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Truth Is Starting To Reveal Itself - Medical Industrial Complex Follow Up

I want to go back to my second to last post and provide some medical links based generally on the topic at hand.  

Modern medicine is a massive contradiction.  On one hand, the power of medical science shows great promise.  On the other hand, the power of medical science is being exposed as an abject failure.   One of mainstream medicine’s failings is the point-based view of treating symptoms as opposed to understanding the holistic integration of the human experience.    At the very least the mind and body are inseparable.  Maybe even more plausible is the body is purely an illusory manifestation of the mind.   Regardless, they operate as a complex ecosystem.   Those connections are inseparable.  As are the interconnections of all life and the planet’s ecosystem.    The health of the human mind is inseparable from the health of the human experience which is inseparable from the health of all life on our planet.  The health of the planet itself sustains those interconnections.   This has been known for thousands of years.  For countless reasons in today’s world humanity, including that a very violent and very immature socioeconomic culture dominates humanity,  the disconnected ego views itself as separable from the landscape rather than part of it.   The planet, humanity and all life are there to exploit.

I have talked incessantly about how institutionalization of science and scientific rationalism have both led to the creation of absolutely horrible, and oftentimes, junk science on a massive scale.   Especially “theoretical” science or results that cannot be replicated easily such as with applied science such as turning a light switch on and off.   Humanity is becoming more and more ignorant courtesy of institutionalized “knowledge”.   What we go to school to pay for is often nothing more than pure bullshit.   Science is no longer about discovery and truth.   Especially when profit and control are the primary intent as is the case in a corporate-dominated ecosystem.   If nothing else, we see this in the parabolic rise of retractions in scientific journals that has been noted on here.   Eisenhower was maybe the most prescient on this point.  His original speech was beware the military-industrial-academia complex before the reference to education was taken out of that famous statement.  Although he certainly left these characterizations in his larger speech.   He spoke distinctly of the possibility of university science being hijacked by the state, the military-industrial complex and corporations.    I would highly recommend University in Chains for anyone wishing to delve into this topic further because Eisenhower’s fears surrounding academia and science may have become even more true than his fears surrounding the for-profit military-murder machine.   The student loan debt bubble is far from the largest crisis in education.   The largest crisis in education is education itself and the comingling of politics, the war state’s profit-driven motives and corporate research money in that complex.

Science is controlled by class and hierarchy and has become very steeped into ideology and institutionalized dogma.  Much of which has already failed but still continues to be taught.   That includes the junk science of human-caused global warming that is really a case study in the profit-driven politicization, bankerization and corporatization of scientific lies.   In fact, I would go so far as to say modern mainstream medical science has already failed across many major data points but the institutions propping it up have yet to experience that failure.   This is simply a result of the delay in discovery and truth associated with institutionalization.  The Soviet Union’s socioeconomic control system failed well before its contradictory bureaucracies woke up.   Regardless,  there are many examples of failed science that continue to be taught.    For the intent of profit and self-interest, obviously.   The keepers of the faith, profit and self-interested driven hierarchical and class-based status quo elements in science and academia, perpetuate junk science ideology and ignorance for their own self-aggrandizement and personal monetary gain.   Then we send the masses to institutions of learning (ahem) to spend billions of dollars to become indoctrinated into the Borg.   Mainstream medicine is one such element perpetuating that dynamic. 

If we are ever to get beyond sickcare that lines the pockets of a failed university, medical professional, corporate profit objectives and the associated dubious science, humanity is going to eventually have to reject the existing health care paradigm that its “institutionalized” and brainwashed adherents are selling.    Interestingly, much of the “new” understanding of medicine that actually works is simply re-establishing lost knowledge that humanity has intuitively known for thousands of years.   Knowledge that is free and doesn’t require indoctrination and profit-driven rent payments to a corporate-controlled medical complex to appreciate.   And the vast majority of people bringing this lost knowledge to the forefront are not medical professionals or people in the Borg.   They don’t suffer from the indoctrination of a self-interested medical-industrial complex, the state that props it up and its educational system.    Of course, there are more and more of a groundswell of medical professionals slaving away under this violent system that have the courage to think for themselves and reject the tyranny of the Borg (their corporate, political and university masters aka the medical-industrial complex and the AMA) that are joining this awakening.   What all of this means is the often barbaric culture of medicating, radiating and cutting generally is going to have to try to transform itself or it is going to become extinct.   Most likely the latter given bureaucracies have a primary intent of control in trying to perpetuate themselves - truth cannot be found in control constructs.  Then we can use these massive health care edifices as monuments to institutionalized ignorance.   We can erect plaques in front of these facilities in etch into them “We once used these facilities to take a Dewalt drill to create holes in people’s heads and pump them full of mind-altering drugs to cope with our culture’s massive violence”.   

The new reality that appears to be revealing itself are that our bacterial balance and our emotional state of mind play a major role in our sickness or health including our mental health.  And the real cause of depression, anxiety and other forms of an uncentered mind are emotional and spiritual disconnection and human-create violence against ourselves and against each other created by violent modern socioeconomic control constructs.   And, our state of mind and its regulation of our nervous system may play a major role in our body’s illnesses. 

In other words, providing humanity with an emotionally-rewarding experience of being nonviolently connected to the planet and to all life,  reconnecting people into nonviolent communities that the state and capitalism have violently destroyed, and providing love and compassion to those suffering rather than exploiting them or shoving them into massive, emotionally-uncentered prison populations, is how we can reclaim our emotional, spiritual and physical health.  (Other than violent offenders who should be required serve some type of time or service increasing their mindfulness and self-awareness so that they can be re-assimilated into communities.  Of course, certain pathologies may never be re-assimilated because we don’t know how to treat them.)  Funny how humanity understood these concepts three thousand years ago and yet we now have to spend trillions of dollars for doctors to treat us for the sicknesses that state violence, socioeconomic violence and other control constructs have artificially created by turning people into cattle and chattel.   Obviously, doing this while providing a physical environment void of chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, and eating healthy, nutritious, natural food.   Again, all results of state violence.   In other words, what has created this crisis of humanity in the first place is the primary intent of profit and monetary gain (violence) through exploitation by class and hierarchy of state-created control constructs.   

The human ecosystem is a self-correcting, self-sustaining, self-healing one when given the emotional, spiritual and physical needs it requires.  It should be no surprise that we live in a world of  unprecedented emotional, spiritual and physical violence.  Not just against people but against all life.   Large parts of our sickcare system only exist because of these paradigms.  And many parts of our sickcare system actually enforces violence and ignorance.

Many people will read the links below and appreciate intuitively (spiritually) the truth that is starting to be discovered about the state of humanity.  That is, if we simply remove the massive, unprecedented emotional, spiritual and physical violence created by the state and its many control constructs that the universe has given us the ability to, most often, heal ourselves and the world around us without the need to pay trillions of dollars in annual fealty to institutionalized ignorance that is the medical-industrial complex. 

What appears to be revealing itself is that humanity knew all along what the keys to health and happiness are but corporate capitalism’s primary intent of profit destroyed that knowledge.   And, after spending literally hundreds of trillions of dollars in today’s terms over the last century, the state and the medical industrial complex are now uncovering what humanity has known for thousands of years.   And it doesn’t require paying massive rents to health insurance companies or the medical industrial complex.    Although, if corporations and the state have their way, they will figure out how to extract some form of rent out of us for the solutions and knowledge that  nature has abundantly shared for free.

Study links GMOs to two dozen diseases  One day I suspect we may actually find out that all illnesses, be they emotional or physical, are all created through pathogens and toxins leaking through a permeable gut wall.

The heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.  Is the heart the body’s third brain?

Salt is NOT bad for you.   Anyone who understands that the body operates on electrical potential to communicate and function realizes that the salt meme by modern medicine is a myth of great ignorance.   Additionally, anyone who ferments foods themselves appreciates that salt as a curing agent protects those foods from bad bacteria that makes us sick so that good bacteria that makes us healthy can grow.   If our gut is a bacterial ecosystem, would not salt in that ecosystem play the same role?   And thus, strengthens our immune system?

Our health issues represent our disconnection from the earth.  Similar to the last link, if we think about Roundup and other chemicals dumped by the billions of tons onto the earth is killing the soil and, thus, killing all things derived from the soil including us.    If our gut is an ecosystem of bacteria, and that bacterial balance is necessary for us to be healthy, and a single teaspoon of earth contains upwards of one billion bacteria of great diversity, and if Roundup and other pesticides kill or harm these bacteria, then why doesn’t it have the same effect as Roundup does in our gut.   It certainly does.   All of the chemicals around us that we take for granted as safe are killing us.    Capitalism’s industrial farming complex is headed for disaster.

Gut health and bacterial balance may be the key to health and longevity

Roundup and other herbicides cause antibiotic resistance

The real cause of addiction? (Isolation and disconnection?)

The real cause of heart attacks? (A nervous system disorder created by the mind?  Be sure to read the section Nourishing the Parasympathetic Nervous System)

Healing trauma through the body.  Are trauma and memories stored in body tissue rather than the brain as is commonly believed?   Science cannot find nor prove that any memories are stored in the brain.   But they surely are certain of it.   I have had some experience with somatics and through my own experience have reason to believe some memories may be stored in our body’s tissue.  Regardless, mainstream medicine is almost certainly wrong.

The vagus nerve and compassion Our spiritual connection of our mind and body appears to possibly be the vagus nerve.

Is depression an allergic reaction?

The connection between gut bacteria, anxiety and depression (That is destroyed by processed food, antibiotics, drugs, GMOs, etc)

The healing power of light

The benefits of yoga.  (Not Americanized yoga but real yoga as a spiritual practice.)

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