Thursday, July 17, 2014

The State’s “Book Burnings, Its Suppression Of Dissent And How The CIA Terrorizes The Entire World Including American Citizens

I remember back in 2008 during the midst of the collapse, I got a mid-day call from a friend.  I had told some time beforehand that if I were him I would consider liquidating all of my financial investments into cash.   I told him that there was a mass awakening underway and that the entire system was going to unwind.   He said that he didn’t see any type of awakening inferring that I was smoking something.   But that awakening has been a long time theme on here.  How do you like that awakening now?   It’s incredible in just a few short years how informed the world has become on how massively corrupt our economic and political systems are.   We have actually seen entire country governments be sacked or close to being sacked in the last handful of years.  Even in developed countries.   The only people who are still in the bubble of ignorance are its useful idiots and the predators who control their belief systems.

The excellent discussion in this video (with a 98% thumbs up rating) interview is very consistent with past writings on here.   This system exists through deception, distortion and propaganda.  These figurative book burnings extend far beyond social censorship to social deceits, distortions and propaganda in our media, our corporations, our political process, our religious institutions and our educational and university systems.   Social value systems are transient and not a source of truth.  Only human values are innate and a source of timeless truths.  Only compassion, kindness, mercy, equality, justice, respect, forgiveness, trust, love, community, dignity, selflessness and the like are sources of truth. 

As I have noted on here in the past, universities used to be bastions of small L liberalism where new ideas on freedom and human rights were discussed, debated and developed.  The original universities were comprised of the liberal arts that society believed were necessary for its citizens to become great defenders of liberty and freedom.    The Greeks saw the liberal arts as subjects or skills that were considered essential for a free person to know in order to take an active part in civic life.   Liberal arts taught people how to think rather than what to think.   It’s no coincidence good capitalists in the corporate state mock liberal arts as a useless degree that provides no foundation for a “career” serving our masters.  Now that schools are beginning to include curriculum on human-caused global warming is equally as sinister. 

Remember, a long time thesis on here is that we could see extra-judicial Nuremburg-type trials in our nation.   As heinous as the allegations of CIA activity in this interview is, I suspect you ain’t seen nothin yet.  Our government is so secretive not because it is trying to protect us, but because it is protecting itself from prosecution for the crimes against humanity it is perpetuating.   That includes Americans.

On that note, I seriously doubt this system can be reformed in its current configuration.  Ever.  Even after the global economy  seizes or fails on some level and humanity is completely exposed to its untold evils.  As noted for many years, this cycle could be termed the end of big.  I suspect this very well could be the end of  large states as we know them.  States like China, Russia, India, Brazil, the E.U., the U.S., etc. 

Now, if this happens, it could take years or decades.  There could be fits and starts or violent and rapid busts or attempts at reorganization as we have seen happen repeatedly in Egypt.   It may happened differently around the world or it may not happen at all.  But, in some way, we are almost certainly going to see a return to Enlightenment Principles; essentially creation of a system of self-rule that empowers humanity or leaves humanity alone.   The end result will be that self-determined people  will do what they do best.  That is, create, invent, solve, prosper, produce, etc.    The vast amount of suffering around the world today is because China, Russia, the E.U., the U.S. and the local states they control are constantly destabilizing humanity. 

And, that means if our nation doesn’t crumble into pieces as I have noted it may, that we will likely see a future government structure more in line with Enlightenment Principles.  ie,  A structure that pushes power down to the daily lives of citizens to solve their problems within the construct of individualism and community.  This while neutering a wildly corrupt  central state authority in some far off land that is reminiscent of the British crown in 1776 London.   That is, some semblance of Jeffersonian democracy be that State’s Rights or the Articles of Confederation or something similar.    And that system will be founded on a substantial awareness and distrust of concentrated power be that politicians or corporations or the military-industrial complex.   That means an existence substantially more decentralized (localization and communities),  substantially more determined from the local will of We The People and possibly even much more agrarian, skilled-trades and craft-based in scope.  ie, Regardless, a system that aligns more closely with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs and associated self-actualization.  Again, something talked about on here many times.

Mind you, this has all happened substantially because of the re-emergence of the virtual coffeehouse “penny university”.  The  penny universities that now engulfs the world.   That is, the virtual community of the Internet.   A place where education, learning, sharing of ideas and expansion of knowledge has created a new classless method of inclusive, community universities.   This is what going to university used to be before capitalism hijacked our universities and turned them into farm systems for wage slaves.  

The common man is now much more informed than the ignorant state actors who attempt to control, manipulate and deceive us for the benefit of state actors like Wall Street, the political parties, politically-aligned religious fanatics, the Chamber of Commerce, mainstream media, corporations, the aristocratic predators, the investor class, etc..  The Internet has become the great equalizer and we can never go back.  There is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.  It’s also why people like Obama, ignorant mainstream journalists, Congresspersons like Diane Feinstein and corporations are always whining about chat boards, bloggers, Youtubers, online whistleblowers, online journalists, etc and Congress continues to try to pass laws to shut them up.   

Here is a link to Crispin’s remarks of the Forbidden Bookshelf.  That includes The Lords of Creation.  A secret history of corporate capitalism and its endless predation, victimization and tyranny on our society.  And, of course, The Phoenix Program that is certainly being used against the American people.

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