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Has Communism Found Its Home With Fascism (And Capitalism)? More Timely Remarks On China, Washington Crooks & Liars And Their Criminal Trade Agreements - Part Deux

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Ann Coulter on the propagandized lies of immigration (This topic is HIGHLY interrelated to the same dynamic as these trade agreements aka cheap, exploitative labor for the capitalist and political classes as I have noted many times and will discuss again below.  And it is becoming more apparent that it is also being driven by a borderless world embracing communist ideals.)

Just a few more links above from the crooked, treasonous antics of the pathological evil in Washington regarding these anti-democratic, tyrannical corporate capitalist trade deals.   The first thing I would like to say, which is completely off topic, is that I have been prattling on for a LONG time that politics is an institution of the ego (control), and will disappear forever from this earth at some point.   I got a fair amount of feedback that I was a loon when I first started writing that.   Not so much anymore.   Direct and participatory democracy and public service has nothing to do with politics or creating political institutions.   Politicians are a relic of tyrannical times gone by.   Politicians are most often vile, ignorant and unevolved creatures who pathologically seek power for their own megalomania, narcissism and self-aggrandizement.   There may be a few sane, idealistic people that slip through every now and again but they are definitely the exception.  And they are definitely few and far between.   In fact, I would argue many politicians who are against Obamatrade have been for countless other domestic tyrannies.   And, therefore, it’s highly likely they are against Obamatrade not because they are virtuous but because it takes away much of their pathological intent of control.   What kind of person even wants to be a politician?  Seriously?    

I’d like to switch topics for the second part in this post and talk about what clearly appears to be the repackaging and resurgence of communism and  communist principles shrouded in modern-day capitalism and state liberalism.   And how it plays a major, and ever-increasing role in the corporate-dominated world today.   That includes in the United States.   Stick with me because this may be an important perspective to understand what the madness of the world today. 

Let me start this by rehashing some baseline concepts in the next few paragraphs.  You are welcome to skip the next four paragraphs, including this one, if you have been a regular reader and understand the concept of economic control systems meant to enslave society to the power of the state and its hierarchical aristocracy.   Corporate capitalist is a state control system as is communism, socialism, fascism, tribalism (arguably many Arab fiefdoms and some African states), feudalism, neoliberalism and every other ism the state can dream up.   The purpose of any state control system is for class & hierarchy or the state’s privileged actors to maintain their dominance and control over humanity.    I wrote a gigantic post a long time ago comparing and contrasting capitalism to communism as state control systems and how both exhibit similar systemic inconsistencies that will lead to their failure.   To summarize that in a single sentence, the net is they both rely completely on a dumbed-down culture of work to maintain control.   There are nuanced differences but corporations are the economic vehicles through which that massive overproduction and overconsumption, and associated forced work are accomplished.   This is not a world built to serve humanity but a world built to serve the state and the glorification of the state.   If you question this statement, all you have to do is look around you.   The world is and always has been embroiled in massive injustices and massive human misery.   Today there is more violence (spiritual, emotional and physical)  in our world than at any time in history.   Yet, the state and corporations have unprecedented wealth and power.   This undeniable truth reveals what I have written ad nauseam about on here over the last decade; the state exists for only one reason.   That is, to inflict violence on behalf of the privileged few.   This violence is how they maintain their control over humanity and subjugation to corporations are just one example of that violence.    Corporations, be they state-owned corporations in traditional communism, or often the appearance of “private” corporations in capitalism are tools of the state.   Most economic conservatives in this nation are fascists without even knowing it.   Because corporate capitalism is inherently fascist given states birth corporations.   And I will argue in this post that the world has morphed into a new twisted reality that corporate capitalism is also becoming inherently communist.   Mind you, when I talk about corporations and capitalism, I’m not talking about the merchant franchisee of a Burger King or small business owner either.   I’m talking about the ownership of the means of production (the true definition of industrial capitalism or renter capitalism which extends that definition to the class-based, corporate or aristocratic ownership of natural wealth-creating assets like property, mineral rights, natural energy sources, etc.)    that is clearly controlled by the state and the capitalist class in this nation.  The merchant class or the Burger King franchisee has nothing to do with anything.   They are powerless in many regards.   The merchant class is subservient to and serves the capitalist class and other state actors.

As it pertains to part one of this post, the TPP (and other criminal trade agreements in play around the world) and China’s funding for its Asian development bank are flip sides to the same intent of control that defines state megalomania.    They are both attempts at expanding state power at the expense of other states and primarily at the expense of humanity.   China wants to enslave other states to its massive overproduction and the United States is trying to stop other nations from being enslaved to that production for its own purposes of empire and global domination.  The pathocrats in China and the United States have much in common in their primary intents of control.   And that means they are on a collision course as I have noted many times over the years.   That is, unless we stop them.  Regardless, those who talk about coming trade wars are deluding themselves.   Capitalism is by its very nature a continuous trade war.   It’s a forced system of competition that pits humanity against itself  and nations against each other for the benefit of the surplus value that forced work creates.   That surplus value is the basis under which capitalism, communism and the state itself enriches the privileged few.  Interestingly, it appears Obama and other state liberals may be trying to avert the wars of capitalism and the state by extending a new manifestation of communism.  

Remember as you read on that communism, capitalism, socialism, corporations, debt-based money and the like are all creations of the class-based European state.   They were all created by monarchs and merchants (Montesquieu) to dominate humanity well before any concept of democracy ever took hold.   And as the most cited person in pre-Revolutionary War America, Montesquieu’s treatise was aimed directly at the European virus as the source of human tyranny.   It has been written out of state-contrived history books, but rebelling against corporate capitalism, debt-based money and private banks are the primary reasons we fought the Revolutionary War.  

The state only exists for one reason; to perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors whether that is standing armies, weapons manufacturers, corporations, banks, economic plutocrats, political plutocrats, state pathocrats and their cronies or whatnot.   The state doesn’t care about democracy, self-rule, the rule of law based on natural rights or anything else that is virtuous.   It cares about control as all pathology does.   Period.   China was not modernizing its economy or pilfering western technology because it wanted to become democratic or liberalize its human rights or society.  It wanted that for one reason and one reason only.   The perpetuation of state control.  The same reason pathological people like Putin and the endless stream of nutjobs in Washington exist.      

Now, let’s bring the baseline back to the present day and what appears to be  a rebranded form of communism spreading around the world through the progression of state control.   Keep that word progression in mind.   Because it is a progression that Marx wrote about that seems to be attempted right before our very eyes.    

Recently George Soros came out and remarked that if the United States does not allow China greater power within the IMF that war is imminent.   One  must understand reality to be able to understand its ramifications whether it is George Soros’ statements or anything else.   Why would George Soros make this statement?   It was obviously made with some type of intent.  He’s talking his book in some way, shape or form.   There is an intent of control in everything spoken and everything done by every single person on earth if there is not a authentic intent of discovery, truth or a loving intent.  Is his intent authentic?  Does he really wish to avert war and thus raise this issue with humanity to stop the madness of people like him who created this mess?   Doubtful.   You don’t become as rich as Soros without preying on people and completely looting them of their labor and wit.   Or, as John Dalberg-Acton noted, great men are almost always bad men.   

How ironic is it that we as a society really need to embrace the liberal arts including rhetoric, grammar and dialectic (In their original meaning.  Not their meaning today.) in concert with reason and an open mind/heart to appreciate what state pathology always has attempted to do to maintain their control us.   Which is one reason pathology in this nation has successfully destroyed the liberal arts.  Because the liberal arts are a great threat to the state.   In ancient Greece they were what people studied to become the informed, aware and educated citizens needed for democracy to flourish.    The liberal arts teach people how to think rather than what to think.  And pathology does not want people who can think for themselves as George Carlin presciently noted long ago.  They want people who can be controlled in a dumbed-down culture of forced work.   So, some questions around the abilities inherent to studying the liberal arts we can ask of people like George Soros, Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, etc, are- What is this person trying to put over on me?  Is he honest?  Is he qualified?  Does he have an agenda?  Is the agenda patent or latent? (willful or subconscious) Does he care if I follow him or not?   Is his motive money?  Or some other personal interest?  What are his statements doing to me?   Am I skeptical, am I angry or am I an eager believer?   Or, am I suspiciously open-minded to what he is saying?

The most obvious reason I can surmise is that Soros made these statements is that he is, in some way, patently or latently, has an intent of providing this rhetoric to the mainstream press for dissemination.   Or, more pointedly, I could surmise that he wants to take down the United States.   And why would he want to do that?  Possibly the same reason Obama and so many other state liberals may wish to take down the United States and the sovereignty of individuals.   That is, to usher in a global corporate  governance.  Or, more broadly, to create a “better” world that is consistent with their ideological views.  (Better as defined by their own pathological delusions.  By the way, this isn’t any type of stretch from reality.   The last 100 years has seen greater and greater enforcement of a dumbed-down world by state liberals who believe the answer to a better society is to control society and humanity.   That’s what state liberalism is - people in this world who believe that they have some superior intellect that should be used to impose their ideological will on humanity to save the planet and save all of us.   The reality is we need saved from state liberalism.)   And why would state liberals around the world want to destroy self-rule in the United States and elsewhere?   But especially the United States because of its powerful constitution granting unprecedented rights to humanity?  Well, it is highly dubious to assume communism is, in fact, dead or was defeated in the sense that has been propagandized, packaged and sold to the masses.   Communism is just a state control system.   It has been shown to be highly compatible with another control system, corporate capitalism.   In fact, Soviet communism and its state-based corporations looked a lot like state-propped up corporate capitalism, especially in capitalism’s maturity phases that we are witnessing today.    China remains clearly a communist country but has embraced corporate capitalism to some very substantial degree.   Of course, European monarchies and eventually socialism embraced capitalism and  Hitler’s fascist National Socialist German Worker’s Party or Nazi Party and Mussolini  loved capitalism as well as did the authoritarian Imperial Japan.   Saudi Arabia’s feudalist system loves capitalism.   And it was corporate capitalism and private banks in the United States and western Europe that helped create the monsters of Japan and Germany that ultimately took the lives of upwards of 50 million people in World War II.   Capitalism can run roughshod over humanity and yet remain subservient only to the power of its creator, the state.  The one thing in common that all of these capitalist states share is an all-powerful central political system that is needed to enforce the violence of corporate capitalism and its endless contradictions and instabilities.   This is the reason our founders eventually eschewed the Articles of Confederation for the Constitution granting greater power to Washington.   Because Montesquieu’s tyrannical merchants and monarchs needed an all-powerful central state to enforce corporate domination onto the masses.  For without it, people would not accept their own corporate slavery.   As noted on here in a prior post, Thomas Jefferson quit the Washington administration because he thought Washington and Alexander Hamilton, the sole person responsible for bringing Europe’s tyranny of corporate capitalism to our nation, were trying to build a monarchy of power in Washington.   His exact words.  Jefferson felt so strongly that what Washington endorsed and Hamilton was doing would result in tyranny that he quit in a fit of anger.

Contrarily the Articles of Confederation granted all power to communities, people and states.  It was a political sellout to financiers, bankers and corporate power interests in this nation that needed an all-powerful federal government to force the oppression of class-based private interests down the throat of Americans.    This has become self-evident with the British Empire, the U.S. Empire, Communist China, Socialist Europe, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Oligarchic Russia, Feudalistic Saudi Arabia, facist Italy and on and on embracing capitalism.   And we now certainly see communism is now a major driving force in modern day European and American institutionalized state liberalism.  Let me continue to expand upon that last sentence through the remainder of this post.

How does a. Obama true believer rationalize his rhetoric with his actions?  Well, the most obvious possibility I see is that he is an ideological communist or a communist sympathizer.   Even though it has been downplayed under the meme of political correctness, Obama did have substantial personal contact with communist sympathizers and outright communists as a kid.   And Obama is clearly a statist.   In other words, he believes in his power to enslave people to his control by shaping what society should look like and use the force of the state to do it.   Of course, so does the Republican Party.   But each person and each party has nuanced differences created by their own differing pathologies.  Republicans want to enslave people to corporate capitalism and the “free markets” and use the state to do it.   Many modern day state liberals, especially in Europe, want to enslave people to the state and use corporate power to do it.    Obama seems a little off kilter for most democrats in our nation but his viewpoints seem very aligned with the virus of European state liberalism.   He clearly has a vision of using corporations to enslave people to both globalization and corporate control within the U.S.   And the TPP has language the offers clear power to international corporations only.    Regardless, all pathology shares a baseline that brings them all together on many issues.   That is the intent to control.   As more and more of the world reveals itself, it is obvious Obama and the Republican Party are both push a corporate agenda and flood the United States with cheap labor and is push a global agenda for corporate power.  But their world views may have nuanced differences that they disagree very clearly about.   But they can both compromise in a shared vision being statists and in support of corporate capitalism.  

We obviously know that Republicans equate corporate capitalism with freedom.  But what how is it that Obama has joined the corporate party?   Well,  it is becoming more and more apparent that his intents and beliefs are steeped in state liberalism similar to what we see with European state liberals.  The EU was founded on four freedoms.   And we now see the TPP embraces those exact same ideals with the stated free flow of workers, capital and goods.   It’s surely not a coincidence.   (Notice the freedom of workers and not people.  A very telling communist and capitalist bent.)    We have a group of unelected pan-European bureaucrats enforcing an interconnected, corporate-dominated, flat European system under which countries are tied together by corporate capitalist power and either subsumes or obliterates national constitutions and human rights.   Just like the TPP.   The European Union was a willful strategy of European state liberals to ensure Europe could again never again start world wars.   And the European political right went along with it because they are, at heart, fascists who embrace their creation of class-based corporate capitalism.   And the state is using capitalism to be the glue that would bind a flat, state-controlled, worker-driven society.    Or, a dumbed-down system of forced work just like the Soviet Union.   Rights in the European Union are not in terms of individuals and humanity but in terms of workers.    Clearly a Marxist doctrine is behind the European Union and is similarly, appears to be the exact same doctrine behind the TPP.    We can clearly see the future, if successfully implemented by both the fascist left and the communist right is the connection of all of these localized trade agreements into one global, corporate-capitalist-dominated agreement that subverts all of the rights of man.   The political left is happy because they created their utopian system of state-enforced sameness and conformity that they believe will create a harmonious world they will control and the political right is happy because at heart they are all fascists who believe in democracy and human rights about as much as I believe in the Easter Bunny.

In other words, fascism on the right has merged with communism on the left, to create a system that both state actors around the globe on the left and right are happy to support.  And the control system they are using to create this enforced, ignorant, dumbed-down system of forced work and endless misery is corporate capitalism.  Sort of corporate communism.   Or, the worst of both control systems.   A system where private interests and unelected corporate and state bureaucrats enforce a system embracing the worst of both worlds.

We can see glimpses of this mindset already.   Greece’s new prime minister’s biggest failure is because he is an avowed communist.   So, rather than grant the Greek people their own freedom as he was elected to do, he is operating from the position that he wants to remain in the fascist=communist European Union.  ie, He beliefs in the current pan-European, unelected bureaucratic structure and doesn’t wish to leave it.   Thus, rather than empowering the Greek people by granting them their own self-determinism and restoration of their local communities, he has only perpetuated and actually increased the misery of the Greek people.   

In fact, once you start to think like a communist under the appreciation of the original tenets of the liberal arts, everything Obama is doing makes perfect sense.   He deceptively supports the political right with a larger, more sinister aim that is consistent with what has been happening for decades with far left state radicals in the European Union.   His immigration policies are exactly mirroring that of Europe.   It pleases corporations to have an endless stream of cheap labor.  But, at the same time, it also starts to obliterate national borders and serves to integrate all of humanity into a flat, integrated system of enforced economic sameness and conformity by unelected bureaucrats.   The European Union in its construct looks a lot like the Soviet Union.   And that should be no coincidence for it was Europe that is the founding of communism as a method of supplanting capitalism as a statist control system.   And western corporations once helped the Soviet Union, with the support of western governments, build many of its factories and helped them with technology transfer after World War II.   On that note, Marx was very clear in his writings.   He saw feudalism being supplanted by capitalism which would then be supplanted by socialism and ultimately communism.   That is clearly the progression that has taken place in Europe and is now at play with the Obama administration and the Republican Party.    Remember, the European Union was first created as a flat, borderless economic union and corporate capitalism was used as the basis for that union.   In other words, state liberals have found a way to marry their beliefs of a state-controlled single, integrated, equal world with capitalism.   Rather than fight capitalism, they have learned to integrate their beliefs and goals with capitalism as the control system for communism.   Which, by the way, is exactly what China is doing as well.    Of course, if this is accurate to any degree, Republicans in this country are ignorant to the objectives of Obama.   They simply know their goals of extending corporate capitalism, and by inference, American-style “freedom” are being met.   This could clearly be why China is not being included in this deal.   Not because Obama wouldn’t attempt to do so but because Republicans actually believe they are spreading freedom through their own ignorance and it would be abhorrent to their own believes to include China.   Although state liberals would clearly have a longer term objective of incorporating China into their plans.  

I would highly encourage you to read the link in the first part of this post to Even More Surprises Hidden in Obamatrade.   Here’s the link again.  It’s very clear that Obama’s intents are exactly aligned with the virus of European state liberalism and a system of integration based on the marriage of communism and capitalism as a control system.  That includes through the flood of immigration that is clearly part of the European Union’s communist and fascist principles.   And it seems quite obvious that the goal is to extend the EU’s intents globally through a shared vision of state liberals be they communist or fascist.   Remember, Obama is also working on a massive trade deal to tie the United States to Europe and we already have NAFTA here in North America.   South Americans rejected a similar attempt by the United States to bring a deal unifying North and South America.   Remember, the basis for the EU was supposedly economic integration that would never allow one state to attack another and, thus, never see a repeat of the two world wars created by European states.   But, in actuality, this type of domination by corporations and state liberals is the fundamental dynamic they wished to avoid.   It is simply different lipstick on the same pig that created both world wars.   If all of the nations in Europe were not democratic in some regard, there would have already been an outbreak of war.  Instead, the people of Europe are awakening to their own tyranny and the wars in Europe are between humanity and the state (including their invention of corporations).   The people are rising up to rid themselves of the monster of the abomination that looks like corporate communism.   And now we can marry the bizarre remarks Obama made when Britain stated that it was possibly going to leave the EU.  Obama stated publicly that the United States needed to see Britain remain in the EU.   Why such an absurd statement about the sovereignty of other peoples?   It’s quite simple.   He wants to maintain the growing integration of communist and capitalist control systems in Europe and around the world.

This mindset is very clearly in play with state liberals.   They have spoken of intertwining the world into a system of state-enforced, corporate-dominated, dumbed-down corporate worker sameness and conformity to the authority of the state in order to avoid future conflict.   In actuality, what they are doing is guaranteeing collapse of a dumbed-down system of ignorance that is suppression the divine light of the human mind and spirit to political and corporate dunces like himself.    That is, the state itself and all of its manifestations of massive violence.   The state and corporations are creating their own future failure through their own pathological ignorance.   But until that day comes, corporations love it, Republicans love it and state liberals with a bent towards communism and a world based on a very distorted, twisted and Godless notion of suppressed, repressed, depressed “worker” sameness and conformity love it.   Sameness and conformity are not equality.   Sameness and conformity are enforced systems of social control created by the state, corporations, communism, other isms and the state.   Or, the Borg, if you will.   Communism is clearly not dead.   But, it appears to be resurgent through mutation and adaptation to the world around it.  Rather than fighting corporate capitalism, it has embraced it to achieve its ends.    Marx was right.   Feudalism supplanted by capitalism supplanted by socialism supplanted by communism.   But his basic premise was wrong being a statist.   What comes next is the collapse of the state and all of its isms used to dominate humanity.

In order for this strategy to to come to fruition in the United States, Obama must simultaneously collapse the expectations of living standards in the United States while attempting to raise those of the rest of the world.   That involves both the free flow of workers written into the TPP and the EU (Massive flooding of immigration to neutralize differences in corporate capitalist wages that makes these trade agreements desirable to both fascists and communists.) and the continuation of stealing the wealth of this nation created by its citizens that has happened for at least the last 100 years.   Which he clearly appears to be attempting through the passage of the dumbed-down, corporate-controlled system of worker sameness and conformity in these various trade agreements.   

It’s very clear that humanity is at war with the state to save its very existence.  We are literally in a fight for our lives.   None of these big, bloated, bureaucratic, corporate-created bills that Obama and others have passed are going to last.   They will all unwind.   Guaranteed.   Control is but an illusion created by the ego.   And when that control collapses, as will happen with the great awakening around the world, the institutions of the ego created to enforce that control will collapse.

The state, its institutions of control and its pathological aristocracy are a virus.   And the antidote or cure is a resurgent and awakening humanity.

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