Friday, January 09, 2015

The Contradictions Of European State Liberalism Coming Home To Roost: The Terrorist Attacks In France

Update:  tens of thousands of Jews flee Paris due to ongoing attacks.  This is consistent with remarks out of Israel that there are mass immigrations of French Jews.

Let me start with some off-topic but timely remarks.  First, I am still working on my promised holiday or new year post.   This post is another segue into it.  Second, I want to update remarks made in a prior post some time ago where I noted how high the Dow Transports had risen.  The Dow Transports have now risen 73 times in the last forty years comparative to their rise of only one time in the forty years before that.    This is one measure of the massive, useless money printing of the Federal Reserve and the coming unintended consequences it has created.   Unintended consequences that cannot be stopped.   This is a sign of the scope and scale of illusion before you.  Literally everything most people think they know about money, capitalism, the global economy, employment, banking, politics, economics, their place in this world, who they really are and who they think they are and on and on.  It is all an illusion.  An illusion that has been building to a massive peak for at least forty years.   Building until literally everything about the global socioeconomic control system is going to change as truth reveals itself.  Literally every single thing.    The state has built up an illusion that is far, far, far more manipulated, contrived and manufactured than anything the Nazis or any prior totalitarian regime has created.  Far, far greater than the Soviet Union.    There isn’t any grand conspiracy theory behind this.   Just pure old-fashioned megalomania, pathology and evil.   That illusion is now collapsing.  That is also why oil is collapsing.   Because the truth about the global economy is becoming more and more difficult to contrive.  I wrote that we were headed for a collapse in oil in 2008 when it was nearing $150 a barrel and Goldman Sachs was calling for $300 oil.  I called oil’s rise in 2009, after its collapse, and I have been writing ever since that it is eventually going to collapse again.  Possibly to $10 a barrel.  We are now a ten spot away from retesting the 2008 collapse lows in oil.  And if we break that the next stop is about $20.  Why is this happening?   Because it was ordained long before this moment in time.  Decades.  And because everything that has happened since it was $10 a barrel (1998) has been an unsustainable illusion.  The China miracle, BRICs, oil, commodities, stocks, record corporate profits, American empire, debt and on and on and on.  It’s all a myth that has been created through state-enforced control constructs. 

The euro is at ten year lows and European class-based civilization, the reason for the Revolutionary War, is possibly in its final throws as we know it.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if the anti-austerity leaders in Athens ended up being responsible for sacking all of Europe’s class-based control system given it is the birthplace of direct democracy?   Europe is in the throws of major socioeconomic issues right now.  Duh!   Written on here before any of them were exposed.  Now look at what is revealing itself in Europe.  A cesspool of rot.   One issue that is revealing itself in Europe is the massive crisis of the Muslim immigrant population.   Let’s be frank.  There are some good things to be taken from religion.  Local fellowship and community of people who seek to lead a just and decent life is one of them.  But religious hierarchy and class are not one of them.  The same pathological predators who infiltrate class-based state constructs also infiltrate class-based religious constructs.  And they use terror and divisiveness to create artificial enemies, hatred, bigotry and Godlessness.  Just as the state does.  Religion is an institution of the ego, words uttered on here in past posts.  Most religions I am aware of are in some ways associated with the state or are state-created or state-endorsed constructs.  This was a major reason why so many people fled Europe for the New World.  Being taxed and forced into state-endorsed religion was and still is often reality.    This is essentially the basis for modern Islamofascism, which is nothing more than a terror-based, political control structure. 

As history clearly tells us, religion spreads through terror, murder and violence.   Much of what used to be Christian nations, such as Turkey, are all Muslim.  And now Islam is pressing on Europe itself and using age-old tactics in its battle.   And given the roots of modern organized Islam and Christianity both are creations of the state, why is that surprising?   The state exists for one reason.  To perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors.    (Mohammed became a politician and many of his writings became politicized as a state actor.  And that politicization is the basis for the predators who espouse radical Islam.   And the Roman Empire sought to defang the “radical” anti-state teachings of early Christians by sanitizing it to be consistent with state power and adopting it as the state religion before it destroyed the Empire’s halls of class and hierarchy.  Much of what was contained in early days of spiritual mysticism in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and other spiritual revolutionaries has absolutely nothing in common with modern-day Christianity or Islam.  In fact, many years ago I highlighted a book on here titled “The Family – The Secret Fundamentalism Behind American Power” that shows how our nation is ruled by neo-fascist religious fanatics every bit the equal of radical Islam.  Only in America could the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth be used as a recruiting tool for the Godlessness of the military-industrial complex, fighting wars of aggression, imperial domination, debt slavery, standing armies, wage slavery and corporate capitalism.) 

Child slavery rings, pedophelia and rape have exploded in some of the European nations with the highest concentration of Muslim immigrants.   (Do your own diligence.  The data is readily available.  Radical Islam is a pathology for hatred, misogyny and violence against non-believers. )  The vast majority of Muslims may be peaceful people, but radical Islam is a blight on humanity.   And they use class, hierarchy and terror to force good and decent Muslims into aligning with their violent, pathological goals just as the state uses class, hierarchy and terror to align good and decent Christians and people of all faiths to align to their violent pathological goals.  And, through the application of terror, murder and violence, radical Islam seeks to extend its reach.  Islam is not united in condemning all violence of any kind.   Until that happens, Islam will continue to be manipulated by hierarchical leadership comprised of evil and pathological predators.   Just like the state.

European liberals have stuck their heads up their asses and pretended issues with radical Islam don’t exist under the suppressive, dumbed-down meme of political-correctness and its outcome of faux tolerance for all people.   That faux tolerance is a myth that is now revealing its contradictions.  Since when do we tolerate systemic, ideological ignorance and violence?   Well, ever since state liberalism has placed its jack boot on the neck of humanity.   Now Europe has a monster Muslim problem and no solutions.  How does one create a cosmopolitan society when a large part of the population does not share a similar view of morality?  In other words, violence, rape, pedophelia, political domination, terrorism and other heinous beliefs are accepted norms within radical Islam.   Mind you, I am not convinced the U.S. does a better job of assimilating Islam into its culture as so many believe.   America’s pathological kyriarchy sees no color in skin or difference in religious beliefs.  We turn everyone who has the wherewithal into dumbed-down corporate drones and consumers as that has become the extent of much of our culture.  That pacifies their radicalization to some degree.   That is simply trading one form of violence for another.   And, by the way, while  not as obvious, the ideals of radical Islam  are often accepted within the halls of class and hierarchy of Christian nations.   Let me count the ways.  In many ways, I would say that radical Islam is where European state Christianity was some hundreds of years ago.    Christianity and society have evolved to the point where outward terrorism and murder in the name of God is no longer accepted.   But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t part of a more nuanced form of propaganda.  Take for example, U.S. military hegemony and its endless perpetuation of violence.  It is a more nuanced,propagandized form of doing God’s work through violence.    

 As it pertains to Islam, Europe, and the world at large, now has a dilemma.  Will people stand up against ignorance and violence and take down radical Islam, or will the continue to do as they have?  That is, pretend the issues don’t exist for fear of backlash from the Muslim community and its feeble, manipulated, pathological responses of being discriminated against?   This has been the standard response by the blight of European state liberalism.   And as a result, anti-Semitism is again a major issue in Europe - codependently, the liberal establishment and Islam have worked together to recreate that level of bigotry and hatred.   The liberal establishment that is the apologist for radical Islam.  And, in taking on their cause, liberals have adopted a similar hatred of Jews.  Just like with Hitler, once again, liberals have abandoned their morality and turned a blind eye to anti-Semitism.  

Here is the disconcerting and powerful reality to all of this.  With a huge non-assimilated Muslim population and its institutionalized, brainwashed hatred of Jews, Europe has no ability to ever come to the aid of any type of attack on Jews within their own borders or elsewhere without threatening their own power structure and, in the process, their own socioeconomic control systems.  Doing so would result in radical Islam launching violence and attacks within the borders of European states, thus creating their own internal violence against the state, against innocent citizens and ultimately, the possibility of European civil wars.   In other words, once again, European, and to a lesser extend, American liberal idiots have created the foundations for another Jewish holocaust.   And that is now why we once again are seeing a diaspora of Jews out of Europe.   They again see the writing on the walls.   For to rise up and stand against anti-Semitism is to inflame the radical bigotry and hatred of a large percentage of Europe’s anti-Semitic Muslim and liberal populations.   If radical Islam would launch an all-out attack on Israel, as just one example, what would or could Europe do to come to the aid of the rights of Jews without confronting the demons it has created in its own societies by being tolerant of ignorance and violence?  Nothing.   Are we on the verge of a global war between the dark forces of radical Islam and the power of the state?   Who knows.  But amongst the many issues facing humanity, one is radical Islam and its use of state violence to perpetuate and expand itself.   This is just another example that exposes the violence of hierarchy, class and the state as illegitimate.   And the dumbing-down of humanity that state liberalism creates.  This will all become much more clear in my upcoming post.

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