Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The State Is At War With Humanity (And Other States): Where Enemies Of The American State Disappear …. In Chicago, Illinois And Who Knows Where Else

The common meme that exists today is that banks and corporations have captured our government.   I certainly agree with that.  But technically, banks and corporations are inventions of the state.  So who is capturing whom and for what intent?   The reality is more properly defined as the state has created corporations and private banks to capture humanity.   The entity that has been captured is you.   And the capturer is the state.   One really has to dig deep beyond all of our beliefs to find the truth by asking the question why does the state exist in the first place.   Why do we have this system of class and hierarchy that arbitrarily grants privilege to special class-based  interests who extract surplus value, labor and intellectual ability from humanity to then control us.  Who arrogantly believes it has some higher knowledge necessary to tell us how to live our lives and then ram these beliefs down our throats in the form of arbitrary rules of man in lieu of natural rights granted by our Creator.  (Class and hierarchy are not natural constructs.  They are a right granted by the rule of man, not the rule of law based on natural rights.)   I’m not sure that most people appreciate this but the state exists for one reason.  To perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors.   The state is not self-rule or democracy by any fathomable stretch of the imagination.  Self-rule is local rule.   It is direct democracy at the local level.    The state subverts democracy.   

The reality around the world is that the state is at war with humanity.  And the method through which this war is waged is the centrally-controlled national economy.  The national economy is a war economy.   Look at even Greece, an insignificant nation of 11 million people.  The state through a centrally-controlled national economy ran up nearly $400 billion in economic debts.  This didn’t benefit the citizens of Greece one iota.  It was a form of violence (war) against the people of Greece.  A war waged by the state against its own people.   Each Greek man, woman and child owes these criminals  $35,000 euros.   Each family owes about 2.5x that.  For what?  For the benefit of the state.  (The EU, the ECB, the IMF, Germany and the plutocratic Greek state)    Under the national economy, humanity exists to produce what the state demands, to serve state actors and class through the service (servant) economy and to pay their massive debts of profligacy and massive over-amusement and over-consumption.  

The world is revealing itself more and more every day.   One must consider that the war cycle we are in may turn out to primarily be not a war between states but a war between humanity and the state. (ISIS too is the state -  Islamic State and it is waging war against all of humanity.  Mostly Muslims and other states.  At least so far.)   

The first thoughts that ran through my mind when reading this incredibly damning article about U.S. state violence, the disappearance of American citizens, and possibly even torture of American citizens on American soil, were my remarks over the years of  possible future tribunals in this nation involving treason, war crimes or crimes against humanity. 

Now tell me again, why do I want to take more of my own power and grant it to state liberals like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Pelosi, Boehner, etc?  State liberalism is dead.   Be that Republican or Democrat, the choice is a false meme.  Both perpetuate state liberalism that is literally at war with humanity.  

Up until about 40 years ago America maintained some marginal semblance of a duality of an agrarian society of family farms in conjunction with a capitalist society.   During the Great Depression, America was still substantially an agrarian, small community and rural society.    This existence was a reflection of Jeffersonian democracy.  It was not a reflection of corporate capitalism.   And that agrarian, rural and small community existence served local communities and individuals.  It did not serve a Washington-directed and controlled national economy, corporations or the state.  

I’m beating this drum ad nauseam about Jeffersonian democracy on here for a reason.   Jefferson wanted all people to be property owners.  And he wanted the government to give it to them.  Free.   And that didn’t mean collect taxes on that property or enslave people to private bank mortgages so that it could be taken from them when people ran into exogenous, often uncontrollable difficulties.  Most often difficulties created by the state or by corporations.   Jefferson despised private bankers, financiers and corporate bureaucrats.   This is clearly noted in many writings contained in his library.   He saw cities as cesspools of merchant, political and banking thieves.   One must appreciate the mindset of 1776 to understand how profoundly our nation has lost its founding principles through the distortion of corporate state propaganda.   And how prescient many of those men were.    That’s because they lived through the swill, lies, deceit and manipulation of the centrally-controlled British national economy, its corporations, and its private, for-profit bankers in times very, very similar to today.   As noted on here many times, the hidden truth of our history is that our founders were incredibly leery of or outright against any corporate power and any private banks.  Especially those espousing Jeffersonian democratic ideals.   And just like today, the British state, corporations and banks were choking on massive debts and turned to the masses as the wage slaves and debt serfs who were going to pay those debts.  Debts that benefited politicians, the aristocratic landowners, the investor class, private banks and corporations. (the corporate state)    Or, more broadly, those who benefited from the state’s raison d'etre or reason for being – violence. 

Corporate capitalism is an economic control system.    And, it really didn’t coalesce into a completely dominant system of control until the industrial revolution.  Before that, renter capitalism was the only form of capitalist exploitation.   But soon industrial and renter capitalism emerged as complementary control constructs that were much more effective at enslaving humanity.    In the U.S., corporate control didn’t really come to completely dominate society until the late 1970s or early 1980s.  Obviously, the permanent war state created by the National Security Act signed by Harry Truman was influenced heavily by corporations.  Some CEOs, including GEs, outright stated that the National Security State was crucial after the war.  Obviously for their own self-interested reasons.   Reagan really placed the stake in the heart of freedom through many of his policies that really coalesced into a completely authoritarian national economy.   I’ve got some great future posts on exactly how that was accomplished.  

I would suggest people try to increase their aperture and no longer look at capitalism and its dealings through the eyes of the pseudo-science or magician’s hat tricks created by the state that is called economics or any of its endless propaganda.   One should really consider looking at it through the hard sciences of mathematics, engineered control systems, state machines, physics, feedback loops, etc.    In other words, as a human-designed control system.  Most economists don’t think with this type of critical eye.  Which is why just about none of them ever get anything right.   And why people trained (and self-trained) in the liberal arts, sciences and spiritual awareness that teaches people to think for themselves, to think critically and to understand  nuanced complexity, are leaders in understanding what is going on around the world today.   

Any control system with inherently unstable contradictions requires greater and greater force to achieve the desired outcome.   Capitalism is an often contradictory, and severely and inherently unstable control system.   Just like another control system, communism.   It’s popular in the U.S. to laud Reagan for bringing down the Soviet Union.  Reagan or massive U.S. debts he rolled up, had nothing to do with its failure.   Reagan’s domestic policies did have much to do with the failure the U.S. is seeing today.   The Soviet Union collapsed under its own internal contradictions just like capitalism and the corporate state is failing around the world today.  Never in its 500-odd year history has every single capitalist nation endured such systemic crisis as we see today.   Never in its history has interest rates around the world been zero.   Never in its history has there been so much overcapacity in the global capitalist production system.   We are inching ever closer to a massive degree of volatility as this system requires squeezing humanity to the bone to sustain itself.      

Selling mortgages at 10-20x someone’s salary, selling vehicles to people with marginal ability to make a payment, creating ever-more shittier jobs, turning the next estuary into a Wal-mart parking lot, placing more and more people onto welfare, overproducing endless weapons systems, privatizing and stealing public resources, creating greater and greater prison populations, turning mindful, sentient citizens into ignorant, mindless consumers, creating greater and greater forced dependency on the state, greater and greater corporate control over our food and all of our lives, greater and greater advertising or propaganda to keep creating greater and greater destruction of rural and agrarian livelihood, labeling peaceful dissent as terrorism, destroying wages and quality of life through countless metrics, enslaving the population to endless “legal” drugs, running greater and greater deficit spending, greater and greater overt police violence, spying and destruction of our natural rights, turning us all into debt slaves, waging endless economic, political and economic war, endless currency wars of neoliberalism, immigration required for the endless exploitation of cheap labor, attempts to control the internet and freedom of speech, the corporate bailout that is  Obamacare and on and on and on.  These are the necessary greater and greater forces corporate capitalism needs to achieve and maintain control.   Did you get to vote on any of this?  These are the greater and greater forces needed to achieve the desired outcomes of a contradictory, inherently unstable state control system.  

All of these arbitrary and contradictory forms of control are a measure of greater and greater enforced violence needed to maintain a system that has now destabilized to the point that the feedback loop required is incredibly obvious and odious to even a mere child.  The pillaging laws, plundering actions and economic lunacy that this system must dole out through force in order to maintain some semblance of stability are manifestly absurd.  The only people who actually believe everything is a-0kay are the toadies and predators who control this system that are living so far beyond their means or any sustainable reality that even the Romans would have blushed.   

But what we should really appreciate is that without these absurdities and greater control (violence), corporate capitalism would have almost certainly imploded on its own inherent instabilities and contradictions a long time ago.   And so would have the corporate state and the centrally-controlled national economy.   And humanity would be further along in its own evolution, empowerment and democratic determinism.  

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