Thursday, April 02, 2015

Iceland - The End Of The Criminal Racket That Is Private Money Creation?

My next post was going to be an update on money and markets but this deserves a unique post.   Since the advent of modern economics about 500 years ago and what was eventually labeled as capitalism, banks and the state have gone through cycles of joining forces to loot humanity to power wars between the state and bankers.  As I type this, the evils of the state and bankers are working together to create unprecedented, contrived misery for all of humanity.   A long time theme on here is that I am highly confident the citizens of this nation will take down Wall Street this cycle.   Wall Street serves absolutely no purpose to democracy.   And I mean that literally.   There isn’t a single thing Wall Street does that benefits democracy or humanity.   It is a criminal racket of incredible proportions.   There is a strong case to be made that Wall Street is the greatest evil in the world today because of the reach of the dollar.

I have also noted on here many times that the next crisis will likely be the end of the Federal Reserve.   Possibly even the Federal Reserve dollar.   As discussed on here, there is a possibility that the Federal Reserve could become a democratic institution by placing it under direct control of the Treasury.   But the opportunity for that to ever happen has likely passed.    These remarks apply not only to the dollar but to the entire “civilized” world.   We are at the end of this monetary and banking system and what comes next is going to be incredibly profound.    As part of what comes next, governments or, more likely the state, may attempt to make marginal changes that benefit the status quo.  And those changes will ultimately fail.   That includes the failure of states around the world.    It’s just a matter of what the tipping point is.    

Could Iceland be that tipping point?   There is little doubt that attempts at positive change could lead to incredible violence against human progress by states, corporations and financiers.   There is absolutely no doubt that what Iceland is attempting will cause backlash, potential attempts at isolation, deceitful lies by the status quo, attempts at controlling Iceland and the like.   But, Iceland may be the only quasi functioning democracy in the world today.   It prosecuted its bankers, created a citizen committee to rewrite its constitution, flipped the European bankers the bird over their profligate debts, flipped the EU a bigger bird by telling them they no longer wanted to join that criminal racket, and now they are threatening to attempt what could literally destroy the global financiers by stripping money creation from their criminal racket.  This is not going to reach the evening news in the U.S.   And everything possible will be done to suppress this around the world.   For if people wake up to new ideas, this system will collapse.

Expect this to be the trend.   Not necessarily by choice.   The status quo in this nation, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia, India, Brazil, etc, will not give up easily.   Remember, all of what is happening in Iceland is because they had a massive economic collapse created by the state, bankers and private money creation.    Crisis is the impetus for change.   It’s what finally wakes people up from the lies, manipulation, deceit, extortion and other forms of violence perpetuated by economic, financier and state actors.   What is happening  in Iceland has the potential to spread everywhere on earth.  Mind you, the state will do anything it can to keep that from happening.   

Our brothers and sisters in Iceland are creating a nonviolent revolution of incredibly staggering proportions.   It could and should be a road map of nonviolent revolution for the world.  

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