Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Saudi Princes Planned To Attack Air Force One

There certainly are many secrets surrounding 9/11.   I’m not a big conspiracy theorist on this topic or any other.  But truth is certainly kept hidden for various intents of control - the state itself is an institution of the ego aka a control construct.  There has been a 30-odd page report that has been talked of in the press for some time that came out of the 9/11 investigation.  Supposedly it indicts the pathological Saudi fiefdom as not being our friends.  Duh!   In some way, shape or form, there likely is some degree of truth in this revelation.  Saudi Wahhabism, discussed on here in the past, is a very pathological form of religious extremism and violence.

One might imagine why that report or potential Saudi royal family  involvement, funding or sympathies for terrorism against the west would be stuffed under the rug.  If the U.S. actually had to deal with Saudi Arabia as a problem, we would lose hundreds of billions in weapons sales, we would lose our ability to project empire and military power into the Middle East and, most importantly, we would lose the petrodollar which is the basis for U.S. empire’s corporate looting and military control of the world.  

Now, one of the long time themes on here that was written of when the world was experiencing unprecedented peace and prosperity (ahem) is that the world would experience mass volatility as every thug and criminal on earth (as well as democracy itself) started grabbing for power as U.S. empire faded.   That vacuum effect has not fully been realized either.  So, this is going to get a lot more interesting.   If the world survives the next decade, it will be through the grace of humanity over the pathology of the state.   Of course, I have faith in humanity to wake up from the pathology of the state as I have written ad nauseam on here……. 

There has been a very, very false sense of stability in this world for a long time granted by the domination of U.S. empire.  Empire kept a lid on volatility.  There is a tremendous  amount of pent up volatility that is now unwinding.   One must appreciate there is an enormous evil as well as an enormous good that seeks to exert itself around the world.   With waning U.S. control over global events, the world must now learn to take responsibility for its own fate.  That is easier said than done when one has not developed this ability.   When I say fate, what I mean more than anything is taking responsibility for their own emotional fate.   The primary intent of people who are not used to taking responsibility for their own emotions is to control.   That is the dynamic through which pathology gains control and domination over humanity.  Through its intent of control.   But the reality is in many ways the world is going to miss U.S. empire.  Because it made many decisions for them.   Mind you, many of those decisions were tyrannical ones, but let’s be honest.  The human condition void of a connection to our higher power easily submits to its own self-created misery by allowing others to determine their fate.  But now no one is going to be there to do so.  Or to keep the peace.  

Humanity must learn to live within itself rather than dominating each other as institutions of the ego - the state, corporations, religious hierarchy, the MI complex, standing armies and on and on – allow. 

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