Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pope States WWIII Is Already Upon Us While Obama States The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been

The diametrically-opposed statements of the Pope and Obama highlight a major dynamic in the world today.  That is, the tyranny of belief systems.  The only way Obama can make a ludicrous statement that the world is less violent than it has ever been is that his ego has created a belief system that keeps him from recognizing the truth unfolding before his very eyes.   Belief systems are illusions created by the ego out of fear and ignorance.  They subvert the truth that experiences offer us.  They also disconnect us from the Divine.   The reality is the world is experiencing an unprecedented evil, suffering and violence on all corners of the globe.   And, Obama, or more broadly, the state and its actors, plays an instrumental role in perpetuating today’s violence. 

Many years ago I wrote that we were entering a war cycle.  That was well before any of the lunacy in the world we now see actually presented itself.   Well, it’s now starting to bloom.  The Pope’s comments that the world is on fire is a confirmation  of the overarching theme that has defined my writings for the last nine years.  That is, the world is in a cycle of volatility, and that volatility will manifest itself in all aspects of our perceptions of reality.  That includes the natural world.   How self-evident that has become on so many levels.

Humanity has the power to stop the war cycle and I will eventually post what I am confident is necessary for that to happen.    Right now, I wouldn’t bet on those dynamics coming to pass.  More suffering is on the way courtesy of the disconnected ego and its self-victimizing beliefs.

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