Friday, July 18, 2014

Earth’s Magnetic Field Collapsing Much Faster Than Predicted

If this is accurate, and it probably is, true science should have predicted this.   In other words, the magnetic field’s strength is likely proportional to solar activity.  If there is a weak sun, there is a weak magnetic field needed by the earth.  There are scientists who did actually predict this.  Just not institutionalized, mainstream science manipulated by politicians, fanatics, corporations and Wall Street.

For years I have made note of the changes to our sun that are happening.  And, given some sound scientific theories on what is happening.  That includes a long Jupiter astrological/astronomical cycle that affects solar activity through barycenter physics dynamics. 

There certainly are larger forces than Jupiter involved but we just don’t know concretely what those are.  After experiencing the most active sun in the last 8,000 years solar activity is now weaker than at any time in the last century.  And it is almost certainly going to get weaker yet.   The only question is how long this will last.  Will we be in another extended minimum of cooler temperatures?  Or will this simply last a solar cycle or two?  Regardless, according to IPCC data, the earth has not warmed in nearly 18 years.

By the way, the last two days saw solar activity readings lower than at any time since the 2008 financial collapse comparing  data posted at the NOAA space weather center and my own records. 

Interestingly, with the collapse of the earth’s magnetic field comes the rise in measured gamma ray blasts hitting the earth from deep space.  As noted on here over the years, gamma rays are the most powerful energy source known to man.  And they are also the best cellular mutators; something else talked about on here.  Climate change, the rise in bacteria resistance, the rise of new superbugs, the rise of treatment resistant mosquitos, the rise of Roundup resistant weeds, the awakening of the human mind and much more are almost certainly interrelated in ways we simply have yet to consider.  If the universe is a creation of the human mind, and humanity has held this mystical and intuitive possibility for thousands of years, (although institutionalized, mainstream science completely rejects this even as a possibility except for a very few mainstream scientists not fully institutionalized to this system)  then the rise in gamma ray sources from deep space and the failure of the sun may be reflections of the reality we are creating rather than the other way around. 

When I first wrote cold and dry was coming, I noted that democracy loves cold, dry weather.  At the time, the world was experiencing Pax Globalia.  The only supposed crisis in the world was the United States “housing bubble”.   Meh.  Maybe I should have said that we might consider the divine life force of the universe has heard the cries of suffering from all life and it too loves freedom.  Freedom for all life.   Or, that all life cannot be controlled or denied its existence or worthiness.  Just something to consider in a dumbed-down existence where the disconnected ego thinks it has everything figured out with the dumbed-down god of manipulated, institutionalized, hierarchical science that subverts our mind’s higher power and the purity of its intents of discovery and truth.  

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