Friday, September 26, 2014

ProPublica Exposé: The Federal Reserve’s Crooked Omerta Culture Of Silence

This exposé by ProPublica is right on time.  By coincidence, the day after I penned the last article on Omerta culture, this exposé shows up.   You really have to appreciate an ability to read between the lines and understand how bureaucracy works when reading this to appreciate how profound this piece of journalism is.   With 46 hours of taped exchanges, we may actually find out much more in future releases. 

I was just talking to someone two days ago about business with a quasi-government institution.  In that regards it is like the Federal Reserve.  He remarked that his team of consultants was told to “slow down” because they were making this institution’s employees look bad.   One of the first things I ever wrote on here was that bureaucracy first exists to perpetuate itself.  Not to serve any purpose to society.  Government will never close any existing bureaucracies regardless of whether they serve any purpose.  They may combine them into other bureaucracies but that simply creates larger monoliths of incompetence and ultimately corruption.    Interestingly, we see that today with Homeland Security now moving to focus on climate change.  WTF?  What can these moochers and parasites get their claws into next? 

This article by ProPublica is a treatise for countless posts placed on here.   It highlights Federal Reserve Omerta culture, the incompetence of hierarchy, the incompetence of large, institutionalized bureaucracy, the crooked protection racket that exists for state actors, the endless cover-up of crooked behavior and on and on.   There is little doubt to anyone who opens their eyes that regardless of what crooked laws protect it, that the Federal Reserve exists only to protect the Wall Street cartel, a criminal bureaucracy itself.   The Federal Reserve is an undemocratic, unelected, unaccountable, nontransparent group of incompetent thugs who protect a ruling class of incompetent thugs in this nation.  It’s no different than a Soviet Union bureaucracy.  

Why does society need regulators to oversee criminal institutions and organizations?  We need a public banking system that could be overseen by watchdog groups free of charge.  Or, by community citizens who could rotate on the board of directors of a local public bank just like citizens do today for jury duty.  With the board of directors constantly rotating with everyone in the community, there is simply no way for systemic corruption to develop.    We don’t need big, bloated government agencies and incompetent regulators if we have public capital instead of private, class-based, rent-seeking capital that society has to constantly protect itself from.  And we don’t need unions to organize against ourselves to protect us from Godless corporate elements.  Corporate capitalism is a criminal enterprise by design and so is private banking.  They are both creations of European monarchies meant to enrich those of title and class.  They are the Godless antithesis of Enlightenment Principles.   While history has been rewritten by the status quo, and we are fed a big pile of propaganda bullshit about how corporate capitalism is akin to democracy, the reality is corporate capitalism and private banking are the very reasons we fought the Revolutionary War.

This is a good place to insert a reminder that I have written of many times over the last nine years.  That is, I am on record as stating the American people will take down the Federal Reserve and Wall Street this cycle.  Forever.  Neither serve any benefit to democracy, human expression or liberty.  To the contrary, they work diligently to destroy both.    We need a system of public capital whose primary intent is human development.  All humans.  Crime in this nation would collapse with a change in our socioeconomic system from one of control to one of empowerment and truth.

More of that hope and change you can believe in.

Final note.  If you want to listen to a podcast discussing the contents of the entirety of these taped discussions, This American Life has a podcast doing so.  They also have the original confidential internal report the Fed concealed from the public on its incompetence and corruption.

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