Friday, July 25, 2014

NASA: Humans Will Prove We Are Not Alone Bahahaha!

This is another example of anti-scientific nonsense that has, unfortunately, become the norm rather than the exception of science.  It is an unscientific statement founded only in ego, its perceptions of reality and its endless rationalizations.  This is a belief founded on one defining ego rationalization.  That is, the physical universe is nearly infinite so there must be something out there that closely resembles me.   Well, first of all, there is some reason to believe the ego and its perceptions are nothing more than illusions.  Secondly, there has never been any scientific evidence other intelligent life exists anywhere in the universe. 

If you want to believe otherwise, it is your prerogative.  But it is just that.  It is nothing more than a belief.   Six billion people in this world all have different beliefs.   Which belief system is the definitive source of truth?  How about none of them?  Beliefs don’t belong in science.   By the way, that includes unproven and unprovable “scientific” theories that are nothing more than unsubstantiated beliefs.  That NASA’s top administrator is quoting his beliefs rather than any foundational scientific principles in support of finding little green men shows the levels to which science is being destroyed by institutionalization, bureaucracy and ego. 

“Do we believe there is life beyond Earth?” asked former astronaut and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. “I would venture to say that most of my colleagues here today say it is improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe we humans stand alone.”

Now, I am not stating there is not intelligent life out there somewhere.  But when you institutionalize those beliefs as NASA is doing, then you are driven by ideology rather than scientific principles of discovery and the search for truth.  More importantly, you end up uselessly chasing your tail and directing untold resources to do it.

If one appreciates that time, space and matter may not be real, and many of humanity’s greatest minds intuitively  appreciate this distinct possibility, and that the universe may simply be a “hallucinogenic” creation of the mind, then one would realize that there certainly is no such thing as the universe.   That physical reality is indeed just The Matrix.  (As some readers already appreciate, the movie is a loose interpretation of matrix mechanics first hypothesized earlier in the twentieth century.)

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