Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Fascist American State: Snowden’s Leaks Expose Government Plans To Spy For Corporations

The U.S. is a corporate empire.  The outsized military we have is not to spread democracy but to ensure corporate control and the expansion of U.S. corporate exploitation, victimization and predation around the world.  This has been talked on here time and time and time again.  Does anyone in this nation with an intent of discovery and truth not appreciate this by now?  I doubt it.  

Anyone who believes subjecting themselves to a “career” serving corporate power is a manifestation of freedom is willfully ignorant.  I wouldn’t bet on this mythical career being a sustainable future dynamic.   People never had careers as wage slaves until the advent of corporate personhood. 

What is worse?  The subjugation of humanity to a tyrannical form of forced state socialism or communism like the Soviet Union or China or the forced tyrannical subjugation to five hundred or a thousand or a few thousand corporate bureaucrats who dominate every aspect of our lives.  Yet, who care even less about serving the needs of society than a communist bureaucrat might?  Because their first intent is exploitation (violence) aka profit.    As noted on here many times, corporations can only exist in perpetuity by extracting rent.   There are many reasons to believe corporate tyranny in the name of profit is even more brutal and violent than communism.   Did any neighborhood in the Soviet Union look like Detroit?  We have tens of thousands of neighborhoods and communities that look like post-apocalyptic war zones.   In the end, what’s really the difference?  All isms – communism, socialism, feudalism, capitalism – are simply manifestations of state violence.  Does it really surprise anyone that the government would spy on behalf of profit-driven corporations?  Corporate capitalism is a form of state-created and enforced economic warfare against humanity.   It always has been.  There are no historical examples of anything different for those who ignorantly wax poetic about the good ole days.

Corporate capitalism is by definition fascist.  Corporations and private, for-profit capital only exist through the force of the state.  The comingling of those forces that rely on each other for their existence are inherently fascist.   Can we get beyond playing useful idiots for corporate dominion over our economic freedoms?  A start would be the repeal of corporate personhood; one of the greatest crimes against humanity perpetrated by the United States Supreme Court.

Glenn Greenwald’s expose here.

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