Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Sign Of The Times–The Glorification Of Murder & Violence And The Movie American Sniper

In order to get you to kill someone for me, I have to instill in your mind a fear-based, control construct.  That is exactly what a belief systems is.  It’s all it is.   In many ways belief systems appear to have a trance-like effect of creating ignorance.   That is how pathology controls humanity.   It’s how Charles Manson got cult members to bludgeon and butcher innocent people.   Belief systems are ego-created control constructs created out of fear that keep our mind from connecting to truth and our highest good.    This is exactly how someone can literally be shown the truth and yet be blinded to its reality.   We  cling to our belief systems out of a state of fear.  My son could not have killed that man.   Human-caused global warming has to be real.  Peak Oil is a certainty.   Free market capitalism is a bastion of democracy.   The United States is a global force for good.   Work is the ultimate expression of humanity and you should aspire to be a wage slave.  The military-industrial complex murders people around the world for the benefit of freedom and humanity.   Where did you learn all of those brainwashing belief systems?  From class and hierarchy who operate from an intent of control.  (Remember, as noted on here ad nauseam, the human mind has only two intents – the intent of control created by the fear-driven ego and the intent of truth driven by our higher power.  This is the contradictory duality of the human condition.)  

The primitive state of fear-driven belief systems are a very, very consuming reality in the world today.  This is exactly how any military operates.  Not just in the United States but in any standing army around the world.  By instilling a fear-based, control construct (propagandized belief systems) into the minds of those who serve standing armies and into violent, ignorant societies that glorify standing armies, violence, aggression and war.  That's why basic training in any military involves first emotionally break down all recruits then building them into the authority-controlled robots that do the killing of authority without questioning how or why.   Recruits are literally brainwashed.  All violence, be it emotional, spiritual or physical, or against ourselves or someone else, is a disconnection from our divine higher power created literally through narrow-mindedness or ignorance.   It is ludicrous to ever believe humanity can achieve connection, forgiveness, peace and community through war.  War is a primitive, ego-driven control construct.  And it is man’s most evil invention.

This is how the state (class and hierarchy) gets people to murder to protect their power and control over others.  Or, maybe I should say those for whom the state runs a protection racket.  Because that is what the state is.  It’s a protection racket for privileged state actors and benefactors.   The easiest way for pathological evil to get someone else to act violently against another human being is to base that on instilling belief systems creating superficial but recognizable differences.   That person doesn’t look like you.  Or, that person doesn’t have the same religious beliefs as you.    It is a form of dehumanization and objectification that brainwashes the ego into rationalizing murder.   Hitler was a master at this.   And so were Southern plantation slave owners.   Frankly, so is American Empire.  If I told you someone walking down the street was your enemy and you should walk over and kill him or her, would you do it?   Well, then why would the same person kill a total stranger who has done absolutely nothing to them?   Because they have been entranced by evil.   It’s the exact same method a pyschopath uses to control its victims.   The method the state uses to get people to kill for it is exactly how Charles Manson operated.  

In a continuation of the theme I have been writing about since December, I want to highlight the record box office take of the movie American Sniper.   This is definitely a sign of the times and the insane level of propaganda,  indoctrination and ignorance typical within the cult of statism and the propaganda that drives the delusional reality for modern corporate capitalist societies and the state.  Statism is clearly the most successful cult of the last century.   It trumps any religion by a large margin.  Proof of this is incontrovertible.  How many supposed Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist nations, as just an example, have literally butchered more than one hundred million people in the name of the state in the last century?  And how many of those who were killed, were killed by complete strangers?  (Necrometrics puts the number at 207,000,000.  I thought I would put that in numerical form because it seems to have a more profound degree of meaning.  At least to me.)  

Those who serve the state and buy into its endless violence are its brainwashed zealots.  Whether that is corporate capitalism, which is clearly a manifestation of state violence, or outright war or any other form of aggression glorified by states, (those are nearly endless) it’s really just different characterizations of the same evil pathology that dominates humanity today.   Really, I don’t consider the actions of ISIS to be that much different than the actions of those who support the cult of statism.  In fact, as noted on here ad nauseam, the state has murdered well more people than ISIS ever will.   The modern states of Russia and the U.S. have together murdered upwards of a million people in the last decade or so.    This supposedly during a time of unprecedented global prosperity.  Or so we are told.  You know, those pesky belief systems.  The numbers may be arguable but let’s be frank;  ISIS isn’t going to murder a million people nor is it going to enslave billions more under its system of emotional, spiritual and physical violence as the state has.   Not that evil has degrees.  Evil is evil.  There is no truth to lesser evil or compromising one’s morality in serving evil for a greater good.  These are all ego-created rationalizations and I will be talking more about this in the continuation of this theme in coming posts.  

I have noted many times on here I am as close to a pacifist as one can be without actually labeling myself as one.  I’m not a big fan of labels anyway.  There are many paradoxes in rationalizing violence.  One is that as long as the state (violence) exists, I must protect myself from the pathological behavior of other states.   I must use the violence of the state to stop the violence of other states.  Like Hitler.  Or ISIS.  (ISIS is clearly a class-based control construct trying to form its own pathological state.)   That’s a contradiction of massive proportions but I can rationalize it.   The problem with rationalizations is that who determines how far our rationalizations go?   The ego can rationalize violence to the nth degree and once I begin rationalizing, I eventually dig myself a hole that is impossible to get out of.   That is the hole humanity is in today because of its endless rationalizations.   I will be talking more about this.  The truth is violence is violence.  Even in self-defense.   Yet, I personally try to draw the line (rationalize) at someone who personally threatens me.   Not who the pathological state tells me is a threat but who personally has called out my name or person in threats or actions.  

Regardless, there really is no moral justification to support any kind of violence other than through ego-created rationalizations.   I can’t quite come to the conclusion that there is never a situation where I should not  defend myself  when threatened with violence.   Yet in doing so, I find myself supporting the very ignorance which I am so against.   Which, of course, is purely contradictory hypocrisy.  But that is part of the massive contradictory duality of the human condition.  All people are ignorant, violent hypocrites and all people are divine. 

Most people in today’s world don’t really understand violence, but if you do understand, then you appreciate the only way the world can ever move forward into a period of lasting harmony and connection is if someone first stops and says I will no longer participate in any violence against myself or anyone else or the natural world.   That includes spiritual, emotional and physical violence.  Even if it leads to my own death or demise.   But to do so forces us to face our own greatest fear and the world’s greatest source of violence.  That is, the ego’s fear of its own impermanence.  I am certain beyond any doubt that the truth is incontrovertible - the only way to completely eradicate evil from this world is to be completely nonviolent.   Explaining that is for another post.  But it does mean the permanent disappearance of the state and its hierarchical constructs that idolize moves like American Sniper

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