Sunday, September 07, 2014

England Blinks And Offers More Bribes To Scotland To Stop The Momentum Of Its Independence Movement

A discussion point talked about on here ad nauseam is how brutal and corrupt Britain is and always has been as a hierarchical, class-based state.   Britain as a nation has outright murdered tens of millions of people in its own holocausts going back centuries.   In modern times the British empire has murdered more people than the Nazis as I have linked to in the past.  

Any state that still has royalty and birthright privilege as defines Britain just as it does the brutal and useless thugs in the Saudi royal family, is an affront to humanity, dignity, equality, justice and freedom.  Welfare for the rich, welfare for class and special privilege granted through crony rank and title like lords, queens, viceroys, prince, earls, dukes, barons and other useless, self-appointed assholes is only possible through state violence.   In fact, the reason why the U.S. has become such a repressive nation is because it looks more and more like Britain in its adoption of corporate and private banking power we fought the Revolutionary War to rid ourselves of.  I have noted in past posts how, at the time of the Revolutionary War, homelessness, poverty, addiction, joblessness and “voluntary” conscription to military service was rampant in England but nonexistent in the colonies.

It should be no surprise that even in a time of supposed freedom that exists in Britain in modern times, that both Ireland and Scotland still fight to rid themselves of English rule.   There is a clear reason for this.  It will be a glorious day when the supposed queen and her family of moochers and parasites and other titled  clowns in England are made to work at Sainsbury for minimum wage to survive just like everyone else.  That is exactly where they would be working because they have no skills other than being a parasite.   And, mind you, being a “gentleman” in England means eschewing work.  That’s for poor sonofabitches that English royalty exploits for their surplus value.  It should be no surprise that England is home to the vile invention of corporate capitalism and the corporate state.  

This is something I have noted many times over the years is going to happen.  That we are likely to see the possibility of states shattering into smaller and smaller pieces.  Now it is upon us and we can see it manifesting itself globally.  China too is ripe for that as well given it is quite possibly the most ethnically-diverse nation on earth and the ruling class of predators in that nation have been involved in ethnic cleansing ever since the controlling communist thugs took over. 

The world is shattering into pieces and shards.  And it is because of state violence.   Really, it has only been over the last century that globally the state has been able to tighten its grip on all of humanity.  Before the twentieth century masses of people lived without the state being involved in their lives.  Even if they lived within a state, there was little, if any, true involvement in their own determinism.  Now, the state has its jack boot on the entire world.   Every new “problem” that humanity experiences, as defined by the state, involves a solution of greater and greater state violence as the answer.   The state’s days are numbered.  And it could come much faster than most anyone imagines.   We could easily see states fall like dominos in coming decades. 

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