Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Labor Day Post – The Process Of Relearning

I originally posted this back in August of 2008.  at that time the world was just about to change forever.  Soon after Labor Day I issued a warning for readers to seek professional advice on any investments because markets were exhibiting the same behavior that led to the 1929 collapse and the Great Depression.  About a week later, markets collapsed.  The world has changed forever and there is no going back.  Ever.  And ever is a long time. 

Central banking criminals, politicians, bankers and corporations have spent massive amounts of money trying to bring this system back.  Yet, everything has been a failure except the temporary reflation of assets, the vast majority of which are owned by state predators.  There are more unemployed, more underemployed and more on government assistance than ever.   We continue to work our way towards the end.  And that means we are closer to the opportunity to build a new world.  A better world.   A world where we have an opportunity to reject the hate, divisiveness, corruption, rigged markets, unbridled greed and endless crimes against humanity associated with the poverty-creating junk economics of class and state violence. 

The world today, with humanity’s wealth of understanding and knowledge, can eradicate poverty, corruption, unemployment and hunger.  And, we can do it in a merit-based economy that embraces ideals of personal responsibility, accountability and democracy.   We can make a rewarding society that embraces all of the world’s citizens rather than requiring all Americans to compete against each and other innocent people around the world for crumbs while pathology and the house negroes (the professional class) that does their master’s evil bidding walks off with all of the wealth.

Everything that you see today is simply a dream.  It is a dream created by corruption and evil.  The world as we know it only exists because we allow that dream to continue.  But that dream will eventually end.  We will create a new dream.  And we have the opportunity to create a new world void of class-based state violence, corruption, predation, victimization and exploitation.  

To the 90+% of Americans who are, in fact, laborers, including most professionals, happy Labor Day!

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