Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arab Society Has Collapsed And Won’t Recover In My Lifetime

As I have noted ad nauseam on here, there are a lot of apologists for the violence of Arab Islamic states in the Middle East.  They blame the U.S. for all of the chaos in the world.  So, in the process they are busy defending the oppressors of hundreds of millions of innocent people.  These positions are based in bias and beliefs and are very wrong.  That includes Obama and his ludicrous remarks a few days ago that ISIS and its fanatic violence did not reflect Islam.  I don’t have any beliefs that Islam is inherently evil as is now becoming popular in mainstream counter culture but I certainly know that it has been used by evil to perpetuate evil for over a thousand years.   That said, it’s little different than the power and violence the Pope wielded in Europe centuries ago.   Or the power the state wields today.

I wrote all of this chaos was going to happen around the world before any of it exposed itself.  I certainly didn’t use U.S. policy as the foundation of that accurate and lonely position.   The chaos in the world is everywhere.  Are the U.S. and other states involved in vile and often secretive policies to try to control the chaos?  Certainly.  That includes corrupt Arab states themselves fomenting violence against their own people and against other Arab states and against Jews.  Is the U.S. the cause of this?  Certainly not.   Arab social culture is a shithole of primitive, violent, misogynistic terror and repression.   Class and hierarchy has used the Islamic religion to rationalize murdering tens of millions of its own faith in astronomical numbers for more than one thousand years.   The only thing these factions of hierarchy and class hate more than Jews, Christians, gays, women, atheists, apostates, western culture and the U.S. is each other.   For reasons of fear-driven ego and its associated belief systems, a large part of the world refuses to see reality or is afraid to rise above political correctness and the ignorance it perpetuates.  This is no secret.  As noted last year by an Iranian official, the greatest threat to global peace is the violence between Shia and Sunni Islamic fanatics.

I wanted to provide a link to Arab society’s systemic collapse penned a few days ago.   A friend passed this along and it is very consistent with may comments and themes made on here over the years.  Beyond my many theses on the state, violence, hierarchy, class and institutions of the ego, that includes the fact that the world is experiencing a new Age of Enlightenment, there has never been an Arab democracy and that Middle East states are going to experience collapse in this cycle.   And this was all written before any of this violence revealed itself. 

The top-rated comment to this article, in italics below, is spot on. 

Until a few years ago, I was pretty well convinced that the US was a destabilizing force in the Middle East, but now I suspect the Russians and US and the British before us are just moving the game along, especially when the status quo threatens contemporary western culture and existing world power structures. It is possible that the feckless W administration may have blundered around the Arab world, driven by energy interests, and stirred up base rivalries, but did he fundamentally create the current state of chaos? Exacerbate is a better explanation. Can Obama prevent the worst aspects of an emerging Caliphate from becoming a platform to attack western culture? Perhaps with some deft interventions, at least he can lessen the negative impact of the most extreme elements. Unfortunately for the Arab world, it's looking more and more like extreme cage fighting, where the rest of the world looks on helplessly while the Arab world perfects internecine warfare. Was the region better off under strong-man secular dictatorships? The west didn't think so before, but now it's having second thoughts.

Enlightenment is an invasive and violent process.   It strips the ego of its illusory belief systems created out of fear-driven rationalizations and logic used to defend its ignorance.  And, in the process, exposes the emptiness of what is left standing naked.  That is, a state of fear with no place for the ego to find solace its its own  self-victimizing beliefs.    This process seems necessary for people to find a path back to the truth that resides within them in lieu of the ego’s belief systems.  In many regards, the Middle East is birthing an awakened truth for the first time in modern history.   Maybe the first time since the advent of civilization.  Those who resist truth, be they victims or victimizers, will continue to try to recreate a world based on ego and its manifestations of control, fear and associated violence.   Until they reject their own state of fear, they will simply perpetuate their own suffering until they finally acknowledge their own divine truth.

The Middle East is on a path to awakening from the dumbed-down systems of ignorance that have been used to suppress and repress its masses.  Just as the rest of the world is.

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