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$282 Billion In Medicare Looting - More Of Predatory Corporate Capitalism’s Privatized Gains And Socialized Losses

For-profit insurance companies overbilled Medicare By $282 billion.  That’s $282 billion that should not have been paid in executive bonuses, investors, to invest in new buildings, new equipment, etc.   Let’s be frank.  This number is just a swag.  Yet, I have seen a few experiences that would anecdotally lead me to believe $282 billion is way too low.  But one thing is certain that everyone already knows.  Overbilling and fraud in the health care racket is systemic.  Medicare catches looters every day.  And, an entity has to be big to loot a lot.  In other words, a medical system built around a private, individualized doctor practice structure is not going to see substantial looting.   It takes big corporations, mega doctor corporate practices and the cross ownership of health care services to be big looters.   If you are having trouble understanding what I am stating, William K. Black clearly outlined this dynamic in his book The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.  The best way to rob society is to be a major corporation that can leverage its looting to the size and scale of the corporation or institution.   ie, JP Morgan is going to loot a lot more than a small town community bank was ever capable of just for reasons of leveraging its size and scale.  Ditto with health care providers and other corporate entities in the health care bureaucracy.  We can blame Ronald Reagan for this in his deregulation of capital that created massive monopoly, oligopoly and large corporate disturbances in our economy.  Of course, we can blame all politicians since for continuing to allow it.

I’ll throw in a short few paragraphs about a recent personal experience.  I have a friend who was in the hospital two times in the last year.   The first time was about five days and the second was about four.  I can’t recall the exact number of days.  I’m very close but might be off by a day or two.   He had a battery of tests performed and received an IV drip and some medication.  No special tests and no special medication.  ie, Pretty much he just rented the room and had a few simple tests.  Anyway, he doesn’t have health insurance for economic reasons. (But now I’m sure he’ll run right out to buy some with the money he doesn’t have since Obama has mandated it.) 

I’m not going to get into all of the minutia but he was recently admitted to the hospital again for a third time.  And, by accident his bill popped up on the screen the first day there.  He saw his bill even though he was told that he wasn’t supposed to have.  Would you care to guess his bill?  I have played this on a few friends and most guessed something like $50,000.  His bill was $3 million.  No joke.  I still can’t believe it.  Well, I do but I mean it is beyond insanity.  Now I have another friend who works as a medical professional at another hospital owned by this corporation.  It is part of a large complex of regional hospitals.  Lots of bureaucracy.  Lot’s of fixed costs.  He said that he couldn’t comment on the billing because he didn’t understand the procedure for covering people without health insurance.  So, he didn’t know if this would be submitted to Medicaid for partial payment (the hospital case worker told my friend they were going to try to get him covered under Medicaid) or if it was representative of what would be written off as good will or some internal charging structure or what.  So, I’m clearly not in a position to say how that $3 million was going to be used.   But, by some measurements health care billing administration has become the largest profit center for these corporations. 

Regardless, this is a perfect example of what I have been saying is going to happen across every spectrum of the economy.  That is, in this cycle we are going to see massive failures of institutions of the ego/control or institutions of man.  This health care system is literally as unstable as the Fukushima nuclear facility.   I’m not making a joke.  I’m very serious.  This is a complex system that is very, very unstable even if it appears stable by analyzing surface data of corporate profits, price to earnings ratios, Tobin’s Q or other simple-minded metrics.  This system is simply awaiting the right inputs to send it into substantial instability or failure.  As I have noted time and again, Obama’s health care plan means absolutely nothing.    The Soviet Union passed numerous edicts from on high in some attempt to force its citizens into many actions that never worked or eventually collapsed.   In fact, that’s pretty much how the Soviet Union always worked.  Central planners who try to force illegitimacy onto the world will always fail.  Always.  We should have gotten an affordable, single-payer nonprofit bill that extended Medicare to all Americans.  An addendum that would have required a dozen pages rather than a new 2,500 page bureaucracy that benefited for-profit corporations.    

The cycle of volatility remains in full force.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ford’s New 2013 C-Max Hybrid And Its Massive Turnaround As A Roadmap For The United States

Speaking of the Toyota Production System, back in 2006 and 2007 I put up a few posts where I wrote that Ford, Chrysler and GM would rise from the ashes to become successful companies again.   A few of my posts about lean methods and a coming turn around for Ford (well before the auto collapse that I said was likely to happen as well) were written up by one of the top lean methods manufacturing consultancy firms in the world.   In other words, I live in the real world.  I’m not a bullshitter here to feed you opinions based on pandering, demagogy and lies like politicians and banksters. 

Ford has delivered the 2013 C-Max Hybrid.  A car that bests the Prius V by 3 miles per gallon highway and 7 miles per gallon city in its fuel efficiency ratings.  Were I in the market for a new car, this would definitely be near the top of my list to test drive.  Well, even though the dual drive train of hybrids actually has a larger carbon footprint than a single drivetrain gasoline-powered car.   I would test drive it because of the economics it affords owners.

While I am not a big fan of the bailouts for the auto industry while American citizens rot, Ford has made a massive turnaround.  (Ford did not receive a bailout but benefitted due to the shared supply chain.  And, as I noted, I supported the bailouts even though they were unfair in a perfect world.)  And, while Ford is substantially exposed to its global supply chain and global economic dynamics that could prove lethal, this is probably the best-managed car company on earth today.  Five years ago they weren’t even close. 

In an update I posted back in 2011, I remarked how Ford’s turnaround is a roadmap for the United States economy.  Back in 2007, what did I highlight as the largest issue in any potential auto industry turnaround?  Amongst other issues I laid out, the largest one I noted was “a culture rife with no accountability or personal responsibility”.  Sound familiar?  It should.  It is the United States of Korporations where neither toady politicians nor their corporate masters are responsible to democracy for their actions or their promises.  Failure, looting, exploitation, violence against society, massive incompetence and criminal behavior are literally rewarded.

A hat tip to Ford CEO Alan Mulally, an engineer running an engineering company.  A leader who took the reins of an engineering company that was completely turned upside down by financial idiots.  And, he did it by embracing the timeless virtues of leadership; empowerment and its flip side of the same coin, responsibility:

 "A leader is best when people barely know he exits. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'." - Lao Tzu

Everything you need to know about management was written thousands of years ago.  Everything Barack Obama should have done is contained in that timeless truth of Lao Tzu.  MBA case studies and endless self-help books on leadership are nothing more than gimmicks to make money off of someone else.  Lao Tzu got it right.  Simple and timeless.  It’s all about leadership having an intent of discovery or truth (encouraging human achievement and expression) versus the intent to control. (motivated by selfishness and ego by subverting human expression and achievement.  By subverting free will and democracy.)

The 2013 C-Max here.

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Indian Elites And Politicians Exposed As Massively Corrupt

What a surprise.  In a system that grants title, rank and social status based on birthright, the toadies maintain that grip through secrecy, corruption and granting themselves special privilege.   Sounds familiar. 

Title link here.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Reading List

I have read all of these and they are excellent, courtesy of CounterPunch.   I don’t get to their site as often as I would like but it is a favorite of mine.  My favorites below are 2, 3, 5 and 7.    If you are an Obama supporter, you should read 3 and 6.  If you are a Ralph Nader fan, he penned 1.  Then there is 4, which shows how the new konsumer protection korporatacracy is already owned by Wall Street.   If we had a public banking system, we wouldn’t need to protect democracy from financial predators.  Of course, none of these are ever discussed in dystopian Amerika’s korporate media.

  1. Capital Hill’s Rabid, Ravaging Republicans
  2. Green Party Populism
  3. Obama’s Cloak of Liberalism Hides True Fascism
  4. Consumer Protection Caves To Banks
  5. Milton Friedman and the Rise of Monetary Fascism
  6. Obama Codifies Murder
  7. The Disappearance of Public Intellectuals (The dumbed-down corporate state)
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Low Cholesterol A Major Risk Factor For Death In Heart Failure Patients

I had a relative who had a heart attack about five years ago.  His cholesterol was incredibly low before the heart attack.  As readers on here know, I think science and reason has proven that cholesterol as a cause of heart attacks is a crock of shit.  The evidence isn’t there and I have posted a few times that the medical community is now starting to have a change in thinking.  It hasn’t trickled down to most doctors, the keepers of the faith, yet because they are still beholden to a corrupt system of profit and control but it eventually will. 

After the heart attack they had my relative on 80mg of Lipitor (the highest dosage I have ever heard of anyone taking and I encouraged him to get a second opinion) and got his total cholesterol down to 80gm/dl.  I have never even heard of anyone with cholesterol readings that low.  I guess now we know his doctors were trying to kill him.   Not really a surprise since doctors are arguably the number one cause of death in our nation.  Directly, we already know they are in the top five.  Indirectly in their complicity of both consciously and unconsciously willful perpetuation of ignorance, as taught by the medical-industrial complex, they are clearly number one

Doctors have become the keepers of the faith in a control-based hierarchical bureaucracy of systemic incompetence.    They regurgitate the Articles of Faith as handed down in the Sacred Scrolls by their Lawgiver; the medical-industrial complex.  They are the orangutans, the bureaucratic administrators who protect a corrupt ideology, in the dystopian sci-fi horror movies of the 1960s, The Planet of the Apes.  They preach the message of ideology as taught to them by the medical-industrial complex that puts capitalism’s profits (control) above the intent of discovery and truth - science and service to humanity.  As part of that dynamic, the educational system has become a mouthpiece for the medical industrial complex and, as a result, teaches doctors a tremendous amount of junk science and propaganda that perpetuates unnecessary sickness and death in our nation.   The intent of profit destroys truth.

Listening to a doctor without doing your own diligence is often dangerous to your health.  But, hey, the state has now validated this predatory corporatist medical-industrial complex through force with a 2,500 page new bureaucracy enforced by the IRS.  Hooray for ObamneyCare!  Hooray for corporate fascism.  Remember, the bureaucrat Obamney knows best. 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Evans-Prichard On The IMF's Plan To Dethrone Private, For-Profit Banking Criminals And The Economic Slavery Of Debt-Based, For-Profit Money

Let me start out with a baseline for new(er) readers.  I have written incessantly over the years that debt is an illusion and myth.  That it isn’t real.  And, that gold money is looter’s money.  That it is exactly the opposite of democratic money.   That we needed public money and public banking.   And, that this hyperventilating about a massive debt deflation coming to pass was not a guaranteed outcome.  Nor is it a root cause of any of this crisis.  It is simply one of countless symptoms.   Debt is no more important of a symptom of this crisis than is the massive swell in prison population that started under Reagan.  It is a rigid, linear-thinking, rearview mirror analysis.    Your masters want you to be terrorized by fear over our debts.  I wrote years ago that the U.S. could and probably would monetize its debts at some point.   And, that Wall Street was likely peaking forever.  And could actually disappear.   Now with those prior remarks from previous years as a baseline, let’s move onto the post. 

Yesterday a friend sent me an article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that some underlings at the IMF have proposed a method to wipe away government debts, kibosh the foolish notions of returning to gold money (which means all of those gold speculators would be left holding one hell of a massively leveraged bag as I have said they are) and end the grip of private banking criminals and their criminal debt-based money.   This article is very well written by one of the few economic/financial journalists who actually is competent.  It is a must read.

Although Pritchard represents this as some type of knowledge that no one else knew existed, that really is far from true.  I’ve been writing all of this for years.   While I consider my understanding of money to be at an expert level, I am certainly not the only person in the world who really understands money.   What is an epiphany is that someone in the mainstream financial system actually authored a paper rejecting the massively corrupt status quo and embracing some type of transformation.   And, what’s just as important is that someone in the mainstream press has written about it.

When more people understand how money and banking could be, versus the money and banking slavery that exists today,  the lack of transparency, confusion and corruption that private banking criminals rely upon to hold sway over democracy will eventually collapse.  I don’t care if that’s a year, ten years or whenever.   The existing system will fail because it’s based completely on corruption and treating people as chattel.  By the way, it will fail sooner rather than later.  This cycle is unlike any in our nation’s history.   Or, for that matter, in the history of civilization over the last three to four hundred years.  This is it.  This will be in the history books.

No change to the existing system can happen without massive consequences.  Massive.   As I noted years ago, if the government wipes away its debts as I expect, private citizens may question why their debts must remain valid and we could see an ensuing involuntary unwinding of private debt.    Government corruption and government confidence are at historic lows around the globe and governments granting themselves special privilege in any fashion while still enslaving society to private, for-profit banking debt is likely to create a massive backlash.  That could mean the rules of contract law and commerce could collapse as a result.   Fundamentally, any such outcome would simply be a consequence to the massive government fraud we see today.  But, actually the government could wipe away all private debts as well using the same mechanisms that public debt could be wiped away.  Debt is nothing more than an illusion perpetuated by your slave owners – corporations, private banking criminals and their marionette political toadies.  

Now, let’s head back to reality for a moment.   There really is no IMF plan to dethrone private, for-profit banking criminals.  That is a very silly perspective on reality.   The U.S. controls the IMF through its voting rights regardless of who at the IMF says or does what.   The people who work at the IMF are slaves in the system just like you and me.  Do you see Washington politicians rejecting the billions of dollars thrown their way by private, for-profit banking criminals?  Do you see them prosecuting private, for-profit banking criminal’s fraud?  Do you see them talking about reforming our monetary system or talking about necessary austerity to save the banking criminals?  That some underlings at the IMF, an organization that has been used as a looting mechanism for the U.S. corporate state and to a lesser extent some European countries for decades, wrote an honest assessment of reality is nothing new.   Dominique Strauss-Kahn is purported by many to have been framed in his highly suspicious prostitution episode because he wasn’t pliant enough to American interests.  Joseph Stiglitz, another example, served time at the IMF and didn’t play well with others while he was there.   There are other examples of people within any control-based system who have tried to change it.  Or questioned its structure.  That never changed U.S. or IMF policy.   It’s a long way from a research paper to actualization.   But, that someone in the mainstream has put this into the public forum is a large step forward.   

What this IMF paper does is allow people who don’t understand money, that is, economists, Wall Street,  the finance & investment community, professors in finance and economics and public officials, to have a basic template to point to as to how to start changing the system.   That is, for the very few that aren’t corrupt and are willing to potentially sacrifice their lives for serious reform.  That’s most certainly a very short list within the current global political and banking structure.  I’m quite confident many people who have attempted to challenge this system of looting and corruption have been murdered to keep it going.  Although that is purely speculation on my part, those who have an intent of discovery can clearly see how human life means nothing to a system that terrorizes, enslaves and murders anyone in its path.  If keeping this system of control in place has cost so many lives and created so much poverty, how many people who may have challenged or questioned this racket were killed?  It’s a valid question and the odds are the answer isn’t anywhere near zero.

(As a side note, this IMF paper has some serious flaws in it if one wishes to democratize economics and capitalism.  This paper does not address either of these issues.  Not at all.  This paper has a statist control-based view of the world rather than a sovereign democratic nation view.   But, it is a worthy paper and a step in the right direction as a baseline discussion point. 

I have promised at some point I will lay out a vision and structure for both a public banking and monetary system.  One that would be very unique and really open people’s eyes to the possibility of a democratic economic system and personal freedoms that most people never even dream of.  One that embraces merit, best practices, achievement and individual human expression.  I still haven’t done that and don’t plan to in the near future.   It will come.  But my point today is that you can’t have private banking and public money if you want to democratize economic opportunity, capital(ism) and human development.  It’s simply impossible.  The equations don’t add up. 

I don’t care what the credentials of the people are who propose these solutions or any other solutions that involve private banking.  The flaws in this paper are clearly there because the people who wrote this paper have a self-interest in keeping a financial structure that provides them with economic opportunity rather than proposing a system that is in the best interests of a democratic society.  Either that or they simply have major flaws in their understanding of money and banking in a democratic society.  I would assume those biases are subconscious as most bias is.  But, regardless this paper is a positive start to an open debate on this topic. 

By the way, fractional reserve banking, often considered a pariah by many including this paper, is meaningless in public banking.  Reserves are irrelevant in a public banking, credit-money system.  This 100% reserve ratio requirement mentioned in this whitepaper and discussed by others is nothing more than ideological drivel that shows a clear lack of understanding of the variable quantity of money needed to conduct commerce and provide individual opportunity in a democratic society.  The reserve ratio in a private banking credit-money system, should be a floating variable defined by mathematically-derived economic and monetary factors rather than ideological positions drawn without an understanding of either.  i.e.,  Monetary economics should be derived through a reasoned and as scientifically-as-possible economic rule of law.  And, anyone who says 100% reserve ratios are an answer to anything shows a rigid belief system lacking in understanding of how a banking system should be structured.  100% reserve ratios simply will not work.  And, I can easily prove it.  It would lead to massive monetary flaws that would negatively impact the economy, employment and democratized economic opportunity.   It would arbitrarily limit economic opportunity just as a gold standard would. 

Of course, in a public banking system this entire reserve requirement issue becomes completely meaningless because whatever money that is needed to ensure deposits are stable, and as a result would prevent banking runs or a public banking crisis, is available at the stroke of a pen by the Treasury and/or a publicly-owned central bank.  All credit money created by a public banking system is thus fungible and available anywhere at any moment’s notice to guarantee deposits.  In a properly structured public banking system, there would be no such thing as a bank run.  Ever.   End of story.

In a public money and private banking system as this IMF paper advocates, democracy will never have the primacy over capital(ism) its sovereignty should guarantee and must have to enjoy democratic economics and human development.  Profit, and not democracy, human development, community development and the well-being of our citizens would always be the primary intent with private banking.  Additionally, it limits the flexibility of massively powerful tools financial tools that could be used to restructure our economy and our society.  Massively powerful tools that would empower our nation’s citizens to be free and fruitful.   More on that whenever I put up my plan.) 

The reality is banking criminals, corporate bureaucrats, elites and lobbyists control our government.   That someone understands a different way to structure the system is essentially worthless without a democratic government and a transparent, public discourse to vet ideas and allow the best solutions to rise to the top.   We don’t have that because governments around the globe are so massively corrupt and beholden to fascism.  The voice of democracy, justice and reason are simply not heard. 

Pritchard writes that all of this could be accomplished faster than anyone thought.  Well, actually, that isn’t true.  Some people actually have understood this for a long time.  I wrote the exact method through which public debt monetization could take place.  It’s essentially a stroke of a pen.   The Treasury issues bonds, the Federal Reserve goes into the market place and buys all of the bonds and then places the proceeds into the Treasury’s Federal Reserve account.  Voilà.  You have as much printed money to take care of the debt as needed.  Issue $16 trillion in bonds and the Treasury has enough money to pay off all U.S. debt holders.   There are other mechanisms to do this including simply printing the money necessary to pay off bondholders as the bonds come due.  Or don’t pay off any bondholders with monetized money but to actually convert to a credit-based monetary system and allow the Treasury to coin its own money.  Then the new credit money in the economy would allow tax receipts to rise and the government would simply pay off its debts through normal operation of tax receipts in coming years.    But, don’t get caught up in the minutia of this working paper or the methods they propose.   It’s the fact that debt-based money and government borrowing from private, for-profit banking criminals is being called into question that are the important issues.  And, by the way, just as government shouldn’t have to borrow from Wall Street loan sharks, neither should any citizen of any democracy have to borrow from private, for-profit bankers.  It’s important to keep a big picture perspective rather than worry about technicalities of how this is accomplished.   The minutae is easy.  Winning the big picture is the battle.  

People who say printing money to cover the debts of our government would create hyperinflation are uninformed, liars or thieves.   As noted on here countless times, the U.S. is a sovereign democracy and should never, ever borrow any money from a private, for-profit banking criminal.   Now, that doesn’t mean government should print all of its money either.  That’s equally as nonsensical.  There is actually a mathematical method of determining how much money should be printed versus created through credit money.   Those who propose endless government money printing have flaws in their views of economics and money as well.   The key is to get rid of debt-based money and private banking criminals that enslave democracy and destroy our economic sovereignty and our freedom. 

By the way, if government would start to again coin its money as is granted in the Constitution, rather than outsourcing that responsibility through fascism to private, for-profit banking criminals, most of the economic winners in our society today would collapse.  Not all.  But most.  That is, unless there was a transition plan put in place in recognition of this fact.  The system today only exists because it is rigged;  and that is the basis of my game theory post on coming corporate collapses of unprecedented size and scope.  In other words, Pritchard and the authors of this paper at the IMF have only presented a partial preview of what is possible as it pertains to the future of money.   It does nothing to solve today’s dilemma.  So, don’t get all excited that this crisis would be solved with the blink of an eye.  It wouldn’t.   The debt of the state would be wiped away in the blink of an eye.  Without reforms, the state would simply continue to serve itself and would eventually destroy the system proposed by the IMF authors just as they have destroyed this system.   This working paper is simply a small step in the process of retaking our sovereign economic and monetary rights back from the criminals, elites and our corporate masters.

By the way, the people who make money off of bunker building, telling others to hoard gold because it is real money and those remarking of imminent debt collapse could very well prove to be wrong.   Not exactly new news on here.   I have steered clear of anticipating any outcomes that cannot be proven to some substantial degree as imminent through analysis of data.  I have been consistent on here since starting this blog.  Deflation?  Yes.   Debt crisis?  Highly probable. (Likely an impetus for structural change.  Remember, for quite a few years now I have written that I expect the U.S. to either default on much of its foreign debt or monetize it.  And, the projected date I have always provided for that has been 2013.)  Collapsing debt deflation?  It depends - it will only happen if the current system of corruption maintains its grip long enough.  Deflation is not synonymous with debt collapse.  Too many confuse these two dynamics because they were correlated in the Great Depression.  Correlation is not causation.   They are both dependent variables.   There are a lot of people out there who present themselves as experts, for self-interested economic motives to make money off of others, who really don’t understand what they are talking about when pushed to defend their positions.  They really don’t understand money.  And, their blind spots in their rigid thinking and ideological belief systems are awesome.  That includes almost everyone in the system of finance and economics.

As noted on here countless times, this system is finished.   The volatility we are experiencing in societies around the globe are simply manifestations of that fact – as noted numerous times volatility always precedes a change in trend.  Those who are trying to divine the future by using rigid, linear rearview mirror thinking about how the system worked in the last thirty or even three hundred years are going to be very, very wrong.  i.e., Bankers, politicians, the investor class, corporate bureaucrats and those who have benefited from the corporate state are in for a rude awakening. 

By the way, all of the economic and social outcomes I have written about in the last seven years would simply accelerate with any kind of move to public money and public banking or some combination thereof. 

Evans-Pritchard article here. 

IMF white paper here.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Booyah! Scotland Votes For Its Independence From England In 2014

As I‘ve noted on here before, were I king for a day, I would boot the queen mother’s ass to the curb.   She can work at Sainsbury’s or Wal-mart like everyone else.   I don’t care how much tourist money a monarchy brings it.  It permeates an elitist class-based culture that has a great stench.  I have no appreciation for entitlement or authority granted by birthright or self-appointed importance.   The only legitimate authority over any human being in this world is law.   Reasoned, just, transparent law.   That includes in our economy as well as in our society.  The fact that we have little rule of law in our economy is why people around the world have become nothing more than chattel for corporate slave owners.

London elites have been a pariah living off of the backs of others for the last one thousand years.  They still are in some regard.  Nothing could better define the looting economy today than the Bank of England and the banking criminals in London. (By the way, I want to place a reminder in here that England is my candidate for hyperinflation this cycle.  ie, Complete monetary and social collapse.) Seeing the massive corruption that exists in London today, and how it impacts Scotland and has since London’s rise to monarchy power, I have little doubt how the Scots will vote.

Remember, back before the 2008 collapse, I wrote a few posts on how the world was going to unwind.  And, that unwinding applied not only to banks but corporations, governments and other institutions of man.   This referendum on Scotland’s freedom is a prime example of this.   In fact, this dynamic has played into many of my posts and anticipated outcomes since.   All institutions of the ego eventually fail.  All of them.  All governments eventually fail.  All money eventually fails.  All corporations eventually fail.  All social values systems and beliefs eventually fail.   They are all institutions of control or of the ego.   The only timeless truths that exist in this world are compassion, kindness, community, equality, dignity, love and the like.  ie, Timeless values comprised of what makes us sentient beings.  What makes us human.  Unfortunately, because of the endless rationalizations and delusions the manifested self or the ego tells itself, failure is almost certainly the most important dynamic associated with human progress.  It is the best method through which learning takes place.  Because it shatters our ego-motive and the endless lies and rationalizations we tell ourselves.   It is only the rejection of these lies and rationalizations so prevalent in modern corporate capitalist societies that allows us to become who we were meant to become.

Too big to fail means failure is eventually imminent.  Whether that is in a year, ten years or fifty years.  Just ask the centralized bureaucracy of the Soviet Union.  

Maybe if London fails, ie loses Scotland and Ireland along with the rest of its former empire, the people of England will finally break the yoke of elitist tyranny and associated class warfare that has permeated its culture since its modern inception.  

There is a reason Hitler was fond of English class structure, elitism, empire and the like.  He wanted some of England’s fascism for himself. 

Title link here.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Butterfly Effect And Esoteric Connections In The Global Economy–Are Google And Facebook Headed For Extinction?

Back both six and seven years ago I wrote a few posts on Google including that it is a massive bubble.  Much of the reason for that is the same dynamic that I wrote more recently that Facebook could disappear by 2020.   Both of these would be laughed at by anyone within the system.  People who really don’t appreciate the esoteric factors involved in social and economic success and failure.   As I noted on here half a dozen years ago, economic success is primarily driven by factors well outside of anyone’s control.   It doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard for your success, but frankly, Obama was right on some substantial level in his very ill-worded remark about economic success.   Belief systems about who we are as defined by our economic success in the corporate state truly are nothing more than delusions and rationalizations we tell ourselves.  Read on and consider more of this dynamic.  

Most people really don’t appreciate the unsustainability of corporate earnings or how large the corporate earnings bubble truly is.  And hence the advertising bubble that goes with it.   Politicians in this nation have totally destroyed the economy over the last thirty-odd years.  Obviously they did this to benefit the looting of banking criminals, major corporations and elites.   By the way, if you believe book value or Tobin’s Q or, hilariously, price to earnings ratios mean anything, you are going to get a very rude education in coming years.  All three of these measurements mean almost nothing at this time in history.   And, the data derived from all three of these measurements are going to become wildly unstable in coming years.   Wildly. 

The analyst making this call on Google uses the migration to handheld devices and the difficulty in placing ads on that small area of viewing real estate as a major factor in his analysis.  That most certainly is a serious issue as noted on here before but it is not nearly as serious of an issue as the coming collapse in corporate earnings and corporate propaganda –> advertising.

I don’t see Google actually disappearing anytime soon.  But, it most certainly could become a has-been like Yahoo.  Who ever believed Yahoo would essentially be irrelevant just a decade after sporting a stock price reflective of massive hubris in 2000.  Yahoo languishes at a stock valuation 90% lower than just a decade ago and it is still overpriced.  Google is not the best search technology available.  And, Google’s exposure to ad revenue as a source of income is nearly 100%.  It fuels all of its other ventures which will obviously unwind when this mess hits critical mass.  Google’s success is not because it is a better technology or better managed company but because of its social ubiquitousness and the advertising bubble. 

The analyst cited in this link is also bearish on Facebook as I am.  But the reasons are far more sinister than just the advertising bubble.  In addition to the advertising bubble, Facebook is a phenomenon driven largely by fascism.   Pshaw you say.   The grip corporations have on our lives creates many social dynamics that have benefited Facebook, a social media corporation, greatly.   One example is the massive diaspora fascism has created in the United States and many Latin American countries.   Two of the biggest users of Facebook are grandparents and family members of dislocated peoples.  And, why are they dislocated?  Because community and local economic opportunity has been ripped apart by fascism. 

So, let’s take a stroll down the lane of esoteric data regarding the success of Facebook.  Esoteric data that you most certainly won’t be reading on any other financial blogs or financial analyses.  Given the control corporations have exerted in destroying local economics and local small businesses, people now have to go where the jobs are.  Thus ripping apart social fabrics and emotional community support structures while creating a type of diaspora.  Often that migration is thousands of miles away from their family and community.   That includes leaving Mexico or Latin American countries under U.S. control to come to the United States in search of economic opportunity.   American companies (and massive Mexican government corruption) play a huge role in this diaspora from Mexico in countless ways.  One was the Al Gore-Bill Clinton inspired NAFTA “free trade” looting agreement that decimated Mexican small farmers by dumping corporate American industrial food onto the Mexican economy below cost.  And, you thought we fed the world out of the kindness of our hearts?  Hahaha.  Riggghhhttt.   T

his “dumping” that destroys food sovereignty and local food production is subsidized by American taxpayers as all good corporate welfare recipients are.   That dynamic destroyed economic opportunity for what has been cited to be as many as a million Mexican families.  (And countless others in dozens of other nations that are subject to U.S. corporate/government, fascist, looting agreements.)  This dynamic helped drive the massive immigrant push from Mexico into the U.S. since.  Well, there are many other factors in that diaspora but that is a major one.  So, how do these families stay in touch?  Well, that would be Facebook.  And, what is one of the long term theses on here?  That globalization is dead and we will see a return to local economics.  And, that means future generations of millions of people and for local communities that aren’t going to be using Facebook because the diaspora dynamics of this cycle are peaking as I type this.  And, what does that then mean for the long term trend in revenue for Facebook beyond the ad bubble collapse?  

What often appears innocent or completely unrelated is in fact sinister, even if innocently so on some level, and driven by factors not well understood or unsustainable.  Remember that.  Because this type of  Butterfly Effect is everywhere in the global economy.  That means our future crises and outcomes are going to be very different than those predicted by most using surface data.  That includes those who mindlessly prattle on about debt being the major driver of this crisis and the major concern in our future.   Debt is nothing more than an illusion.   And, the status quo wants to maintain that illusion.  They will most certainly fail. 

By the way, this was all courtesy of Al Gore and Bill Clinton.   I know I already said that but I want to make sure it sticks in your mind.  You know, since Democrats are so virtuous and the Republican Party is the party of corporations and fascism .  By the way, Donald Trump just bought Facebook and was so proud of himself he had to tell the world.   Just sayin. 

Fascism or corporatism has destroyed community and local economics in our nation and around the world on a scale that is unprecedented and never discussed by politicians or the mainstream media.   Facebook, being a social media corporation, and a for-profit one at that, is a major benefactor of that profit-driven corporate fascism in ways that most don’t understand.  As is LinkedIn – another corporatocracy-induced, for-profit social media site that I have written is headed for a major fall and possible dirt nap.   And, as such, their success is most certainly going to be transient.  

The world truly is qualitative.  Given fascism and Wall Street’s massive push, enabled by Harvard, Yale and politicians, is driven by the embrace of quantitative science, (often nothing more than junk science)  you can be assured they have no idea what is coming across a whole range of factors and outcomes. 

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Plutocrat Corporatist Mitt Romney Intimates Business Leaders Should Use Fear And Terror To Produce Political Results

Once again capitalism’s coup d'état shits all over democracy’s one person-one vote.  Is this really anything other than encouraging extortion? 

Extortion - To wrest or wring (money, information, etc.) from a person by violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority.

We are all slaves.   It’s like some dystopian dream where we all live in the company-owned town.   They own everything.  Including you.  In November’s elections you get to choose - Dumb and Dumber.   A slave to plutocrat Dummycrat enslavement to the corporate state or the plutocrat RepubliKKKlan enslavement to the corporate state. 

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Obama’s Crony Investment In Hybrid Auto Battery Maker A123 Ends In Bankruptcy

So, what to say?  I said this was going to happen on some level at the time Obama wasted taxpayer money on this boondoggle.   I didn’t say bankruptcy would happen but when the original investment was made I wrote that it was a preposterous waste of money with absolutely no reasonable return on investment.   And, that we, the citizens of this nation, would never get that money back.  Hundreds of millions of dollars just pissed away.  Not the first time a politician pissed away someone else’s money.   Obama is pissing away trillions.  Bush may have called himself the decider but it is really Obama who has embraced his position as the king of the United States.   Picking economic winners and losers like King George III. 

Now, I have no problem with a responsible government spending money.   Government labs provide a great service; although politicians are starting to really effup public science in a big way.  Public services enrich the human experience and democracy.  And, if we had an investment banking arm of a public banking system that was in no way tied to politicians, and they had done the diligence on A123 to prove an investment, well, then that would be a-okay with me.    To go one step further, if we had a public banking/monetary system that was designed with proper oversight, governance and bylaws, politicians wouldn’t have any direct, arbitrary control over taxpayer dollars.   Period.  And, government spending  would be some combination of printed and credit-driven money derived through law, science and reason.  ie, The government would be creating some of the money it spends rather than taxing us into submission for crony corruption as happens when private banking criminals and debt-driven money control our banking and monetary system and by conclusion, control our government. 

That said, A123’s investment was not responsible government spending.  This was one person picking one company to get a free joy ride with taxpayer money.  I didn’t get any of that money.  Where is my handout?   Why should I have to pay for this clearly incompetent mistake?  Did this benefit me?  My community?  Democracy? Our economy?  Please do tell.   More privatizing gains and socializing losses. 

I’m still waiting to see this supposedly brilliant president – a unicorn the Dummycrats still promise will magically appear after four years or hope and change.  Sounds very similar to the 2012’ers who are promising their “unicorn” will appear as well.   I have no idea what Obama’s grades or curriculum were in high school or college.  Because just like Romney and his taxes, Obama won’t release his transcripts.  So, while I’m not a big proponent of grades equating to true intelligence or ability, I still know almost nothing about what qualifies him to serve the public good.  He’s certainly good at single-line and simple-minded talking points on a teleprompter in his sermons.  And, they are sermons.  But, he can’t seem to actually conceptualize or take those one-liners and star burst them into any type of intelligent, detailed understanding of complex issues, strategy or any kind of plan to actually lead or accomplish anything.  That is, other than more cronyism and backroom deals.    Excuse my French, but this has to be the most overrated first round draft pick in the history of politics.  Truly.  A dud extraordinaire.  Well, let me take that back.  Clearly not as bad as the main man of hype, the king of mean, the prince of paucity, Bill Clinton.  But, those cult of personality worshippers need to keep on wishing and hoping.   They still drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

There is a process to go through to justify new investment or investment in startups.   The financial decision process doesn’t take a genius.  I have done in countless times working with clients.  Frankly, anyone could learn the financial skills to do so.  (Although the nonfinancial skills are much more subjective and usually require some substantial understanding of science, technology, competitors and markets; depending on the investment.)  But, regardless it does take some modicum of skill.  Just like being a plumber or a surgeon.   Where would Obama have acquired that skill?  The same place he acquired the skills he used to invest in Fisker, Solyndra, Tesla and others.    They will all fail.   The Tesla and Fisker investments were even more horrible than the A123 investment.   Horrible.  And, if Obama actually relied on Wall Street to guide his decision-making on these investments, well, that just shows you how completely incompetent they are; something anyone with a heart beat already knew. 

I want to see clean energy investment.  I want to see a national focus on energy independence.  I want to see a responsible, democratic government take the lead in a public debate and discourse on these issues.  But, all we get is more corporatism and cronyism.   Politicians aren’t qualified to be making these decisions.  We don’t elect servants to become our masters.  They should be encouraging discourse, debate and policy considerations that benefit We The People.  Nothing of the sort is happening.  It’s just top-down, systemically-incompetent, lobbyist-motivated, corrupt ramrodding like King George III.   Here’s your gruel.  Shut up and eat it.

To be frank, well, I’ll be me and you can be Frank, for me personally, Obama  has not shown anything of substance to prove he has any idea what he is doing.   What has this guy actually ever done in the real world of his own doing?  I mean ever?  Not just as president.   The only thing I see is that he has raised two adorable young girls but then without knowing, I would give most of that credit to his wife given what I see of his emotional distance and aloofness.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

USADA Findings On Lance Armstrong Doping - How The Idolatry Of Hyper-Competitiveness And Aggression Embraced By Fundamentalist Capitalist Cultures Are Creating Modern Society Collapse

I just finished perusing the documents regarding the Lance Armstrong investigation on the USADA web site and it appears incontrovertible that Armstrong won all of the Tour de France victories aided by various forms of drug use in addition to regular doping.  Until now, there seemed to be some doubt but now there is clear testimony from eleven teammates, including close friends.  There is so much evidence that it would take a conspiracy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams for so many to tell so many lies under oath. 

Unfortunately, in the testimony of his teammates, Armstrong gave the reason for drug use.  It was that everyone else was doing it.  This dynamic is far from an isolated incident.   Modern day capitalist culture around the globe operates around a dynamic of hyper-competitiveness and winning at any cost.   This type of culture rewards the most aggressive personality types.  (As noted on here before, aggressive personality types are highly dysfunctional motivated primarily by the ego.)  Being the global economic system’s cultural and social values are very substantially defined by hyper-competitive, fundamentalist, corporate capitalism, this propagandized dynamic permeates nearly every aspect of modern society and culture. 

In this post I am going to focus on the U.S. and hyper-competitiveness because it is oftentimes more overt and easy to see.  But obviously this type of systemic hyper-competitiveness and associated aggressive, patriarchal behavior permeates every corporate capitalist culture.   Given capitalism and corporations are inventions of the state, these corporate capitalist values are reflected throughout capitalist-statist culture everywhere.   And, that is why we are seeing the seeds of modern day society collapse everywhere.  Don’t worry.  If your country hasn’t experienced it, like Canada as an example, it’s coming to your country.   Be prepared.   If you don’t see it in your culture, you need to wake up and look deeper.  It is there but it’s more covert.  Europe, as an example, has for centuries been entrapped in a feudalistic form of corporate capitalism.   As noted on here before, it was the basis of two world wars.  There is almost no movement up or down the class structure in Europe.  The oligarchs maintain their power without any question of their authority.  Until now.  People in Europe long ago became institutionalized serfs in this corporate state system.  It’s just that people have oftentimes had a hard time seeing it.   If you live in Europe, look out your back door now.  What do you see?  The exposure of a greater truth.  You are a serf in a system where you really have little economic freedom and no say over your own determinism.  And, with the system collapsing you have even less every day.   Just like the U.S.   In the end, that’s a good thing. 

War, sports, business, education, fundamentalist religion, journalism, etc.  Everything in today’s world derived through hyper-competitive winning.  There must be a winner and loser to everything.   What was the best selling book coming out of the Clinton era deregulation of capital?  The World Is Flat.  A book of incredible incompetence and fiction glorifying the hyper-competitive, aggressive values of the Godless corporate state.  And, being that this system is devised and manipulated by people who don’t compete for anything, ie, those at the top of the power structure, almost everyone else is impacted to some degree.  A major driver for this hyper-competitive cultural shift in American values, in particular, is that there is so little money available in our economy….. a dynamic shared by more and more countries around the world.   Our citizens are starved for money because corporations deny their democratic access to our own capital.  That is because you are a slave and as a slave your corporate masters determine your worth.  And as noted before, they do that through the control of the money in the economy.  That is not a banking statement.  Multinational corporations, monopolies and oligopolies in every industry, including finance,  have just as substantial of an impact of the money available in our economy as Wall Street through rigging the system.   Europe is now awakening to the reality that their system is no different.  It just looked “prettier” on the surface for some period of time.   It’s still the same pig regardless of how much lipstick it wears.

This dynamic manifests itself in a U.S. culture that oftentimes grants people one chance, maybe two, to create a career or “make it” economically.   And most people who aren’t born of extravagant means recognize this.  Most athletes in professional cycling and other competitive sports around the world come from societies with similar dynamics.  In other words, if I don’t win in sports, there are often very limited economic opportunities that may exist.  So, each win or loss, not only in sports but in every possible economic opportunity, can possibly make or break a deal, a job or a career.  Make or break whether someone is going to be”successful” within this system.  Self-sufficient or hit it big as is so glorified in corporate capitalism.  This type of hyper-competitiveness encourages people to rationalize behavior that most would never consider otherwise.   Winning at all cost is literally a reality across all aspects of our culture.  The next thing you know, these rationalizations become part of our nation’s belief system and thus our social values.   Modern society’s social values are derived mainly through corporate capitalism’s values.  If you really want to make it within the corporate state, there is some degree of emotional self-abandonment that often goes with it.  To be in the system, there is some degree of giving up some part of oneself to conform and fit in. Ironically, this very dynamic of hyper-competitiveness to fit in or conform to corporate capitalism’s rules of success defeats the very essence of nonconformity that democracy needs to survive.   Nonconformity that may have given Lance Armstrong the fortitude and emotional freedom to say no to cheating.  Or his teammates to say no to Lance Armstrong encouraging their cheating.  Or no to a Wall Street minion who was encouraged to cheat by his management, cheaters themselves.  The hyper-competitive corporate state culture thrives on exploitation, predation and victimization to some very large degree.   And, sports culture is very substantially dominated, if not derived, through the hyper-competitive, free market fundamentalist corporate culture of capitalism.  Where does all of the sponsorship money and wages for sports come from?  Corporations. 

Hyper-competitive parents send kids to cram schools and pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to learn basic reading and math skills to conform to the values of success defined by the corporate state.   What values does this instill in children?  Umm, maybe that I’m not worthy?  All because parents somehow derive their own worth through the acceptance of corporate capitalism’s social values and associated achievement of their children.  Children learn that they have to do more and more and more to gain their parent’s acceptance and validation.  Competition for acceptance, validation and love becomes ingrained in their psyche.   It fuels this entire dynamic from the instillation of corporate propaganda from childhood.   The effects?  Children grow up learning to live their existence pleasing others including their corporate masters.  And, in the process they never actually learn who they are or what they actually want.  They are told what they want starting with their hyper-competitive corporate-indoctrinated parents and continuing their entire lives by a hyper-competitive corporate capitalism value and belief system.   They are told to focus on academics, go to Harvard and become a corporate slave.  People spend their lives obediently following without any understanding of their own divinity, their own interests or their own emotional needs.   That is, until one day that belief system comes crashing down.  Some event shatters that belief system because eventually we realize no one is ever going to know what I need.  Especially the corporate state where my values were derived.  Only I will ever know that.  And, only I will ever be able to give it to myself.  Yet, by this point of crisis I have no idea who I am or what I need because I’ve never stopped to breathe and actually ask myself who I am.   The hyper-competitive, free market fundamentalist, corporate capitalist belief system has always done that for me.  It’s always been about what someone else believes I should be.  The crisis of identity ensues.  We are a nation with an identity crisis.  And, so it is and will continue to be around the world.  These are reflections of a morally-bankrupt social value system that is literally collapsing because it is destroying the emotional well-being of its citizens.   And, that’s just one example.  

It’s not uncommon for hyper-competitive parents to be in fist fights or shouting matches over their kids athletic events.  The competition to get into highly-esteemed universities is big business.  People are fired on the spot for losing a large corporate deal.  Wall Street turns new hires into looting machines and being right out of their corporate-manufactured university business degree programs, they are pliant minions more than willing to oblige.  Keeping up with the Jones and associated hyper-consumerism defines social success in our nation.   Corporate Hollywood’s inane vacuousness, excesses and self-importance are glorified values in the corporate media.  We are constantly bombarded with advertising messages of buying up.  Upward mobility is defined by having a bigger mortgage and a larger car payment.  And, for those who can’t, there is a substantial underlying social message of inadequacy.  And, nothing is more representative of this hyper-competitiveness than the glorification of war, murder and torture.  This continuous dynamic of feeding citizens into a system of corporate empire, death and destruction is only possible by convincing society that somehow others are worthy of our wrath; a form of competitiveness in comparative values that belies a deeply ingrained underlying bigotry.  All of these values are driven very substantially by hyper-competitive, free market fundamentalist, corporate capitalism.  This dynamic pervades every aspect of the Godless corporate state’s social values. 

All of this and more leads to endless rationalizations across every aspect of our existence.   Leads to Lance Armstrong’s rationalizations.  Leads to his teammates rationalizations.  To my rationalizations and yours.  And, it will lead most people to rationalize voting for corporate shills Romney and Obama.

The reality is that people are capable of rationalizing anything.   Human beings are rationalization machines.  In some specific situation, almost anyone can even rationalize the most heinous of acts, murder.  Our nation has probably killed more than half a million and maybe even one million people around the world in the last decade.  99.9% of whom never did anything to anyone in this country.  That is rationalized murder.  Especially since these deaths are a result of undeclared, and therefore, unconstitutional wars.  As noted in my Obama impeachment post a few weeks ago, there are retired military officers and former members of the Justice Department calling these undeclared acts nothing more than cold-blooded murder.   They have awoken from their rationalizations.  And, if you haven’t, you soon will too.

In a culture full of destabilizing dynamics, everyone will most certainly rationalize any and every behavior.  Our corporate-controlled “leaders” provide the roadmap of how that is consistently so.  Is the rationalized behavior of Wall Street looters any less of a rationalization than the kid living on the streets of Detroit selling crack cocaine to stay alive?  Both are rationalizations.   Both rationalizations are positively reinforced by the win at any cost hyper-competitive corporate values.   The kid on the street is a capitalist first and worries about democracy and justice second.  At least the kid selling crack cocaine may have a more likely chance of using that money to feed his family.  And he’s only going to destroy a handful of lives.  The professional crooks on Wall Street are more likely to harm our entire nation and then use that money to act out their own emotional insecurities through selfishness, extravagant showings of wealth & power, violence against women (prostitution), violence against themselves (drug and alcohol abuse) and hyper-consumerism.

People who rise to the top of this dynamic are those most willing to cheat, lie, steal and stomp on the face of their fellow man.  That is why we live in a leaderless society.   Those who set the tone for our nation are often the most vile people in our society.  Or, at least the most willing to rationalize anything to conform to the values of the corporate state.  And, in the process, sell their humanity for a dollar.   Their hyper-competititeness guarantees they are willing to do what is necessary to rise to the top of this heap of cut throat, dog-eat-dog corporation-inspired culture.  That is why there is such a disconnect from timeless human values and our nation & corporate capitalism derived social values.  Rather than embracing kindness, acceptance, dignity, community, selflessness and the like, our social values as defined by corporate-inspired patriarchal power are exploitation, violence, predation, selfishness and control.   Which values do you believe best serve democracy?  We are not a democracy.  We are a fundamentalist corporate capitalism.  Democracy is dead and deregulating for-profit, corporate capital(ism) killed it.

Those who think Americans are fat, dumb and lazy, as Jim Rogers is notorious for saying, really live in a rationalized, delusional reality.  Of course, that reality is driven very substantially by their own feelings of inadequacy.   While corporate capitalism’s values transcend the entire “civilized” world, the reality is people in this nation born with limited means live in a jungle. In my experience, Americans are the toughest sonofabitches in the developed world.   Because to survive here, you have to be.   The American dream is to rise to a level in this corporate-inspired violent, predatory, exploitative madness to be able to provide your family with some level of dignity.  Because the Godless corporate state has come to be based on indignity and injustice.  And unless you fight like a dog to get your head above water or are born into wealth, its hyper-competitiveness will eat many alive or turn them into another in a long list of nameless Lance Armstrongs.   Of course, there are the other options in this system.  That is, hide in academia or the government.  Or, resign yourself to extraction from the system for either healthy or unhealthy emotional reasons. 

All of these sociological factors leads to endless, self-reinforcing delusions and violence.  And, the only way anyone can accept this type of system that we have degraded into is through one massive rationalization.  We lie to no one more than we lie to ourselves.  This begs a fundamentally obvious question?  Do you really know who you are? Who you were really meant to become? Or do you still derive your identity, including the hyper-competitive corporate social values, from what others have placed inside of you?  Wall Street, Hollywood, sports, politics and your identity acquired through school and work are not representative of any kind of reality or truth.   They are corporate advertising-manufactured delusions that keep you from becoming who you really are.

Modern fundamentalist, corporate capitalist-defined society is collapsing because it doesn’t meet the needs every human being, well other than psychopaths and predators who created and thrive in this system of control, must have to flourish – connectedness, community, acceptance and safety.  To the contrary, it works toward destabilizing all but psychopaths, predators,  people who hide in academia that dream this stuff up or those who happen to enforce this system as state-employed drones.

If Obama wants to really understand why people cling to their guns and their religion, it’s because they both provide some perception of safety from a propagandized, corporate-values derived society gone mad.    For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.  Neoliberal fundamentalist capital and capitalism destabilizes societies.  Without change, we will have corporate-inspired social collapse everywhere. 

Want to change the world in ways most people probably can’t even begin to imagine?  Ways that would literally go a long way to resolving every single issue facing our nation and the those of other nations around the globe?  Including every social ill that is contributing to collapsing societies?  And the endless propagandized, corporate-manufactured beliefs that pervade modern corporate society?  We need both a public (democratic) banking system and democratic money that empowers citizens, democracy, community and safety rather than corporate and political power-mad megalomaniacs.    Capitalism can never be consistent with democracy until the capital in capitalism is owned by democracy and not private, for-profit corporations. 

One simple change that would be so profound you wouldn’t recognize what comes out the other end. 

USADA findings.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Serious Health Dangers Of Cell Phones And Other Sources Of Energy Pollution

I have talked about this topic before and in the process linked to this citizen organization concerned about energy pollution  I am relinking for your viewing pleasure.  

In the representation of the universe as humanity perceives it, everything is really nothing more than energy.  You included.    We are nothing more than energy.   Our conception is nothing more than an act of the life force of energy replicating itself anew.  Our body is created through continuous cell replication driven by the life force of energy.   All three components of our autonomic nervous system operation through the life force of energy - electrical potential just as a battery’s energy.   The billions of circuits in our brain fire when reaching an energy or voltage potential arising from ionic current flow.  Our body uses energy to heal itself both emotionally and physically.  We ingest energy (food) and assimilate it through a system that operates under the production of the body’s energy system.  The life force that keeps you, me, the trees, microbes, animals and the earth alive and sustains and replicates itself, a force we literally know nothing about, is all driven simply by energy. 

I remember early in my first job that customers were having an issue with the processor design that came out of our lab.   Some PhDs from another part of the company figured out it was some type of radiation or energy from the wild blue yonder that was impacting circuit operation.  Radiation hardening of electrical components is standard practice for much industrial, space & military equipment.  And, for any equipment where shielding from the EMF (electric and magnetic fields) disturbances of other components is necessary for proper operation. 

So, the question may be asked, if your body’s operation is completely reliant on the proper working of its energy systems, why isn’t it shielded from all of the manmade electromagnetic energy pollution surrounding us every day?  Did anyone ever do any testing on the safety of your cell phone or your laptop or your microwave or your TV or those massive electrical runs in high rise buildings or high voltage distribution lines or your MP3 player earphones or Bluetooth headsets or CAT scans or Homeland Security airport scanners and on and on and on?   Well, many people have done testing and clearly understand the risks but none of the manufacturers of energy pollution are incented to understand any issues of energy pollution because it impacts profits.  ie, Benefits of the self over that of the community that we call unregulated capitalism.  You know, more of that privatizing gains and socializing losses thing. 

Is it not logical to assume that your body, being nothing more than a form of energy, could see its proper operation impacted by manmade EMF and energy pollution interfering with its normal activity?  Just like those circuits in the computer processor being impacted by EMF that I mentioned above?  Of course, it is logical.  The government clearly understands this.  The CDC has a web site about energy pollution and possible damages that result from it. 

At some point, we are certainly going to find out, and I do mean certainly, because there are literally no doubts, only a subversion of science and truth to hide these issues for profit motive, that your cell phone and other electrical devices aren’t really any different than Monsanto’s GMO foods or the chemicals they spray on them or PCBs or Agent Orange or other sources of toxins to the environment.   They are all manmade products that have a detrimental and poisonous impact on nature.  And, that science is subverted in order to rig the game towards profit motive over the discovery of truth.  The difference between Monsanto and your cell phone is that the cell phone can be created with EMF shielding.   The only reason it isn’t is because it cuts into corporate profits.  (There are various aftermarket cell phone EMF shielding products but I would highly suggest you not consider anything that doesn’t have independent test results on their efficacy.)  

In other words, this is just another example of privatizing the gains and socializing the losses that has is driven by the motive of personal gain, ego and profit at the expense of selflessness, honesty and service to community and humankind.   Once you understand that corporations are simply institutions of the ego or institutions of control, you realize that placing the future of your safety in their hands is utter nonsense.   Any corporation, be it in the health care, food production or any other field has a primary intent or motive of profit.  And, because it is an institution of the ego or manifested self, you are simply at the mercy of the ethics of its leadership and everyone working within that system without complete transparent, accountable oversight and the rule of law of democracy to protect you.

Mercola has a detailed post on this topic and I would encourage everyone to read/watch it.

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And The Nobel Peace Prize Goes To …………

The Nazis.  This truly is rich.  I guess this is finally going to force me to get a post up that I have promised before.  I’ll make sure it gets up by the end of the year.  You’ll get a very clear appreciation of my Nazi remark and how completely ignorant, ideological, ego-driven and political the Nobel Peace Prize committee truly has become.  

In the mean time, the Nobel Peace Prize committee has shown the same mockery of reason, peace, social justice, human dignity and science as when awarding corporatist bureaucrat toadies Al Gore and Barack Obama the same award.  Gore perpetuates a myth meant to enforce ignorant, bureaucratic violence upon the world while Obama leads the war state bombing of the world into submission.  Unconstitutionally aka illegally, might I add.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Corporate Terrorism–CEO Threatens Employees To Not Vote For Obama

Quite frankly, I could care less who people vote for. I’m not voting for Obama or any other corporate-manufactured puppet. But I find this repulsive and representative of how capitalism trumps democracy almost without exception. How capitalism oftentimes literally terrorizes democracy in the process. Is this really anything more than attempted extortion of someone who clearly leads a life of decadence, selfishness and hyper-consumption and has made his fortune substantially off the backs of other people? That is what a service business is. The owner of a service business makes their fortune exclusively off of labor. It’s not like an invention that benefits society or a cure for cancer. There is no wealth creation involved. It’s doing each other’s laundry as Henry Ford noted. Did you ever get rich doing anyone’s laundry? Not owning a laundry business. But doing someone else’s laundry?

Actually, let me go one step farther. This CEO runs a business that consumes capital. As I have noted on here before, capital-consuming industries are literally no different than transfer payments from the government. We could pay people who work in capital-consuming industries to sit at home, watch TV and collect welfare checks and the impact on our nation’s wealth would be no different. That is a fact not an opinion.

If you work in any finance-related or service field you essentially dig holes in the ground and then fill them in. You are a Keynesian even though most in finance rail on Keynes. Shows how little they know. Of course, listening to financial idiots is why we are in this mess.

A service-based economy cannot grow, cannot inflate its way out of debt and cannot create wealth. It can only exist through the printing of money and, therefore, the continual erosion of currency. In some way, shape or form, every service job is a tax on society. And, because it is a tax, it must either directly or indirectly rely on government handouts or the creation of wealth by others for its existence. That is the impact you have on society if you work in a service job. Nothing new on here. I have written of this before. I know that will rankle people who read that who believe they are more self-important than they really are. So, you may say bullshit. I would say yes it is. Go read a book. You don’t understand capitalism or how wealth is created if you question such a rudimentary dynamic of how our economy works. Your ego is writing checks you can’t cash.

The reality is if you work in a corporate service or finance business, you work for only one of two reasons. One, your proletariat corporate masters want you to work as slaves and indentured servants to line their pockets with riches. Or, two, you work only to receive your share of money in the economy to survive. That’s it. Fact. Not opinion. In other words, this guy may create jobs, jobs that I would surmise for the most part don’t pay a living wage or strong benefits, but also the jobs he creates don’t create wealth. They don’t create capital. In other words, jobs that probably cost society more than they are worth. Like Wal-mart. Jobs that have so little benefit and income that people become reliant on government-provided aid to help them survive. Our economy is primarily driven by this type of job thanks to crooks and criminals. Why do you think 46 million people are on food stamps and why transfer payments, after inflation, have risen 800% since 1980? So, these corporate assholes who generally don’t care about democracy rely not only on their workers to make a personal fortune, but they rely on others in society to produce capital so their company can consume it and then rely on government to supplement the incomes and benefits of people who work for them. What do we call this again? Oh yeah. Privatizing gains and socializing losses. F*cking over society for the benefit of the self.

Personally, I can do without living in a society where megalomaniacs build the largest home in a nation of 300 million people, who don’t create wealth and then attempt to subvert one person, one vote democracy by terrorizing employees for their own personal avarice. You know, Adam Smith’s virtuous invisible hand of capitalism where selfishness somehow miraculously benefits the common good coupled with Ronald Reagan’s trickle down economics.

Maybe this is the world you want to live in. Maybe your American dream is sitting in that corner cubicle staring at the concrete block wall, listening to the drone of fluorescent lights overhead, pushing paper from box to box while adding no value or quality to your life or humanity or the world around you. Not me. We can most certainly do better than a slave owner’s plantation economy. I dream of a more quality-driven existence for a free nation. One where our work and expression has meaning and makes a difference in the world around us and the people around us. And, that means limiting the influence of pigs like this to one person, one vote. Because a few of these cretins are ruining it for the rest of us.

Title link here. And, kudos to the usually sycophantic corporate state cheerleader CNBC for reporting it.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

70% Of Venetians Support Independence From The State

Looks like Venetians have joined Quebec in their desire for independence from the state.  I wonder how many people in the United States would support independence from Washington?  Haha – A world without Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Cantor, John Boehner and Harry Reid?  Oh, come on.  You’d miss them. 

The city-states of ancient Greece were a better representation of democracy.   That is why State’s Rights are so important.  Democracy is local.   Oh, God, now I’m one of these bad guys according to the ever-paranoid state-created Homeland Insecurity because I said something about State’s Rights. 

While I certainly am not predicting any such outcome in this cycle, at some point in the future of humanity, we could see the concept of the state simply disappear.  Poof!

The reality is that human beings are tribal by nature.   Maybe a more accepted term in today’s “civilized”, ahem, world is community-oriented rather than tribal.  Tribal draws up images of savages in the minds of noble lords and state bureaucrats.  You know, like the savages obliterated by civilized statist men of great nobility as has happened countless times throughout history.  Obliterated in some attempt to civilize the savages.   Murder, war and tyranny of supposed savages by the state that is used to civilize those who don’t fit into the statist world view of property, ownership and control.  You know, like Afghanistan.  

Afghanistan is a very tribal territory that generally doesn’t fit into a statist world view.  So, just as has happened since the beginning of the invention of the state, an institution of the manifested self or ego, statists Dick Cheney and George Bush invaded Afghanistan in an effort to imprint the statist world view on their tribes.  This is accomplished by “civilizing” the savages by force and murder.  Never really a good strategy as outlined in the books How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies or  The Carrot Works Better Than the Stick or You Get More Bees with Honey.   Especially when the tribesmen have handheld missiles courtesy of the state.  But, as George Washington told us, "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.". 

There is so much going on around the world that ties into writings on here over the last seven years that are coming to fruition.  I don’t have time to hit everything at once.  But, I thought this amusing.

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Monday, October 08, 2012

The Crisis Is Over! Goldman Sachs, Home Prices And Stocks Are Headed Up!


Smaller title print on the cover - Major markets likely to see the biggest gains: Houston, Phoenix, Austin, Denver, San Jose.


Smaller title print on the cover - Neither Washington's woes nor Europe’s mess have dented investor’s confidence, and most Wall Street strategists see stocks rising further from here. (You know, just like they said, and we highlighted at the time, in 2007 & 2008) 


Smaller title print on the cover - Somewhat tarnished (WTF?), slightly humbled, the world’s “smartest” investment bank is poised to regain its former glory. 

I haven’t really shown any magazine covers in years. It’s not really my gig. But it is a measurement of mob and social psychology. Especially given that most for-profit, corporate-driven mainstream media in the United States is driven substantially, if not primarily, by the profit motive. The human mind cannot simultaneously have an intent of both control and truth aka money and morality/truth. Institutions of the self or the ego, such as for-profit, corporate media, are simply manifestations of those incongruencies.

Given the audacity of these three Barron’s covers in September of 2012, I simply couldn’t pass them by.

If you want to get some perspective on what the “investor class” aka looters believe about financial markets, there is no better place than the cover of Barron’s. All of the Robber Barrons err Barons read Barron’s. Of course, the rationalizations and self-delusions behind these magazine covers are all quite predictable given how codependent the investor class and politicians are. Did we see anything different on the magazine covers or in the social mood of the status quo at the forward precipice of the implosion of Wall Street’s other bubbles or history’s major social and/or economic shifts? The status quo is always ill-prepared before every major phase shift. Every single time. Because the self always has an intent to control rather than an intent of discovery and truth. Those who seek authority are always consumed by the self.

The status quo keeps churning along like there’s not a worry in the world. Every major economy on earth is starting to shudder under this system. QE3 won’t solve any systemic issues and Washington is run by megalomaniacs and crooks. Political and banking systems around the globe are in very similar situations. Yet in the land of looters, psychopaths and predators, the insane asylum has a full cabinet of meds and their endless bailouts have the pigmen fat, dumb and happy.

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Homeland Security Bureaucrats Piss Away Billions To Produce Useless, Bureaucratic Busywork By Spying On Innocent Americans While Breaking Countless Federal Privacy and Civil Liberty Laws

The dumbed-down corporate state at its finest.  This reminds me of the movie Contact, which by the way is an awesome movie, where S.R. Hadden remarks, “The first rule in government spending - why build one when you can have two at twice the price?”.  The primary intent of any bureaucracy is in it maintaining its relevance regardless by any means available to it.

No money for health care.  No money for Social Security.  No money to help raise people out of poverty and provide them with economic opportunity.  No money for bridges, roads and infrastructure.  We’re just plain out of money and we can’t afford any democratic social programs.  That’s one hell of a con job.  There are untold billions and trillions for banksters, politicians and the fascist corporate-welfare state to concoct senseless and contrived threats of nonviolent Americans.  To spend endlessly on creating new statist bureaucracies that overbuy endless supplies of software, consulting services and equipment from for-profit corporations – supply side economics for the military-industrial complex.   Reagan gave the police state the foundation it needed to completely overtake our nation by engaging in the arms race with the Soviets.  He created a dystopian monster of of state power and control.

By the way, if you want to understand the countless laws that are being broken by spying on innocent Americans, you are in luck.  A 30 year veteran of the National Security Agency is going to tell you in this just-released video.  Of course, he also tells us the Nazis, East Germans and the Soviets would have loved to have the system of illegal spying that our police state now uses against our citizens.

Nothing gives meaning to the lives of bureaucrats than a sense of purpose.  Even if that purpose has no basis in law, morality, justice or reason ---  

"Others--as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders--serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God. A very few--as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men--serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it. ........  Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau’s words are timeless.  He understood the endless rationalizations we are all capable of.  Especially those granted great power.  Even more so, those who are driven, always for unstable reasons, to accumulate massive power.  Always.  Without exception.  No one has any rightful or moral dominion over another human being.   No one.   The only power on this planet greater than you or me as sovereign, free people is reasoned, honest, moral, transparent and just law. 

With great power comes even greater responsibility or noblesse oblige.   Those with great power in our leaderless society have lost their moral clarity through endless rationalizations of the ego or manifested self.    

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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Orwellian Financial Market Dynamics Part Two - European Union Sovereign Debt vs S&P 500



In the chart above, the blue data point is an intraday look at the S&P 500 index. Red is a composite index of European sovereign debt. The blue and red lines are linear regression lines of the respective indices. Notice any similarities? When the coast is clear on liquidity, be it quantitative easing, a promise to save investors by the EU central bank, a covert bailout of the investor class or what, Frankenstein finance pushes a button that purchases all financial assets simultaneously. Push a button and buy European debt and related swaps, SIVs, Shivs, or whatever. Push that same button and simultaneously buy S&P futures contracts, options, etc.

The massive leveraged interdependencies of financial markets created by Frankenstein finance is unprecedented. Literally, everything is interdependent with everything else. If you have to sell European bonds to cover impending risk, you also have to sell S&P futures. This is simply an example. The list of interdependencies and uncontrollable complexities are endless. This is what is possible when private, for-profit monopoly capital has been deregulated and given unlimited access to free money provided by the looting of a nation’s treasury. All capital is exposed to the same instruments and all instruments are correlated. Endless money for criminals to inflate financial assets to the moon and mint record profits while stealing from society. Around the globe no financially-traded asset has any relevance to intrinsic values or common sense. This is the Internet bubble on steroids.

All of this free money and leverage in the system has distorted true price discovery. People in the bubble ignorantly believe true prices and fundamentals are reflected in assets today. That’s laughable. True price discovery is impossible with so much leverage in the massive liquidity bubble. We don’t have working markets today for just about anything. And, we haven’t for a long, long time. At least since 1995 in some assets. An argument could be made since about 1980 in other markets. Anyway, an unintended consequence of the financialization of the U.S. (deregulation of capital) and the resultant leverage built into the global economy is that all markets are distorted. Globalization itself is a distortion of working markets. Deregulation of the world’s reserve currency simply created larger and larger leveraged financial aberrations. The biggest are the Wall Street bubble, the global economic bubble, the China bubble, the investor class bubble and resultant hyper-consumerism. Within each of those are other bubbles like the profit bubble, the advertising bubble, the debt bubble, the CEO pay bubble, the wage bubble in entertainment and sports, etc. All of which and more have been talked about on here over the last seven plus years.

There is no true discovery needed for most any market to work. That’s just not financial markets but also employment markets, wage markets, trade markets, defense equipment markets, etc. Even in politics, there is no market. The market has been distorted by two parties rigging the game with all of that leveraged money created by the financial bubble. There is no discovery of basic, unleveraged supply and demand characteristics have been distorted by political-corporate tampering and deregulation. Looking at ISM or monetary aggregates or stock valuations is almost laughable.

Now, the question is why did all of this happen? Well, some day, I’m going to tell you. And, I think it will blow almost everyone’s mind. No one has ever talked about it. But once you understand,  it will become self evident.  And, you’ll know capitalism is almost certainly dead.

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Friday, October 05, 2012

A Dose Of Reality On The Collapsing Employment Picture–Personal Income In Michigan Has Dropped 11% Under Obama And 27% In The Last Decade

How about a dose of reality to offset government’s mockery of employment. Michigan personal income has dropped 27% since 1999 and 11% since Obama took office. Similarly dreary numbers are shared by most states.  

At this rate, Obama’s plan of having us all work for minimum wage will be complete in no time.  Change you can believe in.

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Manufacturing Loses Another 16,000 Jobs While Unemployment Rate Magically Drops To 7.9%

From the Household Survey used to calculate the unemployment rate - “Total employment rose by 873,000 in September, following 3 months of little change.”   (That was the highest jump in nearly 30 years according to MarketWatch.  I dunno since I don’t really pay attention to employment figures.  Employment is a lagging indicator that is essentially useless.  Well, other than to get an idea of how many people have been thrown under the bus.) 

At this rate, the economy will be turning away jobs by the November elections.   Ahem.  Actually, if you scroll down you see that part-time workers at Wally World and Taco Hell increased by nearly 600,000.   So the numbers reasonably jive.  

Would you like hot or mild sauce with your bean burrito?

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