Sunday, July 27, 2014

What If Democracy Is A Fraud

This system provides the perfect form of control.  Anyone who resists it is immediately removed from their seat at the table of gluttony, corruption, fraud, looting and power.  So, it demands and receives nearly total conformity.  Certainly those who are in the system are, almost to a tee, willfully ignorant of this reality.

That Anthony Napolitano exists within the mainstream by telling the truth is very, very profound because it is a sign of the awakening that exists within this nation.  Awakening from lies, deceit, corruption, fraud and outright evil that creates it.   We are all institutionalized to our beliefs.  Which, frankly, is why we should have no strongly held beliefs.  Only, human values that allow us to live presently, and, thus appreciate without any ego-motive what each experience is meant to teach us.  We are witnessing the collapse of the disconnected ego on a universal scale.  This has never happened on a universal scale anytime in human history.

Certainly there are people who have no idea what is going on.  They don’t appreciate the power of this moment.  Their beliefs keep them from experiencing reality as it is unfolding.  By the way, this is not a bullish or bearish statement on finance or investments.  Both, the bulls and the bears share the same belief system.  That is, the future will unfold as it has in the past.  And, so they “believe” that they can protect themselves from what the future has yet to come.  Don’t bet on it.

One of the long-time theses on here is that both political parties are going to fail in this nation.  And the Democratic Party will likely be first.  I have not explained what lies behind this position but I have repeated it time and again.  Even when Obama’s approval rating was 75% and people who think with their eyes looked upon such a statement with disdain. 

Obama was not elected to ensure the will of the people.  He was elected by money, power, greed and evil to do their bidding.  It certainly appears to be that bidding is to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States.  We see that in the immigration scandal, the involvement of the United Nations in our sovereignty, the massively corrupt trade agreements that would further destroy our nation and on and on.  Obama is clearly empowering the corporatized borderless world of global capitalist tyranny.  What are his motives?  Who knows.  But, as I have noted before, the only explanation I can see that fits with his childhood is that of a communist who views capitalism as his method to achieve his beliefs of what the world should look like.  That is, a borderless world of corporate-controlled       equality enforced by a ruling class of incompetent, ignorant, statist thugs.  It’s certainly just a guess based on the small amount of evidence we are privy to.  Certainly this is not the objective of everyone in American politics.   Republicans would certainly agree with this statement to its limits.  That is, a nation of corporate control enforced by a ruling class of incompetent, ignorant, statist thugs.

Regardless, electing political parties in this nation means that the winner gets to impose their will on society.  They get to pass laws that loot, steal, pillage,impoverish and control everyone else.  We don’t elect politicians to keep us free.  That is patently absurd.  A free people is a people empowered to make life choices they wish to make without being forced to do so by a ruling class of political asshats.  That means my decisions in life are my own and I voluntarily make them of my own free will.  Whether those are negative or positive decisions is irrelevant.  It does not mean being forced into welfare as an only choice of survival or forced into Obamacare or forced to pay for violent state programs I don’t support or forced into serving in the war machine because there are no other economic options. 

This nation was founded on ethical and moral ideals.  Not perfectly so, but at that time, profoundly so.  Ever since that time evil has been trying to destroy this nation because of what it stood for.  Yet, more importantly, what it had the possibility of becoming.  That is, a first in nations that frees people from the rule of man.  And, so far, they have succeeded. 

What if democracy is a fraud.

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