Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PBS Frontline Investigation: Putin The Pathological Who Murders, Rapes And Steals With Impunity

I watched this documentary on PBS last night.  It is now available online.  It is very profound and is a must watch.  It’s nearly impossible to contrive the reality of who Vladimir Putin is as reported by Frontline.   It would take a conspiracy of unimaginable proportions to take all of the disparate people interviewed and the facts they present.   Yes, some of the most paranoid will deny reality out of their own fears, but Russia is headed for its own self-created disaster.  And that has been a long-time theme on here.  As noted on here in past posts, Putin has butchered more people in his own nation than the U.S. has in Afghanistan or Iraq.  He steals and loots from the poor.   He destroys the rule of law to perpetuate a system of pure bribery and extortion.   And the Russian police and other politicians that have tried to arrest him over massive corruption charges have faired very unwell or ended up dead.  He is clearly one of the most pathological figures in the world today.  That useful idiots in the west idolize him because he is adept at manipulating others is a deception of enormous proportions.   Of course, this deception exists everywhere - radical Islam’s entrancement of western liberals, Peak Oil, human-caused global warming, American exceptionalism, free market corporate capitalism, Democrats vs Republicans (you versus me) and on and on and on. 

This ties directly into the larger post I am working on right now.   If there is one thing that is incontrovertible, it is the ego’s ability to create its own misery.   The world is full of what I have characterized as useful idiots who do no benefit to society or themselves by misinforming others in some fear-driven, ignorant, emotional misanalysis of reality. 

It is a sign of the times that no matter where I look, some amount of the population believes boogeymen are out to get them.   In almost all circumstances there’s no one out to get you.  There are only pathological people that are interested in perpetuating a system based on their primitive ego’s own self-interest.    We create these conspiracy theory lies in our mind because we are unable to explain a reality that is inconsistent with our tyrannical, fear-driven belief systems.  These lies or beliefs exist for one reason.  To protect the ego and subvert our ability to see the truth.  The ego will lie, cheat, manipulate, steal, terrorize our minds in order to protect itself.  One of those examples of lying, cheating, manipulating, stealing and terrorizing is the faux portrayal of Vladimir Putin as some victim of U.S. terrorism.  Some have even gone so far as to portray him as they savior of the world.  Pure ignorance and self-deceit. 

Putin is clearly a pathological evil.   That doesn’t mean the U.S. empire isn’t a great evil in the world.  It certainly is.   But by comparative, what the U.S. people live under versus the average Russian is a utopia. (As Frontline notes, Russia has the greatest wealth disparity in the world.  Greater than India.  The median Russian earns $800 a year and Putin is worth up to $70 billion.  Money he has clearly looted.  Russia is a pure play on plutocracy.)   I have written incessantly about many topics on here, including this one, because I see so many lies and misinformation on so many topics.  So many useful idiots and so many people who seek to perpetuate their own self-driven victimization and thus perpetuate misinformation and suffering for others.  

Vladimir Putin is not going to save humanity from the U.S. empire as some asinine people have actually written.  And the likelihood that someone is going to instantaneously appear to save you from yourself and your own victimizing beliefs certainly isn’t likely to happen either.  Whether that is a political savior or a greater Savior.   This whole cult of personality dynamic that is rampant in the world is a sign of the times.  It is a sign of the misery that evil has enslaved humanity to.  Whether that is a cult infatuation with Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Al Gore, Katy Perry, Queen Elizabeth, Ron Paul, of a coming Savior, of death and the macabre or any other cult figure is telling of the times in which we live.   We seek the inane and vacuous distractions from our own suffering.  The ego seeks to be saved from its own self-created misery.  And because the ego "believes" nothing else exists, it exalts the ego of others as part of that dynamic.     The reality is humanity has and always will suffer in its own squalor until humanity is willing to face and release its own fear-driven shackles that creates our own illusions. 

It’s time to wake up.  The dream isn’t real. 

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