Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Holiday Post: Part One, December As A Month Glorifying The Corporate State’s Violence

“What is the chief end of man?--to get rich. In what way?--dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must. Who is God, the one only and true? Money is God. Gold and Greenbacks and Stock--father, son, and the ghost of same--three persons in one; these are the true and only God, mighty and supreme.” – Mark Twain, The Revised Catechism.  Or, maybe it should have been the only real Catechism in capitalist nations.

I was planning to put up a holiday post delving further into the esoteric factors shaping the world today.   Included in that would be an amalgam of remarks from may of my posts over the years.  That includes my October 2013 good-vs-evil-in-late-Scorpio turn-date post, my post on the Roman Emperor as the anti-Christ and the state as the antithesis of Godliness, my 2011 holiday post titled  The Journey Of Becoming I Am and a smattering from quite a few others on the disconnected ego.   I’ll include the link to The Journey Of Becoming I Am as an introduction to the next post.  But, that will have to wait for a week or two as I haven’t had enough time to finish it.  I suppose rather than a holiday post, I may pen it as a new year’s post. 

We are living through a time of great violence and moral bankruptcy around the world.  These dynamics are intertwined.  One cannot exist without the other.  Much of that violence is driven by self-imposed ignorance.   It seems that the world is in a trance but is now slowly but surely awakening from it.   And no one is more entranced or ignorant than the people who are responsible for keeping this system functioning.  Be that politicians, corporate executives, the military-industrial complex, mainstream religious institutions,  the educational and university system and the glue that holds it all together, standing armies, law enforcement and the national security state.  Our world is one that has become wildly dumbed-down by these institutions of the ego.   Humanity is clearly devolving under the duress of the state.  But the reality is everything is an illusory bubble that papers over the thin veneer of our perceptions and associated beliefs.  That veneer is now starting to expose itself as nothing more than lies created by the disconnected ego.

I have written ad nauseam about the state on here over the last nine years.  But I certainly have ratcheted up those writings in the last few years.   There is a reason for doing so.  While just about no one is even considering it, again because of their own fear-driven state of mind that keeps them from considering such truths, the more reality exposes itself, the more one must question whether we are living through the end times of the state.   This could come in waves or all at once.  But, in many regards, witnessing the Soviet Union collapse into thirteen smaller states and other movements around the world may simply have been an early phase of the ultimate failure of the state.  We definitely are living through the end times of massive state power grabs and state liberalism.  Which plays directly into my long-time remarks that both the Republican and Democratic Parties in the U.S. are going to collapse.  Both are predatory, hierarchical systems of control that only exist through the violence afforded by state liberalism.  The megalomania of the finger-wagging political hypocrites is phenomenal.  Every time I see a politician open their mouth, regardless of what country or what party affiliation, it almost certainly involves some kind of hypocrisy and violence on a nearly unimaginable scale.  Now, to be human is to be a hypocrite.  But, the politician takes it to an art form by using the violence of the state to enforce that hypocrisy.      

Let me share one example of violence that has become so entrenched into the propaganda entrancing the human psyche. Large swaths of the population glorify it thus creating their own self-inflicted misery by embracing the violence of their oppressors.    Especially people who self-identify as conservatives or Republicans.  That is, corporate capitalism, the institution we waged our Revolutionary War to rid ourselves of.  This dynamic is particularly relevant in the month of December --

Most in the “civilized” world (hahaha) goes to work every day in a hierarchical organization and/or an organization defined by an intent of profit or power or both.  In other words, control structures that are creations of the ego or the self.   The CEO as a king, the board of directors as his court or advisors, the sales executive as the general, the salespersons as the warriors, the engineers and laborers as the weapons makers or those responsible for producing the weapons battle will be waged with, (debt, food, autos, pharma drugs, interest, missiles, guns, whatever) the HR department as the recruiters or slave traders needed to fill the battle ranks or fill the body bags (layoffs) for the king when battles (sales) are lost, advertisers create the propaganda necessary to defeat the enemy and win the war.   Not only does the state benefit from the business of war, but it also benefits from the war of business.  Corporate capitalism is a form of control (violence) waged against humanity.  Yet, it requires docile acceptance of its propaganda to actually exist.  How again is subjugating yourself to corporate hierarchy and those who seek power over your divinity a manifestation of self-rule or democracy?  Come again?

Although we are most often ignorant to it, when we go to work every day the constructs of hierarchy, profit and power guarantee that we are perpetrators of violence.  And, at the same time, violence is perpetrated against us.  That violence is most often emotional or spiritual or outside of our view.  And that violence we perpetrate could be against our work peers, against those we “manage” at work, against those who manage us, against other companies we battle with, against the poor, against the planet,  against exploited “consumers”, against democracy or countless other examples.  And, what is even more sinister is that we often perpetrate that violence against ourselves.  Ignorantly, of course.  The more violent we are with ourselves, the more we become habituated to accepting the cruelty and evil violence perpetrated against others.   The more we become Godless.  There are compelling reasons to consider that the world has never seen such organized, universal violence against the human psyche and all life. 

December is a month uniquely glorifying that corporate violence through the propagandized mantra of consumerism.  In the endless power grabs by the state, we clearly see vacuousness and meaninglessness has been taken to an art form by the corporate state.  People from around the world with differing traditions, generally tend to have a holiday around the winter solstice.  Those traditions have been obliterated by turning December into a month where “citizens” of the state, aka the exploited and preyed upon, are supposed to shop till they drop.   I hear repeatedly how December has turned into a depressing and stressful time of year for countless people.  Corporate capitalism plays no small role in that dynamic.   Corporate capitalism and the state are the reason for this dynamic through a multitude of exploitative forms of violence.   A time of fellowship and connection to all life has been turned into a time of year where most are expected to go into debt to buy more useless, effing junk to maintain corporate power.  Why?  Because our masters have told us this is our lot in life.

In the last year I accidently found myself stumbling upon the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index.   Today it is timely to provide a link to the index given December’s rise as the month of violent overconsumption created by corporate capitalism’s violent overproduction.  We work much longer hours than people who lived thousands of years ago and that is no coincidence.  You work to overproduce that which the predatory ruling class wishes to overconsume.   Corporate capitalism has never, ever, remotely provided for the needs of humanity throughout its entire history.   It provides for the pedantic, inane, vacuous wants of class and hierarchy.  It should be no surprise this index originates in the shithole of class and hierarchical violence, Britain, and Europe at large, that has infected America.   While class and hierarchy amuse themselves to death with their massive overconsumption, we see a sign of the times in the value of their luxury purchases skyrocketing.  This is a sign of a dying monetary (and by extension banking) and economic system.   The lack of demand for capital as capitalism deflates around the globe, has created a massive, useless wall of money that is lining the pockets of those who are privileged by state violence.  And they are funneling massive sums of money into the attachment of vanity and “stuff” they worship.   And as the useless eaters that our masters are, they amuse themselves to death with all of that money they stole from democracy and humanity.   I have already highlighted the massive bubble in London real estate on here.  To go with it, this index highlights the massive bubble in alternative “investments” that are skyrocketing due to the collapse in money and economics.  The ruling aristocracy’s behavior is eerily familiar.  Let them eat cake.   

Happy Holidays.  Embrace your own slavery and victimization.  Be sure to shop till you drop. 

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