Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Psychopaths Joseph Goebbels And Dr. Mengele Would Be Proud: CIA Crimes Against Humanity Exposed In Illegal Medical Experimentation (State Violence) On U.S. Prisoners

Not only did we learn a few months ago that the American Psychological Association, the largest “professional” institution of psychologists, had worked covertly with the Bush administration to rationalize the inhumane and Godless use of illegal torture but now we actually have even better news. The atrocities of a Godless, anti-democratic state institution and medical doctors who abandoned their human values to please their Nazi masters.     Because as noted on here many times, the CIA was, to some large degree, influenced by,  molded by and created by former Nazis.   The CIA is not a democratic institution.   Not even remotely close.   We can almost be certain that it is much, much worse than is being reported.  

This is a perfect example of what I have written on here many times.   That is, the professional class does the bidding of state violence.  And the professional class as a whole will never be the source of reform or revolt against the system because they actually benefit from the state’s endless violence against humanity.   (In this case the medical industrial complex whose involvement in perpetuating state violence is very deep and wide in ways most of us simply don’t think about because we have come to accept that structural violence as normal.)  The Soviet dissident, Andre Amalrik, who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union while the entire institutionalized military, university experts, think tank and political complex of the west laughed his assertions off as ludicrous, wrote of the complicity of the professional class or the college-educated, if you will.  It applies not only to the Soviet Union but the concept of the state as a universal construct.  

The level of state secrecy here and elsewhere that humanity lives under today is not to protect the American people or any other people around the world from the boogeyman.   It is to hide the massive injustices, crimes against humanity and outright evil that are used by the state to keep its jack boot on the neck of humanity.  The jack boot that keeps them in control and us as their slaves.   Crimes against humanity that should and possibly would be prosecuted at The Hague or in extra-judicial tribunals in this nation and elsewhere if humanity actually knew what was going on.   Extra-judicial because the existing court systems are the rotten rationalizer of evil state acts and therefore cannot be trusted to mete out justice but rather to perpetuate the power of the state and its endless violence.  

And to those useful idiots who espouse free market corporate capitalist ideals and think we need less state power and more free market corporate power to replace it, don’t kid yourself.    Politicians aren’t smart enough to figure out how to apply all of this violence to the human family on their own.   Corporate capitalism and all of the professional “careers” it provides is the enabler and beneficiary to all of this state secrecy.  Without the unethical and outright evil behavior of corporate bureaucrats, who anti-democratically (the rule of man) control the intellectual and labor talent of humanity and violently direct it back onto us for their own pathological self-interest, politicians could do little more than tie their shoes.   What we need is a restoration of power to We The People.    

The world is ruled by an authoritarian class of pathological predators.   What this recent revelation clearly now shows is the mockery of ostracizing low-level personnel for being the ring leaders at Abu Ghraib, as just one example, is an assault against the intelligence of every person on this planet.    And the real people who should be held accountable for these crimes are sitting in Washington.   The real violence starts at the top, or the controlling pathological predators, and now reality is starting to finally coming to light that proves everything that most people already knew.   That is, the fish rots from the head first.   And this fish is rotten to the core as all class-based, anti-democratic societies always have been and always will be.

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