Wednesday, September 03, 2014

It’s Coming–The Box Office Crash

I wanted to put up this report because one of the long time themes on here is that we are going to witness a collapse of 80-90% in the wages in sports, entertainment, advertising, television and other amusement industries.  Depending on how the future of American empire unfolds, we will see the same dynamic unfold in real estate, lawyers, retailing, economics, insurance, finance, universities, the investor class and on and on.   That includes as much as a 90% reduction in the amount of money going into stocks.  That coupled with the massive leverage of derivatives, debt, money printing and magnified ignorance, and we could see volume of tradable assets literally collapse.   We are already starting to see many markets operate on fumes.   I would argue the market for a $30 million dollar house is no different than a stock market overvalued by many, many times.   Liquidity for that market is already thin and at  some point, liquidity for that market will collapse.    Don’t kid yourself to believe this is only a U.S. phenomena.  This is a global phenomena.   All of this coming to pass is a mathematical certainty.  It’s just a matter of the timing.  All of this is nothing new on here.  It has been discussed many times.   And I will explain it in excruciating and simple detail in due time. 

When I was a kid in the 70s and we still had a marginally-functioning economy rather than a trickle down, supply-side theft scheme, professional athletes had summer jobs.  And they had them because they needed them.  They were the working man’s heroes because they were working men themselves.   Bond trading, which now pays Bill Gross and others millions to hundreds of millions of dollars a year, paid so poorly it could not be the basis for full time employment.   Literally.  Top college football coaches made $50 thousand a year and now they are paid $5 million a year.   It seems normal for Algore and Bill Clinton, two bureaucrats who have absolutely no skills that benefit humanity, to be worth half a billion dollars between them.  Money they obviously took from society without any benefit I am aware of.   Or, for someone who throws a ball for a living to make $30 million a year while 55% of Americans, all of which have or can develop skills to benefit humanity, are on government handouts.  

I could go on and on but we have become habituated to a system of ignorance (class-based, trickle-down voodoo economics) over such a long period of time that it all now seems normal to most.   At least it seems normal to those who support this system and to those who are under sixty-ish.    Yet, it’s nothing more than a belief system based on ignorance.   The reality is money and economics as we know it are both collapsing and have been for decades.   But today all of these professions give the color or appearance of great success and everyone is encouraged to pile into these professions by corporations, politician,  millionaire university presidents who became millionaires by ignorantly pumping this ignorance, and by social conformity or groupthink.

Most people will never accept any of this as possible until it happens.  That’s because it is too frightening to ponder.   Instead, most people think with their eyes.  Another outcome of being told what to think rather than how to think as dumbed-down consumers supporting our corporate state masters in today’s dystopian reality. 

We are told that unemployment is now down to 6% and that the economy has recovered.  The stock market is at all-time highs.  And Obama told us just a few months ago that the world was experiencing unprecedented peace.   Obama (and the world) still dithers while the world burns.  (Don’t ever look to Europe to ever take a leadership mantle in any world affairs.  They are mired in their own massive, liberal-created mess of political-correctness and tolerance for evil as was the case with the rise of Hitler).  I’m sure, as is the case with Obama, in some large part, this is driven by ego.   Here is a person who actually seems to believe much of the savior complex as his true believers initially labeled him.  How can the world be in crisis when I am its savior?   How else do you explain his false beliefs about what is happening in the world?  It is clearly the disconnected ego’s intent of control that subverts discovery and truth.   How’s that working out for you? 

Nothing is believable anymore.  That’s very, very good news, actually.  Because we can never create a new reality until all of these belief systems are shattered.  It’s working out exactly as it should.  Truth, while in very short supply with the status quo, is in greater and greater abundance with most of the people they exploit. 

The Hollywood Reporter has just published a story that box office receipts have crashed this past year.  Adjusted for inflation, they are at a 17 year low.  And the economy has actually been relatively calm.  What’s going to happen when things aren’t so calm?  We could easily see receipts fall to 30 or 40 year lows or something equally catastrophic.   Seeing box office receipts drop by 10-20% is catastrophic when margins may only be 10 or 20%.   To go see movies, people can’t take out seven year lease loans, with the highest monthly payment rates in history,  with horrendous credit reports, and with marginal ability to pay them back at the first signs of economic weakness as they have to temporarily reflate the car market.  It’s all an illusion. 

It’s coming.   The global economy and global social factors are all unfolding exactly as I have written they would.  Just much, much slower than I predicted.  For now. 

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