Monday, May 25, 2015

A Memorial Day Post On The Dytopia Of Standing Armies, Corporate Power And The State

There certainly is a reality that as long as pathology, especially organized pathology in the form of the state, exists in this world, defensive force is necessary.  And we should honor those who would only be deployed as a last desperate act of violence to protect humanity and freedom from that evil.   But this dynamic and how it is maintained and deployed clearly needs to be rethought.   The paradox of the existence of the state and its endless violence requiring permanent standing armies, which too are clearly anti-democratic control systems of violence, is a rather preposterous form of circular reasoning.   Free people do not wage war against each other.   Free people implies a free mind.   And a free mind is beyond the brainwashing, control and hatred for their brothers and sisters that is required to wage war.   The average “foot solder” has more in common with freedom fighters around the world, or those he is charge with killing, than he does with his authoritarian, anti-democratic leadership.

Make no mistake, standing armies are not a democratic institution and this was clearly in the forefront of the minds of our nation’s founders who dealt with decades of abuse of power and trampling on their natural rights by the British standing armies.   Standing armies are an authoritarian control structure where the rank and file are brainwashed into being told what to think rather than enjoying the freedom of how to think that is so necessary to democracy and a balanced mind capable of protecting democracy.   The first act an armed forces recruit goes through is propaganda and brainwashing to break them down and rebuild them into nonthinking automatons whose primary purpose is to murder, threaten, intimidate and control those that their authoritarian chain of command tells them to.  Are those people on the end of that violence actually their enemy?   Well, if a total stranger walked up to you and told you to kill another person because they were your enemy, would you do it?   Then why would anyone listen to a chain of command that is comprised of total strangers when they tell them to do it?     The answer is quite simple.   Brainwashing.  This is the same form of control that a psychopath uses.  That should be of no surprise because the state, and its invention of standing armies, is comprised of psychopaths in positions of power.   Almost without exception, when anyone of sound mind wakes up from this brainwashing, they deal with the lasting consequences.    The authoritarian chain of command, total strangers to those doing the killing, tell the foot soldier to murder another total stranger because authority told you he or she was your enemy.   And when those people wake up from that brainwashing, they deal with the lasting consequences of PTSD, depression, suicide, addiction, homelessness, inability to assimilate back into society or whatnot because of the evil placed inside of them by pathology.   In this nation, along with all of the other disposable classes of people, they are thrown to the curb to suffer a life not of their making.

Certainly there have been what some may argue are “just” wars.   I suspect the last just war was World War II.   Although World War II was clearly a war created by corporations, corporate capitalism and private bankers from Europe and the United States participating in the building of the Nazi German state.  So, in some regards, it was a war created by the pathology of the state that had to be cleaned up by humanity and the loss of 50 million lives.   There is ample evidence Vietnam, World War I, the Gulf Wars or whatnot were not just wars.   After World War II, the corporations, the military leadership and politicians (state actors) jointly decided that a state of permanent war with the world was to their self-interested benefit.   And so we have the National Security Act of 1947 and other later acts that places us at permanent war with the world.   In many regards, this was a major tipping point for corporate and state pathology in this nation.   Interestingly, while I am not an expert on religious prophecy, the book of Daniel talks about the last great empire or “beast” waging war against all of world.   Was what was written of in Biblical prophecy the Roman Empire as preterism postulates?   Or was it some future reality or just plain gibberish?    Well, what is the National Security Act of 1947 other than exactly committing the United States corporate capitalist empire into permanent war with the world?   The United States empire is at war with all of humanity including its own citizens.   Remember, these cycles of prophecy, violence and humanity rebelling against pathological, class-based evil have happened quite often throughout history.   That includes during the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth under the brutal, repressive, violent Roman Empire that was very, very similar to the mass state violence of today’s world.   Who knows.   Prophecy, violence and rebellion may be a cyclical karmic event unleashed by the universe.  

The United States is losing its ability to wage outright war very rapidly.  Sure it can man drones and reasonably small strike forces around the world.   But I seriously doubt it has an ability to wage a large scale, protracted campaign.   This is something I have written of for years could very well come to pass.  That is, the United States military machine could see mass desertions.   In many regards we are seeing this unfold before our very eyes.   The LA Times just penned an article that military-industrial complex is increasingly at odds with democracy.  Not only through the mood of the masses no longer falling prey to state war propaganda but the armed forces are having a hard time filling their quotas of willing stooges to fight their endless wars of aggression against the world.    Additionally, I have noted time and again that the American people are certainly not as “stupid” as politicians and our masters believe us to be.   That the average American can clearly articulate that crooks and liars in Washington that have destroyed our nation are THE problem facing our nation.   But the one area where we are brainwashed as a society is the military.    But the shine is coming off that dime.  We see a mass awakening to the state propaganda that our military is somehow an extension of our freedoms or our democracy.   It is anything but.   It is the oppressor of our own freedoms, economic determinism and liberties.   That brainwashing is now wearing off--   Military propaganda and brainwashing is being exposed throughout our society and Veterans waking up to the lies of the state.

This awakening is obviously a major driver behind the recent import of massive human labor into this nation.   Don’t kid yourself that our nation is not that dystopian.   There certainly are discussions being had in circles of political-corporate-military power that our corporate masters can’t find enough people who want to work for slave wages and that the military is concerned about being able to wage a war because quotas aren’t being filled and kids are too fat or don’t care to fight endless wars of corporate state aggression.  Corporate capitalism has always relied on cheap, often imported labor or even outright slavery be it to fill factories or their standing armies.  In 1776 the British armed forces were conscripted, paid mercenaries or had no other economic opportunity so they joined the armed forces.    How could the state afford to pay for those who were herded like cattle into anti-democratic, authoritarian standing armies?   Plunder.   Plunder of its citizens and plunder around the world by British corporations.  

George Bush famously remarked that we need immigrants to do the jobs Americans won’t.  That’s because so many jobs in this nation are subhuman, corporate-dominated forms of economic slavery.   And Joe Biden said we need these immigrants for our economy to grow.   One of those jobs Americans are less willing to do is fight the corporate state’s wars.   This massive immigration push most certainly has a military-industrial complex element.   Yes, the world is that dystopian.   In fact, something came across the headlines a few weeks ago that caught my eye.   A general remarked that American kids are too fat to fight.  When following the link to the organization he was fronting, it is called Mission Readiness:  Military Leaders for Kids.   How dystopian is that?   Military leaders for kids?   WTF?   Is our society so Orwellian that we now have outright propaganda by standing armies and the military-industrial complex to whip those fat little bastards into shape  so they can be exploited in the state’s favorite pastime; murder and mayhem? 

I have a better idea.  Let’s send the pathological class of state actors into battle to fight each other.   That way humanity can let these pathological elements dispose of each other rather than using us to do their dirty work to perpetuate their own egomaniacal delusions of power and control.

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