Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Has Communism Found Its Home With Fascism (And Capitalism)? More Timely Remarks On China, Washington Crooks & Liars And Their Criminal Trade Agreements - Part One

Matt Drudge calls out Republicans for Treason in supporting the TPP

Republican senate leader moves to limit debate on TPP bill

The new frontier of employee surveillance

Trade agreements like TISA, TPP and TTIP will destroy the sovereignty of the people

I’ve read the TPP and it’s a criminal bill

Obama states that China may join TPP but former vice presidential candidate and corporate stooge Paul Ryan says China won’t join TPP

Even more surprises hidden in Obamatrade

Hillary Clinton cashes in on corporate “free trade”

Democracy Now! interview with Julian Assange; 80% of the TPP is about global corporate domination of our lives and not about trade

This post is segmented into two parts.   The first is the growing crisis between China and the United States and the second part, which is inter-related, is the return of what is clearly some form of repackaged communism that is going global.    I’m going to start slicing up longer posts for readability so the second part will be up later this week.

Just a few recent headlines from the criminality coming out of Washington and other nation’s criminal political and corporate capitalist classes although this post is substantially about other topics.   There is a massive paradigm shift happening in this nation as people “wake up” to their oppression by a class of pathological corporate and political predators.   How amazing is it that untold masses of people in this nation are awake and becoming more awake every day?  There is no going back.   The genie can’t be put back in the bottle.   The propaganda is wearing off in nearly every aspect of our self-induced ignorance.   Even the highly-political Matt Drudge, who makes much of his money off of the endless power grabs by Washington, is joining millions of other Americans in calling the behavior of Washington crooks & liars what it is.  Treason.   Or crimes against humanity or predation, exploitation and victimization.   Whatever you want to call it, it is clearly pathological and criminal.    There is no democracy, republic or constitutional rule of law in this nation.    We are ruled by authoritarian, institutionalized evil.    More broadly, there is a palpable evil in this world and it projects its control  through similar institutionalization whether that is in China, Russia, the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil, India or elsewhere.   

I’ve written of a unique perspective on China over the years and that perspective continues to reveal itself.   China is the biggest turd in the pool and its day of reckoning is coming.   But as it pertains to issues more concerning to those around the world, I’ve noted many times over the last decade that the economic relationship between China and the United States is a Nash Equilibrium. Essentially a stable relationship or economic game between two competing or non-cooperative parties that both continue their behavior for their own self-interested benefit.  On a side note, for those interested in game theory, I consider the world to have been in a zero-sum game for the last 30-40 years.   i.e., For every winner there is a loser.  This too is a very unique position that no one else has discussed and maybe I’ll incorporate that into a post some other time.   But briefly, globalization is the game of neoliberalism and comparative advantage that defines a corporate-capitalism-dominated world.  And the rules to that zero sum game will ultimately trump the current China-U.S. Nash Equilibrium soon enough.   That zero-sum dynamic is substantially behind the TPP which excludes China.   And by exclusion is meant to target China.   Don’t kid yourself when Obama talks about China possibly joining the TPP.   Political talking points hand delivered to the press are not news but rather corporate state propaganda that has a specific intent.    There is no way China is going to join the TPP.    That “news” is planted with intent.  

Of course, China too has turned up the aggression very substantially too.    As I have noted over the past few years, the U.S. and China are already at war.   If you follow what is going on in the world, even if some of the headlines are planted for political purposes, this has become obvious in the last year.   It’s just not an outright military war.   At least not yet.   Yet, the possibility of outright war is rising just as I noted it would a long time ago.   

I also noted that at some point that this equilibrium between the U.S. and China will be broken.  It will be broken when one of the two parties believes this non-cooperative behavior no longer serves their own self-interested intent of control.   We can be assured that when it is broken, it will have global consequences.   While China and the U.S. are increasingly more belligerent with each other, they have maintained their Nash Equilibrium because it still benefits the United States to use China as a corporate capitalist slave labor pool and it still benefits China to extend endless credit to the United States to buoy its massive capitalist overproduction capacity.   For without it, China would experience mass unemployment and ultimately social, economic and political collapse.   It is only a matter of time until this equilibrium is broken.   But for now, make no mistake, the mainstream viewpoints on this relationship are wrong.   The United States empire is the dominant force in this game.   China is a vassal state of U.S. empire.  But China is getting more and more bold in challenging U.S. dominance.  The question remains if humanity will allow itself to be drawn into the pathological violence between these two states and to a lesser extent, other western capitalist societies including Japan.

U.S. empire would be the party to break this equilibrium were I to guess.   The U.S. could clearly force China’s hand to appear to be the aggressor in doing so by continually upping the political, economic or military pressure against it.   This is how pathology operates.   No one knows everything that is happening in the halls of pathological power but China’s politicians are experiencing mass hubris and could very well overplay their hand.   Ditto, the United States political and military machine could easily miscalculate their power as they too are driven by incredible, unprecedented megalomania and hubris.   The U.S. political class  has grown so bold as to flip the American people the bird as it pertains to nearly every aspect of our existence.   And they do so without any equivocation.   The hubris, power and arrogance in Washington is palpable.   

Major wars have often started by pathological political miscalculation.    The British gave a green light to Nazi Germany to swallow up eastern Europe because of their fear of Soviet communism coming to Britain.  Fears that were probably well-founded given the massive injustices of British class-based, corporate capitalist society at the time.    Not that communism isn’t equally as brutal in the suppression of the human spirit.   Nazi Germany provided insulation from communism by absorbing eastern Europe.   Then, someone made a major miscalculation or communications between pathological elements in Germany and Britain were misunderstood and before you know it 50 million people were dead.   Regardless, as noted over the years the  United States and western capitalism have created a monster in China and there will be future consequences just as happened with the United States and western capitalism funding, investing in, building up and transferring technology to a Nazi Germany.    When the two most powerful pathological control systems on earth collide - U.S. empire and communist China - be it militarily, economically or politically, the world is going to end up eating a shit sandwich unless humanity rises up to stop the state.  And those two forces are clearly headed for a showdown because the primary intent of the state, control, (violence) between both states are diametrically-opposed. 

There are an endless stream of incorrect analyses of China. (There are also a few really good analyses.)    That includes the ludicrous position that China is a peaceful nation or that China has eschewed communism for capitalism and that somehow implies they are becoming democratic.  Or democracy (and by inference, capitalism) has won the war against communism.   Capitalism is as anti-democratic system a system as communism and the fact that a communist nation, China, has embraced capitalism should prove it to those who still suffer from cranial-anal inversion syndrome.   Both are simply control systems enforced by the state.   The U.S. is clearly not the source of all global tension.   But being the largest empire in history, it eventually plays a role in most global tension by trying to control everything.    China has murdered tens of millions of its own citizens.   And massive centrally-planned, historical economic blunders of the Chinese communist party have resulted in tens of millions of more deaths through famine.   China is a belligerent, violent, megalomania state and its neighbors clearly understand that and have expressed said concerns about its growing passion for power in recent years.   Philippines President Aquino’s recent comparisons of China to Nazi Germany are actually quite prescient.   There is a substantial truth to what he states well beyond just political rhetoric.  And there is no doubt that China has expansionary plans for state power.   At last look, China had plans for at least four aircraft carriers and that would clearly place them only behind the United States in the projection of naval power.   Look, I have written of this extensively, and wrote it was going to happen years before it actually did, but U.S. empire has kept a lid on the world’s thugs, dictators and lunatics.    With empire in decline, or, if you prefer, with other states rising in power, the world has become a madhouse.   The chaos that will ensue with an outright collapse of U.S. empire would be incredible.

Once again, as a historical parallel, while the British Empire was the most oppressive, murderous, enslaving force leading up to World War II, it was the states of Germany, Japan and Italy who sought to muscle in on global state power that threatened the existing order of things.    The parallels today are clear.   U.S. empire is being challenged everywhere.   There are state power grabs everywhere as empire is in the late stages of overreach.    The question is how many of these states can actually manipulate their citizens to start all-out conflict against another state or against humanity at large?  I’m dubious in societies that use propaganda to control their citizens but still have relatively free flow of information.  ie, Western capitalist societies.   Russia and China do not fit that bill.   There are very severe restrictions on the flow of information in these states.  While all western nations are highly propagandized, the truth is out there if people want to find it.   And that awakening is happening at an unprecedented rate.  

Both China and the U.S. are aggressively targeting each other with acts of state violence.   Whether that is the endless cyber attacks against each other, China’s espionage used to steal U.S. technology, China’s attempt to muscle in on U.S. empire’s financial domination, bellicose remarks coming out of China regarding many statements against the U.S., China’s large increase in military spending, the restriction and replacement of U.S. company technology with initiatives demanding China’s specific content and technology, U.S. spying through corporate eyes or quite a few other dynamics, the U.S. military pivot to Asia and on and on.   The United States, and to a lesser extent, it’s allies and even many neutral or Russian-leaning states like Vietnam have come out recently and attacked China’s policy of aggression.  Whether that is their aggression in the South China Sea or the disputed Senkaku Islands or their increased bellicose rhetoric or increased espionage or whatnot.  China has been very aggressive in expanding its sphere of influence and rattling its neighbors, including not just Japan but India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines.  And it has recently issued ultimatums to the United States to stay out of the South China Sea or as some of the more bellicose state news agencies have reported, war with the United States would be imminent.   Now, much of that is state posturing but that’s where we get back to political miscalculation.  

These are very dangerous times and as noted back soon after Obama took the presidency, we were entering a war cycle as foretold by mundane and planetary astrology.   Since that statement we have seen the announcement of massive military buildup plans by many nations including Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and Japan.   And we have seen the rise of the military Islamic state (ISIS), the attacks on Libya and Syria and greater violence around the world.    And the Pope has come out and stated with all of the violence in the world today, we are experiencing World War III right now.    As just one example, to compare the amount of military spending in Russia to the United States, we haven’t seen that level of spending, currently underway in Russia, in this nation since World War II.   Russia is the number one death dealer in the world today, surpassing the United States in weapon sales.   And Russia’s economy is in full depression whilst the state doubles down on military spending.   Their GDP is falling at a rate similar to that of the United States during the 2008 collapse and inflation has skyrocketed with a collapsed ruble. (The actual implosion is worse  than projections at the beginning of this year.)    A major question I have re the war cycle is will this be a cycle of war between states, humanity’s war against the state or should I say the state’s war against humanity (which is driving global separatist and secession movements) or a combination of both?  

So far, it is both.   But, I anticipate the worm will turn and most of that energy will be expended in clashes between the state and humanity.   World War III could be the war to end all wars.   That is, the war to rid ourselves permanently of the concept of the state through a global revolution against corporations and their protectorate, the state.    For with no state, there is no possibility of global or world war.    And you will see why, more profoundly, in other upcoming posts. 

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