Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Update: Watching The Global Socioeconomic Control System Fail In Real Time

“You only have power over people so long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power - he's free again.”  -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Let’s take a look at some of the developments over the last week or so that fit nicely with the long time themes and projections on here. 

Overreach and corruption are what brings down not only empire but any illegitimate authority.  It’s why corporations are likely to fail on a grand scale.   Just about every major corporation in this country only exists through some form of graft.   Permanent corporations, as they have always been organized, are an anathema to democracy.    They exist only to seek rent for those who control them.  That includes the state itself.   A new study simply validates what has been discussed on here ad nauseam.  That is, the concept of money and corporate capitalist wage slavery as the primary methods of disseminating social wealth are experiencing some degree of systemic failure.    Whether that failure is terminal remains to be seen.  But without the artificial control system of money, the capitalist class and the state would already have experienced terminal failure.  The system continues to unwind with one out of three American consumers in default on some form of financial usury and corporate graft.   So much for the mythical economic recovery.  In many regards money and the marketing propaganda of corporations are the final battlefields being waged by this system to save itself.  That battle is clearly being lost.    As Solzhenitsyn noted, with state actors, including corporations, having so successfully stolen literally everything from the majority of humanity, their power now continues to wane. 

This past week Obama hosted a Monster’s Ball of African dictators and thugs at the Whitehouse.   Truly some of the most lecherous excuses for human beings on this planet.   Goons who have stolen everything from the people they dominate and exploit.   That often includes stealing their lives.  Obama’s hosting of these predators is clearly driven by the need for capitalism to find new, large markets to loot or to ultimately face its own extinction.   This has been discussed often on here including that the United States is trying to pivot its economic focus to Africa, the last place on earth to provide large populations that have yet to be exploited and ripped off by wholesale corporate power.  Obviously, European colonialism has been exploiting Africa for centuries but their form of subjugation was based on outright class-based human slavery.  This new form of corporate-driven capitalist empire is much more sinister and covert.  And, each of these monsters has much to gain by selling the slavery of Africans to the corporate state.     

Now we plainly see why the American empire has troops on the ground in three dozen African nations.    They are prepping the invasion of American corporations.  It’s no coincidence that at the same time the corporate capitalist predators have publicly become very bullish on Africa.   This is the first time in history we have heard these words uttered so consistently.   Obama’s hosting of the African summit and corporate bullishness on Africa are clearly linked.   The corruption of government by private, for-profit power is now so blatantly obvious that any half wit can easily deduce that fascism drives the policies of this nation and most every other industrialized nation around the world.   That Obama is hosting some of the worst thugs on earth at the Whitehouse, and thus unofficially endorsing murder, rape, genocide and brutality of every form imaginable, certainly has an intent far beyond that of any mainstream political blather.   He is doing so with the support of both Democrats and Republicans and the masters of the only political party, the corporate state party, that truly exists in this nation.  That is, corporate capitalist power.    And, just like in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, it is the professional class that gleefully does the bidding of state evil.

The U.S. corporate state is clearly in a state of war with China economically.  And, the battlefield is now Africa and to a lesser extent, South America and the Middle East where Chinese influence is rising.  U.S. and European corporate power now wages a battle for profits against both China and Russia on the global stage.   The intent of all of these state actors is to grab the rights to future economic exploitation and subsequent profits.   As noted back after the 2008 collapse, when the G20 had meeting after meeting showing unity in their resolve to fight the global economic collapse, the reality would soon unfold that state predators would soon turn on each other.  And, indeed they have.  Battle lines are being drawn.  Each state seeks to perpetuate violence in their own name to maintain and expand the power structure that currently exists.   We can certainly expect that both Europe and the U.S. will continue to work closely to maintain their balance of power in the world.   Because, in a world driven so substantially by primitive tribalism, as capitalism so perpetuates, class-based European and American Caucasian capitalist power will do anything to continue to dominate the world.  Not only are the Chinese not part of this club, they will never be invited to join because they aren’t part of the same tribe. 

This past week 60 Minutes ran a story on China’s real estate bubble.  It is a horrifying story.   But, nothing new on here.  As written on here in probably more than one hundred posts on China’s coming collapse, China is the biggest bubble the world has ever seen.   It’s interesting to hear 60 Minutes essentially use those same words in its description of the real estate crisis in China.   It is far, far worse than the 60 Minutes story.  Because real estate is not the crisis.  Real estate is a manifestation of the capital bubble they are experiencing.  Without rehashing  countless posts on here, let me just repeat a couple of major themes discussed over the years regarding China.  One, as noted on here half a dozen years ago when every single person who read such a comment would have laughed me out of the room, the yuan is worthless and China just doesn’t realize it yet.   Are you starting to appreciate this greater truth?  You should after watching that 60 Minutes story.  And, two, who the hell is going to accept yuan as a form of trade settlement when their massive crisis hits critical mass?   Three, China is either headed for mass civil unrest and revolution that will sack communism or war with the west in order to deflect from the systemic failure and incompetence of communist central planners.   Interestingly, China’s top real estate developer now echoes my words of many years ago.  That is, if the bubble pops, it will be a disaster.   And, four, as noted on here many years ago, China is making their future crisis worse by attempting to “modernize” their centrally-planned socioeconomic system.  Pushing peasants and rural populations off of the land, where they are reasonably self-determined, and into cities where they are completely reliant on the mass incompetence of the state for their  fate.   A state that is a miserable failure but whose bubblicious policies heretofore have hidden that mass incompetence.   The communists in China are creating a greater disaster by forcing people to become reliant on a system that is in terminal failure.   So, the communists are creating even greater future unrest that may lead to their own demise. 

The dollar is not under any remote threat at all from China.   For those who believe the dollar is going to collapse, might they be able to explain how that is going to happen against a yuan currency that is under so much stress?  And, the Chinese party is just starting.   As noted on here many times over the years, China will one day be begging for dollars.   Those who own dollars will extract a punishing price in return.  We can expect them to demand substantially more yuan than the current, artificially contrived exchange rate reflects.  And, that will allow dollar interests to pick up the pieces in China on the cheap.   That is, if the U.S. doesn’t experience its own revolution first by sacking both political parties.  Most people have no idea how the world really works.  And their nonsensical predictions are going to be massively wrong.

Are you starting to appreciate that the Chinese miracle was nothing more than a media pump created by American and European capitalists and state actors?  Possibly even done so with a malicious intent only understood by a very small group of deep state actors seeking to drive this meme into the mainstream?  How much of your reality is based on illusions created by others?  Illusions you adopt into your own belief systems out of ignorance?  Global warming?  Peak oil?  Your own freedom under corporate capitalism?

People who believe we are on the edge of a new economic bull market just don’t get it.  I made an obscure comment in a lengthy post many years ago that I want to repeat.  We can’t have a new bull market because the companies and technologies needed to create one don’t yet exist.   And, under this current system, they never will. 

As economies are nothing more than ecosystems created by nature, (since we are a part of nature and anything we manifest is also a natural ecosystem) and following the rules of nature, there exists a maturity model to economies just as there exists one in any ecosystem.   The new technologies, corporations and employment needed for an economic recovery or new bull market don’t exist because massive, bloated state-owned corporations today, along with both political parties, won’t allow them to exist.  (Any company that is a leader in its field today is so large that they are effectively propped up by state policies that rig markets to keep them alive.  Just like in the Soviet Union, communist China and the British empire.  Those corporations exist for one primary reason.  Because large corporations are needed to project the influence and looting of American corporate empire abroad.  Just as was the case with the British empire.)   They purchase competitors, deny competitors any ability to form through the denial of capital, they stifle innovation and on and on.  I wrote this when I first started this blog nine years ago.  But, it was not apparent to most.  It certainly is now.   Americans of all backgrounds are now experiencing a mass awakening unlike any in our history.  They are waking up to the fact that the tyranny of politicians and corporations is destroying our republic.  It is the exact same awakening that happened in 1776 when the king’s courtiers and corporations subjected the colonies to the same form of state tyranny.  Corporate capitalism is not the economic system this nation was founded upon.  But there are plenty of useful idiots who shill for their masters.  Or, as Malcolm X called them, the house slaves.

The old, mature, forest of dead wood that sucks all of the life out of its ecosystem must be burned for new growth to occur.   Forest fires are nature’s answer.  We are almost certainly going to witness a proverbial forest fire in corporate capitalism.   And, this is what the Wall Street Journal is unknowingly reporting in their analysis that we aren’t creating new businesses and existing ones are growing older.  That’s ironic, because the average reader of the Wall Street Journal is someone who is employed in these dead wood, bloated, old forest corporations that are smothering our nation and its creative expression needed to create abundant new growth and human progress.    Frankly, what needs to happen is all of those Wall Street Journal readers need to lose their jobs.   This system needs to fail.   And fail it will.

I don’t say that maliciously.  I say that with the same level of abstraction and lack of ego that I would say as nature finishes off an old, dead wood forest with lightning strikes and resultant forest fire.  And, as part of that, all of the legalese and red tape built up in this system needs to come down with the massive corporate and special interest power that is behind most of the legislation passed in this nation.   No one needs to lose their homes or suffer death or starvation or whatnot as part of this process.  But the system needs to be reset.    Interestingly, this actually used to happen in ancient times.  Every seven time seven years or forty nine years all property would be reapportioned equally, all debts forgiven and the system would start over.   Can you imagine if all property (wealth) in this nation was reapportioned equally amongst its citizens?  And corporations were no longer able to actually own any property by stripping them of corporate personhood?   This is effectively what needs to happen or the forces of the universe will do it for us.

Regardless, life, death and renewal must be part of any social existence.  Economics is a social existence.  And, if we won’t do it of our own intent, then the laws of the universe will certainly do it for us.

But, in this nation, and in societies controlled by modern, Big L political party liberalism, not to be confused with democratic or small L liberalism, we aren’t allowed to experience failure.  (Small L liberalism recognizes the primacy of the rights of man.  Big L liberalism is based on some bureaucrat having some higher knowledge of how we should each lead our lives.  And, the execution of bloated state bureaucracies meant to inflict that violent point of view.)   Or, frankly, anything that forces us to take responsibility for our emotions is verboten.  Johnny is not allowed to do anything in school that would threaten the feelings of other children.  Even if he is pure in his intents of letting his true self shine.  Political correctness ensures no one has their feelings hurt at the expense of leading a dumbed-down existence.  Big corporations that are systemically-incompetent are bailed out because failure is something we fear more than dealing with the brutality they create.   Big L liberalism has created a world of endless outcomes where we lead a meaningless life of nothingness driven by fear and its intent of control.   Of course, capitalism operates on this very principle. 

So, instead we lead dumbed-down lives in fear of our own shadows.  We are no longer the bold nation of ideas and possibilities.  We have been destroyed by liberalism and its small, meaningless existence that is afraid of its feelings, afraid of risk and afraid of failure.   And our fear-driven policies create the same  level of meaningless and nothingness of existence that choked the Soviet Union into collapse.  An existence where a class of self-appointed liberal idiots dictates to the rest of us what is acceptable in our lives.  And through the bully pulpit of marginalizing any dissenting view, accosts, abuses, humiliates and ultimately attempts to literally destroy anyone of dissenting views.   The conformity of the Borg isn’t a science fiction movie.  It is the failed liberalism policies of the last one hundred years.    Liberals legislate this acceptability of their fear-based smallness, meaninglessness and nothingness into law to mercilessly punish and make ignorant the entirety of our existence.  The outcome is a horrifying dumbed-down dystopia all driven by a fear of taking responsibility for our emotions and, thus, becoming the vibrant, shining light we were all meant to become.   Instead, we live in an emotionless existence void of fear and failure.  And, that is exactly the way they wish it.  For without fear and failure, they never have to take responsibility for their emotions. 

Big L liberals today think small, act small and wish to be small.  That is because they don't want to take responsibility for their emotions.  So, in attempting to ameliorate the injustices in society and of the human condition, they victimize those they wish to "save" or help by projecting their affliction onto those they wish to help.   The list of endless “self-described” victims in our nation is overwhelming.   Everyone deserves special treatment or a handout for one reason or another.   And, conservatives (neoliberals and capitalists) provide the perfect host parasite to exploit fearful liberals unwilling to take responsibility for their emotions.  

We live in a society of perfect dysfunction where both Republicans and Democrats feed off of each other’s co-dependency.  Liberalism as we know it is going to collapse.  And by that I mean both Republican and Democratic liberalism.  We are all suffering under their "solutions" to the human condition that has actually made our suffering and meaninglessness of existence that much greater.  We live in a repressed, subjugated, emotionless, Godless world created by Big L liberalism through the force of state violence.

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