Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Roundup, Celiac Disease And Autism - Could Half Of All Children Be Autistic Within A Generation?

Maybe the most prescient quote ever uttered captures the effects of the disconnected ego, it’s wild arrogance and the endless suffering it creates for all life.  And then allowing it to ameliorate its own Godless condition by granting it hierarchy, control and power over humanity through state violence -

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

One of the major themes on here is that we are living through a scientific dark ages.   I suspect most people have little true appreciation of how profound that statement is.   The amount of junk science in this world almost certainly exceeds, by an astronomical amount, that of honest discovery and truth.  Power literally controls almost every aspect of science.  Whether that is corporate or government influence or outright control, it is everywhere.  Universities are prostitutes for federal government and corporate grants for research.  Corporate researchers are prostitutes for their own ambitions within a corporate control construct.   One must appreciate the impacts of this control.  Science and many, if not most, scientists have become useful idiots for hierarchy, class and the state.  The ego’s intent of control subverts our mind’s higher power and its intent of discovery and truth aka the purity of untainted science.  One will appreciate this more and more as belief systems (ego-driven control) built around junk science collapse in coming years.  Many are already in collapse as I type this.   Roundup and the broader industrial food complex are just two of the benefactors to this junk science courtesy of a wildly corrupt, centrally-planned economic control system.  

The world is just now starting to awaken to what corporate and political power has done to us by subverting the purity of science.    “Science”, as practiced by the state, is literally killing humanity and the planet.  And, employing their “science”, they have enslaved us into a level of ignorance across all aspects of our existence that is palpable.  The state of our mind’s unknowingness and inquisitiveness that is so necessary to discovery and truth in all aspects of our existence has been destroyed through propaganda and manipulation on a scale never before seen by humanity.  There is no unknowingness anymore.  “Experts”, including scientific experts, rolled out by political and corporate whores tell us what to think on every aspect of the human experience.  They provide endless junk science, logic and rationalizations to support their memes and lies.  Science is not derived through logic and rationalism.   There is no truth in logic and rationalism alone.   It is derived through our ego’s connection to the creativity of the human mind’s higher power (the place within our mind where love, kindness, empathy, dignity, equality, justice, mercy, forgiveness… aka truth resides).  Logic and rationalism without a connection to that higher power has created a world of incredible corruption and evil.   This entire dynamic is really no different than the Islamic caliphates who tell the masses what to think in the Middle East.   Both are driven by the disconnected ego.  Both are driven by the state and its violent enforcement of class and hierarchy.  

While I do not suffer from Celiac Disease, when I eat daily  quantities of modern wheat, I definitely experience quite noticeable symptoms.   I’m not a researcher in this area so as always do your own diligence.  But over the last few years I have switched to organic flour, organic bread and sourdough bread for the moderate quantities of wheat that I do eat.   I’m not anti-wheat in moderate quantities because most of the evidence, some of which is compelling, is young, not completely understood and not incontrovertible.  I’m anti-industrial food because the evidence is incontrovertible.   As an aside, for those interested who have not yet done any diligence, fermenting bread dough seems to play some potential role in reducing inflammatory symptoms as well.   Inflammation is far different than what Roundup may be doing to our body’s ecosystem.   Sourdough organic bread is my choice if it is possible to make my own because it certainly is no more expensive than industrially-produced, nonorganic bread.   Many people with Celiac Disease can tolerate sourdough or fermented bread.   This shouldn’t really be surprising.  The ancient world fermented or cooked many natural ingredients that were otherwise intolerable or inedible.  

Statistics, if accurate, have shown that impoverished people in Britain and the U.S., as two examples of industrial food monopolies with large poverty populations, have eaten a diet of more than 50% calories from wheat for the last century.   If this is anywhere near accurate, and it certainly is whether the actual statistics are that high, one can imagine the potential consequences of industrial wheat-based food production and what we clearly do not yet fully understand.   But, are told is safe by a corrupt system of “experts”. 

I linked to the glycophosphate-Celiac Disease published research of Dr. Seneff back when it was first released.   Now, she has just done a video interview with Dr. Mercola.   I would suggest everyone consider watching Dr. Seneff’s interview.  The link is here.

And, just because….  although it is not new, here is one of her speeches on aluminum,  glycophosphate (Roundup) and autism.   This video is excellent as well.  Frankly, it’s much more powerful and disconcerting given the topic and consequences.  Dr. Seneff states that half of all children could be autistic within a generation if her research is accurate.   Becoming more informed of what is in your best interest is no one’s responsibility except your own.  That dynamic is exacerbated because our institutions of science and government have become so completely corrupted. 

Both of these interviews are frightening but the good news is the dark ages are now starting to lift.   In the battle of good versus evil, the ego’s intent of control is being destroyed by our higher power’s intent of discovery and truth.   Bad news for institutions of the ego around the world.  That includes the state, politics, corporations, religious fanatics, etc.   This is consistent with a long-time theme on here that we will likely experience massive failure of institutions of the ego around the world in this cycle.  Just one example is that every major corporation in this world today is propped up by state violence.   Every single one.  It doesn’t matter if that is in China or Africa or Europe or the U.S.  That certainly includes the industrial food monopoly and the sickcare system.  Both of which are implicated in these videos. 

If state predators have their way, apparently some would like to use more of that junk science to tell us when to die.   If half of all people are born autistic, maybe they’ll just tell half of us to die soon after we are born rather than actually fix the issues their corrupt and evil policies create.  Sort of a Soylent Green for kids.  Hitler and the British aristocracy and their labels of untermensch and useless eaters would be proud.  Let the state determine who is a burden to society and thus should be exterminated.   While I could be wrong as to what the intent is, it appears to me Emanuel’s article may be nothing more than the first step in driving the issue of state-determined death into the public lexicon.  The ignorance of the state certainly has taken over ever other aspect of our existence.   We certainly are in the midst of peak state power.

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