Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I think it’s important to call what we see today for what it is.  Evil.  Much of the new age, liberal thinking of if-it-feels-good-do-it has been created to rationalize the extreme levels of selfishness and self-centeredness that is enforced by state violence under the control of corporate capitalism, communism, socialism, etc.   New age beliefs, new age “religions” and new age televangelists who adopt this meme play the role of useful idiot for the extreme level of ego that exists in this world. 

I find it interesting that the ego rationalizes evil is made through childhood trauma without a clue as to what it is talking about.   That includes many of these new agers who simply tell us that evil doesn’t exist.   Or, those in the mental health community who tell us evil is really nothing more than some reflection of our poor childhood.   Where exactly is the scientific evidence for this?  Suffering of our wounded self may be a reflection of our childhood experiences but there is a substantial possibility that evil is born rather than made through experience.  The fact is mental health as a science is in its early stages of development at best and farcical at worst.  There is a zero percent, literally zero percent recovery or cure rate for people that the mental health pseudoscience identifies as truly evil. 

One of the pioneers of mental health as a field of scientific study, Carl Jung,  recognized what was happening in the early stages of the mental health establishment with new, unproven and often unsubstantiated theories.  And he personally noted that it was a grave mistake to believe we understood what evil was.   And, thus, to "medicalize" it as something we understood when we clearly didn't.   Jung was very clear on this topic.   We don’t know what evil is or what causes it.

Given the recovery rate or cure rate for evil by the medical establishment is zero, we can safely assume that poor childhood experiences aren't likely to be the source of evil.   John Wayne Gacy, Adolph Hitler and ISIS fanatics who cut off heads of people who will not submit to their evil are not victims we need to empathize with.  They are evil forces humanity needs to deal with assertively.   One cannot negotiate with evil.  One cannot rationalize with evil. 

There are forces of the universe at work that we have absolutely no understanding of.  I'm not trying to turn this into some religious mumbo jumbo.  Just a recognition of our high level of ignorance of what truly is real and the ignorance that still consumes a vast majority of the forces at work in our existence.   Let’s not kid ourselves.  Evil needs to be identified as evil.  It needs to be called evil.   And it needs to be treated as evil.   We can study it.  We can theorize its existence.  And maybe we can learn from it.  But, in the end, it is evil.   If evil today was called out as evil, I seriously doubt it could survive let alone thrive.   But through the twisting of morality by evil state actors, evil class-based predators, evil propagandists and a still ignorant medical health profession, evil is seldom called out to be evil.   In the new age and post-God world we live in, evil is a superstition that simply doesn’t exist. 

I’m sort of curious.  How’s that working out for you?

Because evil has an intent of control, the targets of evil are institutions of concentrated power and authority.   The most effective institution to accomplish this intent is the state, state institutions and bureaucracies that owe their existence to state violence.   That includes religion and state theocracies that are easy prey for evil.  The list of violent and outright evil acts against humanity perpetuated by the state, state actors and state institutions, including corporations, religion and hierarchical bureaucracies, are surreal and on an unprecedented global scale. 

Most evil is hidden from the light.  Which, frankly, is the only way evil can survive in the face of good or the place within the human mind where love resides.   But it is becoming emboldened to enter the light and in the process is becoming more and more transparent.    Because of this, humanity can now actually stand witness to evil and thus consciously choose its own fate.   Today that transparency is giving us a clear choice to stand to account for what is right and just and true or to willfully and ignorantly turn our gaze away from evil out of fear or self-interest and, thus, allow evil to exist and even flourish.   This is a choice each of us must make.  This is a choice that will determine our fate in this cycle. 

Today, having the light shone upon evil seems to have little recognizable effect on the world.  For now.   This is because evil has not experienced any consequence to its existence in a world so consumed by Godlessness aka kindness, love, empathy, justice, dignity, righteousness, equality and other innate and divine human values.   So it becomes more emboldened.  Collectively humanity has been unwilling to actually recognize evil.  Yet.  In large part this is because we have become habituated to it again because of the propagandized twisting of our morality by authority - state actors, class-based predators and propagandists.    And to a large part because much of humanity today lives in a primitive, disconnected state of fear.   Disconnected from that place within our mind where love and human values reside.  For that reason, evil is literally destroying humanity and our planet. 

After being exposed to evil on enough occasions, one either becomes habituated to it, and thus a tool that evil uses or exploits, or one becomes mindful of it and thus attempts some level of resistance to it.   Whether that is Wall Street, the state itself, war, corporate capitalism, institutions of science, religious institutions and religion, political parties or any type of hierarchical institution that can encourage or even force people to outsource their thinking and personal power to false leaders, false authority, false prophets, false saviors, false science and the like.   The halls of power and control are where evil seeks its haven to exploit and victimize humanity.  

The madness of evil that has infiltrated the state and those who support its endless violence is seemingly all-consuming around the globe.   But remember, that also means state violence may also be reaching its peak or maxima.  Can it truly get sustainably worse?  I think many people can intuitively sense that state violence is reaching a peak.  The only question is whether that peak will result in global, sustained conflict and mass death for humanity.   If humanity does not stand to account against the evils in the world today, this cycle is going to continue to spiral out of control.  There are lunatics in today’s world who would have no problems killing most or all of humanity.  And no compunction of what methods are used to do so.

Today’s evil is a global phenomenon.  And that evil is almost always in some way, either directly, indirectly or covertly, a product of state violence.    The latest incarnation of evil, ISIS, could never exist without the radical, fascist theocracies of caliphate-controlled Islamic states that use their authority to perpetuate evil.   

State violence is certainly not exclusive to the U.S.  as written on here ad nauseam.  In fact, just as I have been pounding the table about, we are now witnessing an evil that is much more brutal and inhumane than the injustices of U.S.  empire.  Just like Nazi Germany arose to be a greater evil than the British empire of that time.   Today, that greater evil is radicalized, caliphate-controlled, theocratic Islam.  And many in Islam recognize this dangerous threat.  

It is no irony that many who blindly hate everything about the United States and refuse to ever acknowledge any of the good it has ever done,  are now finding themselves sided with the enemy of my enemy.   That is, the most evil forces that we see today - Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, the PLO (Fatah, PA or whatever they want to rename themselves to run from their terrorist labels.)    They are the useful idiots for a great evil bent on sending humanity, culture, freedom and civilization back to the stone ages.

Back when the world was experiencing what seemed to be unprecedented prosperity, or the illusion of it, I wrote that as U.S. empire waned this cycle, every pathological predator on earth would make a grab for power in the vacuum it created.  And the world could turn into a madhouse.  We are now here.   And there is every reason to believe it is going to get much, much worse.  Until humanity is willing to stand witness to evil, it will continue to flourish.  Karma demands it to be so.

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