Friday, October 31, 2014

Linkfest Palooza

Plants can tell when they are being eaten.  So much for becoming a vegetarian because of guilt.

How the CIA & FBI sheltered Nazi war criminals.  And how the U.S. ran Nazi concentration camps, and often placed Nazis in charge, years after WWII ended.

Americans are worried if the state can protect them. A paradox of incredible proportions.  That state is the greatest source of violence in the world.  Will the state protect humanity from the state?

The president is assuming absolute power and it shitting all over the Constitution.  The rule of law is dead.  The state’s hypocrisy knows know bounds.  It endlessly breaks its own laws, including state-sponsored murder aka war, while imprisoning millions for often petty, nonviolent, victimless acts like addictions.

Bank of Japan targets bonds and stocks with increased purchases.  Sends global assets higher while  impoverishing  savers.  QE has become a self-fulfilling prophecy of coming demise through massive reflation of food, health care, housing, etc that the masses of people can no longer afford.

Over 200,000 doctors opting out of Obamacare

Corporate-controlled Obamacare tightens its chokehold

Obamacare (or any profit-driven, private health care) is not ready for any kind of public health crisis.  A reasonably contained public health crisis could easily lead to its collapse.

Democratic losses in 2014 could make history thanks to the Obama administration.   A long time thesis on here is that both political parties are likely to collapse and as noted in those posts, the Democratic party will likely be first.  Oh how the world has changed on Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi and their incredulous arrogance.

Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano is erupting like crazy.  And that means Europe is probably in for a very, very cold winter.  This is a major story with major economic implications that is not being given any due by the paparazzi press.

Democrats resort to race-baiting, shaming voters into donations and bullying threats.   Politicians are the most vile life form on earth.

70% of Americans are outright angry at the direction politicians are taking the country.  I suspect if these polls were taken of people who don’t vote or don’t have a living wage job, that the number would be much closer to 100%.  How much closer is purely speculation but these polls are certainly not accurate reflections of how substantial the disenfranchisement and outright dissent truly is.

The explosion of childhood poverty in developed nations courtesy of the state and its endless violence

The North Pole covered in ice in eight days

DNA-based computers?

The miracle and mystery of our microbial biology

Man’s industrial farming practices are committing suicide by killing the soil

How illegal immigration hurts black America (all working class Americans)  An excellent but older article that is now coming to the forefront with Obama’s shredding of the Constitution and immigration laws.  What is his intent in destroying the rule of law?  And doing so with the full backing of the Chamber of Commerce and Republican national leadership.

Ebola can be transferred by sneezing or what else?

The CDC deletes its own public service announcement on how Ebola can be transferred.

Schizophrenia caused by parasites?

Causes of autism created by modern corporate capitalist society?

Upwards of 34 million work visas are going to be granted to undocumented workers and illegal immigrants.   Obama, Republicans, Democrats, the Chamber of Commerce, corporate capitalism, all of the special interest lobbyists in the Washington whorehouse are in the process of sealing their own fate by placing the final nails in the coffin of law. 

Banksters use social media to hide their trail of criminal activity.

64% of voters think the U.S. government is out of control.  It’s way higher than 64% amongst those not outsourcing their thinking to partisan propaganda.

Democrats and black politicians are destroying black America  This is a MUST watch video that made it to the top story on Drudge.  It speaks great truth.     Enlightenment to state violence is in full swing.   In many ways all men are the most victimized class of people in our nation.  Men of all color have been stripped of their dignity, self-determinism and their manhood in general.  After being victimized so heavily and consistently by the Democratic Party, its constituents are finally waking up to the pathology of their state oppressors.  That includes the working class, the poor, equal rights advocates, women’s rights advocates and minorities.   Welcome to the kyriarchy.  A world where state pathology, regardless of gender, race or political affiliation, exploits the masses for its own benefit.  Frankly, just about no one from Washington is here to help anyone if it doesn’t first help themselves.   The Godlessness of this system is beyond words.

How the big, bureaucrat central-state is destroying our founding principles by Anthony Napolitano

Unions complicit in screwing its workers.  Certainly I am an advocate for collective bargaining against tyrannical power but we have replaced the Jamie Dimons with Jimmy Hoffas.  In democratic economics, neither private economic power nor the need for unions to protect against it would exist.  Because in democratic economics, the people would not have to organize against itself.   No person should ever have power over the lives of a free people.   Only Creator-granted law based on natural rights has that power.  Big government, big business and big unions are collusions of mass corruption and oppression.

Facebook pays $22 billion for $10 million in revenue.  One of the dynamics that has allowed corporations to literally destroy the world is the M&A boom discussed on here so many times.  They have destroyed every law imaginable in doing so.  Many of those have been highlighted on here.  Not only is a private, for-profit criminal banking syndicate behind this but so is a criminal corporate governance atmosphere.  Without stocks being in the largest bubble the world has ever seen, this M&A boom could not have happened.  This deal at Facebook shows how executives can loot the company treasury and our savings to make wildly incompetent decisions without any repercussions.  For now.  This will all unwind.  As noted on here in the past, if the system holds together that long, a wave of de-mergers will be the next phase in the criminal institution of investment banking.

American meat producers threaten a public health epidemic with bacterial resistance.   You can thank the state for this.  Everything that happens in capitalism happens with the blessing of the state.  Corporations are creations of the state and not the other way around.  All of the economic injustices today are courtesy of state violence.

More toxic genetically-engineered crops are available

Hong Kong’s communist leadership recently remarked that democracy allows poor sonofabitches too much control.  Maybe if the state wasn’t in the business of creating artificial poverty, as the only reason for the type of poverty we see today is corruption and state violence, they wouldn’t need to worry about democracy granting poor people to themselves what state actors have stolen with impunity.

Migrant technology workers abused by corporations.  More state violence. 

U.S. airstrikes violate international law.  What’s new?

Obama administration stumbles are everywhere.  The state’s power grabs are coming home to roost.  Their incompetence across every willful grab for power is palpable.

China’s communists are now tightening their grip out of fear of unrest in the mess central-planning communists have created.   I noted half a dozen years ago that this was going to happen as China started to implode.  That the state would crack down on freedoms and start to re-exert its control.  

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