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A Karmic Proxy For The Coming Wholesale Collapse Of Hierarchical Institutions Of The Ego (Control)? Editor-In-Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal - Lancet - States That Half Of All The Published Scientific Literature Is Bullshit

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“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws.” – John Adams
I suspect its far more than half of published papers being false or junk science or worse.   I noted the exponential growth of scientific research retractions some years ago and there are actually countless obscene stories out there of people submitting absolutely ludicrous scientific papers to see if they can get past editors in many journals.  And they are.   Its just not science that is pushing a delusional viewpoint.  And let’s be real.   That’s what this is.   Delusion.   When the majority of scientific research is a lie or false in some major way, then the scientific community is suffering from mass delusions.  It’s useless to point out that is was predictable but it certainly was.  And so is what comes next.

By the way, it’s not just science that is delusional.   Now the institutionalized, political bureaucrats in California, obviously with the help of their institutionalized, industrial food backers, and pliant stooge academics in institutionalized, corporate-funded education, want to tax organic food to decrease demand for healthy food in order to solve the institutionalization-driven drought crisis.   Modern society has reached the point where institutionalization is universally complete.  And that means the massive consequences of institutionalizing power now creates magnitudes more unintended consequences than its intended actions.   What comes next is the self-created crisis as a result of the ignorance created by institutionalization.   One thing the world isn’t short of is bullshit (Or delusions, deceits, lies, ignorance, etc if you prefer).   Institutionalization creates endless streams of it with their self-appointed, incompetent experts using plenty of charts, rationalizations and junk science to back it up.   Literally just about everything in this world is institutionalized and that means any social meme, social value, news story or political talking point that reaches the mainstream should be viewed dubiously or with outright skepticism as to its accuracy because, as Lancet points out, odds are it may be well-spoken bullshit. If you can't trust science any more, do you actually believe you can trust an ignorant politician or corporate bureaucrat trying to institutionalize it for their own self-interested intent of control?

A major theme that is very unique to this blog is that we are going to witness the collapse of large swaths of scientific rationalism or the basis of much of modern science.   (And a wholesale failure of institutions of the ego or hierarchical, class-based institutions of all types around the world.)   A key component to that failure has been the every-increasing institutionalization of science.  The ego and/or evil seeks to organize through hierarchical, institutionalized constructs that serve its intent of control while at the same time subverting discovery and truth.  (The will and intent of the universe.)   Institutionalization and resultant institutionalized violence (violence is the necessary and intentional offspring of institutionalization) are THE major contributors to all of the crises we see around the world.   Every example of institutionalization today is a form of violence and all of those institutions are at war with humanity.   That includes science.   Additionally, every military war has been the result of institutionalization.   Even if institutions as we have come to see them weren’t recognizable in those wars, per se.   I’ll share more on this soon enough.   But the American Revolutionary War was a war against the institutionalized violence of the British state. (The monarchy and its various state institutions of control, British corporations, British standing armies, British private banks, British state-controlled money, etc.)   The American Civil War was a war between the institutionalization of the American south, primarily outright slavery and its various supporting class-based social and political institutions, versus the institutionalization of the American north, wage slavery or class-based, corporate capitalist institutionalization and the political institutions that propped them up.

In many regards institutionalized science has already collapsed.   That is exactly what this Lancet link above is exposing.   We just haven’t witnessed the outcome of this collapse as of yet for the very reason that science has become so institutionalized.   What I mean by that is the reality of that collapse has not yet trickled through these systems of control.  That’s because the regular feedback loop of personal behavior, responsibility and self-correcting actions & behavior is subverted through institutionalization and, is instead replaced by institutional violence which is used to subvert what would normally be self-correcting, natural course corrections.   Many other forms of institutionalization have also already collapsed but they too have yet to experience the consequences of those failures yet.    That is because violence is being used to prop up those failures and those failed institutions.   We live in a world of unprecedented institutionalized violence but you have to understand what violence is to recognize it.   It’s not someone beating you over the head with a hammer.   It’s someone beating you over the head with beliefs, propaganda, lies, self-deceit and other forms of the ego’s intent of emotional and spiritual control.

Money is another institution that has already failed on a mass scale.  Corporate capitalism has already failed on a mass scale.   Political parties have already failed on a mass scale.  The welfare state has already failed on a mass scale.   The war state has already failed on a mass scale.   Industrial food monopolies have already failed on a mass scale.   State-controlled academia has already failed on a mass scale.  Science has already failed on a mass scale.   State empire has already failed on a mass scale.   All of which are being propped up by state violence.   An overarching and very unique theme on here is that we are likely to witness wholesale failures of institutions of the ego or hierarchical, class-based institutions of control – corporations, academics, politics, the military-industrial complex, science, capitalism, communism, the state itself and on and on.  Democracy, republicanism, natural rights, spirituality, individual empowerment and the like, can only survive through a world of human equality.  All of these institutions of the ego subvert equality, discovery, Truth of our own Divinity and the intents of the universe on a massive, unprecedented scale.   
Interestingly re the last paragraph, I just read that someone by the name of Ian Bremmer, who is part of the institutionalized establishment bureaucracy and a supposed foreign policy expert, literally just released a book titled Superpower where he surmises that the U.S. empire is in for a long and glorious reign.   At least that's my understanding since I would never read institutionalized, ignorant drivel.   And there are ample numbers of institutionalized bureaucrats, who are subconsciously looking for confirmation bias of their own ignorance, who are lapping this book up.   I consider this a sign of the times and an ignorance-driven contrary indicator to reality.  That is, the corporate empire has already failed and its institutionalization simply has not yet felt the repercussions and experienced the outcomes to that failure because it is so violenty trying to maintain itself.     
The Roman Empire or Soviet Union didn’t collapse at their peak.   No, they collapsed at their  peak grabs for power and control by institutionalization but not at their peak of wealth and prosperity.  They were both in substantial decline through many institutionalized failures well before their collapse.  We see countless examples of these institutionalized failures in existence today.   Not just in the U.S. either.   It has been a topic of discussion many times on here that in the United States modern corporate capitalist society and many of its institutions have been crumbling for decades.   But the “apparent” power of the state, corporations, higher education, banks, science and whatnot and their grip on humanity seems all-powerful at this very moment.  But the underlying control structures are already experiencing massive failure.   It is this current state of failure that has caused institutions to grab for even more authority to maintain the endless contradictions necessary to maintain their power.    The bureaucrats who maintain these control systems generally have no idea what is going on.   That is, the status quo is finished and we are watching institutionalized systems of control in crisis and terminal failure all across the world.

The number of scientific research retractions and outright published junk science is palpable.   But those doing and publishing this research delude themselves into actually believing the massive junk they perpetuate for their own self-interested reasons. (ego)  It’s the same ignorance that would write a book titled Superpower right before a change in trend.   Or ignorance that would write a book titled The World is Flat exactly at the apex of corporate power and at the exact time humanity was awakening to the fact that the world is not flat.  Or ignorance that would state that the world is experiencing unprecedented peace.   Statements of institutionalized ignorance all highlighted on here. 

The drive behind this is the institutionalization of science that has resulted in a need to publish more and more bullshit to maintain "scientist's" own positions of relevance (class, hierarchy and self-interest).   The institutionalized profit motive of corporate capitalism, the military-industrial complex and the corporate state are the mechanisms through which this publishing and attempts at maintaining relevance and status are most easily accomplished.  In other words, I maintain my own artificial place at the table of class and privilege by publishing more and more dubious nonsense to maintain my own self-interested position and the mechanism through which I do this is the personal profit motive often aligned with the profit motive of corporations and the state.  ie,  Dubious and often outright unethical corporate, military and state-funded grants and research projects.   There’s a pony in there somewhere and if you understand institutionalization and its evil and pathological intents, then you understand how this ego-driven behavior applies not just to science but all institutionalization.

In this nation, (but clearly at play globally) the Democrats cling to the institutionalization of state power.   The Republicans cling to the institutionalization of corporate power.   The corporate executives cling to the institutionalization of their own power.   Academics cling to the institutionalized power of higher learning.   Science clings to its institutionalized power of science.   The media clings to institutionalized journalism and news.   The military-industrial complex clings to the institutionalized power of standing armies.   And they all cling to the institutionalization to the power of money.  All for their own self-interested intent of control.    What I’m saying is they all cling to their own form of institutionalized, hierarchical religion that is enforced through the state.   I could go on and on and on.   But the point is they all cling to the illusory power of class and hierarchy created to benefit the self or the ego and that act of clinging to these institutions is keeping humanity enslaved to institutionalized violence.    They are all headed for massive crisis as that state-enforced, institutionalized control unwinds as this unwinding is the only way humanity and all life can reconnect with the universe, each other and all life.  

On a final note, when the state or institutionalization of any kind becomes entangled in creating society and social values as has really codified in the last 100 or so years, and has intensified in the last three or four decades, we end up with an incredibly dystopian society.    Society and the state's drive towards institutionalization for its own self-interest are at opposite ends of the spectrum.   When they converge, invariably we get the mass institutionalized violence that is so glaringly obvious around the world today.   As humanity continues its awakening, what is coming next will reveal a completely new reality well beyond existing institutionalized mass delusions.  

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though.
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