Monday, September 29, 2014

“The Momentum Of The U.S. Dollar Advance Is Unprecedented”

A long-time thesis on here is the U.S. dollar is putting in a major bottom.  I have written time and again that people who kept screaming the dollar was going to collapse had no idea what they were talking about.   Just another outcome of a propagandized world that rejects science and the truth. 

It’s really no different than Leobardo DiCaprio, who himself cannot even spell science, producing anti-science documentaries on human-caused global warming.  Well, it’s time to stick a fork in that pig too.   I certainly appreciate that humanity is poisoning itself and the planet but that’s a separate issue global warmists seem to confuse with actual climate or, maybe more likely, wish use to manipulate and place fear within the public to terrorize humanity with their false meme.  And I certainly appreciate that the U.S. is a shithole of rotten corruption.  But whoever said that had anything to do with the direction of the dollar?    What nation on earth isn’t a rotten shithole of corruption?  What next?  Are we going to hear the U.S. is manipulating the dollar higher and that is the reason dollar bears are wrong?  That seems to be the common defense for being wrong.  ie, Our world is being manipulated so it isn’t my analysis of any particular situation that is wrong.  It’s everyone and everything else that is wrong.   If that is the case, one should have known that and thus known the dollar wasn’t going to zero.  And if that is the case, then one never would have actually said the dollar was going to collapse.   When do the circular rationalizations create a vortex of useless claims and counterclaims?

Nah.  More likely that dollar bears just had no idea what they were talking about.  Just like most everything else that flows from the mouth like vomit from prognosticators, pundits, experts and other self-appointed genius.  I guess we are learning across all aspects of our existence what I have intuitively understood my whole life.   There is almost no authenticity in this system.  Most claimed “experts” have no f*cking idea what they are talking about most of the time because their bloviating bullshit is almost always driven by self-interest and projecting my own personal success rather than actually providing an honest, helping hand to their fellow man.  They wish us to believe they understand what they are talking about because in some way they are going to profit from it.  So, none of us should ever listen to them.  And that means you should really start listening to yourself.   Of course, that is exactly what is going on.  That’s a good thing. 

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