Friday, August 29, 2014

Persistent Link Between Solar Activity And Greenland Climate

Two recent scientific publications hammering more nails in the coffin of liberal junk science lunacy.   The nonsensical climate models created by anti-science fanatics in academia and government bureaucracies (the destruction of science by government was foretold by a prescient Eisenhower) is collapsing at an alarmingly fast rate.  Can’t wait to see what our fearless, and willfully ignorant king tries to unconstitutionally pull off in his destruction of the rule of law and our economy.    Hopefully, he will do it before the midterms so Americans can vote on his single-handed, illegal rewriting of our constitution.

Presented with one comment.  Bahahahaha!  Okay, two.  Al Gore and the liberal fanatic attack on science (truth) are finished.

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Natural variability, radiative forcing and climate response in the recent temperature hiatus reconciled

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