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Baby Cells Populate Mother’s Brain And Heart

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The Inc. 500 Dropping Usage Of Facebook And Youtube

Long time readers know that I believe Facebook probably isn’t long for this world for many reasons detailed in prior posts.   At least, as it is organized today.  I noted before that I believe the fair value of its common equity shares is in the low single digits.  And, Youtube is owned by Google; another company that I have highlighted is riding the wave of the same unsustainable dynamics as Facebook.   

So, not is Facebook riding the swell of the massive, completely unsustainale ad bubble talked about on here ad nauseam, they are losing market share of that bubble.   Not good news when that bubble pops.

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Whitehouse Tries To Intimidate Bob Woodward–”You Will Regret Your Choices”

Frankly, these are no different than the tactics used by the Gestapo.  It is manifestly clear that the Barack Obama put out there for public consumption was the result of the most expensive ad campaign in human history spent on building the image of a single person.  Aka propaganda.  The most pertinent question is who really is Barack Obama?   Not who is he in the sense of is he really an American citizen.  But, what really are his motives and intents?  Certainly, they don’t align with democracy, discovery and truth. 

Discovery, truth and democracy are stunted by political parties and politicians.  As I have noted on here before, politics is an institution of the ego or an institution of control and at some point humanity will enter a post-political world.  Politicians serve no purpose to public service, truth, discovery or democracy.

Update:  I’ll leave this up but it appears Woodward was exaggerating although he still stands behind his remarks.  It doesn’t take away from the fact that Obama’s image was made out of propaganda but unless Woodward has something to add to the released emails, this is a nonstory. 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beppe Grillo - Italian Comedian To Sack The Banking Criminals And Reshape Europe?

I don’t know how many Americans have been watching the Italian elections but an indomitable and unyielding Italian, who also happens to be a comedian, has just thrown a wrench in Germany and France’s fascist plans for Europe.   Well, and Obama’s support of those plans.  Something he recently reaffirmed as I noted in a post on my blog. 

Beppe Grillo, who has been politically-active for that last few decades,  appears to be a man of uncompromising political principles and has fingered just about every politician in the Euro bureaucracy, nearly every Italian politician and the global banking criminals as corrupt thugs trying to distinguish the light of the eternal human mind.  

His rallying cry has been “F*ck off” to the politicians, banking criminals and economists – the three-headed Cerberus guarding the gates of hell.  Literally.   I’m not joking.  (Vaffanculo Day in Italian)   And so far, after the political party he founded stormed the Italian elections, by the way through a populist, grass-roots, budget-less effort, he has told all of the establishment political parties in Italy to f*ck off.  No deals.  And, I don’t want your money.  Clearly a man who understands that human decency, discovery and truth cannot compromise with evil.  (The concept of  everyone getting along or being civilized with the uncivilized is nothing more than rote, dumbed-down conformity enforced by our masters and ill-fated do-gooders. )

I’m not going to link to any of the mainstream stories about the recent elections or Grillo because frankly they are all irrelevant.  (Although The New Yorker did a story on him six years ago.) 

Grillo did make a blog post yesterday that I personally believe every member of the human family would benefit from reading.  Especially during these times of massive corruption and inhumanity being foisted upon the people’s of the world. 

His blog post’s title?  The Rediscovery of Being Human  In this world of Godlessness and inhumanity enforced by dumbed-down political and corporate criminals, it’s invigorating and inspiring. 

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Genetically-Modified Corn Mows Down 2 Million Acres Of Grassland In Five Years

We are in the midst of one hell of a farmland bubble in this nation.   The evidence is that it’s far larger than the farmland bubble experienced during the late 70s and early 80s.   A friend of my family sold their farm in the fourth quarter of last year and fetched $10,000 an acre.  That might not seem like a lot but I can remember when prices were $2,000 an acre.  Actually, I can remember less than that but I don’t want to date myself. 

If you appreciate what the yield on that farmland is and the input costs into growing those industrial farming products, you realize this is a huge ticking time bomb.  (Yield calculators and cost metrics are available online at just about every midwestern university agricultural school.)   I find it absolutely hilarious that Bernanke was just quoted in the last week that he’s not worried about any assets being in bubble territory.   Well,  Bernanke got everything wrong going into the 2008 collapse as the video I posted on here years ago highlighted in his endless nonsensical blatherings.   Central banking is a clear example of institutionalized incompetence.  

Not only are the year-over-year farmland price rises higher than the last farmland bubble but there are additional macro factors above and beyond the huge swell in prices.   One of those is the endless money printing over the last thirty years to cover over the horrendous collapse of the American economy under Reagan and Clinton.  I suspect we could easily see upwards of an 80% drop in farmland values whenever the shit hits the fan.  But now that industrial farming has become so prevalent, it’s corporations and massive industrial farmers that are holding the bag.   And that bag relies almost exclusively on corporate welfare and government subsidies for what is oftentimes poisonous and toxic food.   In other words, without government handouts and market rigging for companies like Monsanto, prices would have already collapsed.  (As an aside, allowing corporations to own farmland has made it almost impossible for individual citizens to actually afford to farm anymore.   That is, unless they inherited land or are involved in some form of anti-industrial farming.   Even a small “gentleman’s farm” of 50 acres would cost north of half a million dollars. That’s not including the house, outbuildings, barns, livestock, machinery, etc. 50 acres is nothing. The startup costs would be well over a million dollars.  Of course, a banker might be willing to load you up with massive leverage and soak you of your day’s work to fund this tyranny but in the end industrial farming corporate-welfare has priced citizens out of the market.  That is, until this system unwinds.  It most certainly will as we have discussed in years past - remember, one of the long time theses on here is this cycle could be termed the end of big.  And I have written a game theory post on how many of our most revered and largest corporations are likely to fall like dominos or shrink substantially at some point.) 

It has probably been at least three or four few years since I have written about the coming farming implosion in any detail but we started to see this system unwind back in 2009.  Farmers started killing livestock, dumping milk, etc because industrial farming’s rigged economics started to destabilize.   Bulldozing livestock is a little like bulldozing houses to restart the housing market.   It’s an insane but possibly effective method of dealing with falling prices.  When it comes to food, reducing the supply in any material way is going to present potential devastation and even starvation in many countries.  Or, it could simply break the grip of food tyranny that the U.S. has on many countries around the world and restore local food freedom.  Or both.  I’ve written about these dynamics in past years but want to at least mention them for new readers.  We can hope for the best but unless we see some radical reforms, it’s coming. 

That we are trading in pristine grassland that serves many substantial ecological and farming purposes to overproduce more industrial-farming genetically-modified corn laced with millions of more pounds of pesticides and chemicals is simply another sign of the corporate-capitalist industrial-food-monopoly run amok.   Our food system is clearly run by dumbed-down political and corporate idiots and we are paying with our health, our lives and the increasing toxicity of our environment.

As a democratic society, we eventually need to start having discussions about land planning for our food freedom rather than allowing capitalism to continually reallocate prime agricultural land to build more shopping malls with no consideration of what happens next.  And whether that planning involves only private ownership or also public ownership of food production.   I suspect it will eventually involve both as food freedom becomes a basic right of democracy.   In other words, because it’s not the year 1679 and we no longer raise our own individual food on our private plots of land, public food production might become a necessity for democracy.   Just one example of how public ownership of food production might start to unfold was presented in my recent post about the minimum wage.  

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wal-Mart Fires Jean Valjean And The Toady French Ruling Class Files Felony Charges For Stealing Cookies… And Other Examples Of The Dumbing-Down Of The Corporate State

Is this really any surprise?  Wal-mart is the poster child for social violence in our nation - nonliving wages, little to no benefits - other than eating cookies in the stores - and short work weeks to keep workers from being classified as full-time.   The felony wrap sheet says the total loss for the perpetrator’s crime was $3.98.  As a relative of mine said of austerity over the holidays, if people don’t make enough money, they are going to be forced to steal to stay alive.  Paying a nonliving wage is austerity.  It is a form of violence.  Violence begets violence as Jean Valjean, the Oreo-stealing employee, proves.

As a commenter at this post remarked, this is right out of Les Miserables – sending Jean Valjean to prison for stealing a loaf of bread because Marie Antoinette told him to pound salt or eat cake.  Bread, well… and cookies, are only for people who can afford them.   You remember what happened next?   The abolishment of the French monarchy and The Reign of Terror.   In other words, contemptuous feudal lords, kings and queens who shit all over the poverty-stricken had a permanent bad hair day as the guillotine became the French national pastime for quite a few years.  History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme.   Just sayin.

Okay, I’m taking liberty with timelines and Les Miserables but it makes the post more interesting. 

How about a few more heart warming stories from our corporate masters?

Obama Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew was paid by Citi to seek high level political appointment.  The revolving door of fascism continues.

New Jersey’s newest casino goes kaput. I have been writing for a long, long time that the casino economy is headed for disaster. We have been trading jobs that create wealth for jobs that consume wealth for decades.  It’s just a matter of time.  If you don’t produce any wealth, you sure as hell can’t keep consuming it.  We are a nation of gamblers because of the free-lunch gambling propaganda that Wall Street creates with their endless Ponzi schemes.  Casinos are a manifestation of that mindset.  They are a tax on society’s wealth just as Wall Street is. 

Some people have a hard time discerning money from wealth or capital. That’s one of the problems I have with gold money advocates who have it exactly backward. They support a feudal monetary system of control where money is the definition of wealth. Money is NOT wealth and I have a sneaking suspicion we just might get to experience what that very fact meanns at some point.   If so, as noted on here before, don’t expect gold holdings to protect you. 

Let me make a simple illustration everyone can start to think about as it pertains to wealth creation.  If I take a deck of cards to Somalia and you and I sit down and start playing cards, do the people of Somalia become more wealthy?  Does their poverty disappear?   Of course not.  That is ridiculous.  Well, a casino is nothing more than a corporation that plays cards.  That’s it.  There is zero wealth created.  All that happens with a casino is that money is shifted into this racket.  And, that money is worth the same as it was before that casino was opened.  In other words, if that money was worthless, it’s still worthless with the opening of a casino.  That’s why the mob loves gambling.  That’s why Wall Street loves trading.  It’s a license to steal.   Casinos and Wall Street steal legally with the backing of the force of the state.  It’s a form of covert social violence against our citizens that casinos have become so instrumental to the functioning of our state governments and schools.

So, what does create wealth?   In its purest sense the economic monetization of science and its outcome, productivity.   That does not include what capitalism terms as productivity – reducing wages, cutting benefits, dumping more work on fewer employees, sending jobs off to sweat shop labor, buying your competitor to reduce competition, etc, etc.  In a more esoteric sense, wealth is the manifestation of the empowered and enlightened human mind and its intent of discovery and truth.  That includes science, art, literature, philosophy, music and other expressions of the mind’s freedom and divinity.  Unfortunately, the dumbed-down, proletariat, corporate state has politicized and destroyed the purity of discovery or science.  The major drivers of this dumbing-down are both political parties who attempt to manipulate, distort and twist science for their own intents of ego-motive and control.

Now, if you want to have casinos in society for enjoyment, well, then have at it.   But, then what is really enjoyable about taking yourself out of the moment to pin your hopes on a gambling scheme that is nothing more than a regressive tax?   Just realize gambling is a corporate-controlled, state-enforced tax on democracy aka fascism as it is is practiced in the U.S.; one that violently preys on the people least able to pay it.   It is no different than the corporate-controlled, state-enforced tax that is ObamaCare.  I can’t open a gambling business in the U.S.  Only corporations blessed by the state, aka cronyism or favoritism or using the force of the state to pick economic winners and losers, can open a gambling business in the U.S. 

Corporations advise closing public schools in favor of private, for-profit, corporate-run schools.  As noted on here many times, money is an institution of the ego and serves only one intent – control.   Money as a defining factor in the education of our children is a form of covert violence that perpetuates class disparity and systemic poverty.   All children in our nation should have access to the best education available.  That includes every single child with special needs.   That cannot and will not happen once private, for-profit schools start considering the bottom line as more important than our children just as corporations today consider the bottom line more important than our citizens.  

“Land grabbing” by foreign investors – mostly corporations and the uber rich who have made their money looting via corporations.  This is a crime against humanity and will most certainly end up being invalidated at some point.  By the way, the same thing has happened in the U.S. as corporations and elites have grabbed all of our land and physical assets. 

Corporations should be forbidden from owning any land in a democracy.  Period.   Instead 10, 20, 50 year leases or whatever could be granted to companies.  Their terms of rent could be granted that would allow corporations that serve democracy to be sustainable.   And their lease should be renewed or denied when their corporate charter is reviewed or denied by democracy for renewal.  ie, If you aren’t serving our democracy, your charter won’t be renewed.  Period.  And, poof, your corporation no longer exists.   The first to go should be Wall Street, Wal-mart and Monsanto for preying on democracy.

Property rights should be limited to citizens of democracy.  That means Hosni Mubarak or communist China or Saudi Arabia, three examples of horrendous human rights abusers, shouldn’t be able to come to our nation and use the money they stole from the citizens of their respective nations, or stole from our citizens through the deregulation of capital, to then buy U.S. mansions or assets.  Not only that but no one person should be able to buy up a million acres or a thousand houses and turn American citizens into renting serfs.   That creates zero wealth and is a form of social violence.  We need reasoned, just laws on property rights.  Just laws that protect democracy and out citizens.   As I noted on here before, George Bush was right about the ownership society.  He was wrong to believe private, for-profit banking criminals could execute that vision.

Lastly, this is just f*cked up.  Talk about giving me the creeps.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obama’s Proposed $9 An Hour Minimum Wage Is A Joke. Let’s Make Democratic Politicians Work For $9 An Hour And Republican Politicians For $7.25.

"We are justly proud of the high wage rates which prevail throughout our country and jealous of any interference with them by the products of the cheaper labor of other countries. To maintain this condition, to strengthen our control of home markets and, above all, to broaden our opportunities in foreign markets where we must compete with the products of other industrial nations, we should welcome and encourage every influence tending to increase the efficiency of our productive processes" --Henry Towne, President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1911

Years ago I threw that quote up quite a lot.   Ignorance and a dumbing-down of society by political and corporate elites has become the new norm in the world of neoliberalism.  Ignorance literally runs our country, ignorance runs our mainstream media, ignorance runs the military-industrial complex and ignorance generally runs our corporations.   Ignorance definitely runs our very largest corporations.  It only does so because we allow it to.  Because we allow ignorance to take our divine power from us.  In the dystopian world of unregulated corporate capitalism that is smashing democracy’s face, everything is a race to the bottom.    Not only is that reason, intelligence, science, compassion and decency it is currency, wages, benefits and standard of living as well as .   We The People have become nothing more than chattel.  Slavery.  To be used as beasts of burden and machines by class-based megalomania, narcissism and psychopathy to enrich their power and control. 

Let me start by saying that We The People need to stop allowing others to define our reality. We do that by outsourcing our thinking and decision making to those who seek to perpetuate this system of injustice rather than living within ourselves.   Let the “market” set labor rates?  You mean free market capitalism?  Allow a corporation, an undemocratic institution of control, and its often psychotic CEO,  who usually has a king’s delusions of creating his own kingdom, to self-regulate itself and make a moral decision that is best for democracy and our democratic rights and do so without democratic oversight?  Let the market run by class-based psychopathy, megalomania and its associated efficiency rationalism decide? 

Paying a nonliving wage is a form of covert social violence perpetrated by a class-based system of control.  By unregulated or deregulated corporate capitalism.  By the god of the market defined by Adam Smith’s self-interests of the power-mad.   To allow a corporation, an authoritarian institution of the ego, to define a person’s worth through chattel wages is absof@ckinglutely preposterous.  Excuse my French but political correctness is also a covert form of social violence that keeps us from ever discussing anything serious in our nation.  Screw political correctness and its rote, dumbed-down conformity.  Some political dipshit is always ready to start howling when anyone says something that often needs to be said.  They always personalize everything and attack the messenger rather than depersonalizing the comment and truly listening to the message with an intent of discovery and truth. 

I’m saying something here that needs to be said - I think we need to have a serious discussion about whether democracy really wants to support or even allow jobs with non-living wages.  It is our choice.  Not the choice of capitalism or politicians.  Not only in our nation but in other nations that trade with us.   These jobs that add zero value to our society, to our wealth, to the human experience or to the human family.  Actually, these jobs cost society and humanity if we are to be frank.  Paying someone $7.25 an hour dumps them onto the public dole where they have to then beg our political masters for handouts to stay alive.   Or, live in a cardboard box.  Beyond the act of violence that is a $7.25 an hour job, paying nonliving wages leads to emotional and physical disease, sickness and even early death.  Paying nonliving wages leads to rampant crime and a swelling prison population.  Paying a nonliving wage turns our neighborhoods into cesspools of inhumane filth and poverty.  Paying a nonliving wage costs our society well more than $7.25 or $9 an hour.  It costs lives.  It costs human decency.  And untold trillions in sickness, disease, crime, addictions, ignorance and on and on and on.

Paying a nonliving wage is an illness and the source of that illness is the god of the “free” capitalist market propaganda and all of the ignorance that supports it.  The cure for that illness is democracy and reclaiming our humanity.

How much more productive and civilized our society would be if we had people in non-living wage jobs doing something of greater good or greater value.  That is, rather than lining the pockets of their corporate masters in mindless, rote jobs that keep us ignorant, poor, sick and beaten down.   What is “greater good or greater value”?  Let reasoned, participatory democracy decide.  But first off, how about we encourage democratic and humane policies and programs of self-determinism and empowerment rather than the false choice of the corporate slavery/welfare paradigm.  Why are our citizen’s only choices to work as a slave or receive some ungodly paltry pittance from the state?  Both marginalize tens of millions of our citizens and the endless gifts they have to share with humanity. 

Instead of $7.25 an hour beast-of-burden jobs, how about we consider paying everyone a living wage to spend time raising their children so they grow up in an environment of safety and love to help ensure they become productive members of society?  Is there a job that is more important?  Honestly?  And not only that but how about we actually include how to  teach all parents the skills needed to be loving, mindful and aware?  Especially if they learned how to raise children from parents who were like the never-home, work-addicted psychotics running our corporations and nation?  How about we create living-wage jobs to help indigent or elderly who have limited means or ability to help themselves?   How about paying people to create public community cooperatives to grow their their food?  Or a cooperative for trading or bartering skills to help each other with countless needs?    How about we commute sentences for all nonviolent, victimless crimes and pay these people a living wage to assimilate them back into communities so that they can reclaim their own humanity?  Their commuted sentence can be replaced with home detention or community service or whatever.   How about paying people a living wage to finish their education, if need be, or maybe more importantly to learn to expand their mindfulness and emotional intelligence?   How about we pay a living wage to people who are underemployed or don’t wish to define their reality through corporate servitude to recreate communities, connectedness and kindness that the Godless corporate state has destroyed?  The ideas our society could come up with to pay people a living wage in lieu of the failed corporate slavery/state-handout paradigm are limitless. 

If you really wanted to chuck this entire economic system, what people are paid to do for a living could look almost nothing like the world today.  Certainly we should continue to embrace science and productivity to be able to impact humanity and our standard of living in a meaningful way but is everyone going to be a scientist?  Hardly.  Regardless, this should be decided by democracy not corporations or capitalism.  In other words, development-based democratic programs that lift people up and create a better world rather than keep them ignorant, sick, poor and beaten down for $7.25 an hour corporate slavery. 

By the way, there is plenty of money available to do this and it doesn’t need to come from taxing you or other fear mongering that pinheads on Wall Street or in Washington would throw our way.   Bankruptcy and not enough money are myths.  So, release any small-minded fear that someone is going to come get “your” money to make the world a better place and awaken your awareness and mindfulness to a greater reality.   Look, we just paid Wall Street $25 trillion to blow up the world and we pay the military-industrial complex a trillion dollars a year to finish blowing up what Wall Street didn’t.   Money isn’t in short supply if you are a criminal or a looter or a member of the right class in our supposed class-less democracy.  How about a few nickels for democracy?

A job is not a job as I have noted on here countless times.  Most jobs in our society serve no purpose or create no wealth or do nothing to improve the human experience.  Owning a restaurant, as an example, creates zero wealth.   It may increase the human experience for its customers and if its employees work because they have a passion for it and are being paid a living wage, but merchant businesses are reliant on wealth creation in other sectors.   As noted on here countless times, the vast majority of jobs in our society serve absolutely no purpose other than to gain their share of national income to survive.  Some of the most useless, unproductive jobs are the highest paid jobs in our society – hedge funds, private equity, Wall Street bond or stock market traders, lobbyists, political consultants, advertising firms, etc.  These are just examples but they add no more to society’s wealth than paying someone $7.25 an hour to flip burgers.  They are all examples of doing each other’s laundry.  But, because we live in a class-based economic system, these jobs are able to afford themselves much higher salaries for doing the same type of unproductive work.  For now.  Remember, all of these any more have been targeted as massive bubbles on here over the years and they certainly are going to pop as are their wages. 

If you can’t create a job to pay a living wage, and your company doesn’t actually advance democracy or the human experience or our nation’s productivity or our nation’s science base, my democratic vote is that your company or business idea isn’t worth creating.  You are making us sicker, destroying our humanity and doing it for no other reason than your own self-interest.  You aren’t doing anyone any favors by creating poverty-wage jobs regardless of what your ego tells you.   Democracy and the American dream of freedom isn’t about you employing someone for $7.25 an hour to become rich off of their slave labor. 

The minimum wage should be much higher.  $14 an hour or more in some cities.  I believe $14 an hour was the number I saw some years ago that a west coast physicist recommended based on some diligence.  Regardless, a living wage should be able to at least pay for shelter, food, basic transportation, clothes on your back and health care.  And that means the slave owners making $20 million a year need to take a big haircut. But then democracy never voted to give them that salary anyway.  In the class-based system of corporate capitalism, our masters voted it for themselves. The money exists to pay living wages. It’s simply that we live in a class-based society where most who achieve rank and title are psychotic criminals or narcissists who throw everyone else under the bus while, without moral conscience, living like our kings and queens.

For God’s sake, don’t tell me this is going to cause hyperinflation either.  It may cause slave wage jobs to disappear but that’s actually a benefit to our society.  Did you read the quote at the top of this post?   Depending on the industry, with modern productivity, wages account for as little at 5% of the cost of goods sold.  So, if we double the minimum wage and give everyone access to a living wage, we would see a marginal increase in the price of goods.  And it would spur even greater innovation to replace labor with automation.  The marginal increases in costs of goods sold would be more than offset by the overpaid, useless jobs that we would rid ourselves of.  And, more importantly, it would be one hell of a lot less than the costs of allowing Wall Street to manipulate commodities and the Federal Reserve to print endless money to save a system that is collapsing.  Cost of goods sold are skyrocketing under this current system of ignorance and corruption. 

As I noted on my Lean Methods posts six or seven years ago, companies like Toyota and Honda understand that employees or associates are investments and not chattel.  That employee or associate knowledge and self-reliance are vital to the success of empowerment.  And self-reliance and empowerment are vital to the success of their empowerment-structured, flat organizational models.  Organizations generally void of bloated, ineffectual management that defines American-style authoritarian corporate structures.  Both Toyota and Honda run very decentralized, flat organizations that invest in and empower people.  Their management style is to delegate and make decisions by committee.  In other words through building consensus that decisions have been well-thought out, have research and diligence behind them and then decisions are made quasi-democratically.  This compares to the authoritarian style of force and violence that is glorified by the often megalomaniac CEO in the U.S. 

These firms make investments in associates that  creates an aware, knowledgeable, intelligent, empowered associate that is able to work without managerial aka taskmaster oversight.  To be personally-responsible.   An empowered associate (citizen) is the only way to achieve excellence and quality needed for corporate (community) success.   Is it any wonder the world is awash in useless, cheap junk or products that make us sick and diseased and that they are made by people that work for slave wages?  

A happy, aware, empowered, personally-responsible employee means a happy customer because he (gender-neutral) is making a product that is derived from his own dignity, intellect, pride, craft and ability.  And a happy customer means repeat business and sustainability.   Just like in democracy, a happy, aware, empowered, personally-responsible citizen means a happy community.  Because he is able to use his own dignity, intellect, pride, craft and ability to carve out his existence.  And a happy community means a happy nation.  And a happy nation means no wars, little crime, no exploitation and no slavery.  Do you see a pattern to the corporate problems tying into our social and economic problems?  You should since I just hit you on the head with it.  Deregulated corporate capitalism is the social problem that afflicts our nation and the world.   (If you actually want to read in detail what I said about living wages, search my blogspot site using Lean, Toyota and Shigeo Shingo.  The series of lean posts should come up.)

Stop outsourcing your thinking and your reality to ignorant politicians, economists, Wall Street pinheads and MBAs who have never made anything.  Who view you as nothing more than an inhumane cog in a machine that keeps them in power.  People who are taught well too much useless horse shit in their college curriculum.  Who have never produced anything that created any wealth.  By the way, who also destroyed economic opportunity in our nation and obliterated a living wage.   Yet are all too willing to imprison the rest of us in what they learned in their $400,000 education-indoctrination.  Stop listening to shit-for-brains like John Boehner and Paul Ryan who rejected any wage increases because of their blatant ignorance.

I have noted on here quite a few times that the people of this nation were granted a democratic social contract when they agreed to leave the agrarian economy behind.  When they left their farms and self-sufficiency and self-determinism to fill the role of employee for corporate capitalism.  And that contract was that I am forfeiting my self-sufficiency so that we both may achieve some greater quality of life for democracy.  That means corporate capitalism has a contract with democracy and for the betterment and benefit of all in our society and all of humanity.   And that it is clear corporate capitalism and the corporate state have reneged on that contract.  Completely and without any equivocation.  It has looted and completely destroyed democracy and human decency. 

A living wage is a democratic right.  And so is a living wage job.  It’s easily accomplished in a merit-based, democratic economy.   An economy that is subservient to, and is designed to serve democracy and We The People.  An economy that is designed to enrich the human experience and our freedom.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Omerta Protection Racket Of The Military-Industrial Complex - Privatize Gains While Socializing Losses As Our Democracy’s Biggest & Most Unaccountable Polluter And Looter.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Dr. Mercola On How Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand Of Self-Interest Perpetuates Junk Science And Human Suffering

Junk science has been and will remain a major theme on here.  How so much of what is considered science it tainted by self interest.  And I can assure you, human-caused global warming is most certainly included in this reality.  I suspect we are going to see much of science that has been institutionalized will collapse within a generation.  It’s everywhere.  And I’m not just talking about capitalism-driven junk science either.  Although that certainly is systemic and all-encompassing.   I’ve already said that human-caused global warming will be exposed within our lifetime.  I suspect we are within a generation of the current physics-driven view of the universe being  proven to be very incomplete or completely wrong.  Ditto with Darwinism, something I have railed against on here in the past.   That’s certainly not a religious statement either.    The list is endless.  If you believe Jesus rode a Brontosaurus, don’t get too excited. This Darwinism-religion debate is a little like the false choice of Democrats and Republicans or Pepsi vs. Coke or George Bush’s you are either with us or against us. That is, they are driven by institutionalized ignorance and an intent to control.

The seeds of demise for all three of the above examples and much more of what I would classify as junk science have been building for quite some time.  But institutionalization perpetuates the existence of junk science well beyond its actual ability to defend itself.   In fact, it no longer has to defend itself because it has become institutionalized and taught in our schools and, as such, now permeates every part of modern society - we believe without even questioning it.   Institutionalization now means many people will defend it, often to their death, without even understanding it, because it has become a self-interested religion. 

“Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” – Bertrand Russell

One must truly appreciate that corporations, universities (especially now that corporate money and political influence have so completely taken control of universities and science)  and politics are all institutions of the ego or of the manifested self.  Or, more clearly, institutions of man.  And, as such, they have one overriding intent as all institutions of man do; control.   When we seek to control ourselves or others, often through perceptions that may be derived through self-interest or ego, and those perceptions are then pawned off as knowledge, it is always driven by dysfunction.  By fear, greed, arrogance, envy, vanity and the other manifestations of the self.   This control subverts discovery and truth that is so foundational to true science.  True science has been dying for quite some time thanks to its institutionalization, money, self-interest and politicization.  

Remember, control is nothing more than an illusion.   It exists no where except in the mind of the ego.   And that means it works until it doesn’t.  It works until a greater reality and greater truth pops that bubble of self-deceit and rationalizations (rationalism). 

Anyhooo… onto three posts this past week by Dr. Mercola.

Experts being bribed to tell you genetically-modified food is healthy (Junk science.  This is everywhere too.   As noted on here and elsewhere, I believe it was the New York Times that exposed the Pentagon paid, let’s be frank – bribed, former generals and admirals to go on every major TV channel as subject matter experts in support of our endless bombing of “brown people” as George Carlin famously stated.) 

22 Year aspartame study and its links to cancer (More junk science.  The entire food supply in this country  is tainted with chemicals, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, etc.  None of them have been proven to be safe except through junk science highlighted in the link below.)

How bribery drives big pharma profits and control  (This is the exact same junk science that the Federal Reserve uses.  The economics profession only exists through Federal Reserve bribery.  The Federal Reserve has paid thousands upon thousands of economists over the years for junk research that serves its policies.  Just like big pharma pays scientists for research that serves its goals of favorable outcomes for its drugs.  And then bribes doctors to prescribe this junk science.  )

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Omerta Culture Of The LAPD : A Culture Of Racism, Cronyism, Cover-up And Excessive Force?

Below is a link to a very interesting interview regarding the recent issues involving Chris Dorner and the larger culture of corruption in the LA police department.  We clearly know the LAPD has a history of excessive violence, police brutality and excessive shows of force.   No one is condoning the murder of anyone.  This was a horrible situation and Chris Dorner was clearly a very disturbed man who committed murder.  But, there certainly may be extenuating circumstances that helped destabilize him – that is corruption and its role in unfair or unlawful termination.   This former officer in the video brings up some very good points worthy of investigation.  If Dorner were to be brought in and have to stand trial, he might have exposed much of the LAPD’s massive corruption.  That could have clearly contributed to his death or murder.

I made comment recently on another blog that highlights this issue and I believe it is worth repeating.  That is, we have two hundred years of self-interest that has seriously tainted or even destroyed every institution in this nation.  Nothing represents this more than our justice system.  Good people are caught in a system of severe injustice, corruption, self-interest and exploitation.  Actual discovery, truth, reason and justice seems like it is often nothing more than an afterthought when it comes to the working of our justice system.  We see this in countless measurable outcomes.  A recent example includes wishing to arrest and charge a law-abiding man and woman in Indiana with an offense that includes possible jail time.  Their crime?  They nursed a baby deer back to health before releasing it back into the wild.  Why?  Because some statue doesn’t allow for it and there is no discretion used in the application of reason and justice by those enforcing it.   This is representative of the dumbing-down of society that has happened as bureaucrats seek to impose more of their illegitimate authority.  And, because those enforcing the law are being taught what to think rather than how to think.

Here is what needs to happen in some way, shape or form.   Policies of self-interest exist everywhere in our nation.  Red tape.  Nonsense.  Favors to pass ignorant statutes.  Bribery.  The list of reasons are wide, deep and all ego-motivated.   This is the culture Alan Greenspan supported in the 1990s when our banking system was deregulated by the Clinton-Gore regime and complicit Republicans.  

That our police departments self-regulate themselves through an “internal affairs”  operation is completely preposterous and based on the same protection racket and culture of the Omerta (the code of criminal silence) that exists on Wall Street and everywhere else there is self-regulation.  That includes hierarchical religious infraction such as pedophilia and sexual abuse.   In other words, no one ever snitches on their own unless it threatens to expose the entire criminal racket.  That perpetuates massive corruption.   That is exactly how Wall Street operated under its self-regulation. 

There needs to be a citizen-led investigative body aka democratic oversight of all law enforcement and internal secret investigations need to go.   Self-regulation of our law enforcement needs to go.  And, while we are at it, the bar associations are equally ludicrous as self-governing bodies that perpetuate corruption.  A California law professor wrote a book a decade ago and he surveyed a large pool of lawyers and found that about 70% of them admitted to cheating their clients.    The law profession is wildly corrupt across the board.  If democracy and a governing body of citizen-led investigations replaced the crony, clubby, Omerta legal bar associations, this most certainly would stop.  Ditto with the self-regulating medical boards and on and on.   Citizen-led boards can certainly receive advice from subject matter experts but the the concept of self-governing is ludicrous whether we are talking free market capitalism or lawyers or police officers or Wall Street or anyone else. 

The only place self-regulating authority exists is when willed by kings and queens and the mafia.  Well, and other self-interested authority seeking to hide corruption and wrong-doing.

We need to rid ourselves of self-interested authority and replace it with authority of We The People, with complete transparency and interest in the common good aka democracy.  

Video link here.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Coming Disintegration Of Corporate Capitalism - SAP Plugs Profit Hole With Support Price Hike

I’m not going to write a long post on this but I want to point it out because of what I have said on here as it pertains to this space.  That is, as part of the disintegration of capitalism, the enterprise software space is headed for a massive turmoil and possibly even disaster.  Below in italics are some past remarks made on here about the enterprise software space and its coming crisis.  Customers are not taking kindly to the enterprise software usury pricing model or SAP’s latest announcement.   This announcement  has nothing to do with value received by customers.  It has to do with SAP keeping the massive profit bubble going through greater predatory usury at the expense of its clients.  ie,  Capitalism’s self-interest.  Once a client is locked in, they are bilked for everything enterprise software firms can get.  This is typical of the entire industry and, frankly, systemically part of the internal contradictions of capitalism.   As mocked on here countless times, this was not a financial crisis nor is it a debt crisis.  It was an economic collapse and the whole corporate capitalist system is now teetering on the precipice.

Prior remarks on this space below:

In some ways this software business model is very comparable to the debt serfdom we see banksters attempting to inflict on society.  A dynamic driven by corporation's search for greater profits and, thus, control.  But, the serfdom in the case of business software firms are unsustainable, predatory software annuity streams (annual debt taxes)  enforced by the likes of Oracle, SAP, IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell and EMC.  Make no mistake, these companies are predatory in their methods used to enforce these software revenue streams and pricing models just as Wall Street uses predation to enforce its debt serfdom, just as the industrial food monopoly uses predation to enforce its toxic food serfdom and just as the health care monopoly uses predation to enforce its unsustainable pricing predation and serfdom.  When the corporate profit bubble pops, just as the housing bubble fueled massive Wall Street profits, IT business models for major purveyors are going to be devastated.   You mark my word.  When I wrote seven years ago of IBM’s stock taking a dive to as low as the mid 20s, I wasn’t just whistling Dixie.  My experiences working in management consulting and information-based solutions gives me a very unique perspective on corporate America’s strategies and vulnerabilities.   This is going to happen. 

Small perturbations are already being felt in this space.  But, no one is listening.  Or no one that understands what is really going on in the global economy.  Similar to the volatility surrounding the revolt against debt serfdom, corporate software customers are already starting to change their behavior.   I have seen some plausible analyses that place global business clients some $300 billion dollars in arrears in their software upgrade and maintenance cycles.   Client companies simply aren’t going to keep forking over predatory software fees just because it benefits the bottom line of IBM, Oracle, HP or SAP.  And, software upgrades are incredibly expensive beyond the incredibly expensive initial price.  If the upgrade version fee from a software provider is $1 million, it could take as much as $5 to 10 million or more in additional costs in the form of version dependencies of other software, modifications to applications, new systems software,  systems, labor, etc to make these conversions.   In other words, change management.   So, an estimate of $300 billion of arrearage in upgrade costs could easily be the tip of a multi-trillion dollar future obligation for software clients.  We can more than likely expect this model is going to bust just as the debt-based serfdom model is busting.   We can expect the predictability of software revenue streams and associated profitability is more than likely going to turn out to be a myth as the global economy continues its death spiral.  So too will the predatory business software space start its death spiral.  No one in this industry is prepared for this coming dynamic.  No one even sees it coming.

SAP plugs profit hold with maintenance price increase.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Country For Old Men– Class-Based, Corporate-Capitalist Neoliberalism’s Privatization Of Chile’s Sea

"We are free today substantially, but the day will come when our Republic will be an impossibility. It will be an impossibility because wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few."  -- James Madison

Okay, first of all, the quote above, like many others from history, may be attributed to someone who never really said it.  Who cares?  It is attributable to a speech made in 1900 when the capitalist Robber Barons had enslaved all of us as have today’s Robber Barons.  

The world of corporate capitalism has created a global No Country for Old Men.  Just as in the movie, where the glorification of the rugged U.S. west of times gone by was was peeled back to reveal its lawlessness and brutality, so is the case with corporate capitalism.   We live in a world that is no world for old men.  A degenerate world of illegitimate class-based power void of human decency.   The intent of this post is to help others appreciate the repeatable story of looting the public treasury through the class-based system of corporate capitalism and the force of the state.  That is happening or has happened in every capitalist country on earth since capitalism’s inception.  This story of selling off the seas to capitalist elites in Chile reminds me of Ron Paul, a good “free market” corporate capitalist, publicly trying to explain how if the Gulf of Mexico was under private ownership in some Orwellian Treaty of Tordesillas that the BP disaster never would have happened.  It was about that point in time when I just decided Ron was just a little too wrapped up in the king’s capitalism and his looting of international lands under the guise of property rights and power granted by God, the church and the state.  

Guess what?  600 years after that treaty, corporations, private for-profit capital and private for-profit bankers, our neofeudal kings and lords, are still using the force of the state to steal under the same guise of a class-based king’s God-given authority of property rights.   Steal everything from everyone.  Steal all of the world’s assets under the guise of free market capitalism and its enabler, the state.   Class-based trickle down economics and its resultant hyper-consumerism are the driving force behind the destruction of the natural world and the destruction of individual freedoms everywhere as has been the case since the beginning of human history.  A wholesale raping – the global violation of every sentient being’s dignity - perpetuated by the class-based structure of corporate capitalism.   It’s not people that are the virus poisoning our planet.  It’s the self-granted privilege of class.  Class-based European-style colonialism and mercantilism have enslaved us into a global financial and production system that would make the British king’s capitalist opium trade look mild by comparison.   This attempt at stealing the Chilean sea is one of the most overtly aggressive forms of state-sponsored terrorism we see today.  The literal stealing of lands (in this case the sea) that belong to the people of Chile and the people of the world who, as sentient stewards, should be protecting our ecosystems through sustainability rather than looting and stealing them as class-based corporate capitalism does.  This privatization of the sea is directly a result of the CIA-backed Pinochet’s reign of terror that led to the class-based enforcement of trickle-down economics

The mafioso-inspired control of Chilean fisheries by “the seven families” is right out of a dystopian novel.  It is typical of the history of looting that has defined Central and South America under U.S. corporate, CIA and IMF control.  As noted in the Real News video, these wealthy families gained control over public fisheries and fishing rights under generalissimo Augusto Pinochet, a CIA-backed, Milton Friedman-enabled murderer, terrorist and dictator, whose reign of terror against the peoples of Chile is well known.  While the CIA has been forced to admit through declassified documents that the thug Pinochet was on the payroll, we don’t know for certain if the Pinochet military overthrow of Chile’s government was funded by the CIA because of still classified documents.  We do know that the CIA has backed terrorist organizations throughout Central and South America including in democratic Chile before Pinochet’s junta. 

Naomi Klein’s documentary, Disaster Capitalism, highlighted neoliberal Milton Friedman’s involvement in Pinochet’s dismantling of democracy and institutionalization of trickle-down junk economics.  For those who haven’t seen her documentary, Friedman was dispatched to Chile to “assist” Pinochet in his dismantling of a functioning democratic economy to install a trickle-down system exactly like that installed under Ronald Reagan.  It should be no surprise that Friedman was Reagan’s chief economic advisor.  Or, maybe I should say, looter-in-chief.

(I am going to digress here for a rather long remark on corporate capitalism before I finish this post.  I am doing so for context of the remainder of my remarks about Chile and around the globe.  I enjoyed Klein’s documentary but there is a distinction I would like to make.  Corporate capitalism as it has always been practiced is the disaster.   ie, Violence and wars do not create disaster capitalism.  Instead, it is corporate capitalism that creates wars and disasters.  After watching her documentary, I wasn’t sure which she believed came first, although her conclusions were surely accurate.  Our violent, predatory and exploitative society is a result of deregulated and unregulated corporate capitalism; a form of economic slavery that mints profits nearly as grand as the former U.S. south’s capitalist plantation slavery.  It is important to understand this greater reality.   It’s called fascism and I have clearly distinguished entrepreneur and worker capitalism from corporate capitalism countless times over the last eight years.  Class-based corporate capitalism is what has been practiced in Europe for the last 600 odd years and was essentially what was then exported to the U.S. southern plantations.  Even if Adam Smith didn’t write The Wealth of Nations until many years later, capitalism is the exploitative economic system that has always defined statist Europe. 

Entrepreneur and worker capitalism are what were practiced in the U.S. during those times when democracy rose up to stop the endless violence that is European-style corporate capitalism.   The world has been under endless conflict and wars since the European feudal, elite-king-lord-controlled states adopted private, for-profit capital 600 odd years ago.  And, they did so for their own benefit of looting and subjugating human rights and to maintain class-rank.  That is why feudal Europe was embroiled in endless wars to determine conquest and control of the looting.  That’s why we fought a Revolutionary War. To stop the British King’s corporate capitalism.  That’s why we fought a Civil War; because of free market capitalism’s exploitation and violent use of slavery and indentured servitude; a remnant of Old World corporate class-based capitalism driven by private for-profit capital comingling with the state.  That is why we fought both world wars that led to 100 million people dead or wounded.   That’s why we are engaged in countless undeclared wars today.    

War is as much a part of capitalism’s lexicon as is private, for-profit capital’s looting enabled and enforced by the state.  In fact, they are inextricably linked.  I could even argue quite forcefully and with substantial fact-based evidence, and the evidence is quite overwhelming by the way, that capitalism is an outgrowth of the class-based state’s invention of war.  That capitalism is a class-based social system of economic warfare created to enslave and loot the masses, as slaves, and, ultimately, the world.   Remember, corporate capitalism’s roots are a feudal, colonial, mercantilist, elitist-lord-king-controlled Europe that exploited its own impoverished citizens and the world. 

I have intimated many times over the last eight years that while there is no proof, there is ample anecdotal evidence the class-based U.S. political-corporate system created China’s economic bubble to loot and ultimately destroy what is potentially its largest economic and military competitor.  The hard proof may simply be hidden behind government secrecy.  It’s not implausible given the endless violence, force and exploitation used by the U.S. to control economic interests on every continent.  But, then maybe it’s much more simple than that.  Maybe its just the resultant outcome of class-based corporate capitalism’s endless globalized looting. 

Democracy is a classless (equality) society.  People came to this country to escape kings, lords, institutionalized religious hierarchy, class-based tyranny and corporate capitalism.  They came to escape self-appointed class-driven idiots telling them what to do, how to think and what to think and forcing them into working for their masters for whatever they are told their life is worth.  Corporate capitalism was created as a feudal, class-based form of economic exploitation when democracy didn’t even exist.  Capitalism, as it has always been practiced, and democracy aren’t compatible.  Well, unless you outsource your thinking to ignorance or ideologues like Ayn Rand or Ron Paul or Paul Ryan or Milton Friedman or Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or Wall Street or your corporate masters.  

We can still have a market economy based on true freedom and empowerment, dignity, merit, incentive, performance and personal responsibility that eschews class tyranny without the horrendous injustices and outcomes of communism or capitalism or any other dumbed-down, class-based or class-enforced ideological ism.  In order to accomplish this, we need merit-based, democratic (classless), development-focused, human-needs-focused, public capital.  We need public, democratic banking and democratic money to throw off the shackles of tyranny and injustice and finally rid ourselves of the looting class that has defined capitalism since its inception. 

Of course, the end of money would accomplish the same outcome.)

This dynamic in Chile regarding the privatization of fishing rights and the sea is the same dynamic of Obama’s cap and trade system.  The exact same.  Rather than a bottoms-up or democratic solution to carbon emissions that encourages meritorious innovation, new markets, democratic economics and living wage jobs, it is a neofeudal class-based, trickle-down, force-fed, economic system of control, tyranny and injustice that destroys democracy, economic vibrancy,  economic opportunity, jobs and innovation for democracy but enriches the ruling class of looters and tightens their grip of class-based economic slavery.   It should be no surprise that the liberal feudal lords Gore, Clinton and Obama support cap and trade and that it appears to be a cornerstone of this presidency’s second term.  Human-caused global warming is a myth meant to enslave us to corporate-political rule.  Although the faux-intellectual, anti-science liberal elites surely believe their own ignorance that humanity is causing global climate change.  But the real science of global climate volatility actually supports a greater truth as is now finally leaking out.

Most people have yet to realize neoliberalism and class-based, trickle down economics can only sustain itself through the dynamic of greater and greater force. That is how trickle down economics works.  This is how private, for-profit capital works.   This is neoliberalism or neofeudalism.  This is class-based corporate capitalism.  It’s a like an opium addict.  It must be fed by an endless source of looting to keep the fix going.  Otherwise, “growth” or the endless rampant class-based pillaging of the natural world and democratic societies can no longer sustain itself and we are left only with its effects of mountains of debt and devastation.  As I have noted before, that gig is up.  There’s nothing left to loot.  Debt is not the problem.  It is the outcome of the massive corporate capitalist class-based looting of democracy and the public treasury.  That was the U.S. housing bubble and every other bubble.  Bernie Madoff should be nominated for sainthood in comparison to the greater truths of institutionalized evil and criminality that exists today.  Bernie Madoff is a pimple on an elephant’s ass. 

The force of the state is the only way 1% can defeat the liberty, economic determinism and democracy for 99%.  It is the only way class can survive and even thrive.  Force is the only way a small minority has ever controlled all of humanity.  That is how corporatism and elitism and their endless looting works.  They use the public treasury and the force of the state to loot democracy.  To enslave us.  That force is being exerted on the world and on American citizens through a global system of looting.  It is the only way this system survives.  The poster boys and girls for this force are the politician regardless of political party or country.

This story of the privatization of the sea is a perfect example of that force.  It is so blatantly obvious in its intents there can be no other interpretation or explanation.  It is class-based looting and enslavement using the force of the state.  Corporate capitalism and the force of the state allows people who literally have no meaningful skills other than control (psychopathy, narcissism, megalomania, etc)  to become the most powerful people on earth.  If we were all dropped on an island and forced to survive and recreate a new society, they would either be the first to die or the relegated to menial tasks.   They have no skills or craft other than manipulation and control.  Without the force of the state and the class-based structure of corporate capitalism, they literally offer nothing.  They would be store managers at a local Taco Bell.  (Not to denigrate a store manager at Taco Bell by comparing them to predators.)   That they now control society all across the world is why we see endless insanity.  Our society’s literally are dumbed-down by the control of people who create nothing other than economic slavery.  The solutions to this crisis are easy - end economic slavery and create democratic economics.  The solutions aren’t hard.  Breaking the tyranny and control of the looters are the fundamentals issue of our time.

Mark my word.  We are going to see a massive wealth redistribution in this country because our public lands, public properties, national income, all private assets and the public treasury have been stolen using the force of the state.  Democracy has been completely destroyed.  That may occur by collapse or by taxation or by force or all of the above.  No one knows.  But, I guarantee you it is coming.  And, it is likely coming to more many places than the United States as the capitalist corporate states around the world collapse under the weight of their evil, injustices, illegitimacy and corruption.  Volatility is compressing or contracting everywhere.   The pigs are again feeding at the trough without a worry in the world.  It’s about time for some volatility expansion.  Some range expansion.  Stretch your legs and get ready.  At some point we are going to see the biggest spectacle in our nation’s history.

Change you can believe in.  It is coming. 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Reminder Of The Pope’s Remarks Of A Godless World As He Resigns

This is a stretch for me. I am posting this for what the Pope is quoted as saying in the article link below citing his resignation.  This is a very, very important issue and is consistent with what has been said countless times on here;  modern corporate capitalist society is Godless.   In the world of unstoppable forces meeting immovable objects, this creates quite a source of almost unimaginable potential energy for those connected to their humanity.  I mean potential as in available, stored-up or yet unrealized kinetic energy. 

Now mind you, economics is not about numbers and statistics as  institutionalized ignorance taught as economics curriculum would have us believe.  It is a social phenomena.  When one realizes this, one also realizes the Godless corporate state is the immovable object and our humanity is the unstoppable force.   The Godless corporate state is at odds with our humanity.  And that will likely be its demise as more and more belief systems supporting this Godlessness collapse and are replaced by a greater truth. 

"In vast areas of the world today, there is a strange forgetfulness of God," he told 1 million young people gathered on a vast field for his first foreign trip as pope, World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany in 2005. "It seems as if everything would be just the same even without Him."

Now you can define God as your spiritualty, your religion, an intelligent creator, your inner divinity, your mind’s higher power from which timeless and boundary-less human values are derived, your conscious mind and its expanding awareness and mindfulness or however else you want to define it.   It doesn’t matter if you are religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist.  It doesn’t matter if you are Buddhist, Muslim, Shintoist, Hindu, Jewish or Christian.  It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, red, yellow, brown or purple.   Those are all simply meaningless class-based words used by a class-based system to disconnect people from their humanity and to separate us from the cycle of life.   The intent is to create separateness that results in endless violence, bigotry, small-mindedness and control.  Or, as George Carlin would likely say, “These are symbols for the symbol-minded.”. 

What Godlessness means is there is no greater meaning or human meaning or greater purpose to existence as defined by the corporate state beyond its glorification of work and exaltation of the self.   The corporate state derives its obedience and power through the conformity of the religion of work and the associated culture of selfishness.  This is a completely ignorant, dumbed-down, proletariat mindset.   Which, quite frankly, is why we have become a nation run by idiots.   Modern corporate capitalist society’s values encourage and even reward stupidity, conformity and ignorance.  And, this intellectual beat down is accomplished through the institutionalization of corporate state values.  They teach us what to think rather than how to think.

This ignorant, institutionalized belief system is inconsistent with the our humanity and its innate inquisitiveness, truthiness, kindness, altruism, vulnerability, compassion, dignity and other timeless human virtues.   It destroys our humanity through force and violence.  That is the issue of our time.  That is what is creating social and political clashes all around the world.

A Godless world is an ignorant and inhumane world. 

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Widespread Bee Population Collapse In Mexico Created By Industrial Farming Goo

It’s been a while since I have posted anything about Colony Collapse Disorder.  I suspect there are many factors involved in this dynamic.  I would suppose the vast majority would be manmade but this clearly has not been proven across the board.  Although, it does seem obvious in this particular set of circumstances. 

I think it’s reasonable to target the massive manmade chemical soup that pervades modern capitalist society’s existence.   The tens of thousands of chemicals that have had little or no safety testing that are literally everywhere.  They are in our foods, our environment, our houses, our clothes, our furniture, our offices, our water, our ground, our air and on and on.   It likely also includes the massive EMF or electromagnetic pollution that defines modern capitalist society.   Again, it’s systemically everywhere and has been proven to be just as poisonous to bee colonies.  In other words,  these are both examples of a consistent theme on here - institutionalized junk science.  Modern capitalist society has ensured this junk science is taught in our schools, in academia, in business and accepted by a pliant class of political idiots because it serves our corporate masters and their self-interested profit motive.  But the overarching driver that I suspect is the same that is driving this entire cycle of volatility including modern capitalist society collapse.  That is, natural forces well beyond institutionalized human knowledge. 

So, let’s consider a plausible reality.  If we take all of this junk science and the resultant toxicity out of our system, and we also remove the Ponzi financial junk science, and we remove corporate welfare that enables both of these as well as healthcare looting and much of its sickcare junk science and what exactly is left of capitalism?   I can do your laundry and you can do mine.  And, now we are back to spears and rocks to start all over again.  I’m half joking but also half not. 

Title link here.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Full Scale Invasion As Amerika Deploys Troops In 35 African Countries

I found this story through John Pilger, whom I read inconsistently.  Pilger isn’t well known in the U.S. but he’s the real deal.  Pilger’s 2001 BBC documentary The New Rulers of the World is available to watch free at this link.  He has recently released a documentary titled  The War You Don’t See; a look at how elites wage war and use the media to lie to democracy about their endless butchery and violence.  It is now available to watch online for $4.99.  I haven’t watched it but plan to.  The disturbing trailer is here.  Please consider supporting excellence in journalism and dropping a five spot on the movie. 

No money for democracy but endless money to loot and exploit the world and use the for-profit military-industrial complex and often poor and minority American military troops to do it.  Slaves always fight their master’s wars. 

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Obamacare - A Deception

This is a rather detailed look at the corporate looting of our public finances by the forced mandate of private, for-profit sickcare monopoly.  From a macro perspective, there is nothing really new from what has been discussed on here countless times.  But, it does differ in that it looks at specific details on how the looting of the [public treasury, the underprivileged and poor people will take place. 

As I have noted on here countless times, the math to make this corporate state tyranny simply doesn’t work.   Well, unless you are one of the corporate looters.  Then the math certainly works to a point.  And after that point, our corporate masters have the force of the state to enforce its extortion racket.   This is simply another example of our overlords imposing their will from on high.   Politicians can pass any legislation they want, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work.  That is, without force. 

Is this really any different than the king of England’s edicts 300 years ago - this is my decree and you’ll abide by it or else……. slave.  Or, is this any different than being forced to buy your groceries at the company-owned stores or live in a company-owned house?  Both examples of fascism that existed in our nation’s past. 

You are at best a renter to the masters who own you.  At worst, depending on your luck and fortune, you are a slave.

We should have had a public option.   The infrastructure is in place and it works, even if not perfectly.  But instead this plan weakens the public option in favor of corporate looting. 

All hail the king.

Title link here.

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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Orwellian Financial Market Dynamics Part Four–SPY ETF Celebrates 20th Anniversary


The SPY ETF isn’t exactly a derivative in the typical sense of the word.  But, it is “derived” from underlying assets.  ie, S&P 500 equities.  The SPY is one of the most popular trading vehicle in the world and is an easy vehicle to manipulate markets. 

I clipped this image a little too aggressively and only got 1997 as the starting date.  But, this is the accumulated positive volume of the SPY ETF from 1997 to today.   Think of this as the volume advance-decline line for the SPY.  From the introduction of the SPY ETF in 1993 to the peak of the Internet bubble in 2000 the SPY positive volume increased 20,000%.  Even if I clipped this image accurately at 1993, the move from 1993 to 2000 is unrecognizable to the human eye at this scale.    That volume swell leading up to the 2000 Internet bubble collapse almost looks like a rounding error in comparison to what happened from 2003 onward.  The positive volume since then has swelled to 4,300% larger than the volume leading into the 2000 peak; which was the largest stock market bubble in history.   Put another way, an 86,000,000% increase has taken place in the SPY’s volume  after its first year of introduction.   That’s right, dog breath.  

Some might make the argument that ETFs are replacing mutual funds and that could help help explain the incredible swell in volume but that isn’t consistent with reality.  The reality is the entire float of the ETF is turned over about every five days.  In other words, just like every other financial instrument, long term investing is a joke. It’s all speculation.  In case you still don’t get it, this kind of parabolic bubble in financial market demand is representative of massive gambling and speculation.  A hint –>> Umm, this always ends badly. 

The most interesting part of all of this is that overall market liquidity is actually declining very substantially and has been for some time.  More on that in my next post in this series.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Food Fraud At An All Time High

I would really encourage everyone to take back their power from the industrial food monopoly.   And as a part of that, I would really encourage you to consider signing up for Dr. Mercola’s daily email newsletter.   I surely can’t read them all but they always contain something relevant and often profound.  Today’s is on the massive food fraud that exists mostly in North America and Britain but surely is gaining traction everywhere as corporations gain greater and greater control.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The United States “Celebrates” 100 Years Of The Income Tax

I originally had planned to write a voluminous post about this but I’m not going to.  Instead, I’m just going to link to a rather pointed and some might say conspiratorial perspective on the topic

I think it’s important that we all have an open mind and be willing to consider our nation has always been fascist.  Corporate Personhood, a substantial basis for fascism, has been with us in some form or another since our nation’s inception.  It was made law 150 years ago.  Big business has always controlled politicians in our nation.  As noted on here before, political bribery was legal for the first 80 years of our nation’s history.  And the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913 and the subsequent passage of the fascist Federal Reserve Act later that same year are no coincidence.  In order to have a private debt-based monetary system, there must be some form of contractual collateral.  And as has always been the case, the power of the state in collusion with elites figured out the easiest form of collateral is the binding of its citizens to that legal contract.  We are the contractual chattel used to back this fascist, debt-based, corporate slavery system.   So, while private, for-profit capital enriches itself and arbitrarily/undemocratically determines where investment and money are directed in our democracy, you are contractually-obligated to pay the bill for their decisions.  Most of which involve looting and your slavery rather than democracy or human development.   This is capitalism as it has always been practiced.  That is, the force of the state is used to enslave you to a system of corporate control.  Now, it doesn’t need to be that way but that is how it has always been.  Always.  And, when the colonies got too big for their britches and wanted to be their own capital, the King of England and his merry band of corporate capitalists responded with force.  Just as they are responding with force today.  So, we had the Revolutionary War. 

Now, I chafe at the conspiratorial comments about Jews running our banking system and secret families running our country.   These are conspiracy theories steeped in hatred and bigotry.  They serve a purpose of victimizing and exploiting innocent people as power always does.  This is the same bigotry and hatred that is the fundamental basis of Social Darwinism that elites in the U.S. and Britain found so attractive a century ago.  That rationalism was instrumental to the Robber Barons of that time.  That same bigotry and hatred was the rationalism that allowed slavery, indentured servitude and other forms of class slavery to exist throughout all of human history.  That includes our slavery today;  we are hired to do the elites laundry, be their nanny, be their gardeners, be their personal assistants, mow their laws, amuse them through working in entertainment, teach their children in private schools, work in their corporations and on and on and on.   And, the Social Darwinism movement in the U.S. and Britain was later picked up by Hitler and was the basis for his rationalism to murder millions of innocent people.   It’s the same boogeyman that is now directed to Muslims who are now the targeted hatred and bigotry that allows the ruling class to extend their insatiable desire for more.  And, anti-Semitism is again on the rise for the same hateful and bigoted reasons that are brought about by class and associated elitism.   It is the same hatred and bigotry that has turned you into a debt slave and corporate lab rat on a running wheel working your life away to get some small portion of the fruits of your labor in the corporate state.

There is no conspiracy theory to the events of 1913.  Just the same rampant corporate ownership of our politicians as is the case today.   We are all slaves to a system of institutionalized injustice.   And, it only exists through elitism, propaganda, fear and force.

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Monday, February 04, 2013

Whitehouse Plays The Blame Game With Negative GDP

Throughout all of 2012 I wrote of many things that were happening in the economy well before they were evident by anyone on Wall Street, in politics or in the mainstream media.  I certainly use algorithms and data for my analysis but let’s be frank, I’m not exactly Albert Einstein.  It’s easy to look good compared to institutionalized ignorance.  Compared to incompetent bureaucracy that only exists through legalized bribery and force.  

From the first quarter of 2012 on I wrote that money was draining out of the global economy faster than even 2008, and that corporate earnings were collapsing faster than at any time in the last decade.  A point that was confirmed after earnings were reported months later - Thomson Reuters then stated that corporate earnings had declined faster than at any time in the last 13 years.  And, I have written incessantly over the last eight years, including many times in 2012 that the Federal Reserve’s policies were not working.  Well, they may have been working if they were meant to bail out our masters but they were not fixing the economy.  So, simply from what I wrote numerous times, one should not be surprised by the just reported contraction in GDP in both Britain and the U.S.   But, Obama believes his political adversaries are to blame.  You know, the ones trying to destroy his legacy of incompetence, secrecy, cronyism, expanding wars and drone attacks. 

That a blogger in his underwear can provide more accurate analysis than  the Whitehouse as it pertains to what’s going on in the economy should give you pause for outsourcing your thinking to bureaucratic incompetence and institutionalized ignorance.   ie, Take back your power and think for yourself because they have no clue what they are doing.  But, they are good at doing more of it.  And, that will be their eventual demise. 

Now, we have the Whitehouse blaming everyone but themselves for the first drop in GDP since the 2008 collapse.   Really?  How long does institutionalized ignorance pull this nonsense?  The economy is not growing because the economy for countless Americans has effectively ceased to exist.  That dynamic has been growing exponentially for decades.   And, under Obama’s policies, it isn’t coming back.   The reality is intrinsic GDP without massive government spending on wars, cronyism and corporate welfare, which noted on here reached 70% of national income at one point, would have been negative for the last five years.  All five.   As noted on here before, there is a reason why transfer payments, after inflation, have swelled 800% in the last 30 years.  It has only been through monetary inflation and state antics that GDP shows any semblance of stability.  And if sequestration actually does happen, this could be the beginning of what will be Obama’s true legacy.  

Food stamp use, welfare rolls, poverty and nonliving wage jobs all continue on the increase under Obama and the Democrats.  Don’ t worry.  The Republicans would have probably done even worse. 

The real unemployment rate as it used to be calculated remains around 25%.   With four years of new workers rolling into the economy, there are more people unemployed today than when Obama took office.   And, as noted on here numerous times a service-based economy cannot grow so Obama’s trend of economic illiteracy continues to clearly move us in the wrong direction as our fearless leaders takes credit for a massive swell in bartender and Taco Bell jobs.   (I’d be more than willing to put on my straw hat and mosey on down to the Whitehouse and give our fearless leader a tutorial on failed economics and what he should be doing to restore democracy and democratic economics.  And, there are countless other Americans, probably millions, who could do the same thing were arrogance to actually be willing to consider its ignorance.)

Now, we can all play the blame game that this was George Bush’s fault but in actuality Clinton/Gore is substantially more complicit.   But regardless, both parties are equally responsible.  The failed ignorance of one party cannot survive without the failed ignorance of the other, and that will likely lead to the demise of both.  The real question is when does Obama ever take responsibility for this crisis?  He can’t continue to blame everyone else forever.  At some point it has to be his policies that are failing.  He was elected to take responsibility.  After four years, haven’t we had enough finger pointing?  Is this Congress or this Whitehouse ever going to take responsibility for anything?  Well, other than 20,000 drone attacks.  Of course not.  As noted on here many times, people who seek authority are most often disconnected from their humanity.  A hallmark trait of that persona is a lack of responsibility.  And, this blame game after four years of failed economic policy is simply more evidence of that fact.  All, by the way, as more Americans rot due to institutionalized incompetence because a working democracy has been turned into a platform for institutionalized looting rather than being able to service democracy or our citizens.

This is far worse than the Great Depression and it will never get better.  Ever.  Under the corporatist-fascist pro-business policies (anti-democratic, anti-living wage, anti-new business and anti-working markets) of both political parties.  The symptoms are simply being hidden by marginal and unlivable government transfer payments, a completely checked-out media, massive money printing to bail out the rich, elites, corporations and banking criminals and a secret corporate government bent on doing the will of our masters. 

Four more years.  Change you can believe in.

Whitehouse blames Republicans for GDP contraction

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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cycle Of Volatility Update: Institutionalized Ignorance Teeters On The Precipice As New Thinking Tests Underground Lightning To Predict Earthquakes

It’s clear that current methods of anticipating earthquakes are a complete failure.  It’s also clear science is discovering new data and knowledge that may prove to be useful as a forecasting mechanism in the future.  I am dubious that this current effort will be the end-all as a new method of forecasting but new thinking to establishment dogma - institutionalized ignorance pawned off as knowledge - is a move in the right direction.   I am surely not a fan of the prevailing theory that earthquakes are random tectonic shifts any more than I am a fan of humans being the dominant driver in global warming.  

For the last eight years I have been writing that we are in a cycle of volatility.  It’s certainly no coincidence that major earthquake occurrences for five of the last six years have been above trend, a very large number of  dormant volcanoes around he world have become active again, our planet’s weather has become wildly volatile and completely unpredictable, economic systems around the globe are collapsing, many natural ecosystems are under pressure or are even on the verge of collapsing, much of prevailing perceptions of science are collapsing and political systems everywhere are teetering on the precipice. 

There are forces involved in earthquake activity well beyond randomness of tectonic interactions.  We simply don’t understand so we chalk it up to theories generally perpetuating some high degree of randomness.  In other words, we perpetuate theories of ignorance.  But science is widening its aperture in many areas of institutionalized dogma.  And, maybe someday too the mainstream scientific establishment will start to view the universe in that same light.   That is, electrical energy and resultant magnetism, including with earthquakes, plays a very substantial, and plausibly (I suspect probably) dominant role, in the world around and inside of us.   This greater truth has been almost completely rejected or dismissed or overlooked by mainstream science across every discipline.  

“Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” – Bertrand Russell

There certainly are very lucid and cogent theories that dissent from many widely-accepted and institutionalized “establishment” scientific, economic,  social, medicine and political theories, to name a few. Yet, the established institutionalized bureaucracy marginalizes dissent regardless of whether it's politics or politics within any established bureaucracy.  That includes science.  And, that marginalization has one objective; control, power, benefit of the self and benefit of the status quo, be they right or wrong.  This dynamic is behind the massive swell in junk science and institutionalized ignorance that has rampantly become the norm in much of modern capitalist society.  

What all of this does mean is that much of the existing institutions and ideology within the scientific and educational establishments, often pawned off as sources of truth, are being challenged and will eventually fail or even collapse across a wide array of “scientific” beliefs.   In other words, the roteness and conformity of institutionalized thinking and its subsequent adherence often leads to institutionalized ignorance pawned off as truth and knowledge.  Additionally, the siloeing of institutionalized thinking also perpetuates ignorance for the same reasons.   These dynamics have been discussed on here quite a few times over the years.   It is this institutionalization that leads to an eventual dumbing-down of society and science by status quo-adherents who conform out of their faith in self-appointed bureaucratic hierarchy.   Those who conform to self-appointed bureaucrats and hierarchy (power and control) that determine what we should be taught or what we should think.  As Russell notes above, “they are made stupid by education.” .

Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and countless others understood these dynamics and shared their quips about school interfering with their education.   Institutionalized schooling, controlled by bureaucrats, is often an intellectual beat down that kills the human spirit, creativity and free thought while enforcing social and intellectual conformity from an early age. 

Incontrovertible truth is seldom achieved and instead knowledge is comparatively a continual process of discovery, greater truth and with it the failure or even collapse of existing perceptions of knowledge and beliefs.  Institutionalizing knowledge or beliefs, be they believed to be based on science or timeless truths, certainly is an exercise primarily founded in the manifested self’s need for control rather than discovery, knowledge and greater truth.  

A process of discovery, greater truth and associated failure or even collapse appears to be happening at a blistering pace everywhere in the natural and manmade world around us.  This is most certainly being impacted, if not driven, by forces we clearly do not understand.   If the status quo cannot understand these forces, how can they stop them?  They cannot and will not.  

Obviously there is some level of understanding outside of the mainstream institutionalized bureaucracy or I would not have written of this coming volatility before it developed.  And, countless others wouldn’t be exposing what is often the institutionalization of illegitimacy and oftentimes even ignorance across science, food production, capitalism, money, economics, the environment and on and on.  

The challenge of scientific and educational bureaucracy as it pertains to earthquake prediction is no different than the challenge that is taking place today as it pertains to existing institutionalized ignorance within society, corporate capitalism, money and economics.  They too are being challenged.  They too will eventually fail or even collapse as greater truths are revealed.  All driven by the same energy creating volatility in our world today.   

Title link here.

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Barack Obama The Wall Street Co-Conspirator And Other Timely Links From The Corporate State

Needless to say the rationalizations and self-delusions still exist but there certainly is a widening mindfulness of the massive rot in Washington and its complicity in shielding Wall Street criminals. 

Cheap “Wal-mart” corporate-sold and served seafood full of pig dung, drugs and antibiotic resistance bacteria

With no threat of re-election, Obama openly embraces corporate money to push his dystopian agenda and do the bidding of his masters

The world’s looters and bankers cheer Portugal as the tyranny of the state reaches record levels.

Why your boss could EASILY be a psychopath.

Goldman Sachs – The visible hand of the fixer who combines government force and corporate profits to loot the public treasury.

Our masters want to cut the corporate tax rate.  Any surprise?  They already pay the lowest taxes since the Robber Barons.  As already reported, we already know they want us to work until we die.  Is it really any surprise that a politician is the head of the Business Roundtable?  It’s nothing more than a conduit for political bribery, er donations, and fascism.  Now get back to work!

American men going postal - the U.S. is the leader in untreated mental illness.  (I would actually flip that and state that the U.S. corporate state is the leader in creating mental illness and loading people up with corporate state drugs producing violent, suicidal side effects is not the primary answer.  That is not healing anyone.) 

While I am at it, how about this one penned by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship on the Senate’s looting of the public treasury on behalf of fascism and the corporate state. (Thanks Libby)

BPA replacement disrupts hormone activity.  In other words, the BPA replacement is just like BPA.

What is really going on in Iceland.  Not as cheerful as we may have been led to believe.  The puppetmasters haven’t been vanquished.

What have we become?  Old, female and homeless.

Has the hybridization of wheat contributed to the upswell in global obesity and gluten intolerance?

And, gluten grains linked to schizophrenia

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