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Biology’s “Hopeful Monsters”, The Son Of Man And The Ebola Outbreak (And Other Pathogens)

Now that Ebola is in the U.S., I just wanted to make a few comments tying together some prior posts.   For newer readers, the overarching theme on this blog over the last nine years is that we are in the midst of a cycle of volatility.   As part of that I have discussed many anticipated outcomes and possibilities as it pertains to this cycle.  Many are socioeconomic but they also include the potential for natural volatility and even the potential for a major outbreak of some type of human  pathogen.   All of these have taken root since my initial writings.  Especially in the last few years.  Fukushima and other events were also exposures of that dynamic coming to pass.   At the time I characterized Fukushima as more as a failure of an institution of the ego or a system of control exposed by nature’s volatility.  Let’s hope we don’t see that type of event metastasize or happen on a larger scale.  But, that certainly is a possibility.  We can expect more volatility with the potential collapse of economies, money, governments, corporations, globalization and other institutions of the ego.  And, as noted in numerous past posts, those events may be pushed along or created by nature’s volatility including pathogens. 

There are multiple examples that are and have been developing in the world including Chikungunya, Ebola, swine flu, bird flu and, more recently a rapidly spreading mysterious enterovirus EV-D69 illness in children within the U.S..  The last illness has been called unprecedented in the number of children requiring intensive care.  To date, all of these outbreaks have been contained.  Pathogens seldom change their method of transmission but this is also not a normal cycle either.  We could see a bird flu or whatnot develop a new method of transmission and take an enormous toll.   There really is no defense modern science could ever employ to stop an easily transmitted pathogen.   Mind you, I also consider the rapid rise of Roundup resistant weeds and the rapidly waning ability of antibiotics to be part of the same dynamic that is now reaching critical mass. 

Years ago I put up numerous posts on gamma ray radiation and the mutation of life associated with volatility.  As we understand it, energy is required to mutate life.   That energy is the divine life force that science has never been able to recreate or  understand on even a primitive level.  Life and events just don’t happen randomly.   And the only energy we really understand that has the ability to cause wholesale cellular mutation is gamma ray radiation, the most powerful energy source known to man.  We shouldn’t be surprised by any of this as science has clearly discovered that our planet is getting bombarded by the largest-ever-measured doses of gamma ray radiation in the past handful of years.  By the way, just as in the Dark Ages, when the Black Death hit, this happened during a time when solar activity was collapsing as it has been since 2008.   As I wrote would likely happen before it actually did happen.  A weakened heliosphere or protective sheath provided by the sun results in a weakened earth’s magnetosphere or protective sheath of life on earth.  And the weakening of both exposes the earth to massive doses of gamma ray radiation, much of which comes from deep within the universe.  Or, if you will possibly consider that the universe is a manifestation of the mind, deep within the mind.  

Interestingly, as noted on here some years ago, NASA had announced that earth was being bombarded by unprecedented levels of gamma rays of unknown origin in the Orion constellation.  In ancient Egyptian mysticism, the Orion constellation was where the dead’s souls ascended for eternity.  Additionally, ancient Biblical passages that refer to the Son of Man are probably in reference to the constellation Orion.  Astrology is substantially weaved throughout the Bible and one must appreciate much of this to divine possible meaning.  Jesus of Nazareth was a spiritual mystic and his understanding of astrology and the constellation of Orion as the Son of Man certainly would have been known at that time.  Even thought that knowledge has been lost now that man has a new form of knowledge it now relies exclusively upon.  That is, it’s own arrogance.   Some people have more recently theorized that the constellation Orion represents the soul of Jesus of Nazareth and, thus, the eternal energy of the human mind.   So, what exactly is the return of the Son of Man we read about in ancient passages?   Is it mumbo jumbo?  Are we experiencing that today with the bombarding of earth by energy from the constellation Orion?  And what effect is that energy having upon life here on earth as well as the human psyche?  Coincidence?  Of no meaning whatsoever?  Random?  Possibly more?

Something else I would like to note is that the Black Death occurred during the very dynamics that we see unfolding today with a collapsing sun.  And, as noted in a prior post, there are now new theories that may tie the Black Death to Ebola.  I certainly have no qualified position on this.  But then neither do most scientists.  They simply regurgitate what they are told.  We do know that Bubonic Plague still exists today and kills thousands of people every year.   But astrology too foretold of the Black Death and, as a result, people at the time thought it was a karmic wrath for their evil ways.  Now, I’m simply making a statement.  I don’t have any answers nor do I have any beliefs on this topic.  But, frankly, what exactly have we learned in the last 800 years that would invalidate that possibility?   Look, there is a karmic balance between good and evil in the universe.  And, the universe has repeatedly shown it will use whatever means at its disposal to restore that balance.  Whatever the means.  That includes wholesale death and destruction of man’s institutions of the ego.   And the violent use of man himself to accomplish this destruction.  Which, by the way, has always been for the betterment of man, all life and the restoration of balance.  Don’t kid yourself into beliefs that science has all of the answers.  Untainted science is a beautiful manifestation of our mind but it has never provided any of the profound answers.  Science deals with how and not why.   Do you know what electricity is?  Something that is so simple and pervasive that it impacts nearly all life on this planet?  If you think you know, you are kidding yourself.  If you think science knows, you are also kidding yourself.  As an electrical engineer I can tell you that science has absolutely no idea what electricity is.   Although we certainly know how to harness some manifestations of it.  And we do that very, very well.   Science doesn’t prove anything.  It only disproves.

I find it interesting that today too, it was astrology that was much of the basis for my analysis as to where we have come in recent years and its similarity to past cycles of volatility.   Is this moment created by us for us?  Because of our prior choices in life?  Is our fate in our own hands?  With the overthrow of evil, will balance be restored and the world return to some semblance of normalcy?  And with it, will these natural disasters, pathogen outbreaks and the like return to lurking in the shadows of our unconscious mind?  Or, are these natural events such as Ebola, the collapse of institutions of the ego, and vanquishing evil necessary to our own evolution?  And, because we created this moment, that we must now experience it for our cumulative consciousness to evolve?  Or is all of this simply random?  And any ability anyone had to predict esoteric factors simply dumb luck?

I would like to envelop all of this in an overarching statement.  As noted in the past, there is some evidence that viruses, bacteria and other simple life forms,and possibly even pathogens, are the basis for much of evolution.  That they form some basis for evolution.  Or, possibly the basis for evolution.  This is well appreciated as about ten percent of our genome was inserted there by viruses.  Science is rapidly discovering on all fronts that we are more bacteria and virus than we are human.  Or, maybe I should say that our physical being is a porridge of basic building blocks and that our being is really a very complex ecosystem that relies on so many factors beyond our perceptions of reality that it is stunningly amazing and beautiful beyond our comprehension.  And, as such, a harmonious balance must be achieved to maintain some degree of stasis in the human ecosystem and the ecosystems beyond our perceptions of self.  The brain affects bacteria, and viruses affect our body and who knows how deep the interdependencies go.  Really some manifestation of the Butterfly Effect of all life being completely connected in magical and mysterious ways institutionalized knowledge simply cannot capture and appreciate.   I suspect we are on the verge of obliterating much of institutionalized medical and food science as these discoveries take place.  Maybe in the future we will use these massive hospital edifices as tortured memorials to our past institutionalized ignorance.     

Continuing with the last paragraph, there is ample evidence that life may not “evolve” over millions of years as institutionalized science believes.  But, that evolution is a violent and comparatively rapid process driven by external energy and-or factors we simply don’t even acknowledge because we cannot capture them let alone understand them.   Biologist Richard Goldschmidt theorized more than half a century ago that macromutations developed very rapidly within as little as a single generation, and create a well-adapted “hopeful beast”.   While his work was discounted by institutionalized science, indeed, there are many examples of this very process being captured by modern science.  One must also consider that not only does this ability define new species but may also define the expansion of human consciousness, or consciousness of all life and possibly human evolution itself.   And, if so, then this  moment, one that I have characterized as the most profound in thousands of years, could be one of those moments of consciousness’s evolution.   I am certainly amazed by the level of awakening I see in people everywhere.  It is incredibly profound and extends well beyond an awakening to evil, hierarchy, control and violence.  It includes a massive awakening to their own internal guidance system and their own divinity.   Bad news for man’s institutions of the ego and the state.  Good news for humanity and all life.

So, why has the sun weakened to such a low level and allowed these possible dynamics to come to pass?  Certainly solar system barycenter dynamics (astrology/astronomy) play some role in solar cycles.  But, this cycle is different.  Is solar activity collapsing because of you?  That you drive the sun and not vice versa.  And that you, or the cumulative mind, has selected this moment in time to marshal the forces of the universe to save all life from the great evil that now consumes every aspect of life on this planet?  That the cries of suffering from all connected life are now in the midst of recreating our own reality to usher in the coming Age of Aquarius?  And with it, the necessary collapse of hierarchy, class, power and the state that defeat our natural inner state of being?  And why now?  Because it is written in the stars….  or, it is written into the place where the universe resides.  That is, the eternal energy of the mind.

Of course, the ego’s fear-driven need for control and certainty  mocks any such possibilities.  Instead, it continues to exalt man’s miniscule perceptions of knowledge of himself and the universe as it’s own religion that comforts its fear-based perceptions of reality.   And, as such, the ego worships the state, hierarchy and class as a manifestation of that knowledge that is then sprinkled down upon the masses by all-knowing state actors.   If one thing is certain, the ego is wildly arrogant in its own ignorance.  And if we are mindful, we see that inside of ourselves each and every day.  And we certainly see that in the wildly arrogant ignorance of control-driven institutions of state pathology. 

Anyone who tells you they have it all figured out is lying to you.  More importantly, their ego is lying to themselves.  And they are doing so out of the ego’s fear-driven intent of control that subverts the universe’s desire for discovery and truth.

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