate state approved science, literature, music, innovation, etc.   We are subjugated to a system where the state and its invention of private, class-based capital only glorify what they can use and abuse to exploit humanity for profit rather than progress or truly human individualism and associated expression.  Umm, this won’t last because there is almost certainly some magic juju and secret sauce courtesy of the human mind we don’t understand that will correct this regressive, unstable, primitive state of being.   

If any of our perceptions of the mind and brain are in any way, shape or form wrong, it would explain why science literally knows almost nothing of substantial relevance about the mind and brain.  Why our mind science is literally stuck in neutral and, in many regards, has been since the time of the ancient yogis.

Regardless, the propagandists, cultists and soothsayers who are trying to sell us on nonsense like singularity or computers that exhibit human qualities and values are simply bamboozling people purely for their own self-interested, profit-motive being the good exploitative, predatory capitalists they are.  You know, just like the capitalist medicinal tonic salesmen of a century ago who sold people the same faux medicine.  And just as a century ago, the people who don’t know any better lap it up courtesy of predatory exploitation.  Should we not be protecting each other from this type of victimization rather than allowing it to happen continually?   Using our abilities to progress humanity and our cumulative experiences rather than exploit each other for profit as this system does? 

Regardless, it’s dangerous and reckless for people to make the claims that humanity has created a computer or a program that can mimic humanity.  It’s also an outright lie. 

When wonderment ceases to exist and junk science, theories and beliefs that sell textbooks replaces it, science, discovery and the search for truth suffers tremendously.  And all new discoveries are then pigeonholed, shoehorned and forced into ideological dogma and institutionalized junk science, theories and beliefs to protect the self-interest of hierarchical institutions housing its keepers of the faith.  There is ample evidence this is where we are with mind science.  That hierarchical, state institutionalization of mind science is repressing our ability of discovery.

We have a whole lot more data to collect aka wonderment and science before we could even make a crudely rudimentary theoretical model of the mind or brain.   Quite frankly, without some major leap forward in human evolution and, thus understanding, it’s akin to the same question of life after death or of some universal intelligence.   In other words, without some new abilities the universe is going to gift us, I am actually quite confident the day of singularity or computers becoming human-like in any way other than through mimicry of logic and rationalism (the elusive and possible apparition that is the ego) will ever come to pass.  Frankly, the paradox creates an impossibility that this will ever happen.  How can we create that which we do not understand?

Is there some agenda involved in telling us a computer passed the Turing Test or other equally demeaning, ignorant bullshit?   I often wonder.  If there is, it would likely be that pseudo-science is simply a manifestation of the continual beat down of humanity’s natural state of spirituality courtesy of state actors and the faux liberal intelligentsia who tell us that we are nothing more than random blobs without any reason for existence except to be exploited by them courtesy of natural selection and survival of the most pathological and predatory.   That our place in this world is to be nothing more than chattel owned by the state and told what to think and do.  Including the mindless consumption of capitalism’s necessary overproduction.  In order to be this kind of mind slave, one must accept your fate as being nothing more than randomness to be exploited by those who believe they are better than you. 

But, in fact, some days later, some in science rightly refuted the claim of passing the Turing Test.  There is yet hope that the search for truth will prevail.   If this is to be so, the state will collapse.  And, possibly much of its mind and brain science with it.

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