Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gabriel’s Horn Heard Round The World

I thought I would make some comments regarding the eerie noises heard round the world in the last decade as the Daily Mail posted a story on said topic a few days ago.   And a link to a recent Youtube video capturing it very clearly here.   I decided to put up this post mainly because of past posts on the topic of institutionalized science and their theories of the universe.   There are quite a few proffered explanations for these sounds.   Temperature inversions in the atmosphere and electromagnetic discharging caused by solar system anomalies are two I have seen.   Neither really are proven.  But the latter has some appeal to me personally as it implies the possibility of an entirely new physical model of the universe.   To me it seems rather obvious that the institutionalized, mainstream physics view of the universe is utter bullshit; something I have noted on here quite a few times.   Mainstream science can’t account for 97% of the universe but they use a fudge factor.   Hahaha.  Or put another way, mainstream science can only get about 3% of their theory right and they fudge it, curve fit it or create rationalizations (ego which subverts the purity of science) for another 3,000% or so.   You want to talk about the ingrained hypocrisy of all people?  Well, here it is.   Those who chose science as their god mock religion for believing things that science cannot prove.   But, in actuality science itself can’t often prove its ass from a hole in the ground.   Now, that is pure hypocrisy.   But what is really disturbing about this great hypocrisy is that physicists spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to be indoctrinated into learning what isn’t even true.  And it makes their egos and their perceptions of who they are comparative to others swell substantially.   Now, what do you do with that?  I guess you put it in your pipe and smoke it.   Because we all are capable of being pretty much ridiculous with such glaring ignorance.       

Hey, I have a theory of the universe as well.   It’s made of marshmallow crème and I’m going to fudge that a few thousand percent as well to make my theory presentable.   Seriously, there are so many flaws that are used to ramrod new theories into existing institutionalized dogma that astrophysics and theories of the universe have become a f*cking joke.  And the only people who don’t know the joke is on them is the physics community itself that clings to these jokes as religious ideology.    This is extremely typical of hierarchical, class-based control systems or bureaucracies as written ad nauseam on here.  

While I certainly have no inside track on what reality truly is, I can see through bullshit, dogma and ego quite clearly.   Mostly because being human, I’m so good at creating all of them myself.   I’ve noted on here that I suspect all of these existing theories of the universe could collapse in the next few decades.  Scientific discovery after discovery is being made that challenges, if not completely refutes, institutionalized views of the universe.    So, in many regards the science has already failed.   But because it is institutionalized, it has not yet experienced the coming collapse in its junk theories.    This is just like institutionalized money, institutionalized political structures, institutionalized corporate power, etc. that too has already failed but has yet to experience the outcome of said institutionalization.  

What I find most interesting about all of this, is that astrophysicists are often revered as gods by society.  Well, just as all hierarchical, class-based systems are.   Or, more pointedly, made gods by people who outsource their thinking to society’s supposed, and might I add, self-appointed experts.  Now, nothing wrong with being an expert in something.   Something like making beer or building a bridge.   But these experts rely on hard science and proven, repeatable processes.    When I turn a light switch on, the power comes on every time.   When I follow a proven, repeatable process I can make beer.   What science has become across a wide modicum of subjects in today’s world is literally a joke.   True science is about discovery and truth.   It is not about institutionalization and protecting existing ideologies and the keepers of the faith who rabidly protect such institutionalization for their own self-interest aka ego.   In fact, institutionalization is a major, overarching theme on here that is a necessary precursor to coming collapse of institutions of the ego or institutions of control and the illusory power they have over humanity.   Much of institutionalized science fits this dynamic to a tee.  

Anyway, back to these unexplained or not well explained noises.   Many will appreciate the ancient prophecy of Gabriel’s horn ushering in the end of the world.   Is what we hear Gabriel’s horn or the 7 trumpets of Revelation?   Well, I tend to doubt it.  But life is cyclical and it certainly is very plausible that humans heard these types of sounds in the past and associated them with natural disasters or coming apocalyptic events.  And as a result they became prophecy.   If this is so, these would be events that obviously humanity would have had to survive to pass along such prophecy.   So, I’m not so certain we are all headed for extinction.   But, regardless this is some type of energy disturbance and that could mean the universe is telling us something about a change in trend.   Who knows.   Possibly something about that very energy being the basis for the destruction of institutionalized power that is being used to dominate, exploit and destroy the human experience.   Maybe the universe has had enough of class and hierarchy’s ego and we have reached a cyclical cleansing event needed for humanity to progress past the suppression and misery that these control constructs have created.  

Or maybe it’s just the universe whipping up a new batch of marshmallow crème.

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