Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Data From The “Concentrated” Real Estate Bubble - Class-Based, Private For-Profit Capital, The Investor Class And Their Enabler, The Federal Reserve, Are Holding The Bag

What a fitting final post for 2013.  A post that is a microcosm for all of the fraud, deceit, manipulation and outright lies that define the class-based corporate state – literally everything touched by the corporate state and its violent, predatory and rent-extracting invention, corporate capitalism, is corrupt.  And, now Americans are finally getting an unvarnished look at the breadth and depth of corporate capitalism and the corporate state as we tumble down its seemingly bottomless rabbit hole of dystopia. 

I have discussed on here the countless dynamics that have led to another real estate bubble; policies that suppress the supply glut while creating new predatory sources of demand.  The policy changes that allowed banks to become rent-seeking landlords rather than deal with the toxic assets on their books, the massive swell of free money that allowed private equity, investment banks and vulture capital to buy unprecedented amounts of housing as rent-seeking landlords, the Federal Reserve buying up trillions of dollars of Wall Street’s toxic and criminal mistakes to mask their collapse, the Federal Reserve’s free money policy for financial predators that simply restarted past behavior, etc.  

It should be no surprise that the Case-Shiller Index has been rising for well over a year at a rapid and clearly unsustainable pace.  When pumped by the shills at CNBC to chime in on the faux housing recovery, Professor Shiller remarked just a few months ago that he didn’t see this as a sign of recovery but rather a result of exogenous circumstances created by the financial system.  And, he certainly is accurate.  This new real estate bubble was not driven by citizen demand for housing but by corrupt and crony policies that backstopped and bailed out predatory, rent-seeking corporate criminals and the pathocracy. 

Housing affordability is now once again unattainable for most   Americans as prices skyrocket in large metro markets manipulated by financial predators and the corporate state.  In the process of enslaving Americans into an even greater level of financial rent extraction, private for-profit capital is once again holding the bag.  And, so is the Federal Reserve now that its balance sheet has swollen into unprecedented territory.  All the Federal Reserve has done is reflate the last economic bubble but make it even larger.  By the way, this is the last bubble as noted on here many times.  We are in the relative calm of the eye of the storm.  The back end of this storm will be devastating to this system. 

Las Vegas leads the way of insanity with a just-reported, and nearly unbelievable, 27.1% year-over-year increase with San Francisco and Los Angeles not far behind.   Think about that.  The value of real estate for however long one wishes to define it, increased by more than one fourth in one year comparative to all historical value.  (To get some level of comparative, real estate in China has often been increasing at these rates month-over-month rather than year over year.  Truly frightening for what is yet to come in China.) 

This bubble has been created while substantially less people are employed as more workers have entered the workplace and the labor participation rate has not budged.   This bubble has been created while the vast majority of jobs created since the 2008 crash are nonliving wage, doing-each-other’s-laundry service economy jobs.  This bubble has been created while poverty rises daily to record levels in our nation.  This bubble has been created while no new wealth has actually been created in the vacuum of Wall Street, Washington and Federal Reserve corruption and ignorance.   This bubble has created asset values that are clearly nothing more than a figment of the imagination.

When I get the chance to put up my follow-on posts on the mythical service economy, I’ll share some data points that literally no one else is talking about.  Because literally no one else understands.  I do mean literally no one.   At least no one alive who has a voice in this system.  It will help readers gain an appreciation of how massive this bubble is, and as it relates to this post, why housing, corporate real estate and farmland prices could literally collapse to levels of 20-35 years ago.  Or why money, as an institution of the ego (control), could literally become meaningless.  

The latest city-by-city look at astronomical house price increases and the new Federal Reserve/corporate state induced real estate bubble.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Links From Around A Mad World Of State Violence

Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl.  I suppose that depends on how it is measured but clearly both are horrific examples of state violence.  Corporations, corporate capitalism and communism are inventions of the state used to project state violence.  The only reason we consume so much energy is because it serves the projection of state violence.  A long-time thesis on here remains that energy prices will implode as this socioeconomic system collapses.  Peak oil this cycle is a myth created by fanatics.

Bomber-in-Chief seeks to spend nearly $400 billion on new nuclear weapons of horrific planet-ending death while record numbers of Americans live in abject poverty.  In a word, Godless state violence.

Unusual whale activity points to something is amiss in the pacific ocean.

Inside the NSA’s top secret hacking unit.  A great piece by Der Spiegel on more criminal behavior of the state and its endless violence. 

Americans on wrong side of income gap run out of means to cope.  Peak prosperity as many claim?  Hahaha.  Not!  Peak prosperity for the state and its violent invention of corporate capitalism.   Certainly not peak prosperity for the masses, the natural world and the earth’s ecosystems that are treated as debt serfs, wage slaves, state welfare captives and chattel to be raped and terrorized by the corporate state.  Peak prosperity for the pathocracy.

CIA corruption versus freedom in America courtesy of Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst.  Umm, more state violence.

China continues blowing debt bubbles as its capital engine collapses.  As I have noted on here ad nauseam, debt is nothing more than a boogeyman enforced by the state.  The real crisis is overproduction and its requisite overconsumption that corporate capitalism requires to survive.  China’s statist mercantilist (violence-based) economic policies that it learned from the British and American Empires will lead to devastating consequences for the communist state.

Solar pole reversal nearly complete.  With the passing of the beginning battle of good and evil that defined the late Scorpio astrological alignment in November and now with the solar pole reversal nearly complete, the fortunes of the pathocracy are almost certainly putting in their all-time peak as I type this.

Japan recruits homeless for Fukushima cleanup.  More state violence against people who cannot defend themselves from the force of the state.

Indian high court criminalizes being gay.  More state violence and hate that is the cornerstone of a disconnected ego.

Facebook is dead.   Another thesis on here is that Facebook may not survive the decade.

Once again China is refusing U.S. GMO corn.  Without the force of the state, GMO will eventually collapse.

Fierce storms rage worldwide.  A sign of the times and the cycle of volatility that is the mainstay of what is unfolding around the world.

The U.S. and Saudis team up to create terrorists.  More state violence.

CNN poll shows support for Obamacare crashes.  Support for state violence crashes.

U.S. elites dodge taxes forever.  More state-backed violence against humanity.

The U.S. continues to flood the Middle East with weapons of death and misery in its efforts to promote peace.  The war state in its full glory of death and misery.

Ivy League cronies run Wall Street.    More state violence.  The crony networks of Ivy League schools has been discussed on here ad nauseam.  It’s how places like Harvard, Yale and others maintain their “mystique” and outrageous profits.   This behavior is systemic in our dumbed-down society.  Law firms, consulting firms and Wall Street are three major offenders.  And, as noted on here seven or so years ago, this is how Wall Street increases its grip on society.  Private, for-profit capital and the investor class have financialized nonfinancial firms by placing their cronies all throughout the economy in senior positions.  Their mismanagement and financialization have destroyed countless industrial firms.  

U.S. and U.K. in massive Sudan land grab.  More examples of the endless violence of the king’s corporate capitalism and the state.

Yellowstone’s magma pocket far larger than previously estimated.

Fukushima death spreads all over the earth.

New Obamacare taxes coming in 2014.  Of course, all to support corporate profits in the sick care complex.  More state violence. 

How bad is China’s cash crunch?  China only keeps blowing larger bubbles.  The size and scope of its bubble is unprecedented in modern human history.

The real Edward Snowden.

Academics who defend Wall Street criminals reap reward.  This dynamic is systemic as discussed on here.  Anyone supporting the corporatocracy is rewarded with massive conflicts of interest.  This is systemic in the health care and industrial food arena as well.   It is systemic because the violence of the state is systemic.

USS Calhoun dumbed thousands of tons of radiation into the ocean.  More hidden secrets in the dangers of today’s nuclear power industry.

Japanese island triples in size.  There are numerous new islands forming around the world.  More potential data points that one of the factors affecting climate and ocean acidification is that the earth is heating up from the inside out. 

American experiments that the Nazis used as a defense.  Actually this is mild comparative to many atrocities in past U.S. and Britain state violence as noted on here in past posts. 

Utilities fight green energy.  More of that free market corporate capitalism that serves humanity and democracy so well.  Oh, and state violence.

Five winter therapies using salt.

McDonald’s encourages employees not to eat fast food.  Well, then after  substantial press, they apparently took the site down.  More state violence.

Obama turns public education over to corporations.  This is part of the dumbing down of education and state violence and I have a whole lot more I’ll continue to post on this topic. 

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Animal Cruelty: The Price We Pay For Cheap Meat

Growing up on a farm and in a farming community, it’s hard for me to believe the state of agriculture that exists today.  It becomes more and more dystopian with each passing year.  We pump unlimited toxins into the ecosystem and our foods in the name of achieving a faux sense of unsustainable efficiency and productivity.  And the ruthless Teutonic efficiency under which this system operates is beyond words.   It’s truly reminiscent of The Final Solution.  Of course, it’s this level of ruthless and inhumane  efficiency that defines the Godless corporate state and corporate capitalism be that food or any other unchecked corporate or corporate state endeavor. 

The inhumane bureaucrats who are responsible for this system have created a destructive, predatory junk and sick food complex that they enforce through the application of endless state violence.  Ripping up community farms, stopping citizens from exercising their food rights, attempting to label many raw and natural food citizens as criminals, passing legislation that makes it a crime to actually speak the truth about the state of the industry, paying scientists to write junk science articles and perform junk science research, an all out war on people seeking to expose the truth about their practices, endless corporate propaganda and misinformation on GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, drugs, chemicals and on and on.   In many ways it is far worse than anything Orwell could have imagined.  It is brutally Kafkaesque. 

Mercy for Animals and many others have exposed animal brutality that would bring tears to the eyes of anyone that has pets or has a deep compassion for animals and all life.   Their Youtube channel is here.  I must forewarn you that their videos are graphically violent and there is substantial animal brutality that cannot be described by any other words than truly evil.  Some of them so horrible it was literally impossible for me to watch.   But, we cannot turn our eyes away from the endless violence and inhumaneness of the Godless corporate state. 

Kudos to Rolling Stone for its exposé in this article - Animal Cruelty: The Price We Pay For Cheap Meat.   Might I say, cheap in more regards than price.  Cheap as in inferior quality.  Cheap as in often so loaded with toxins, drugs, chemicals and a nutrient/fat profile that arguably (scientifically) makes it unsuitable for human consumption. 

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Amazon Is Discounting Earnings Back To The Fall Of The Roman Empire



The powers that be have become so habituated to the massive bubble that has been building for decades that insanity is the new normal.   And, they can find an untold number of explanations to rationalize it away.

With the Russell 2000 discounting nearly 100 years of earnings, mortgage applications collapsing, profit warnings reaching all-time record levels, with the corporate state issuing more federal debt than actual GDP growth, with more people unemployed than when Obama took office, with Twitter now worth $40 billion dollars even though it will almost certainly never make a profit with its current business model, with corporate earnings so many sigmas out of bounds that there is no historical precedence and on and on.    The swell of money placed into the hands of the pathocracy is staggering.  All while countless tens of millions of Americans rot under corporate state repression.  All accomplished by burying the dollar over the last thirty years.

And, amongst all of the other insanity, Amazon, a company whose stock I love to hate,  is now discounting nearly 1,500 years of earnings with its current price to earnings ratio.  Earnings achieved by using a payables float scheme to create working capital out of thin air as noted on here before.   1,500 years.  In the rear view mirror, that takes us about back to the collapse of the Roman Empire.  How appropriate.  Of course, discounting earnings is really a forward mechanism so the company is discounting current earnings until about the year 3,500.  The company will be lucky to survive the next ten years in its current form.  

Amazon was at astronomical bubble levels in 2000 and again in 2008 before the last collapse.  But, it took the Federal Reserve’s asinine and criminal policies of Wall Street bailouts, endless free money to the investor class and buying a trillion dollars a year of Wall Street’s toxic trash, while letting Americans rot, to really push the company’s stock into another universe.   Today’s global bubble is far and away the largest in the series of bubbles that define the 1995-present blow off topic in free market corporate capitalism.  And it is global central banks that blew it with their ludicrous voodoo economics.  

The above chart shows linear regression channels similar to those used on Apple’s stock in past posts.  And, just days before Apple stock collapsed, I showed the exact same pattern as Amazon is exhibiting and wrote of the stock’s impending doom.  (A wild rush upward out of its linear regression channels into a blow off top.)   How appropriate.  Because today, more loonies in the insane asylum are once again calling for Apple to breach $1,000 a share this coming year.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Mindful Holiday Message

In today’s world the disconnected or Godless ego is in its full glory and is in total control.  Or so it thinks.  That control is nothing more than an illusion.  Unfortunately, we see this manifested in nearly every form of social, political, corporate and religious violence that is often all-consuming and everywhere around the world today.  The disconnected ego endlessly seeks to control the world and people around it to ameliorate its own victimizing demons.  Violently, if necessary.  This fear-based control subverts truth, discovery and connection.  It is Godless.  The ego and its perceptions of separateness subverts the ability of our mind’s higher power or our own divinity from connecting to the world around us.  It literally shuts down the normal functioning our mind. 

The comments over the last few years from Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty are really no different than those of political-correctness that is so systemic in our ignorant corporate capitalist culture.  There is a conformity to dumbed-down, control-driven social values and norms that ignorant people of all ilk follow.  Whether those social norms are steeped in religion or politically-acceptable social behavior is really no different.  And, mind you, all people are ignorant without mindfulness of our ego’s impulsive, instinctive, petulant, violent and judgmental behavior.   It’s part and parcel to the endless madness of a Godless world. 

Godless – Any learned actions or beliefs that have a fear-driven intent to control.  Actions that seek to separate us or others from the cycle of life, the human family, the family of all living things and the world around us.  These perceptions of separateness are achieved by exalting the ego’s manifestations of competition, ambition, conditionality, greed, envy, vanity, gluttony, covetousness, power, judgment, attachment, superiority, hate, authority, aggression, violence, exploitation, control, etc.  These are the social values of modern corporate capitalist society. 

Human values – Our innate values.  They are not learned as are Godless social values and the ego’s values.  They are not derived through the ego’s perceptions of separateness but instead through the divine connection of all life.  When we as human beings are of sound mind and connected to our mind’s higher power,  human values are manifested in all of us.  They are timeless.  They are without borders.   Those values are community, dignity, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, honesty, respect, kindness, equality, trust, love, selflessness, etc.   They are derived from our mind’s higher power or our mind’s divinity.  They are the values of truth.  They are the values of democracy.  They are the values of the eternal light of the human mind.  They are the values of a society that has citizen government rather than hierarchy or a ruling class of power-mad, controlling minds of religious, corporate and political bureaucrats driven by ego and its fear-driven manifestations of control. 

I don’t care how smart or educated anyone thinks they are.   Without mindfulness, we are all victims of our own victimization and our own ignorance.  To be honest, in our disconnected and ignorant society, liberal elitists are some of the worst offenders of their own ignorance.  Their egos squeal with delight as they mock the intelligence of the religious right (just one of countless violent, ego-driven labels of a disconnected world) with their widely held beliefs of intellectual superiority.  And, in return the religious right mocks the left elites by hiding behind their ego-driven beliefs of superior morality that guarantees them a place in the afterlife that the heathen left will miss out on.  Or so they perceive.  But their behavior too is Godless and ignorant. 

The complete certainty of people who have no idea what science actually is or isn’t or what theory is or isn’t or what incontrovertible truth is or isn’t that defines the fanatic and primitive mindset of anthropogenic global warming true believer is just one example is the same type of intellectual ignorance.  It’s no different than Phil Robertson and his ignorant remarks about gay people and African Americans.  We live in a world with countless examples of the ego’s ignorance enforced through social violence often bordering on abuse. 

This type of endless ignorance is systemic in modern corporate capitalist society and its dumbed-down belief systems and dumbed-down values systems.  And, in some ways all of us unmindfully succumb to some level of this ignorance and violence in our own existence. 

When one understands the unmindful foibles of the human ego and its perceptions of reality, one cannot help but be mindfully dubious of the concept of divine judgment that has become such a part of modern-day religious ideology.  The divine judgment that is behind the rambling ignorance of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.  It is the ego in its fully glory of ignorance, violence, exploitation, separateness and control that is the source of all judgment.  That we assign our ego’s violent and control-driven values to our mind’s higher power or God or a divine life force of the universe is creating a god of judgment in our ego’s image rather than creating a world where our own divinity and timeless human values are exalted above the foibles and outright evils of the ego or manifested self.  "We do not judge the people we love." - Jean-Paul Sartre

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.

Humanity has lost its connection to our own divinity.  It has become Godless through the embrace of the pathocracy’s ego-driven values of markets, capitalism, judgment, survival of the fittest and other manifestations of the ego and its perceptions of separateness.  In the process it has become disconnected to that which makes us human.  That is, our mind’s higher power and our own divinity.

The only way our world will ever change is to become enlightened or mindful of our ego’s own selfish, destructive, ignorant, victimizing and violent beliefs.  Mindfulness that rejects the Godless and meaningless existence of class-based hierarchy, institutionalized ideology, modern corporate capitalist society, the corporate state and other manifestations of control.  We are well on our way to such a global awakening as has been a long-time thesis on here.  But, true to form, the disconnected ego is resistant, cunning, deceitful, manipulative and will do anything to stop its own mindful awareness.  It will do anything to continue its own self-destruction.   So there is much more yet to be discovered.  There is much truth yet to be revealed before we live in a loving world of connection and compassion.     

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Farcical Ryan Budget Deal, Corporate State Violence, Austerity And The End Of Money

To start, just a few comments about the “budget deal” in Washington.  There are some that are mortified by its contents or lack of willingness to address reality.   It seems as though some people still live under the delusion that we can save this system.  Look, our monetary and financial systems are finished.   Anyone who still has delusions that this system will be saved just isn’t facing up to reality.   And for those who believe all we have to do is cut government spending, a popular meme put forth by the plutocrats and adopted by their useful idiots, we aren’t going to cut our way to prosperity.  In this debt-based monetary system, cuts will lead to crisis or collapse.  Even if that includes cuts to completely useless programs.  It still reduces the quantity of money in the economy.   The only way to increase the quantity of money is to create new money.   The only way to create new money in this system is by issuing more debt.  (Or by the Fed monetizing debt aka money printing)   That certainly is insane but that actually isn’t the worst injustice of this system. 

In an economy that is truly increasing its productive ability (monetization of science and invention) to meet the needs of society, debt can always be inflated away.  The U.S. has done this in the past.  In fact, we had forgiven countless foreign debts when we had an economy capable of doing so.  50 years ago, the U.S. could deal with this debt load for various economic reasons.  Not today.  Not without a massive restructuring of our economy that the plutocrats and globalists will certainly block.  Today the U.S. economy has become a Humpty Dumpty in many regards courtesy of corporate and aristocratic interests.  A service-based economy does not allow for debt to be inflated away as I have discussed ad nauseam.  That very reason is why China and the U.S. has seen an explosion of debt since 2008.  Because now both the U.S. and Chinese economies are reliant on consumption and their service economies to carry the load for collapsing capitalism.  So, rather than productively being able to inflate away debt, we have simply seen an explosion of global debt since 2008.  At some point I’ll put up a post explaining this in detail. 

It should be of no surprise that this budget “deal” cuts the retiree benefits for military personnel while our budget policies give an “accidental” $100 billion tax break to the plutocrats.   There are no accidents.  Only distortions and deceptions.   This system has become wildly unjust and capable of incredible evil.  

Paul Ryan, the architect of this secret budget deal, has a very disconcerting persona to me.  That he crossed the isle to help craft this budget was almost certainly contrived by his insatiable desire for more power.   Unbridled ambition, driven by ego, thwarts human connection and empathy.  We see that in spades with Ryan; one of the plutocracy’s staunchest supporters of free market corporate capitalism and its endless social violence.  In order to appear presidential, and to have a chance at winning the presidency, the Washington propaganda machine believes it has to show an ability to compromise.  This budget deal proves to the propagandists that are manufacturing Ryan’s image, that he has an ability to do that.   These are the same propagandists who contrived the deceptive Obama image. 

Contrarily, compromise with this system is nothing more than an appeasement of evil.   It is Chamberlain’s agreement with Hitler.  We look more like the British Empire in 1776 than ever.  But our empire is breaking apart from the inside-out unlike the British Empire.  Today we have people of all ilk who wish to see economic and social justice on one side of this “breaking apart” and on the other side the Paul Ryans, the Barack Obamas and the idiocracy seeking to hold the corporate plutocracy together. 

People who wax poetic about what America used to be are simply not willing to face their delusional belief systems and accept the truth.  Our nation has always been wildly corrupt and driven by class that is an affront to human dignity and the will of the people or democracy.  I have written of some of the historical dynamics surrounding this statement time and again.  Smedley Butler wrote of the military being nothing more than corporate strong men.  Legalized bribery of politicians for the first 80 years of our nation’s existence.  The list of corruptions are endless.  Washington always has been a Parliament of Whores

The only difference from past periods of outright slavery to wage slavery  is that now corporate capitalism has reached a very mature state.  So, we have a mature corporate economy as has existed in Europe forever.   Or, as I like to think of it, a mature forest of dead wood that is choking out new growth and diversity of invention, creativity and ideas.   The laws of nature hate control or monoculture (corporate-controlled) ecosystems whether they are economic or on the plains of Africa.  Corporate capitalist bureaucrats seek greater order and efficiency, just as their communist brethren did.  But nature seeks greater and greater entropy or disorder.  Eventually nature torches that mature forest or dead wood to allow for renewal, rebirth and new growth.  So too will the forces of nature solve our current dilemma.  And, while natural disaster certainly could play a role in the crackup of this system, the forces of nature that are likely to bring this system down are that of the human mind and its desire to be free.  To be able to invent, create and express itself without being controlled by corporate capitalism or communism or any other form of state violence.  

In the past, there was always some way to outrun the corporate state.   Whether that was by heading west to an undeveloped or underdeveloped part of the nation or by serving society as an entrepreneur in some way that was not dominated by corporate power.  But, today, corporations and the corporate state control everything.  They have rigged everything.  They suppress democracy and humanity through endless dynamics.  Corporate capitalism and the corporate state and its manifestations of class makes us ignorant and dumbs down society.   And, most often it does so through psychological violence so we become unaware of our ignorance.

This brings me to a topic I have talked about on here in the past.  All of these dynamics of austerity create a self-fulfilling prophecy in the decline of the quantity of money.  Bernanke is a Friedmanite (religious ideologue) who believes it was the collapse in the quantity of money that led to the Great Depression.  Obviously, this theory was created well after the Great Depression as curve-fitted junk science.  And, as I have noted on here many times, this theory will fail central bankers.   The quantity of money is very important in this current economic system but in a vacuum, or taken out of context to serve the desires of class and corporations, it is useless.  Simply increasing the quantity of money regardless of the reasons or economic value to democracy, as is the case today, is literally nothing short of insanity.    ( I’ll come back to this at some point and show how Friedman and Reagan teamed up to enhance the ignorance of the junk science of economics using the QoM theory that we are now dealing with.   But for now, I want to focus on the quantity of money in this environment. )

Austerity as prescribed by Rogoff & Reinhart, our corporate masters, the Federal Reserve, Washington pathocrats and other loonies in this system is ludicrous.  All it takes is one example to falsify their conclusions and we can then recognize their theory as junk.  And, there are many examples that falsify their ignorant theories.  Yet, since science in this nation has been turned into a mockery, no one in the mainstream seems to even have an understanding of what a sound scientific argument is.  Or what scientific falsification even is.  So, instead we live through the ignorance of an inverted society or a plutocracy that constantly is throwing out all of these junk theories like austerity.  ie,   In the corporate state conformity and ignorance are rewarded with advancement and riches while suppressing the creativity, inventiveness and genius of the masses.  Austerity is certainly one truism of this.  

Whether it is the destruction of private pensions that was so prevalent under the Clinton administration, or the destruction of public pensions that is now happening under the Obama administration, or the collapse of financially-trade assets (stocks and real estate) under Bush, or the austerity programs that involve cuts in social spending that have become a Washington mainstay for the last twenty years, or the replacement of high wage productive jobs with low wage service jobs or full-time jobs being replaced by part-time or temporary jobs, or the cut in military pensions advocated by the Ryan budget, all of these dynamics and more suck huge quantities of money out of the economy and leave massive distortions in their wake.   All use corporate state violence to reduce the quantity and breadth of money.  Not just in the future but in the present.  If my pension no longer exists, I am going to reduce my spending today due to the uncertainly of my future.  And, if I am about to enter retirement or currently in retirement, it has an even more profound effect.   

Austerity has the exact same impact on the quantity of money as the massive wave of bank failures that took place in the Great Depression.   Both created the exact same outcome of a collapse in the quantity of money.  We see this today in places like Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo.   Once industrial powerhouses that have been reduced to economic rubble.  Their collapsed, and I do mean literally collapsed, (If you haven’t been to these places, you could assume I am exaggerating.  But the accurate word is collapsed.)  economies and massive impoverishment are a sign of the quantity of money collapsing in their localities.   They have been under a system of austerity for decades.   But this is not just a geographic issue.  It is also a demographic issue driven by private, class-based interests controlling our economy, our banking and our money.

Do you want to see your future under austerity that our masters wish to impose?  Look at Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo.  There isn’t a large enough quantity of money in their local economies to conduct commerce and trade; something I have talked about on here quite often over the years.   That is austerity.  This economic crisis is contrived.   Not necessarily contrived as in it was willfully and intentionally created.  It is contrived because private and class-based interests control access to democracy’s capital, and thus, the artificial control system of money used to exploit it or gain access to it.   You might be the smartest person in the world who is capable of curing cancer or solving every sickness known to man, but if you live in geographies or demographics that are under the faux intellectual suppression of austerity, you are most generally destined to live in squalor and have your genius go unfulfilled.  To have it suppressed by class and private interests.  Suppressed for no other reason than the artificial control of the quantity of money that class-based interests, corporations and private banks exert over our society.   That is how the ignorant elites and the pathocratic predators maintain control.  They do so via controlling access to democracy’s capital and through controlling the quantity of money.  Money is a tool of enslavement.  It has never been a tool of empowerment.  The only way money could be empowering and democratic is if it is abundantly available to all citizens to monetize their creativity and inventiveness.  That is, the only money could be democratic is to fiat money as noted on here ad nauseam.

The reason why this control dynamic exists is because corporations and private, for-profit interests determine the quantity of money in our economic system.  And, the only way to ameliorate that dynamic under today’s corrupt, anti-democratic monetary and banking system is through the corporate state pumping up the quantity of money when corporations won’t.  They do this by spending endlessly on wars, corporate handouts, welfare, bridges to no where, pork spending projects, the overproduction of military weapons, the overproduction of industrial food, etc that benefits class and elites.  ie, Keynesianism.  That is, central planning of the idiocracy.  

So we have people with no qualifications to improve our lot in life, who have little to no skills other than rhetoric and control making all of our economic decisions.  Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are in your living room telling you how your money is going to be spent.   How society’s capital is going to be allocated.  And they are doing so by creating bureaucratic, violent, state-based or state-controlled programs that increase state influence and power rather than increasing your own freedom, personal safety or well-being.  This leads to massive violence against humanity as ignorant bureaucrats impose their will on society’s livelihood.   Just as the Soviets, the British Empire and the Nazis did. 

This choice between corporations and private interests controlling our quantity of money and the corporate state central planners controlling the quantity of money is a false choice of violence created by class-based corporate capitalism.  There are many routes to increase the quantity of money in any economy beyond corporations or state overspending or debt serfdom.  That includes methods that increase economic vibrancy and empowerment of our citizens rather than pumping up the welfare state or corporate profits.  I gave some examples of how to do this in my last post and many other prior posts. 

If I laid out what our monetary and banking system could look like, I think most people would be floored.   Because they have been willfully kept ignorant of what our world really could be.  And how the quality of life and personal empowerment could literally explode upward for most people in this world were it void of this repressive, violent, exploitative system of class-based control.   With just a swag, were wealth in our nation to be distributed equally, every family would have a six figure income.  No one would ever have to rent.  No one would ever have to use debt to enjoy a life of personal safety and abundance.  No one would ever have to go without food, clothing or a great education or world-class health care.  And the price of real estate, houses, etc, would collapse to the point of everyone being able to live essentially anywhere in our nation rather than a nation separated by neighborhoods of haves versus have-nots.   If  income were distributed more democratically, we wouldn’t have such a disparity in what people can and cannot afford to simply stay alive.  Now, I’m not advocating a system of equal pay but rather I want to make a point of how truly evil this system is.

The welfare state exists because our economic system is unjust.  It does not exist to serve the needs to society or democracy.  It exists to serve class and privilege.  The welfare state exists to serve private interests that want to privatize gains and socialize losses.  Dumping people on the public dole serves corporate capitalism and class-based interests who loot with impunity and not the people who lose their determinism and dignity through such inhumane and violent welfare state programs.  If our society was just, people would always have the ability to make a living wage and have substantial, if not final say, over their economic determinism.  That is a natural right. 

So, the more austerity gains a grip on our society, the more likely we are going to see some type of out-of-bounds monetary event.  I have written on here extensively that we will someday see the end of money.   Forever.   That it is an institution of the ego or an institution of control and that it primarily serves the purpose of ego and its manifestations of greed, evil, power, control, selfishness, etc.  And when money dies it won’t likely happen out of virtue but out of necessity.  

Let me give you one example of how money could fail this cycle, either temporarily or in a first phase of permanency, because of people like Paul Ryan, Barack Obama and the Rogoffs and Reinharts of this world who support this endless ignorance of the dumbed-down corporate state.  

As we see a greater concentration of wealth in our society, due exclusively to wealth-shifting and rent-seeking economic policies to support the plutocracy, coupled with austerity, we could see a day where an extremely large swath of the population has no money to speak of.  Especially if asset prices collapse.  Which, they certainly will without radical reform.  Reform that the plutocracy and corporate capitalism will resist. 

This dynamic is the exact same dynamic that the economy faced in the 2008 collapse.   But, rather than with money itself, it was with monetary equivalents.  ie, bonds.   Mortgage-backed securities were concentrated in the hands of the plutocracy just as money is today.  And, there were no more counterparties left to trade with.  There was no one to buy any more of their monetary equivalents or take the opposite side of the trade for mortgage-backed securities.  What happened?  The economy collapsed.  Or should I say the microcosm of the economy that was trading these monetary equivalents collapsed. 

Expand this from the small microcosm of monetary equivalents to the entire U.S. economy and the generalization of money.   We are already on our way to something along these lines as corporations and the plutocracy amass greater and greater concentration of paper wealth or money.  A wealth that has come to have no meaning in almost every regard.  Especially because most people have little of it.  And, because most people have little of it, its economic value is severely limited or even verging on useless.   Our economic system is reminiscent of past examples of the gold standard where the plutocracy controlled and owned all of the money.   That should be no surprise.  All feudalist economic systems eschew the monetization of society’s best and brightest ideas in favor of control;  a dynamic the gold standard effectively accomplished.

Just as in 2008, there is a broad swath of the economy that cannot actually take a counterparty trade for the massive monetary wealth held by Wall Street and the plutocracy.  We could easily see a day when someone who has amassed $50 or $500 million or $5 or $50 billion can find no counterparty to  exchange for the accumulated money.  Go to Detroit or Appalachia and find someone who actually can take a trade for any money.  They either have nothing to offer economically, because the corporate state plutocracy has suppressed economic vibrancy of most Americans, or they have no money to offer in return for any economic trade.   In these microcosms of the economy, money has already lost almost all economic value.  In other words, there are large geographic areas in the U.S. where money could serve a greater purpose by burning it in the fireplace for heat.    There is little made in Appalachia or Detroit that money has almost no meaning.  But, money still serves a purpose in those areas or demographics for what may be made or acquired by the corporate state outside of those areas or demographics.   People in Detroit can still use money to buy economic goods and services made by people elsewhere.  People under the control of corporations.  The same control that suppresses the people of Detroit and disallows them from being economically-self determined.   The people of Detroit, as just one example, have become forced to the enslavement of consumerism rather than producers, inventors and creators.   Why?  Because the corporate state has violently willed it by denying them access to democratic money and capital.

And, how do the people of Detroit or Appalachia, as just two examples, acquire that money to buy goods and services they are violently denied from producing themselves?  Well, that would be money provided by government transfer payments of Social Security, Medicare, welfare, unemployment insurance, food stamps, etc.  that barely keep people alive.  Or, of course, by selling illegal drugs or whatnot.  Government austerity will only cut these transfer payment programs even further and, thus, have the potential to erode the usefulness of money in our economy even further.  And, what is arising outside of this system of monetary and economic control?  The barter economy, the underground economy and the illegal economy.  As noted in prior posts, more on that later.   

That the U.S. has future monetary obligations of $50 trillion or $300 trillion, or whatever number you want to make up, is the same meaningless nonsense as people having $50 million or $50 billion in cash or financially-propped up assets.  It’s just a  number that some day could have absolutely no meaning whatsoever.  Just like the Fed’s money printing that is all going into the hands of those who rigged the rules to their benefit.   There could easily come a day where all of the money in the world won’t buy you a loaf of bread.  Why?  Not because of hyperinflation.  But because through thirty-plus years of austerity and its effects of draining the quantity of money out of large swaths of the population and large segments of our geography, there may not be enough counterparties to take the trade.  When 50, 60, 70 percent or more of the people have little or no money, who is going to take the counterparty trade for corporations and the elite who are flush with money?   Money could easily become useless or worse before this cycle ends.  Most likely because so few people have any of it.  The quantity of money is a symptom.  And, it is a symptom that is only exacerbated by the horrendous economic policies of the Federal Reserve and the corporate state.  And, that doesn’t mean a dollar collapse is imminent either.  This could all happen with a violently rising dollar. 

The more fundamental question is if society can produce enough to feed, clothe and provide shelter for its citizens regardless of whether money is part of the equation.  Or whether today’s monetary and financial system is part of that equation.  The answer is clearly yes.  And we can do it substantially better than is being done today under this plutocratic, pathological economic, banking and monetary system.

In many ways the arrogant ignorance of people like Paul Ryan, Barack Obama and Jamie Dimon are a good thing.   Paul Ryan’s budget deal is good for most Americans.  Not good in the sense that the pathocrats believe.  Not good for the well being of Americans.   It is nothing more than a continuation of the horrendous injustices of this system.  But it is good in the sense that the unintended consequences to their actions only hasten crisis and/or collapse of the plutocracy.  Their own control-driven belief systems and their massive, unintended consequences are hastening the pathocrats own demise.  And quite possibly, the economic, financial and monetary systems that have allowed them to gain power over our democracy and our freedoms in the first place.  Karma certainly is a bitch.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Did Nelson Mandela Sell Out Black South Africans? How Black South Africa’s Plight Is A Corollary For Life In The U.S. Corporate State. And The Way Forward.

Unbeknownst to Americans in the early 1960s an unheard of man by the name of Nelson Mandela was imprisoned at that time because of his involvement in achieving social and economic justice for black Africans enslaved into a system of massive injustice, terrorism and brutality in his own homeland.  There has been ample evidence reported over the years that it was the CIA who provided the South African apartheid government with the whereabouts of Mandela that led to his arrest and imprisonment.  That the CIA is responsible for Mandela’s twenty seven years in prison.  

At the exact same time a similar revolution for social and economic justice was starting in the United States.  China too experienced Mao’s cultural revolution and the Soviet Union shut down the gulags and embraced a more humane society during substantial reforms of the 1960s.  In fact, during that time the Soviet economy roared and the general belief in the west was that it was just a matter of time until the Soviet economy overtook the U.S. economy to become the world’s largest.   (Sound familiar?  Similarly held beliefs re China today.) 

During the 1960s the world saw social revolution on every continent and in between including Cuba, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America where the U.S. was intervening militarily and through covert CIA operations.  That global movement was no coincidence.  The class-based corporate capitalists had created a world of exploited enemies.  The world was on fire in an effort to throw off their class-based economic and social oppressors.  

Just like today, there was a global revolution written in the stars.  And just like today the corporate state resorted to war, force, murder. mayhem, manipulation, deceit, spying and violence to stomp down the face of humanity in order to maintain its system of power, authority and class.  Unfortunately for most, the global revolution of the 1960s was a band-aid or worse.  There were hard fought gains in some places but in others the class-based corporate state was often replaced with another oppressive and dumbed-down form of state violence, communism, that was held out as a solution for what ailed the world. 

The 1960s were a warm-up for what was to come today.   Both were foretold by the same astrological factors.  But, what we are experiencing today is a magnitude more powerful.  Corporate capitalism and the class-based corporate state is almost certainly now in its latter stages of permanent failure.   It’s current attempts at austerity, war,  spying, threats, deceit, mayhem, control, terror, outright murder and all of its other manifestations of violence will fail.  There is nothing the U.S., Europe, South Africa, China, Japan, Canada or other corporate states can do to stop it.   It’s no great irony that I have noted on here that the central planners in communist China have embraced the corporate state just as it is in its final stages of collapse.  Central planners in all states are the consummate stooges in the dumbed-down corporate state idiocracy.  They make bureaucrats as willfully ignorant and just plain ole stupid in China just as they do in Amerika.

It has been years since I have written of Nelson Mandela on here.  But, I certainly consider him to be one of the most significant figures in the world over the last 100 years.     In a post some years ago I wrote -

It is my belief Nelson Mandela is the most selfless advocate of human rights and the greatest leader of my lifetime. How many have sacrificed over seventy years for freedom and dignity of their fellow man?  Especially under the constant threat of death.  And were willing to sacrifice their own freedom by spending thirty years in prison for the most noble of causes?  In a world that often shows little concern for those in true crisis, Nelson Mandela truly is a man of altruistic greatness.

Today Nelson Mandela is revered by the predatory pathocracy - the corporate state, corporate capitalism and corporate military-industrial complex – as the status quo sanitizes its past hatred of him.   But, we must remember that there was a time not too long ago that our nation’s predatory elite (and those of all class-based corporate capitalist countries) considered him a grave threat and sought his imprisonment or death.  He was labeled a Marxist, a radical, a terrorist and a member of a pro-Soviet organization, the African National Congress, by people of power and authority in class-based societies.  And the dumbed-down mainstream media was more than happy to oblige such reporting.  The U.S. had Mandela on its list of top terrorists.  The same list that included Osama Bin Laden.  And, now likely includes Edward Snowden.   Those labels were nothing but bullshit propaganda talking points meant to protect the pathocracy’s  self-interests, class privilege, control, power and rank.  (George Mason University has assembled a compendium of Mandela posts that are quite varied and interesting.)

In the karmic balance of our world, corporate capitalism and the class-based corporate state created Nelson Mandela.  For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.  But rather than take responsibility for that which it had created, the dumbed-down, ego-primitive idiocracy who control the global cabal of corporate capitalism simply attempted to dispose of him.  Just as they dispose of anyone that no longer serves its Godless rent extraction (profit) and exploitation in the corporate capitalist society.  Our elderly, the impoverished, the exploited, those who are down on their luck, those who serve in our military and anyone else who no longer serves any economic use.  

In actually it was the class-based corporate capitalists of South Africa that deserved the label of terrorist and criminal.  Not Mandela.   Mandela was fighting for the dignity of humanity to a violent system of massive human injustice and misery.  I have noted on here before that if class-based corporate capitalism was truly democratic and so virtuous, why have so many hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, around the world rebelled against its injustices?  And, for a time, by default, they fell into the hands of the Soviet Union and communists.  It is quite telling of how comparatively the horrendous injustices of communism were often viewed as offering relief to those suffering under the corporate state.   Both corporate capitalism and communism rely on incredible state force, both covert and overt, both psychological and physical, for their existence.  Both rely on forced ignorance and conformity that subvert the Rights of Man.

(An interesting and completely suppressed view on why apartheid may have cut a deal to release Mandela after previously refusing to acknowledge the ANC or release him.  It appears the South African corporate state saw its fate in the successful uprisings surrounding it.   That without some level of appeasement and easing of human rights,  the communists may have toppled United States and apartheid South African interests, and with it, the corporate state capitalists.) 

Was Mandela a communist?  Well, he was probably more a communist than a corporate capitalist.  But in actuality he was a human being looking to stop the madness of his corporate state masters that were destroying the lives of millions of his brothers and sisters.  Was he a “radical”?  Well, I guess that all depends on perspective.  To the class-based queen of England or the class-based Dutch monarchy or predatory private corporate bankers in the U.S., all of whom were plundering black South Africa, all of whom had much to lose if Mandela succeeded, sure he was.  But then Jesus of Nazareth was the consummate radical.  He’d be in prison or dead today just as Mandela was for the very same reasons. 

When people live under class-based tyranny and endless injustices and their class-based masters refuse to acknowledge their grievances or grant them their God-given dignity and rights, well, then, I suppose it is quite easy to become what class rank and title considers to be a radical or a terrorist.   Anyone espousing natural rights and freedoms certainly is a threat in any system of severe injustice, tyranny and corruption.

Who was Mandela really?  Beyond the asinine labels used to control him and control us by creating a negative manufactured image of him for benefit of our class-based masters, he was a human being.  A human being that lived under the repressive, brutal and inhumane system created by his European-heritage corporate capitalist masters.   What he was was a man of exceptional fortitude who would not bow to those who wished to control, victimize and exploit him.  But, rather he sought dignity, virtue and equality for all people under the brutal tyranny of corporate state violence.   Sound familiar?   Sounds a little like Martin Luther King, Jesus of Nazareth, Cesar Chavez, Mother Jones,  Mohammed, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Paine, Gandhi….. and the countless others around the world who were hated by privileged class.  People who are always labeled as terrorists and hated by the status quo and aristocratic, class-based purveyors of human misery, suffering and injustice. 

Nelson Mandela was one of those people whose actions often raise the bar for everyone around them.  Was he perfect?  Meh.  No one is above their own hypocritical finger wagging.   We all suffer from the human condition.  But what greater virtue is there than someone willing to sacrifice their life for those of our human family as Mandela did?   As I have noted on here before, we should not exalt people and all of their foibles, imperfections and behaviors but rather we should hold high the human and humane ideals they authentically seek to spread.  All people fall short of an idealistic image we may wish to use to portray them.   That is why we must exalt compassionate, humane, just laws and natural rights as opposed to the dysfunctional foibles and violence of the rule of man. 

The reality is the corporate state and capitalist class embraced Mandela when they learned he was no threat to their power and control.  When he essentially became part of “the club” in many ways.   This isn’t an indictment of Mandela.  Simply an observation that he believed the best way forward was the path he chose as a compromise with the class-based system he fought so hard to topple.   But, then there are many dynamics we are not privy to.  Does his compromise with the status quo mean his life’s accomplishments were of no value?  No.  But, it does mean that his life’s work remains unfinished.  Mandela won a battle but the war for human dignity and freedom still rages on.  Humanity has much work to still accomplish in his name.  And, more importantly in our name or humanity’s name.  

On that note, there was an op-ed at Bloomberg a few days ago that addresses Mandela’s agreement with the existing power elites in South Africa.  It is titled “Was Mandela Right to Sellout Black South Africans?”.    I’m not sure anyone should characterize Mandela’s life as a sellout.  But, rather his efforts were a work in progress that ended with a whimper in many regards.  Mandela did more for black Africans than any man in modern times.  Maybe ever.  But, I certainly do appreciate the sentiments of the Bloomberg author.   Maybe Mandela thought his actions were the only pragmatic way forward without collapsing South African society or creating a bloody civil war or creating neoliberal capital flight that may have plunged society into a morass of incredible starvation.  But, the reality is the vast majority of black South Africans continue to live in inhumane, unjust, abject poverty and squalor while the corporate state and a global corporate capitalist class rake in record profits from its natural riches and the exploitation of black Africans who labor in inhumane working conditions for their corporate masters.    You know, just like in the U.S.

So, let’s weave this discussion into current events in the U.S.  Or, should I say historical and current events in the U.S.   Black South Africans have essentially achieved the same status as minorities and the working class in the U.S.  And, by minorities, I don’t mean simply by race.  I mean impoverished whites, women and other minorities in a system of class-based, aristocratic, European-heritage patriarchy that dominates the class-based, global corporate capitalist cabal and the corporate state.  

Private, for-profit capital allows minorities and the working class in the U.S. to marginally access capital for generally merchant-type or consumptive-type businesses.   But, they keep a tight reign on the capitalist means of production that generates all of society’s wealth.   In other words, the aristocracy in Europe and the U.S. still dominates and controls our democracy and the world.  And, in the process subverts and controls human rights and freedom and forces people into class-based wage slavery, labor arbitrage and living off the dole of the corporate capitalism-created welfare state.   The aristocratic corporate capitalists, the investor class and society’s  elites choke off and drown out merit, ability, innovation, freedom and social justice.   They dumbs down humanity as the largest purveyor of ignorance.

Detroit, as a city with a large black population, in many ways is a poster child of the class-based capitalist repression and tyranny of black South Africa.  There are pockets of generally merchant class businesses in Detroit owned by black Americans.  But, the true power lies in the white, patriarchal, class-based control of democracy’s capital in Detroit, throughout this nation and around the world. 

To highlight this point, let’s take an anonymous remark from a brother of ours who pens what really happened in Detroit’s demise.  (anonymous so there is no attribution)  That is, as opposed to the pablum puke sanitized by the class-based capitalist class and their political toadies.  A sanitized and propagandized reality that is ignorantly accepted by so many in our society because it feeds into their fear-based ego’s subconscious shadow created by our masters.  A sanitized and propagandized reality that generally has racial undertones of black inferiority and incompetence that they wish to have us believe defines Detroit and our society in general: 

The auto companies pulled out of the city (Detroit) in the 60's and 70's. There was nothing sinister about it. The suburbs offered huge tracts of cheap land for development, and free infrastructure; farmlands became the Ford Livonia Transmission Plant, Warren Assembly, Novi, Sterling Heights, etc. Detroit was crowded with nearly two million people all living (except blacks) in single family homes.

White flight followed the flight of white capital. This was not unions, not African Americans, not Democrats making these decisions. It was white Republican auto execs.

Racism reared its ugly head in response to the Fair Housing Act, which said the "Negroes" could no longer be confined to ghettos, like the one in Detroit, and African-Americans could buy houses in white neighborhoods -- which was most of Detroit. Next came a white Republican judge who refused to order cross-district busing, and ordered busing restricted to Detroit's schools, driving more white residents with children out.

Then "globalization" sucked auto jobs out of Michigan, leaving the state with the highest unemployment in the nation. I don't think unions and Democrats asked for their jobs to be shipped overseas. Over decades, housing values declined, the city's industrial base disappeared as did the city's tax revenues. Kwame Kilpatrick can rot in hell, but his negative effect on Detroit is paltry compared to the racism and larger economic forces that brought the city to bankruptcy.

Not exactly in line with the bullshit fed to Americans by class-based political, corporate and financial predators who dare not take responsibility for the truth.  Or worse, are too ignorant to understand the truth. (more likely given we live in an inverted society where ignorance under the guise of conformity and support for this corrupt system is rewarded with advancement and privilege.) 

Now, I would like to clarify one point that needs clarifying in the italicized remarks above.  Small “L” liberals may not have wished to send their jobs overseas but it was big “L” Democratic Party elites,  the corporate state aristocracy and class-based private, for-profit capital who are the founders of corporate capitalist globalization.  And, they still are the major purveyors of massive job loss and loss of democratic economic determinism in this nation.  It was Clinton and now Obama that did, or are attempting to do, the most damage to our nation’s economy with their corporate capitalist trade agreements that have directly or indirectly led to the destruction of upwards of 85 million jobs in this nation over the last 35 or so years.   And, the predatory, exploitative, victimizing class-bases system will do the same thing to China, India and Vietnam they did to us if they are allowed to get away with it.  Just sit back and watch as I have written ad nauseam.

If the people of Detroit, South Africa, Camden and more broadly, our entire nation and the entire world had access to democracy’s and community’s capital, there would be no class-based, private, for-profit capital controlling, exploiting and preying upon and dumbing-down democracy, workers, our planet or humanity.  And we would no longer need to beg for corporations to set up shop in our communities and offer them massive subsidies placed on the backs of our citizens to do so.  Instead we would have the economic determinism to extend and create our own capital and our own wealth rather than a relative few controlling what the rest of us create, produce and invent.   Then there would be no class-based capital flight from cities to suburbs and then back to cities again as is ludicrously happening once again today.  Flight that creates massive hollowed out communities and ghettos, and the associated socioeconomic outcomes, poverty and crime, that democracy and citizens are left to deal with.  And, there would be no treasonous class-based capital flight of democracy’s capital to communist slave labor sweatshops because the goose-stepping thugs in China know how to control their workers so that class-based corporate capitalism can exploit and victimize society, humanity and the planet with impunity.   That is, versus America or any democracy, where citizens seek their democratic rights, economic determinism, a share of profits and ownership that cuts into class-based, private investor returns, power and wealth of the capitalist and renter capitalist classes. 

Classless, democratic capital and associated democratic economic determinism of individuals and communities is the answer to all of the social and economic injustices in the world today.   We could eradicate poverty around the world in a blink of an eye with supporting policies. 

That is, we need a  public banking system and democratic money to replace the class-based, predatory system of private, for-profit capital that dominants and suppresses individual freedom, merit, invention, creativity and democracy.  If the people of Detroit, South Africa and every other community, city and nation in the world were empowered to create, produce and invent to serve the needs of democracy and their local communities first and foremost, then all people would be empowered and personally-responsible for their own economic destiny.  And they would not be slaves and wage slaves to class-based corporate capitalist masters and their god of mammon (money, greed, profits). 

People and democracy could produce what they need rather than produce what is most profitable for corporations.  And, they could choose how that investment and production was allocated and accomplished.  Be that via communities, corporations, nonprofits, cooperatives, temporary public partnerships, private citizens with our many diverse abilities or any other method democracy and its citizens chose.  

In fact, as I noted on here before, public capital would create an unprecedented boom in private investment that private, for-profit capital currently subverts.   Whether that is investment in our suppressed citizens, their suppressed education, their suppressed craft, their suppressed abilities, their suppressed entrepreneurship, their suppressed individualism that conformity to corporate capitalism (and all other violence-based state isms) demands, their suppressed communities or whatnot.  But, unlike a system of private, for-profit capital, investment could be made with a primary intent of serving our citizens and communities rather than corporate power and profit.  And because democracy and its citizens would own all of its own capital used to produce what it needed, there would be no need to organize citizens against class and private interests of capitalism.  The concept of unions would be unnecessary.   Access to public capital would require abiding by the rules of public capital determined by society rather than class, private interests or corporations.  ie, One cannot organize against yourself.  To organize against democratic capital is a contradiction in terms.  And there would never be a need to borrow from predatory private interests for our democratic livelihood, our own general welfare or for that of our democratic government programs.  

The concept of state violence, corporate violence, war and overconsumption would literally collapse with the failure of the class-based corporate state.  Maybe not disappear but it would comparatively collapse.   Democracy would produce and utilize its own capital rather than it being controlled by class and private interests as is the case under free market corporate capitalism.  So, society could end the violence it suffers under from the continuous war for social justice, to ending poverty, to state secrecy, to the military-industrial complex and on and on.  The violence of private, for-profit interests.  Society could then spend time more productively building a better world and a substantially more harmonious and balanced personal experience in that world.  Then trade could be based on what people, communities and nations could not produce themselves rather than based on the neoliberal, class-based arbitrage and exploitation by corporations that preys upon humanity and our planet.  Society could end corporate capitalism’s need for us to over-consume and overproduce not what we need or our communities or citizens need but what rent-seeking corporations force down our gullet with an intent of profit and exploitation.  (Think Obamacare/sick care, industrial food, useless media, industrial agriculture, corporate restaurants, the overproduction of transportation, the overproduction of commercial real estate, the overproduction of factories, the overproduction and overconsumption of energy and natural resources, the raping of our planet, endless legalized gambling ventures, the manufactured need to buy a new portable phone every six months, useless financialization and trading and on and on and on)

It’s not society, be that in the U.S, South Africa or elsewhere that is racist.  It’s the socioeconomic system that is used to control us that is unjust and the source of almost all racial and gender tensions as it pertains to equality, living wages, economic determinism, freedom, personal responsibility, empowerment and human dignity.   That injustice which seeks separateness or disconnection through title, rank and class in the corporate state is color blind.   Poverty is driven by class and not color.  Class exploits, victimizes and preys upon people of all color and genders as well as the natural world and our ecosystems.  And, it divides humanity into its own classes so that we end up blaming each other than recognizing the true blame lies in a system of class that separates and disconnects all of us.   Whatever his reasons, Mandela did yield to these unjust interests in the latter stages of his life.  And millions of impoverished South Africans are mindfully aware of this because they are living it.

It is when private, for-profit, class-based capital controls the economic system under which people live, and its near total control over and suppression of society’s capital, means of production, property, resources, invention and creativity that poverty, injustice, ecosystem exploitation and plunder exists.  It is the dumbed-down, class-based corporate state that is the pariah around our necks and that which enslaves the whole of humanity and rapes the natural world.

If Detroit or South Africa or any nation or community had access to public, democratic capital, its own capital, there would be no worries over class-based capital flight.  Because citizens and democracy, not corporations and class-based interests, would own its own capital, and its economy and thus control its own fate.  It is citizens, communities and democracy, not corporations, that would be able to create, invent and produce what they needed and wanted.  

As noted on here ad nauseum over the last eight years, we are headed back to localization and local economics.   There was a time not too long ago that commerce and economics was almost all locally-owned.  That day will return.  Detroit is just one example of a city that class-based, private, for-profit capital destroyed that will rise again.  South Africans can and must create that same reality in their fight for democracy and social and economic justice.  Community and the connection it creates is the essence of our humanity. 

The future will involve rebuilding the communities and connections that class and private interests destroyed.  And, while that movement is being suppressed to a great extent due to private, for-profit capital’s war on public capital, democracy and its citizens, it is already starting to happen to varying degree as people start to take back their communities and their economic and social determinism from the Godless corporate  state.  Our communities could literally explode with incredible economic vibrancy were we to break the grip of class, corporations and private capital on our democracy. 

There is more work to do on behalf of those violently exploited and victimized by class-based corporate capitalism and the corporate state.  Mandela’s work is not finished.  Humanity’s work is not finished.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

As S&P Hits All-Time High, So Do Profit Warnings

Back in mid-2011 I wrote that we were about to see the largest downward earnings print in over a decade.  Then a few months later Reuters reported just that.  The largest drop in earnings expectations since 2000, I believe.  Since then earnings and earnings expectations have consistently been headed the wrong direction.  While I cannot say this as an incontrovertible statement, we have likely seen the peak in corporate earnings this cycle.  Possibly the peak forever depending on the future of corporate capitalism.

Now, today, Gannett is reporting that we are in the midst of the largest corporate profit warning in recorded history.    In the last thirty days record numbers of bobble heads in the idiocracy have been telling us this market isn’t any kind of bubble.   This is happening immediately after what I classified as possibly the largest astrological turn date in thousands of years in late November of 2013.   Totally unrelated?  Coincidence?  Absolute nonsense?   Smile  Let’s just watch the future unfold together. 

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beppe Grillo Urges Italian Police To Take Off Helmets And Join Pitchfork Protestors…. And They Oblige

Years ago I wrote that the U.S. could see the day where many in the military put down their weapons and refuse to fight.   I am quite confident I understand the social dynamics of today since I wrote about most of them years before they emerged.  --->>>  There is no one to enforce the Godless corporate state were it to involve the use of violence against American citizens.  Not only in the U.S. but in any democratic country and many nondemocratic countries.  Tyranny rules through pathological deception and distortions.  When it comes to using outright physical violence to manipulate society through direct force the gig is up in a society with any kind of human rights. 

This is an incredibly powerful show of nonviolent force and Solidarnosc in Italy.   Absolutely incredible.  Grillo and the protestors are thumbing their nose at the corporate state pathocracy. 

When it comes down to it, the people really are in charge.  All it takes is a show of nonviolent force and solidarity to prove it.  There are six billion of us and a small handful of them.  This isn’t exactly the military refusing to fight but it’s the exact same dynamic.  Exactly the same.  

In spirit and by publicly posting this, I show my solidarity with my Italian brothers and sisters in their fight for human rights, democratic justice, economic determinism and a life of human dignity.  God-given rights of all people everywhere. 

It’s all just a matter of time until the global pathological plutocracy of corporate capitalism and the corporate state collapses. 

Title link here.

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Is David Stockman The Only Other Person On The Planet Aware Of The Massive Bubble In The Russell 2000?

Stockman points to the Russell 2000 trading at a PE of 85 and the Federal Reserve’s complicity in the Wall Street fraud that created it; something that has been noted on here many times.  This is an index of 2000 companies not a company or two or ten.  There are a plethora of idiots out there right now telling us that markets are not a bubble.  This is just like in 2000 and 2007 when the same general crew of idiots were telling us there was no bubble then either.  Bubbles can get larger and larger and larger.  Ours has been building for over three decades.   But there are many reasons to believe it is close to popping. 

There is absolutely no parallel in U.S. history for this level of valuation on such a broad level.   The Russell 2000 is discounting 85 years of earnings.  Think about that.  WTF were you doing 85 years ago?  That would be 1929.  Well, I’ll tell you what most companies 85 years ago were doing.  They were getting ready to go out of business.  The Russell 2000 and the companies in it weren’t even around in 1929.  And 90+% of the companies in 1929 aren’t around today. 

The bubble in the S&P is wildly large as well.  Forget about what you think you know.  Or what financial idiots tell you.  A PE of 18 is not an accurate representation of the bubble in the S&P.  Not to say that a PE of 18 is reasonable.  Can you predict what is going to happen in 18 years?  Are you willing to pay that level of price.  But, that’s not the real bubble in the S&P.   The real valuation of the S&P is much, much richer than at any time in our history.  I’ll leave it at that.  

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Monday, December 09, 2013

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist - Senior Intelligence Source Reveals Bomber-in-Chief’s Administration Lied About Syrian Gas Attacks

Story link here.

Video interview with journalist here.

And, just a reminder that the pathological military-industrial complex spinmeisters and their conflicts of interest urged America to bomb Syria.

This is why we must live by a rule of law rather than a self-appointed pathological ruling class that makes the rules up as they go to be whatever they want.  Any act of aggression against another nation is a right granted exclusively to Congress not to a power-grabbing executive branch. 

And just for grins and giggles, it just keeps coming re the lies, fraud and corruption behind the predatory corporate sick care complex and the political idiots who do its will.  Obamacare architect caught in more lies.  Timberrrrr!!!  

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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Linkfest Palooza From Around The Pathological Corporate State

Another reason to hate lawyers – they are destroying American society.  I haven’t seen anyone else write of the lawyer bubble but it is a long term thesis on here.  And, it certainly is real and massive.   This author has picked up on that truth.  We could easily see 80% unemployment in the legal community before this cycle ends.  Most politicians and lobbyists are lawyers.  That’s because the system is rigged by the legal profession.  It’s absurd to believe only lawyers can make or interpret law.   How’s that working out for you?   In fact, the law should be simple enough that average citizens can interpret and handle most of their own legal issues.  And that means it should be simple enough that any half-wit could serve as a congressional representative.  But enough of Republicans and Democrats.  In our rent-seeking economy, the ambulance chasers need employment at our expense so you need a lawyer to walk across the street.  It takes a complicity by the Ivy League elite liberal institutions and their dominant crony law programs to pump out lawyers supporting corporate rights, corporate personhood, the hijacking of government, writing and defending endless useless laws for special interests, authorizing state tyranny and the subversion of democracy.   Corporate law, based on the criminal and immoral beliefs of corporate personhood, is fertile ground at Harvard.  Only lawyers could ever rewrite the laws to subvert the Constitution and democracy.  Or create over a million pages of codified code that makes it impossible to sneeze without breaking some type of law.  This rigging has been done willfully and with intent.  One of the most corrupt influences in the destruction of America is the self-regulating law profession (just as Greenspan and Reagan believed Wall Street and capitalism should regulate itself) and its education (indoctrination) institutions.   As noted on here before, democracy needs to strip the crony bar from its self-regulation of a wildly corrupt profession.  Wildly corrupt.  (7 in 10 lawyers admitted to cheating clients in a large blind survey by Professor Zitrin.  That’s the good news about the profession.).  Democracy and its citizens should regulate the law profession.  A rotating citizen council of people randomly picked from the community to hear legal ethics cases instead of the bar association in concert with changes in laws that protect lawyers from prosecution would be a fine start.  By the way, experts note that lawyers have one of the top few concentrations of psychopaths in their profession.  That should be of no surprise because the law profession’s primary intent is control as is the primary intent with psychopaths.  Shakespeare was more right than anyone ever knew.

Marc Faber – We are in a massive speculative financial bubble.  Most people don’t realize just how massive this bubble is.  I have been writing for eight years that this is the biggest bubble in the history of the world.   To blame it on Bush or a particular political party is ludicrous.  It has been building for the better part of 40 years.  The idiocracy that is corporate capitalism, Wall Street and the corporate state are like frogs in a pot of water brought to a boil.  ie,  This bubble has happened over such an extended period of time that insanity has become accepted as normal as our egos habituate to never before seen economic and social dynamics that are wildly unsustainable.  When this bubble pops, the world as we know it will disappear.  That may be bad and it may be good.  Or, a combination of both.  But, it will happen soon enough whether that be in phases or all in one fell swoop.   Wall Street will likely disappear, the stock market will likely disappear, capitalism will likely disappear, money could disappear and corporations will likely drop like flies.  All written of extensively on here.  By the way, those are all constructive developments to democracy and human dignity.  Who ever said progress was without pain?    The ego’s attachment, habituation and institutionalization to this system is going to create enormous pain for the status quo.

Progressive constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley  - Obama has become the very thing the Constitution was designed to avoid.  This is not an Obama-specific dynamic.  It is endemic to modern politics.  We now elect kings who unilaterally project their power.  Unchecked.  A very good, albeit short, video.

Big banks get even bigger as diversity is suppressed.  This dynamic is clearly driven by the state’s acts of violence that are the crony bailouts and life-support policies that prop up the largest, most unethical financial institutions at below market policies.  That makes it difficult, if not impossible, for ethical businesses to compete.  Play by the rules to stay in business.  The rules are designed to encourage unethical behavior.  Umm, rules written by lawyers.  Just another data point of dying communities and local economics created by politicians of the Godless corporate state.

The power of touch.  Literally.  What we think we know and what we actually know are two different things.  The missing element of healing ourselves is the power of connection.  The literal “power” or energy of connection to the world around us. 

U.S. sends sub hunting aircraft to Japan.  War is the health of the state.   Violent China and U.S. policy certainly validates war is the health of the state.  War and violence give the state purpose for being.  Now the military-industrial complex has a new enemy that corporate capitalism has created.  That is, communist China.  And, they will now use fear mongering in an attempt to gain even greater control, money and power.  As the boogeyman of terrorism is tiring the American people, it’s time to create a new boogeyman.

How the Federal Reserve is stealing from citizens and transferring it to the banking criminals.  Nothing new.  But, still a worthwhile read when one recognizes the level of theft Chris is talking about.  By the way, QE is not becoming a net negative for job growth or economic recovery.  It always has been. Five years of accumulated negative consequences and dislocations are now becoming obscene and uncontrollable.

Man cures his own lymphoma using holistic principles pioneered for animals.  Modern medicine has morphed into doctors who are often nothing more than manufacturer sales reps for pharma, medical device and medical equipment manufacturers.   Cut, medicate and radiate – pharma, medical devices and medical equipment.   If you can’t pump someone full of meds or put a pacemaker in their chest or perform surgery, how can modern doctors make any money?   They can’t.  There is no concept of integrative medicine in mainstream medical schools because doctors can only keep a shingle out by generating a money-producing business.  So, doctors generally know little to absolutely nothing about the body and mind’s ability to heal itself or the mechanisms to encourage this method of “energy” healing.  And, if they do, they learned it the same way any citizen did.  So, there is no need to pay for their advice and counsel were we to actually educate our society on holistic practices.  This is the failure paradox of modern sick care.  In ancient times the medicine man controlled unique knowledge for his own self-importance.   Maybe modern medicine can rekindle some of that integrative knowledge.   That would be predicated on a future where some people always need guidance.  But, with an advent of consumer-directed or patient empowered medicine and tools that would allow individuals to practice many natural methods of healing themselves, that is not a guaranteed reality.  Knowledge is now being democratized by the internet and many “careers” and “jobs” that rely on controlling knowledge are likely to see massive future change.   The future of medicine is going to be very interesting as society starts to experience the negative consequences of sick care, the industrial food complex and the endless poisoning of our ecosystems, minds and bodies by corporations.

The ecosystem collapse in the Sahara

Scientists believe all life is connected

Mystery human species appears

Neanderthal viruses found in human DNA

400,000 year old human DNA found

House prices increase at fastest rate since 2006.   The Fed, banks and the investor class have successfully recreated the real estate bubble.  I’m actually quite amazed.  Or, should I say horrified.  The system was bailed out and as configured, we should expect it to go back to the exact same behavior.  And it has.

Finally, the truth about cholesterol.  Even though mainstream medical researchers are finally coming out in large numbers refuting the cholesterol medication scam, the FDA just changed the guidelines for increased usage.  Now, upwards of half of Americans will be encouraged to take these toxic medications.  Of course, there is no conflict of interest since most of the panel members have ties to drug companies.

The vast majority of young Americans on Obamacare – No thanks.  Just another data point that our arrogant master’s wishes have finally hit a wall.  The medical industrial complex is headed for collapse or irrelevance or massive change.  Propping up a sick care system for the benefit of those who control and manipulate it is coming to an end.  You can’t bleed a turnip.

Doctors and countries are now rejecting the junk science of a low fat diet that they once created. 

Monsanto about to go on a propaganda blitz.  Speak of which, Monsanto targets the heart of science.

What is gluten and why do we have an issue now?  And, then this your brain and body on gluten?

Citizens have no right to challenge NSA spying on them.  Of course we don’t.  We are slaves.

Global warming proof is evaporating.  Ya think?   How about already evaporated.  Time will certainly prove out the junk behind the science.  I have been writing for years that we will live to see the day that Gore has to give back his Nobel Prize.  Err, figuratively of course.  Gore is definitely one of the dumbed-down influences in our society operating from a primitive ego-state.  Here is a man who lives to excess in the lavish homes he lives in and the private jets he travels on just to name two  disproportionately large carbon footprints.  He certainly consumes more than thousands of other Americans and likely hundreds of thousands of people in impoverished nations.  (As all hypocritical global warming elite true believers do.)  He sold his failed TV station to an oil sheik, the largest carbon “polluters” on the planet in a great bout of hypocrisy.  And he has made hundreds of millions of dollars by doing absolutely nothing to benefit society.  ie, Cronyism.  

Humans evolved by a chimp mating with a pig.  Okay.  lol.   Is this a comedian’s dream or what?   The boundary of species is quite clear and nature does a pretty good job of maintaining that diversity.  Just ask Monsanto who spends billions to subvert those natural laws to create a dystopian reality.  I’m not sure I buy this except for two exceptions – politicians and Wall Street pigmen.

The bastardization of science by pharma corporate capitalists.   Another topic talked about on here ad nauseam.  When a pharma corporation and its officers and scientists require a company to produce follow-on products for their own economic livelihood, the results are going to be horrendous for society.  Truth and mammon cannot both be served equally.  We all know which one self-interest of private, for-profit capital is going to choose.  Private, for-profit capital can never serve the needs of society.  Rather than curing us, the private, for-profit corporate capitalist pharma industry’s science is often dubious at best.  That means it is often harming us or worse.  That is, killing us.

ALEC’s political-corporate assault on freedom and green homeowners.  What a surprise.  This type of corporate assault is everywhere that people are resisting.  That includes the natural food culture as well.

The NSA is tracking everything everywhere.  Obviously to protect us.  To protect us from becoming too informed about the crimes of the NSA and the corporate state.

Households in Britain deplete savings at a record rate thanks to the criminals at the Bank of England.   Britain is the founder and in many ways the epicenter of both neoliberal economics and corporate capitalism.  A reminder.  It has been years since I have talked about it but Britain is my pick to experience hyperinflation for many reasons highlighted on here before.  As long as the U.S. dollar remains the world currency, hyperinflation is nearly, if not outright impossible.  Should that ever end, and it will, all bets are off as to what the world will look like.  But, most likely it will lead to the collapse of most economies and currencies outside of the U.S..  Especially the sweat shop nations of global corporations.  ie. China, Vietnam, India, etc.  Nothing new on here.

3% of independents and 6% of overall population approve of Congress.  Really no great revelation but quite staggering.  Some polls have been near the single digits since the early years of the Clinton presidency 20 years ago.

Society is unequal because of low IQs.  What type of person thinks this way?  Someone stuck in the constant social comparison created by class-based corporate capitalism.   All people should be empowered to express their God-given talents to their fullest extent without the dumbing-down dynamic of social comparison used to rationalize great levels of injustice and evil of the corporate state.  All people are worthy of a life of human dignity. 

Wage strikes planned in 100 cities against fast food predators.   The world will be a better place when McDonalds and other purveyors of industrial food no longer even exist.  As I noted on here before, society would be better off to pay McDonalds’ workers to stay home.  Truly.  These jobs keep people ignorant and beaten down and add little dignity or emotional fulfillment.   Restaurants and food establishments should be owned by citizens.  Not corporations or financial investors. 

Does quantum physics proves that life is timeless?

Model of universe show’s time may be an illusion

Oil drowning in ever-growing U.S. supply.  A long time thesis on here is that the price of oil is headed for collapse.   Oil futures are wildly toppy in their distribution as noted on here just about the time prices peaked some months ago.   It should be telling that gasoline prices fell into the Thanksgiving holiday.   I don’t believe that has ever happened.  Ever.  Moore Research could confirm this seasonality but I’m too lazy to look.  As more of the world unfolds, more evidence of a collapsing oil future reality is becoming available.  Peak oil is a myth that gained traction as a form of confirmation bias to liberal fanatics.  And it was fueled by criminal financial firms manipulating commodity futures markets.  It’s a different vein of the same meme as anthropogenic global warming.   This is centered around the belief that humanity is the problem.  ie,  Many liberal fanatics hate humanity, the United States and just about everything else.  That includes themselves.   The problem is the enslavement and overproduction and overconsumption created by corporate capitalism.  Humanity is not the problem.  It is the socioeconomic system of class-based predators.

Prosecutors force defendants to plead guilty.  This is a major issue that is often tied to federal dollars and essentially a quota system for jail time aka mandatory sentencing laws.   Our injustice system is a horrendous mess across nearly every measurable metric.  That’s what a million pages of codified code and special interests of every ilk have done to our legal system.  Our legal system serves those that use it to loot society rather than serving justice.  On a completely unrelated issue, I have a friend who has been wrangling with the courts for over four years to get a divorce.  A speedy trial is not guaranteed in civil proceedings.  It’s who has the most money that wins.  In fact, access to the courts system is nearly impossible for someone without enough money to hire a lawyer.   And, this is how corporations and predatory monied interests often tie people up in court forever and simply win by attrition.   

U.S. for-profit corporations enlist former spooks to spy on nonprofits.  A standing army and national security state has many unintended consequences.   Especially in a corporate-controlled society.  One is that there is an endless supply of dumbed-down dogs and horses to do the violent will of the corporate state.  It’s also what ails our peace officer ranks.  That is, the allowed substitution of education for military service to become a peace officer in this nation.   Now, we have peace officers who are trained by a nondemocratic authority (the military) as paramilitary commandos roaming our streets.  

The power of intent (and self-empowerment versus self-sabotage or stopping our ego’s own self-victimization)  A very powerful message.  Something I would like to expand upon in a future post.

Edward Snowden’s most damning revelations yet to come.  Before there was a hint of Edward Snowden I wrote that we would see revelations be exposed that our government was corrupt beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  Whatever Snowden took is likely the tip of the iceberg.

Inside Amerika’s plan to kill online privacy.  U.S. corporate state politicians are a pariah to the world. 

Once again crime pays for Wall Street.  These civil penalties are a rounding error in comparison to the theft involved.

Volcano discovery hints at fire below ice of Antarctica.  Our planet most certainly is heating up from the inside out.  That is the simplest explanation for the weakening of our  magnetosphere coupled with increased volcanism, the creation of new volcanic islands, the massive plate shifts, some types of which have never been witnessed, ocean acidification and the global sink hole epidemic we have been witnessing.  There may certainly be other contributing factors such as the sun but something substantial is changing within the earth itself.  It’s also obviously a contributor to our climate change.

An all meat diet is more healthy than the modern American diet.  Another myth created by liberal fanatics who wish us to believe eating meat is a sin.  Only in Amerika can the ego be so emboldened with its own self-importance.  All life sustains itself through other life be that plant or animal or both.  Humanely taking our sustenance from another animal is not a sin or a crime.  It is only the ego that suffers this delusion.

The only one who is going to save us is ourselves

5 essential supplements for optimum thyroid health.  In a world full of endocrine disruptors aka manmade toxins and industrial foods, we are experiencing a systemic thyroid crisis as are our pets and likely many wild animals.

New 3D metal printer is open source and cheap.  I wrote on here seven or so years ago that we were in the midst of a revolution in technology that would extinct many large corporations.   Long production runs, economies of scale and other dynamics that drive large investments and large businesses are concepts that may be on the verge of a major collapse over the next decade.   Well, if corporate capitalism doesn’t fail first.  This printer is just one of many new and early technologies that will make the Wal-marts of this world a dinosaur.  Even autos and other forms of transportation are seeing a major revolution.  It’s now a distinct reality that small production runs of a few thousand units annually can be profitable for transportation companies with low-cost pricing models.   We could easily support some very large number of transportation manufacturing companies in this nation.  I mean hundreds or possibly even thousands.  The only dynamic holding a massive revolution in transportation back are the large, monopolistic transportation companies.  I doubt they will be successful over the long term.  Boeing, GM, Toyota and BMW to name a few are heavily invested in what are quickly becoming antiquated, high-cost business models.  And, of course, getting access to capital is holding back innovation.  Something that democratic banking and democratic capital markets would clearly resolve.

Why are women so bitchy with each other?  This article can easily be explained as a primitive ego response.  What this article is highlighting is emotional self-abandonment by the ego.  By the ego not granting itself its own worthiness, it views others as competition.  Connection to our divinity grants us our own worthiness and grants that same worthiness to others.  In an ego-exalted society as we see in corporate capitalism around the world, competition in lieu of connection and the resultant self-abandonment is endemic in all violent capitalist cultures.

Science finds difference between the brains of men and women.  I am curious as to how much of this is hard wired and how much is dependent on the brain’s substantial plasticity that creates social norms.  ie, If the mind is malleable and if there were no social norms that our gender-based mind’s behavior become adapted to, would this difference actually exist?  Or, would there be other differences that arise?  Obviously men and women are different.  Our endocrine systems are different and that alone guarantees some differences in the brain.

Chinese buying up California.  Property rights in our nation should be reserved for our citizens.  Not the neoliberal corporate capitalist plutocracy from around the world.  That China is seeing a massive swell of wealth leave its nation is simply validation of a predatory ruling elite that plundered their society as ours has been plundered.  All citizens in our nation should own their own property.  And government should be used as a tool to ensure that.  Property rights or a roof over your head is a human right. 

Illinois politicians cut public pensions.  These cuts are creating the same economic dynamic as the Great Depression’s banking system collapse.  The quantity of money is collapsing in certain segments of our population.  That means there is a higher preponderance to money becoming worthless.

Federal judge rules federal laws override state laws protecting public pensions.  Detroit retirees to pay for corporate capitalist and Wall Street crimes against humanity.

Comet Ison dead on arrival

Amazing rare fog in the Grand Canyon

Millions more in poverty than previously thought.  Poverty in our nation is substantially underreported.  All you need to do is open your eyes.  With a real unemployment rate of near 25% and with entire swaths of the nation living in run-down shacks, communities and neighborhoods, real poverty is epidemic.

Dementia diminishing in 85 year old using coconut oil ketones or ketogenesis.  Another myth of the drug-pimping corporate pharma complex exploded with a natural cure to what is almost certainly an industrial food-created problem.

Climate talks fail as 132 nations walk out.  Another data point that climate change political policy is about rigging the rules of the game for the status quo.  If this was really a crisis of humanity, all nations would be banding together to help one another.  Instead, it is the plutocratic corporate states simply trying to thwart economic determinism of the rest of the world in order to guarantee future markets for their exploitation and pillaging.  That is the dynamic behind the fear-mongering of human-caused global warming.  Junk science that is failing right before our very eyes.

Stuxnet’s early version much more dangerous.  The U.S. is the world’s leader in spreading injustice. 

Oklahoma care versus Obamacare.  A repost of what I put up last year.  Certainly, it is entrepreneurship, allowing health care providers to practice medicine without the intervention of corporate bureaucrats and the empowerment of citizens and communities over corporations that would provide a better solution than a centralized corporate plutocracy sick care system.

Scientists witness gamma ray bursts that are not explainable  with existing models.  Seems a common theme here.  Existing scientific theory continues to fail across a wide spectrum of fields of study.

Mystery alien-like creature seen in Bristol Harbor.  The light emission on this is amazing.   A better picture of what appears to be a jellyfish is here.

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