Monday, September 29, 2014

Hong Kong’s Massive Protests Against Communist China

There are many people in this world who are busy defending their current or next oppressor.   Whether that is conservatives defending corporate power over democracy or liberals defending China and Russia as poor, exploited victims of American empire.  The acceptance of false prophets and golden calves are everywhere. (No that is not an end-times religious statement.  Just a fact of those who are always seeking some external guidance system or savior over their own higher power.)  I know the world has gone mad when people like Oliver Stone produce these  ex post facto documentaries of the Soviet Union as a benevolent giant that American power mischaracterized for its own self-interest.  I certainly have noted on here long before Stone’s lunacy that the Cold War could very well have been created by the US for benefits of extending class-based and political power.  And there is ample out-of-the-mainstream data that supports this perspective.  But anyone who refuses to acknowledge the evil disease that is state-forced communism is creating a delusion in their own mind that simply doesn’t reflect reality. 

When I first started writing about the coming collapse of China, including its own coming civil unrest, it was in the midst of what was characterized as the greatest economic miracle in history.  It was anything but.  And we will witness that very fact soon enough.  But it certainly was an awesome spectacle that exposed many silver linings in a world of unprecedented evil.   Over the last few days massive crowds have turned out in Hong Kong to reject the Chinese communist’s control over their sovereignty.  China, like the US, can never go back.  Their system of rule is finished.  Once China granted its people a taste of something other than communism, rations, the Borg controlling all aspects of their lives, etc, they started placing the nails in the coffin of communism and its massive centralized bureaucracy.   The only way they will ever be able to put the genie back in the bottle is through state violence.  As I noted long ago, war is coming to China.  It’s simply a matter of whether that war will be an internal one or an external one.  Will it be a war of will or will there be blood?   An internal war will be driven by the people and an effort to throw off the evils of communism.  An external war will be driven by the propagandized guise of a foreign enemy as the source of the Chinese people’s coming crises. 

It looks like the first salvo is the former.  Just like is happening all around the world.  A new Age of Enlightenment.   But let’s not forget that the communist party has more members than there are people in Britain.  And, those people enrich themselves solely through the perpetuation of state violence.   The communists are still in control and perpetuating their own brand of violence as recent headlines below tell us.

China plans nuclear subs near US coast

China hacks US companies

China and Russia close military technology gap

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