Wednesday, September 10, 2014

British Political Thugs Pull Out The Demagogy For Scotland: There Is Something Special To Be Ruled By Authority Of State Violence

I’m not sure what is so special to be ruled by landed gentry who steal everything from society and give nothing in return.   Or to watch lords, queens, viceroys, princes, earls, dukes, barons and other useless, self-appointed assholes extract their lifestyle through renter economics while you get to slave away at McDonald’s.   Let me add in there CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, corporate presidents, boards of directors and other self-appointed privilege  in the corporate state are no different than the titled aristocracy of the state.   What lords and barons are to state violence, corporate titled authority is to corporate violence.  How would the world ever survive if someone wasn’t always granting themselves special privilege that others weren’t privy to?    How would the world ever survive without such theft and cronyism?

I’m the boss.  You do as I tell you.  Why?  Not because what you are told is virtuous or even beneficial to society.  But because I tell you.  More of that telling us what to think rather than how to think.   How interesting would life be if economic entities were based on truly free, uncoerced organizational constructs that were spontaneously and voluntarily created out of agreed to social principles and existed only at the whims of all of the people who were in “employment” of them?   That would be economic democracy.   Then there would be no self-appointed corporate authority or self-appointed corporate king and their courtiers ruling an empire.  An empire where you are their wage slave.   It’s really no different than living under dukes, queens, barons, viceroys or whatnot.  The whole precept of private capital and labor that defines the contentious and violent foundations of corporate capitalism is truly a form of evil.   It’s just as sinister as communism or any other ism.  

Once again, government exists as a form of self-rule.  It is locally-focused and determined by We The People.  The state, contrarily, exists for one reason and one reason alone.  That is, to perpetuate violence on behalf of these state actors be they corporate authority or political authority or corporate political authority. 

There is nothing special about being part of the United Kingdom.   That’s nothing more than political demagogy manipulating people’s emotions.  The very term Kingdom connotes tyranny.  There is something special to determining your own economic fate, your own free will and connecting with your community to help create the fate of the human family and the world around you.   That is essentially a stateless world.  A world defined by communities rather than the manifestation of state violence in some far off halls of power determining your fate without you even knowing they are doing so.   That’s why Scotland is even having this vote. 

In many ways this vote from Scotland doesn’t really matter.  If it passes, it will be profound and could start another chain reaction around the world.  That includes in other parts of the United Kingdom including Quebec.  We could even see New Zealand, Australia and Canada sever their relationships with the British crown.  But it’s really much more profound than this as I have noted ad nauseam for the last nine years.  We are living through a new Age of Enlightenment.  People are reconnecting to their own power.  People want their freedom.  And it is the state who stole it from them.   That dynamic is only going to intensify.  It’s not just about economics.  It’s not just about the horrendous mess politicians and corporations have made of our lives.  It’s far more profound.  And it isn’t going away regardless of what happens in Scotland’s vote. 

Title link here.  (Interestingly, Reuters changed the wording of this title from British PM Begs Scots: Don’t Rip Our “UK Family” Apart In Independence Vote)

A similar article is written in the Scotland Herald.  Sometimes the comments to online journalism are the most telling. 

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