Monday, August 18, 2014

Liberal Fanatic Lunacy Exposed: Pooping, Belching, Farting, Methane-Producing Cows Restore Ecosystem Loss. Release Your Guilt-Ridden Shame And Eat A Burger!

"The 20th Century was a horrible litany of absurd experiments and atrocities committed by intellectuals, or by elite groupings that claimed a higher knowledge. Simple folk usually have enough common sense to avoid the worst errors. Sometimes they need to take very stern action to stop intellectuals leading us to ruin." - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The twentieth century will go down in history as an abomination created by state liberalism at the expense of human liberty.  True liberalism is the recognition of the primacy of the individual and of community.  It results in the empowerment of humanity.  That includes a guaranteed living wage, guaranteed access to affordable healthcare, etc. 

This whole meat-eaters-are-the-scourge-of-humanity meme created out of thin air (state liberal fanaticism, hatred of humanity and junk science) is really part of a consistent state liberalism meme of the twentieth century.  That is, population control.   There is nothing wrong with humanity nor are there too many of us.  People throughout all of history have proven an ability to determine their own fate without some faux intellectual telling us we are useless eaters destroying the planet.   Who is actually destroying the planet are state liberals, faux intellectuals and the system of state violence, corporate capitalism, that enriches state actors by stealing from the untermensch or working class. 

Untermensch, a common meme within the liberal fanatic mob throughout the twentieth century, (although it is certainly hidden through more sinister, propagandized efforts meant to dumb-down and control humanity like telling us eating meat is going to destroy the planet.)  was also the same justification ploy used by Hitler to rid Germany of whom the state actors thought were undesirables.  And before him, as noted on here in the past, the Anglo-American aristocracy used forced sterilization, unlawful experiments on the poor and other atrocities in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century to rid the world of what they described as undesirables.   Mind you, this is all driven by a pathological self-hatred.   You cannot wish to see your fellow man become all that he is capable of becoming if you are not capable of loving yourself enough to want to become the vibrant you that you were meant to become.  Self-hatred is driven by a disconnection to our divinity.  So, it should be no surprise that these same liberals mock any reference to a Divine life force.

Don’t jump on your high horse as a Republican neoliberal.  Having our lives ruled by a select few corporate bureaucrats and turned into the idiocracy of  mindless corporate wage slavess and consumers, and thus see every untainted, unpolluted ecosystem as the next Wal-mart parking lot, are possibly even more heinous. Humanity can cohabitate with nature. But first we need to rid ourselves of corporate and state liberalism that exists only through telling everyone else how to lead their lives.  And, literally create junk science out of thin air in order to do it.  That includes the hilarious meme that cows belching and farting methane are such a massive problem in the mythical meme of global warming that we need to rid ourselves of meat eaters.   Read on and learn the truth from a reformed liberal idiot himself whose experiments show that more cows may be the answer we need.  And, thus, more meat eaters to consume them.

But beforehand, let me say once again there is no meaningful scientifically-proven evidence the earth’s climate acts as junk AGW climate models have predicted (and those predictions have completely failed thus invalidated the horrendous theories).  It is even more preposterous that eating meat is somehow responsible for climate change.  Although the Huffington Post recently labeled meat eaters as the “Carbon Scourge”.  Of course, these are the same brilliant reporters who thought ear plugs were rubber bullets in the recent Ferguson crisis. 

Eating meat is one of the liberal fanatic’s biggest concerns because cattle and other ruminants apparently like to belch a lot and release one of the most dreaded liberal fears; methane.  This post links to an excellent video below presenting evidence that refudiates the ignorance of the liberal idiot (and their useful idiots who believe their nonsensical, unscientific baloney) and actually presents possible simple solutions to help restore the health of our planet.  That is, raise more cattle and eat more meat.  And, mind you, this evidence is presented by a scientist who once supported  idiotic, liberal fanatic memes.  Just how insane can the liberal fanatic be?  How about shooting tens of thousands of elephants to supposedly save African ecosystems.  Then admit you were wrong.  Maybe instead he should have considered turning that gun on himself.   At least he admits his own wrongly held beliefs in the video link below.

We are living through a time when scientific principles have been obliterated.   In many regards we are in the midst of a scientific dark ages created by state liberalism.  No one is more guilty of this than the AGW climate fanatics that have butchered those principles. (As an aside, I noted on here in a prior link how scientific paper retraction has literally gone exponential due to fraud and faulty science.   And more recently SAGE retracted sixty articles.)  

The systemic fraud of science has everything to do with the economic crisis we are experiencing.  Researchers are under constant pressure to continually raise government and corporate grant money or lose their high salaries, jobs and possibly careers.  And science has been hijacked by liberalism and destroyed to serve their many memes.  This has led to agenda-driven faux science with predetermined outcomes.   The AGW pseudoscience community wanted to find the earth was warming so they built a meme and junk models in support of their beliefs.  Even if that was subconscious in many situations.  It’s simply another example of how money, corporations and state liberalism have destroyed truth and, in this case, science.

 Some weeks ago Richard Branson joined the chorus of liberal clowns succumbing to this anti-science meme.  I suppose if we killed all of the cattle and all of humanity, then the planet would be fine.  Or so that is the thinking.  But then listening to some of these fanatics, they hate themselves so much that indeed they would wish this on all of us if they could.   And that has become a main driver of state liberalism.   The real issue driving widespread acceptance of fanatic lunacy has been a common theme on here.  That is, this environment of social and economic collapse, cover is given to  the lunatic fringe.  Fanatics of all types, be they on the political left or right, find many of their lunatic views are accepted into the mainstream as the ego seeks certainty in a world of fear created by extreme uncertainty and unknowingness.  Or, maybe more importantly, fanatics find cover in a world where the mob seeks vigilante vengeance for those it blames for their self-victimizing ills.   That is, rather than taking responsibility for those truly is at fault, which is cumulatively each of us.   Dare I say these mob social movements such as AGW, anti-Semitism and the meat-eater scourge are tyrannical and reminiscent of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution.  A time when kangaroo courts were set up to disguise mob lynchings of anyone who dissented from the tyranny of the mob.  The mob ruled then as it does today.   Our kangaroo court is the public lynching of political correctness and rabid attacks on anyone who doesn’t conform with the views of the fanatic.  The dynamics allowing it are different but the outcomes are the same.   Today politics is used by the mob and by fanatics to inflict controlling beliefs on the rest of humanity.   Freedom?  Forget freedom.  We are using divine knowledge to stop humanity from killing themselves by eating meat.  Or so the fanatic True Believer thinks.

Mind you, there are fanatics on both sides of the false liberal and conservative political meme in this country and around the world.  One fanatic must exist to provide a counterweight to the other.   Without the conservative fanatic, the liberal fanatic cannot exist nor vice versa.  Republicans create Democrats and Democrats create Republicans in a polarized world where every aspect of our lives in some way is substantially controlled by the political class. 

Fanatics hide behind a faux greater knowledge.  They are certain of their beliefs and thus tend to be very narrow and closed-minded.  Certainty is driven by the ego’s intent of control.   The greater the ego’s fear, the greater the need for control.  Given we live in survival mode under the tyranny of pathological state violence, fear is abundant everywhere.  The truth is reality often tends to be in shades of gray but that doesn’t stop the fanatic from defending their ill-thought-out yet completely certain beliefs.

Whether that is the mythical free market on the right or the supposed brilliance of Harvard-educated liberals on the left.   Both seek to coerce others into their faux belief systems through the application of state violence.   Living wages?  Let the free market decide.  Who should get health care?  Let the free market decide.  Ban meat eating because cows release methane gas, a much more sinister greenhouse gas than even CO2.  How about we ban termites as well given there is more of a mass than termites than humans and they release massive amounts of methane?  What’s the difference between the liberal and conservative fanatic?  The same lunacy just different tyranny due to different beliefs.

One of the greatest fanatical elements in our society is the supposedly educated Big L Democratic Party liberal.  Or, state liberalism.   It’s everywhere.  And the level of junk science and looking-down-your-nose faux intellectual superiority is nauseating and endless.  But what is truly harmful is when fanatics use political methods of enforcing their world view and will upon humanity and society.  So, “winning” elections really is simply another method through which fanatics enforce their will upon the losers.  How the hell is that freedom or empowerment or self-determinism or self-rule?   There are a lot of people of all walks of life who are simply sick of being told what to do by literal idiots masquerading as experts be they neoliberal free market advocates or the liberal intelligentsia. 

Here’s one for the faux intelligentsia on the left who tell us that all of the ruminants, including cows, are causing global warming with their endless belching and excretion  of methane gas.  Supposedly more methane gas than all cars on earth.   Woe is me.   If this environment provides anything worthwhile, it’s an endless supply of amusement through ignorance.

From the Huffington Post, the source of all things brilliantly liberal anti-science - Meat Eaters: Carbon Scourge  (To label the basic building block of life, carbon, as a scourge without any proven science, could only reside in the mind of the faux intelligentsia.  It’s reminiscent of the cholesterol hyperventilating.  That is, a substance absolutely needed by the human body, is somehow killing us.)

How nature acts to moderate climate change by eating meat. (One of the best videos out there courtesy of a reformed liberal idiot.  I can’t even imagine an avowed hater of those who eat meat being able to watch this.  Let alone stuff a hamburger down their pie hole.  Their certainty and believes are so rigidly held that they will almost certainly deny the reality of what they are watching.) 

No one is saying that any life should be taken unless it is needed.  And no one is stating that the brutal and inhumane factory farming techniques are anything other than crimes against nature.  That includes the strip mining of land by mass, monoculture farming techniques to feed cattle what they would never eat unless corporations forced them to rather than allowing them to graze as nature intended.  But, there is a cycle of life that sustains life.  Viewing any of that process, including eating meat, as willful and malicious intent to do harm aka murder is driven by perceptions of ego rather than the greater truth of our existence.  

All life sustains life through the process of birth, life, death and renewal.   Lather, rinse, repeat.  

If you don’t want to eat meat, then don’t eat it.  And deal with the consequences, whatever they may be.   I would suppose if humans were all vegans we may eventually die out some generations later.   But now we know from the video above that there are additional consequences that may include destroying the planet as well as your health.  The moral of the story is don’t try to “intellectualize” a position that has absolutely no scientific validity and then use the force of the state to impose those junk scientific beliefs on the rest of humanity as has been the use of state violence for the last one hundred years by corporate apologists and contrived liberal do-gooders.   

These videos show the faux intellectual superiority exposed for what it is.  Fanaticism coupled with junk science.  Nature knows best on how to heal itself.  It has proven this over billions of years.  Ruminants eating, pooping, belching and excreting mass amounts of methane has been happening on this planet for a lot longer than those with a faux intellectual superiority who believe that eating meat or cow methane are bad for the climate.  And, the complete lack of science behind their beliefs.   And unlike the road to hell that is paved with liberal fanatics and their good intentions, ruminants actually help the environment through natural harmony developed over hundreds of millions of years.  But, without culling the herd, or killing ruminants, (Which then someone has to eat.  It might as well be us rather than bugs or wolves, given how nutritious it is.)  they will over-run the land and ultimately contribute to ecosystem collapse. 

A good method of celebrating the success of nature and what certainly must be the beneficial release of methane by cows is to head out and find a local store or butcher or farmer that supports natural, humane methods of raising happy, grass-fed cattle and have yourself a big juicy burger today.   Given how important its omega-3s, amino acids, B-vitamins and nutrition are to your brain, it will definitely help make you happy.  Be sure to give thanks for nature’s brilliance, abundance and bounty.  And thanks that nature has given you life by sharing that abundance that you respectfully treat with compassion and decency.  And then give thanks to the fact that some modicum of republicanism and democracy exists in this country so that fanatics have not completely taken over.  They are close but likely as close as they are ever going to get. 

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