Sunday, January 25, 2015

Updated: Greek Elections Sweep Out The Pathological Predators

Update:  The far left Syriza Party has agreed to a coalition with the far right Greek Independent Party.  This exposes the massive fraud of political parties.  That is, humanity is divided by pathological evil’s  fear-“created” differences to control them for the benefit of the state and its class-based, anti-democratic benefactors.  This unity coalition is certainly coming to America and other nations as people wake up to the truth.  It’s not the faux left-vs-right paradigm created by pathological politicians, it’s the right versus wrong paradigm created by our own divinity’s enlightenment.   This ties in with a long-time theme on here that both political parties in this nation are headed for extinction.  First written at a time when the infatuation level with Obama was deafening.   Let me make another updated remark to this victory.  I certainly hold little expectation that Syriza or their new prime minister, a deeply avowed communist, will magically solve all of Greece’s problems.   They won’t.  They have no experience and many of their solutions will likely be untried and unproven.  They have the potential to make the crisis worse.    But the point is that Greeks have found the courage to release themselves from what they already know.   To do so takes great courage; an expression of divinity.  To plot a new path without the net of existing paradigms and belief systems is an awesome achievement of a freed human mind.   Americans are still living within the paradigm of fear that enslaves us to existing paradigms and belief systems.  The pain and suffering has not reached a level of forcing enough people to abandon these beliefs and paradigms.  They will.   It’s only a matter of time.  Enlightenment is a process not an event.  But once those fears are released, one begins to connect to and thus recognize their own divinity and worthiness.  The Greeks have made an amazing discovery within themselves just as many other peoples are all across the world. 

For me, this is the most important election of my life time.  Literally.   More so than Grillo’s party and movement in Italy because the Greek people are literally living under the savage jack boot of evil predators in the ECB, the EU, the IMF, multi-national corporations, multi-national private banks, Germany and France.  (Antonis is a name that can be replaced with hundreds of millions or more around the world who feel the same anger at the same criminals who are trying to seal all of our fate in a future of contrived misery.)  The massive dislocations in their society are an abomination of human rights.   The Greeks have swept out the predators in a landslide election.   I don’t know if the Syriza Party will win an outright majority but I certainly am hoping for that.   I could really care less if this party stays in power as long as they serve a primary purpose of breaking the backs of the pathological predators destroying humanity.   Now, let’s see what happens next.   Can Greek’s new leaders be threatened, bribed and intimidated into doing the evil of the pathological?  Or will Greeks, the birthplace of democracy, rise up and in a great bout of irony give these predators the dose of justice they deserve for creating and contriving the crises in the world today? 

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