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More Attacks On American Corporate State Hegemony - BRIC Nations Plan New Bank To Bypass The Looters At The IMF And World Bank

We’ll see how this BRIC plan develops but this has the potential to be a huge sea change.  Although I certainly don’t believe any political or state-driven development in this environment as necessarily having lasting value.  ie, As an example, just because our king, Obama, makes decrees from on high without having any idea what he is doing, that doesn’t mean his edicts will ever come to pass.  Ditto with China, Russia or anyone else.  That said, pretty much the entire world is rebelling against this system of American hegemony.  That includes most Americans. 

The world’s reserve currency was determined by the barrel of a gun after World War II.  Because the U.S. was the last man standing at the time, it essentially granted itself complete control over voting rights at the IMF and World Bank.   These two institutions are used by Washington politicians and American corporations to loot the world as noted on here many times. (The Germans, French and British are also are a lesser part of this cabal.  But these institutions are clearly controlled by the U.S. power.  The criminal Cyprus confiscation, and it clearly was criminal, was driven by the IMF in concert with the ECB.  That means the U.S. either endorsed this confiscation or turned a blind eye while European IMF members used the institution for their own political purposes.)

Most certainly this announcement by the BRICs to start a new global development bank is just the latest in what has always defined corporate capitalism;  a continuous covert trade war and its endless victimization of innocent people around the world.   This announcement is certainly meant to counteract the endless  nondemocratic, smarmy back room deals made in the U.S. that involve global trade.  That includes Obama’s very secretive, nondemocratic Trans Pacific Partnership corporate trade agreement.  A completely nontransparent deal that seeks to isolate and exclude China with a corporate-controlled Asian trade zone with the U.S.  This is the same type of smarmy, secret dealings of Bill Clinton and Al Gore that created corporation-inspired neoliberal trade agreements with China, Mexico and other nations.  All of these agreements allow(ed) American corporations to loot with impunity.  And, of course, the Clinton-Gore deals put the final nails into the coffin holding the American economy, democratic economic determinism and the American citizen.

We really don’t know what the motives are each nation in this latest agreement.  But we do know their intent surely is not virtuous.   They simply want some of that American pie for themselves.  They want to control global capitalist trade for their own mercantilist, self-interested reasons.  And banking has always been the way to enslave the world.  But then the U.S. policy leading to this latest development in covert trade wars isn’t virtuous either.  Regardless, this announcement is an uptick in violence against the peoples of the world.  How can I say that?  It’s simple.  Almost every nation that needs an economic development loan from the IMF or the World Bank or this new organization created by the BRICs is corrupt anyway.   They have either been corrupted by constant meddling by global powers like the U.S., Britain, Russia, China or whomever or they are run by family fiefdoms or warlords.   The BRICs simply want to enslave other nations to serve their economic interests just as the U.S. does.  And use their own bank to do so.  Another example of a modern-day Treaty of Tordesillas;  a more equitable way for powerful states to carve up the world for enslavement and share the spoils.     

Every nation on earth has it within their own power to create their own capital without the need of becoming indebted or enslaved to global corporations or the external force of another state.  The only reason why they don’t create their own capital is generally because of corruption, lawlessness and tyranny.   Free people are industrious, creative and able to make their own economic opportunities and create their own capital without becoming slaves to bankers or global corporations.  Umm... which is why the U.S. has 25% unemployment and government transfer payments are up over 800%, after inflation, in the last 30 years.   We are not a free people.  We are corporate slaves.  Nor do we enjoy the fruits of our own democratic economic determinism.  Countries may initially need development assistance – education, know-how or raw materials and the like - but in today’s world development assistance mostly comes in the form of guaranteed contracts that enable corporations or countries to loot.  That is not development assistance. 

Obviously another intent of the BRICS is that they wish to get out from under American economic and military hegemony granted through the concept of a reserve currency and its associated banking organizations - the U.S. dictates almost all economic terms to the world today.  That is what allows the corporate state to loot with impunity.   In other words, we lost 30-odd million jobs in this nation not because we were uncompetitive with some other nation but because our politicians sold out American citizens and our democracy for their own self-interested corruption.  The World Bank lists the U.S. as the 4th easiest economy in which to do business, just below New Zealand, another global power.   China is 91st, behind despots from Kuwait and right above global powerhouse Guatemala.  The U.S. has no competitiveness issue.  It has a political corruption issue.

I could write a book on the topic of how the world’s reserve currency is used to loot the world.  But, then why should I?  It has already been written.  If you don’t understand this concept, I would suggest you consider a book that was relatively recently written titled “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.   The author explains how he was recruited out of college by an American government front corporation.  And how this front company was used to  enslave the world in dollar-denominated debt using the IMF and World Bank.  Then use that debt or threats to reduce economic aid to bankrupt or extract austerity from those enslaved nations.   Then force these countries to sell off choice resources – austerity - to American companies in return for debt forgiveness or better terms or increased aid or whatever.   Of course, if you didn’t play by American rules, then you probably ended up on a hit list to be murdered or something similar.   Sound familiar?  It should.  The corporate state is now pulling this on American citizens by terrorizing democratic institutions in our nation and Europe with austerity and similar threats.   Plenty of money to bomb the world into submission or build more tanks or bail out banking criminals or spy on Americans.  No money to feed, cloth and educate our children or provide a roof over the heads of Americans or provide us with healthcare or create living-wage jobs.

Speak of which, Hugo Chavez’s recent death - caused by cancer - reeks of possible foul play.  He is now the 9th cancer death by South American presidents since 2009.  All of them refused to comply with American-inspired neoliberal globalization “free market” (looting) policies.   Whether these people were killed by the CIA or banksters or whomever, we have no idea.  But the chances of them all randomly contracting cancer seems far too suspicious to exclude the possibility of murder by American corporate or government interests.  Especially since there is now ample evidence our politicians engage in murder around the globe.  Obviously, nine cancer deaths of these leaders could be a wild coincidence.  But without transparency we simply can’t make any informed, reasoned conclusions about what is happening.   There is certainly circumstantial evidence that deserves further investigation.

Frankly, while on the topic, what do Iraq, Libya and Iran have in common?  Other than the U.S. either wants to or has bombed them into submission.  They all wanted to dump the dollar and settle their country’s oil sales in either other currencies or gold.  The fact that all three were and are targeted for regime change by the U.S. is likely no coincidence.  If the petrodollar is no longer needed to buy oil, the dollar reserve currency status would almost certainly outright collapse or lose the vast majority of its power.  And, with it, so would the U.S. corporate empire.  Is that fact worthy of war by the corporate-political ruling class in the U.S. to maintain their control over the world?  It certainly is plausible.   At last for them.  Not for the poor foot soldier sent off to their death fighting for such a cause.  I have a much easier time believing this is the driver for our policy than waxing poetic about freedom that Obama and his corporate masters tell us.  Waxing poetic about freedom while they wage war on the world.   The world is full of evil despots.  That our saintly and virtuous politicians pick on only those who threaten American corporate hegemony is not likely to be a coincidence.   Again, without transparency, we cannot draw any substantial fact-based, reasoned conclusions.  But there is circumstantial evidence that deserves further investigation.

It’s certainly not a fringe perspective that I have remarked over the years that when the veil of secrecy falls in our government that we could witness tribunals for war crimes, crimes against humanity, treason, etc in this nation.

"I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption, it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. There is no worse heresy than the fact that the office sanctifies the holder of it. " -- John Dalberg-Acton

Here is what we can say with a fair amount of evidence, fact and reason.  All who seek power and dominion over their fellow man are driven by megalomania and evil.   It’s not so much that power corrupts, although there is some truth in that statement, but that megalomania and evil seeks out power.  That people who seek power are already evil megalomaniacs who only seek power to ameliorate their inner demons by controlling others.  Great men are almost always bad men whether those are U.S. corporate-political leaders, religious leaders or thugs in Iraq or Iran or elsewhere.  I see little difference between the likes of Hitler or Stalin and most politicians in any country.  They are almost all capable of great atrocities as we are now witnessing.  By the way, that Libya, as an example, wanted to accept gold rather than dollars was surely not driven by virtue but because gold is the money of looters and neofeudal lords.   Gaddafi was a very bad man.  It’s no surprise he was on the CIA’s payroll.

The author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman speaks of his book in this hour long Youtube video here.  Or, you can buy the book for a few bucks at Amazon.  Or here is a Wikipedia link summarizing the talking points here.  Really, reading the book isn’t necessary if you understand how the system works.   The United States has almost complete economic control granted by reserve currency status.  Just like happened when the British Empire had the same total control when the British pound was the world’s reserve currency.  And, they too used it to loot the world with impunity.  And, it was called free market capitalism.  This economic and global trading system is corrupt beyond words.  And, it always has been.  Always.  Ever since the kings of Europe invented capitalism to loot the world.  It’s just now that we see it so clearly with Americans and citizens in western democracies now being targeted by the private, for-profit capitalists.  And with the internet allowing the democratization of information. 

This new banking development between China, South Africa, India, Russia and Brazil ties in nicely with my long term thesis that we are going to see the current system of trade settlement end/fail this cycle.  It is already overdue from a cyclical perspective.   The ramifications for this change are incredible and well beyond a simple blog post - although many of my long term theses are, in fact, tied to this dynamic.   The unwinding would be devastating to the status quo everywhere.  It would speed modern capitalist society collapse around the globe and throw the system into complete chaos.  It could lead to outright trade wars and possible even military wars unless democracy, citizen government and public capital replaces neoliberal capitalism, private for-profit capital and politicians.  But, if we can make it through all of this, who will benefit the most?  American democracy, American citizens and the American economy.  The fall of empire will almost certainly restore our economic and democratic determinism.  Bad news for China and other benefactors of globalization living on the American corporate dole.

Until then, the dollar remains the world’s safest currency.  Why?  Because we are free?  lol  Because our politicians are virtuous?  lol  Because we are a democracy?  lol  Because it is backed by a $1 trillion defense budget.  The dollar’s value is derived through the force of the world’s reserve currency and the largest military the world has ever seen.  A military whose primary intent is to guarantee the dollar’s enslavement and forced use.  

Sort of makes you all warm and fuzzy this Easter holiday season, eh?   What was that message again?  Kindness, empathy, mercy, peace, equality, dignity……….

The cycle of volatility continues. 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cyprus Banking Crisis Resolution–A Great Depression Credit-Anstalt Banking Moment?

My last post was very explicit in its nature.  A single, almost imperceptible perturbation can lead to incomparable devastation.  There was a reason for that remark.  And, that reason has now come to pass.  That is, the seemingly imperceptible banking crisis of a very small nation, Cyprus, has led to the  confiscation of the vast majority of its banking deposits to deal with the losses created by banking executives; a truly criminal act.  Now, we can argue whether those deposits are drug money or Russian mafia money or whatever.  That’s irrelevant to the bigger picture.  As noted on here many times, all major international banks are money launderers in today’s deregulated financial system.   What is relevant is that in a world of deregulated finance, the precedence has now been set to confiscate deposits to pay for banking crimes and malfeasance.  These are the dynamics needed to create a bank run. 

I just have to put this paragraph in here.  Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote an completely useless op-ed in the New York Times that we shouldn’t worry about Cyprus.  That it is insignificant.  It is so small that it is imperceptible.  You know, like that single neutron in my last post.  Of course, Sorkin is a shill for the corporate state over at CNBC when he’s not writing about things he doesn’t understand for what has become an ever-more-useless newspaper.   This is the type of dumbed-down nonsense that really defines the idiocy of the corporate state and its mainstream media.   His op-ed about the insignificance of Cyprus is the type of nonsense that typically ends up defining major tipping points – the extreme arrogance and ignorance of people who have no idea what they are talking about.  This Cyprus banking crisis may be the most significant event since the 2008 crash; the onset of this crisis.

Depositor’s assets in Cyprus are being confiscated to pay for the mistakes of the banking executives at their bank.   This bank “bailout”, courtesy of depositor’s confiscated deposits, in Cyprus looks a lot like the Credit-Anstalt banking fiasco that tipped off an eventual continent-wide run on banks in Europe on the start of the Great Depression.   Credit-Anstalt bank was very similar to the Cyprus banking crisis in that it too was an oversized bank in a comparatively small Austrian economy that was rife with mismanagement, huge bad business bets, massive bad loans and, of course, the precursor to all of this, massive management corruption covered up for years by equally crooked politicians.   Without writing a book, the mismanagement of the Credit-Anstalt banking crisis eventually started a massive run across European banks and led to the back end of the crisis that we now know as the Great Depression.  

The next six to twelve months in Europe will be very telling.   Especially, if this form of criminal confiscation employed in Cyprus is used in future dealings with the criminogenic, politically-propped up, private for-profit banking rot in Europe as it appears the Euro banking thugs are intimating it will be.   If countless propped up insolvent zombie banks across Europe require future bailouts and depositor’s money is confiscated to foot the bill, a European-wide run on these banks to remove deposits most certainly could ensue as happened eighty years ago.  And that panic could easily spread worldwide as that small perturbation creates what could be an unstoppable chain reaction. 

Regardless of how this plays out, it certainly will have unintended consequences and its potential significance cannot be overestimated. 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Are We Near A Tipping Point? Cyprus Confiscation Still On Hold.

Anyone watching the financial industry has to be aware of what is going on in Europe but if you are busy raising your family or watching your favorite reality show or listening to political idiots tell you the economy has recovered, the EU has recently threatened to withhold a bailout for Cypress unless Cypress itself confiscates some large portion of its bank deposits.  The confiscation metrics vary based on the latest proposed schemes. 

I haven’t written of this recent event in Europe but that’s really because the entire system is cracking and there is just too much to write about.  And because I have beaten Europe like a rented mule over the last eight years.  Because of how complex systems work, the outcome of the crises we see around the globe today are essentially pre-ordained.   Even if we saw a debt repudiation, that really solves nothing.   In other words, there is nothing the status quo can do to stop it.  Now, that certainly doesn’t mean the status quo aren’t trying their damndest.  

The Eurozone, the Euro financial system and the Euro currency as structured are toast.  Just as is globalization and global finance, inventions of U.S. hegemonic policies of force are also toast.  It’s all just a matter of what the tipping points are to destabilize the system beyond recovery.   Is it a natural disaster or a manmade disaster and when?   Those who believe none of this will happen in our lifetime, a common response I hear, don’t appreciate how completely unstable this system is or the exogenous and esoteric factors of volatility driving it.   Or, that when a complex system becomes this unstable, how much greater and greater force (ego-motive or control) must be applied to the system in attempt to maintain its integrity.  Or how the entire global system is intertwined and the unstoppable chain reaction it can create.   At some point, the system will lose its integrity and we are likely to see a Chernobyl-type event as the chain of events simply become uncontrollable.   

What I find more interesting than the latest Cyprus storyline at Reuters is the graphic provided with the story.  I never put Cyprus and the Golden Dawn Party together but I should have.  For those who haven’t been following the nearly complete collapse in Greece, the Golden Dawn Party is a highly nationalistic, right-wing extremist party in Greece that has been growing substantially in its popularity.  (I wrote we were headed into an environment of nationalism seven years ago when globalization was in its greatest bloom ever.   And when the idiots who created it were on top of the world with giddiness at the horror they had created.) Unlike Grillo in Italy who has called his party the French Revolution without the guillotine, the Golden Dawn Party is the French Revolution with the guillotine.

I’m not predicting this but we could easily see EU military or police forces crossing borders in some attempt to maintain control before this cycle ends.  Umm….  can you imagine if Mexican or Canadian troops were brought to the U.S. to help maintain order in a time of civil disobedience due to state-sponsored violence against American citizens?   In many regards, unless this crisis ends quickly with a total collapse of the EU system, this crisis as horrendous as it has already been, may just be getting started.   It all depends when and how the people of Europe decide to take back their freedoms.

I still get a fair amount of feedback from people who somehow still outsource their thinking to the likes of Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or others who helped create this horror show.  And, therefore, they believe that I, and others, are overblowing this crisis.   So, for those who have still have a lack of appreciation for what I and others are talking about, I’m going to provide some context for you to consider.  The first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had well known, horrific consequences.   Yet, that event only took a second.  That horrific devastation was started by one simple neutron splitting a single atom.  The amount of energy of that first event was so insignificant, no one in the world would have ever noticed it.   Yet before the chain reaction was complete, an entire way of life was lost.  An entire society disappeared.  Literally in the blink of an eye.   Today, we have a global system of control that too can experience similar consequences with the effect of a single “neutron”.  And, any number of neutrons exist to start the reaction.  The simplest of events can have devastating consequences when a system is overly complex.  Especially when it is overly complex for one reason;  to achieve some level of artificial control.  It’s not debt that people should be worrying about.  Debt is an illusion.  It’s global capitalism and global finance.  And if you think someone smarter than you or some political idiot has your back, well, then you really are deluding yourself. 

We could easily see the entire system fall like dominos.  One failure leading to another in an unstoppable chain reaction because political idiots and their corporate masters have literally rigged everything.  The system only maintains its inherent instability through force.  Yet, the force required to maintain it is so great that maintaining it is impossible.   As if I need to remind regular readers and those who any any sense of what is going on, this environment is far more fun than the Great Depression.   It’s not even close. 

Update:  A Cypriot tells us that Cyprus should let the banks fail and create a public banking system.  Bingo!  A long term thesis on here is the world needs to do away with private banking and replace it with public banking systems.  This understanding of private, for-profit capital being a criminal enterprise is growing around the world.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Superbugs Found In Industrially-Produced Meat

I received the italicized remarks below in an email yesterday from Environmental Working Group and wanted to share them.  The statistics are so outrageous that I don’t know what is accurate without doing any diligence but some numbers show 70% of antibiotics sold in this nation go into animal feed.   Do you know what you would look like if you were fed antibiotics every single day in your food?  You’d be huge not to mention how sick you would probably be.  Which, frankly is more than likely a major driver in America’s obesity and sickness epidemic –> overuse of antibiotics in both humans and the animals we eat.  We still don’t know all of the unintended consequences of this type of junk science used in industrial meat production.

Did you know that studies show that organic meats have fewer superbugs - dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria?  One reason - the animals were not fed unnecessary antibiotics.

This is one of the early findings in Environmental Working Group's upcoming research on meat and antibiotics. That raises the question: which animals are fed antibiotics and what does that mean for the food that ends up on our plates?

We launched this project because superbugs are on the rise and scientists are finding them in our meat.

We know you care about what is lurking in your food. You count on EWG for critical information about pesticides and genetically engineered foods. EWG wants to make sure you have the information you need to reduce your family's exposure to superbugs. But first, we need your help to finish our work.

Livestock producers are feeding healthy animals unnecessary antibiotics - and, as an unintended side-effect, breeding bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This practice undermines the effectiveness of lifesaving medications.  (And who knows what other unintended consequences.  There seems to be possible links, if not outright causational factors in many illnesses such as cancer that may be tied to overuse of antibiotics.  My remark.)

Tests have found increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant strains of common bacteria like salmonella and E. coli on popular meats like chicken, ground turkey and more.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Are Not A Nation Of Laws But A Nation Of Men - NYPD Union Leaders Conspired With Management To Set Arrest And Summons Quotas

We certainly know this type of predatory and violent democracy-killing behavior happens all across the nation.  To deny it exists is ridiculous.  Kudos to The Nation, even though I am linking to Truth-Out for the story and Nation video. 

This issue brings up a mainline issue with the way unions are organized today.   Often union executives are in bed with management.  Secret deals are cut that sell out workers but protect union management.   It is systemic and pervasive as it always has been to varying degrees.  This is exactly what has happened to the rank and file police officer in the NYPD.  It is the rank and file exposing this corruption.

As noted on here many times, I am certainly for collective bargaining against predatory private, for-profit capital but let’s be clear.  If we didn’t have private, for-profit capital(ism) but instead had democratic banking, a democratic monetary system and a resultant democratic economy, the need for collective bargaining would really become moot.  We wouldn’t need to bargain with ourselves.  The rights of all workers could be written into an economic constitution; a topic discussed on here over the years.   We don’t negotiate our human rights on a daily basis.   They are contained in a timeless written rule of law; the Constitution.  Why do we have to negotiate our economic rights on a daily basis with predatory, private, for-profit capital?  Economic determinism and economic rights are foundational human rights in any democracy.  Why do I need to bargain for a living wage?  Why do I need to bargain for worker safety rules?  Why do I need to bargain for a limited work week?   Why do I need to bargain for healthcare?  Or, or, or.  These are issues involving human rights and dignity.  They should be guaranteed democratic rights.  An economic constitution should guarantee our economic rights as does the Constitution guarantee our human rights.   Smarmy back room deals between union leaders and management, like happening in the NYPD, would become moot.

Collective bargaining does not mean we deal with the Jamie Dimons of this world with Jimmy Hoffas.    We trade one thug for another?  Apparently Jimmy Hoffa isn’t dead.  He is the head of the NYPD union.  

“All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed.”

It is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous that law enforcement organizations are self-regulated.  The concept of “internal affairs”, or sweeping dirty laundry under the rug in secret proceedings, needs to be replaced by transparent, citizen-led oversight and investigatory abilities in all law enforcement organizations.   Law enforcement exists to protect democracy’s citizens.  Not to prey upon us.  Ditto with the self-regulation of lawyers, district attorneys and the like that leads to endless and rampant lawyer abuses that never stop because abuses are dealt with by secret proceedings of bar associations rather than by democracy.   None of this is any different than the free market bullshit of Wall Street self-regulation that has led to crisis after crisis.

Democracy cannot survive without transparency and public scrutiny – freedom of information as is being subverted by the NYPD.  Democracy is dead.  Only you can resurrect it.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dr. Andrew Weil - Amerika’s Corrupt Healthcare System Will Collapse

I’m a big fan of Dr. Weil.  He’s authentic.  He’s smart.  He appreciates esoteric factors affecting our existence.  He’s outside of the system.   And, he understands the mind-body,  food and social connections to both mental and physical illness.  

The collapse of this medical system has been a long term thesis on here.  It’s hilarious to listen to people who cheer Obama for the passage of a massively corrupt health care system.  Collapse of our health care system is going to happen.  It’s just a matter of what the trigger is and what the collapse looks like.  Will it be immediate and rapid or will it come in phases or will it simply erode or will it be a controlled phasing out or what?   As someone with an appreciation for complex systems and the illusion of political-corporate control exerted to maintain a system that is inherently unstable, I would have to guess it will be a very rapid collapse as happened on Wall Street and in the Soviet Union.   I doubt we will have to wait long.  Maybe even under Obama’s watch as president.  How ironic that would be.

As noted on here ad nauseam, this is not a debt crisis and this certainly is not a financial crisis.  It is a crisis of institutions of the ego.  That includes corporate capitalism, banking, education, industrial food production, money, globalization, the military-industrial complex, hijacked science, politics and on and on and on.   This entire system, rigged by political idiots and our corporate masters, has become wildly unstable.  And we are living through a cycle of volatility that will likely bring the entire system down to varying degrees.  It didn’t need to be this way.  But karma or Newton’s Third Law applied to human behavior, most certainly is a bitch.

The cycle of volatility continues in full force.

Title link here.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

War Cycle Update And China’s Military Spending Rises Substantially Courtesy Of European And American Corporate Capitalism

Years ago I wrote that we are likely entering a war cycle and laid out a very detailed analysis of what I thought were going to be the likely drivers.  Without rehashing everything, that driver was deregulated capitalism.  Since then a few other well-respected people have also made the same remarks.  Specifically, two that I have seen were Mark Faber and Charles Nenner.   And, more importantly, since then we have seen the world literally catch fire with conflict.   State-sponsored murder, war, terror and volatility are everywhere.  

The seeds of war are returning to Europe as well courtesy of the fascist political, economic and monetary structure that has been forced down the throats of Europeans.  Again.  I’m certainly not the only person to recognize these dynamics.  Although, as opposed to Mr. Juncker, I don’t believe it has anything to do with bureaucrats “lashing out”.   That’s a little ridiculous.  Instead, it is the system of control he and others have foisted upon the continent.  People don’t want to be told how to lead their lives or if they are going to have a home to live in by unelected, elitist bureaucrats who wax poetic about an integrated socialist Europe that they control.   It’s amazing how truly ignorant the EU’s unelected and illegitimate authorities are to the massive mess they have made.  A mess Obama clearly supports in his statements regarding the EU.  It’s no great irony the people of Europe were able to live in peace and harmony until elites figured out a new way to enslave the continent to their most recent megalomania.

People want out.  They want an end to the massive corruption, violence, exploitation and misery of globalization, of the EU and of private for-profit capital’s looting that comes with this system.  Unfortunately fear, hate and violence are the tools used by illegitimate authority to turn people against their fellow man and separate people to maintain control.   We are surely in the midst of such violence today.  It shows in the rising nationalism in Europe.

Nationalism is rising violently all across the European continent.  The same kind of nationalism that murdered tens and tens of millions of people in two world wars.   It is rising for the same reasons – elite, political and private for-profit capital’s inflicted misery.   The roar of hatred, fear and bigotry for those who are perceived as different continues to rise throughout the world.   This divisiveness created by class and elitism is certainly with intent as it always is.  Anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant fervor are much higher in Europe than it is in the U.S.   And, anti-immigration sentiment, in particular, is very high here.  People have legitimate issues with illegal-immigration/undocumented-workers given the flood gates that have been opened so that private, for-profit capital can bust collective bargaining and suppress wages & benefits.  My point is don’t believe European conflict is impossible.   The seeds are being sewn today and they could easily sprout depending on how capable the status quo’s attempted control remains.

As usual, issues with undocumented workers aren’t created by immigrants who are simply fleeing corruption and lack of economic opportunity themselves.   If the European and American states were seeding  democracy around the globe instead of their reign of terror, we wouldn’t be witnessing these massive diasporas of displaced peoples around the world.  These massive immigrant movements everywhere are caused by  neoliberalism destroying freedoms and economic opportunity around the globe.   A perfect example is the U.S. southern border with Mexico.  The U.S. props up a corrupt Mexican government as a slave sweatshop where five families essentially own the entire nation and everyone else is a renter.  If the U.S. would focus its relationship with Mexico on true democratic reforms rather than neoliberal comparative advantage offered to American corporations, the great and hard-working people of Mexico would be free to create their own economic opportunities at home.  There would be no immigrant diaspora to the U.S.   Ditto with similar dynamics in Europe.  As an aside those policies are failing in the U.S.  Neither branch of our corporate political party can survive their corporatist policies now that our nation has become a true melting pot.  That’s a good thing.  Well, unless they start overtly trying to rig elections.  And with recent attempts at returning to Jim Crow voting laws, that’s exactly what elites and the political class are trying to do.  Outright slavery and repression seems to be fascism’s end-state intent. 

The main thrust I want to make with this post is that corporate capitalism, primarily in  western democracies, has granted communist China the technology, money, legitimacy and power to become a new global threat to peace and stability.  Even beyond the forces that threaten humanity today.  Corporate capitalism has empowered the ego-motive of China’s highly nationalistic, corrupt system of control that seeks to perpetuate its own existence and extend its influence.   Primarily U.S. and European corporate capitalism and statist policies have, through self-fulfilling prophecy, created their next Cold War enemy.  An enemy that gives purpose and legitimacy to the military-industrial complex and the fascist corporate states of the west. 

We see the early signs of this violence in the constant espionage and internet attacks pointed at U.S. military, government and corporate institutions by the Chinese communists.   And, in the economic blame game and threats that have been rising for years between China and Japan, Europe & the U.S.  European and U.S. politicians created this mess with China.  They authored the trade agreements that have obliterated their own nation’s democracies in favor of private, for-profit capital.   And, lastly of course, the massive increase in China’s military production and exports to fund corrupt states like Iran.   While we aren’t being told about it, we most certainly are involved in the same acts of state violence directed at China.  In other words, “War is the health of the state.”.  And, with the Pentagon’s attempted shut down of the mess they created in the Middle East, they are now redeploying resources to Asia for the new threat.  The threat their own arrogance and ego-motive unwittingly created to ameliorate their inner demons.  The threat created by U.S. corporate capitalism and the corporate state’s policies.   Even if by coincidence, preparing to defend the system from communist Chinese violence will require different weapons systems.  And, that fact will be used in a rationalization to extend U.S. and European arms overproduction even further. 

By the way, we can thank the politicians Bill Clinton and Al Gore for this dynamic.  As noted before, they were the ones who deregulated the national borders of private, for-profit capital; a dynamic that helped lead to both previous world wars and has substantially created this crisis. 

The only way I see that major global conflict will be averted in the next decade or so is if the people of the world rise up and peacefully sack corporate capitalism and the fascist political-military complexes that enforce it across the globe.  And replace this illegitimate hierarchy or system of control with democratic economics and democracy. 

Italy’s democratic movement is the first serious sign that may indeed happen.   Grillo is the most dangerous man in the world right now.   He recently remarked in a BBC interview that he wants to see the end of politics and political parties.  And, instead see public service and citizen government.   Notice how in this interview, he is pressed on what system will replace the existing political system.  The status quo wants to know how they can control what comes next.   That is obviously their greatest fear – loss of self-interested control.  As Grillo notes, the Internet is a massive paradigm shift.  It is what is allowing people to organize around the globe.  As I wrote on here in past years, we don’t need to see organization in the streets.  If the state shuts down our ability to organize, as has happened in the U.S., we can do so virtually on the Internet.  That is why the state is so intent on controlling Internet freedoms. 

What used to happen quietly in smarmy backroom deals just a few decades ago, now is pushed onto the entire world in five minutes.  Transparency is the enemy of this system of control.   The only way I can see this awakening being stopped is if the status quo can separate all of us as they have so successfully done since the beginning of time.  That can only happen by shutting down the Internet.  It’s no coincidence they did exactly that during the Egyptian revolution.  Yet, doing so would cause uncontrollable chaos in the current system of control.   Global corporate capitalism, global finance and extended supply chains would collapse.

Democracy is not about control.  True democracy, or republican government, or constitutional republics or whatever exists in any particular nation, is about freedom.   That includes economic freedom.  In a true citizen government aka self-rule, there are no points of control.  There are no politicians.  There are vertical and horizontal checks to the state to ensure control is never achieved.   That includes within any democratic economics as well.   

Politics is an institution of control that serves no purpose in a democracy and there will be a day when it disappears.  Forever.  Is it in this cycle?  Who knows?  Probably not for some period of time but in the interim, I expect both political parties in our nation will collapse.  Can you really imagine a post-political world that would exist in a democracy?   Nary again another politician.  What a glorious day. 

China’s new swarms of war drones rise to challenge U.S. power.

China’s weapons exports rise 162%

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dystopian State Legislators Do Their Corporate Master’s Will By Making Food Transparency A Crime

The corporate state continues to tighten its grips on criminal secrecy

“All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed.”

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Friday, March 15, 2013

How The Government Could Pay People To Eat Twinkies And Watch Cartoons While Saving Us $1 Trillion In The Process

Almost no large businesses today would exist without the force of the state.  On some level I would say all of them fall far short of serving democracy in varying degrees.  And in many ways that aren’t quite obvious, almost all major companies are looters of democracy that rely on the game being rigged in their favor by political idiots.  There are a few exceptions but not many.   One exception is not Lockheed Martin.  This is one of the thousands upon thousands of security, military, consultancy, logistics and think tank organizations that comprises the military-industrial complex and police state that are literally sucking America dry for their own insatiable greed and power.

The Soviet States of Amerika or the United Soviet States of Amerika or maybe just Soviet Amerika and their central planners produce, overproduce and overproduce some more as it pertains to the military-industrial complex.   We centrally-plan, procure and produce so many weapons of death, bombs, guns, systems for spying and on and on that we shrink wrap and mothball modern systems and create massive ghost cities with them.   Then we build more ghost cities to house their overproduced parts depots.  Then we produce some more.  And then some more.  Then we start all over again and produce some more.   

As noted numerous times on here, the start of this nonsense was the 1947 National Security Act.  It essentially created a full-time, for-profit war machine and institutionalized a political foreign policy of force through the creation of the Defense Department, the National Security Council and the CIA.  The United States has been involved in endless conflict every since.  By the way, for those who are still caught in this false left-right meme, this was the result of policy by a Democratic president who also started the Cold War and its endless costs to our society.   And, it was two Republican presidents who sought to end the Cold War; Nixon and Reagan.  Truman also is the only person to ever authorize the use of nuclear weapons.  Not once but twice.  And while Truman stated that we were not going to turn the U.S. into a right-wing totalitarian government to deal with a left-wing totalitarian threat, that is exactly what his policies did.  We are fascist, right-wing totalitarian state whose corporate masters collude in secrecy with politicians and military leaders to centrally-plan our economic, social and political fate.   There’s ample evidence Truman was an idiot.  And we clearly know Truman was ignorant to history and ignorant to the deleterious effects of his ignorance.  In other words, ignorance truly is bliss.  Our founding fathers told us that the threats to our freedom would come from within but under the guise of a foreign enemy.  In other words, in the video above Truman was ignorantly mouthing exactly what our founding fathers told us to fear.  The Truman Doctrine and all of his incredibly incompetent management of this country send us down a path of a self-fulfilling prophecy that is now manifesting itself everywhere. 

Anyway, there are many analyses that show we spend in excess of $1 trillion annually on this nonsense.    Which is also far more than the rest of the world combined.  Far and away this is the biggest corporate welfare system the world has ever seen.  Far, far, far and away greater than anything in the Soviet Union.   Well, of course, in many ways we are the Soviet Union.  This extends well beyond the police state.  It’s all of the corporate socialism created by corporate fascism.   This is why our social and economic systems are collapsing.  

So, ProPublica has an updated comedy of errors that is Lockheed Martin’s F-35 corporate welfare program.   $1.5 trillion to develop and maintain this program for the next 55 years is a swag someone made at some point as to the cost of this program.  Certainly, like all other estimates for corporate welfare that are always proven to be low-balled, this number is most likely double that amount.  Or, thereabouts.  Fingers in the wind provide as accurate of an assessment as the bean counters running this type of scam on the American people. 

So, Lockheed tells us 133,000 Americans are involved in this program.  I highly doubt that number as a little bit of propaganda.  133,000 people may touch this program at various points in time, a number I would still doubt, but they certainly aren’t going to be with the program for 55 years.  But let’s stick with Lockheed’s new-math number. 

We could pay all 133,000 of those people a salary of $50,000 annually for a period of 55 years.  And, we could give them each a $5,000 voucher for corporate-state ObamaCare.  In the process, we would cut our spending by 90% by cancelling this program.  All of it.  Now.  Forever.  Period.  Finito.   Now, they wouldn’t get cost of living increases but then if we cut this program and other corporate welfare, inflation might actually implode.  So, cost of living increases might not be necessary.

And what could we pay all of these people to do?  Well, we could pay them to sit at home, watch cartoons and eat Twinkies.  And we’d still save 90%.   Not only that, but it wouldn’t impact society one iota.   That is, unless we were to experience World War III.  And, I would put forth the hypothesis that the chances are much greater we wouldn’t have World War III if people were eating Twinkies and watching cartoons rather than overproducing weapons of death, murder and war.  Funny how that works, eh?

Our country is run by f*cking idiots and looters.  

Political parties (registered corporations that are fascist by their very nature of the intermingling of corporations and politics) need to go as many of our founding fathers believed. Freedom of association in public service allows a free exchange of unique, well-thought out ideas rather than regurgitated political party pablum puke.  It also forces each politician to be personally responsible for his and her deeds and allows those with the most cogent ideas to rise to the top of the election process.  Public servants are then required to prove their merit rather than be the hand-picked stooge by the national political party that then receives what are essentially unlimited funds and organizational resources to defeat meritorious candidates that cannot stand against the onslaught of party propaganda and party money.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is The Ketogenic Diet A Cure For Cancer And Who Knows What Else?

I have followed substantially what is considered to be the paleo diet for most of my adult life.  The paleo diet is a ketogenic diet.  Although I eat substantially more raw and fermented foods than is probably associated with this type of diet.  And I probably eat less muscle meat and more fat, organ meat and gelatinous animal parts than what most people on this type of routine eat.   Well, and I cheat on the diet when I feel like it because I’m not neurotic.   And, I’m probably not neurotic in large part because of my diet.  Our bodies have trouble breaking down cellulose unlike many other animals such as ruminants.  So, fermentation, which is essentially controlled rotting, helps to break down the cellulose in raw foods that locks up the nutrients and makes assimilation easier.   And it has the side benefit of keeping our gut fauna healthy.  In other words, raw has its place but is not in itself the end all as some believe.  By the way, mildly cooking also helps break down cellulose found in plant matter but overcooking may destroy enzymes.  

I toyed with vegetarianism when I was right out of school.  But that didn’t last long.  And for good reason.  It’s extremely misguided and driven by ego-motive more than any science or basis in facts we understand about the human ecosystem.   In fact, there is ample and generally uncontested knowledge that our brain was only able to develop so rapidly because humans ate copious amounts of meat and animal fat.  Oftentimes our ancestors lived on little more than meat and animal fat.  By the way, modern anthropology has studied this heavy animal diet and even today, meat-eating cultures are incredibly void of modern society’s endless health maladies.  More on some other time.  

It has been well established in the scientific research community for some time that at a large number of cancers are caused by or associated with different types of viruses.  I wrote last year that I would post a follow up discussing this topic.  I still plan to but who knows when. 

Unfortunately, this link between viruses and cancer has been slow to make it into the mainstream media or into institutionalized medicine’s treatments.   I doubt most doctors even are aware of this fact.  I say that because doctors continue to use radiation treatment, as an example, which likely causes the cancer-causing viruses to mutate and become harder to kill.  I say that because UCLA just published a research paper some months ago pointing to radiation making cancer resistant to treatment and we are starting to read everywhere where research scientists around the world are starting to understand radiation therapy simply makes the cancer harder to kill.   A plausible cause of this is viral mutation.  We clearly know certain wavelengths of energy cause cell mutation.  In fact, as noted on here before, there is evidence this cellular mutation and pathogen mutation caused by high energy sources of the universe impacting life have played a role, maybe even a dominant one, in the evolution of life on earth.

Eventually, I suspect scientists will isolate a pathogen for all types of cancer and who knows what else.  Possibly even addictions, schizophrenia, etc. as some research is now starting to point to some level of involvement.   The amount of institutionalized medical “science” today that is based on complete nonsense is almost unbelievable.  But Obama is forcing us into this system and its many contradictions and fallacies.  Thus perpetuating much of the institutionalized ignorance of mainstream medicine.

Viruses need food to grow.   As it relates to cancer, there is ample evidence that food is carbohydrates - sugar, wheat, grains, crackers, soda, bread, etc.  that are so rampant in our industrial food culture.  I suspect this extends well beyond cancer-associated viruses to that of other viruses such as the Epstein Barr virus, the various forms of the herpes virus, the HIV virus and on and on.   

It's amazing how our belief systems regarding food, diet and health have been developed based on what is essentially medical establishment propaganda over the years to believe naturally-raised meat, butter, dairy and natural fats are bad for us.   This propaganda is driven by junk science, self-interest, profit, greed, capitalist corporate control and on and on and on.  That also includes a fanatical element of lunatics who believe eating meat is some sort of crime or sin.  (There is ample evidence that corn oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, margarine, shortening, etc  are probably not healthy fats.  Neither are meats or dairy likely healthy when raised on grains or pumped full of antibiotics or hormones.  I’m sand bagging my remarks here – probably?  Do your own diligence.)  

There have been numerous analyses that show industrial meat raised on a heavy antibiotic, hormone and genetically-modified grain diet changes the physical composition of animal tissue and the fat profile of dairy products/animal-tissue-fat from brain and heart sustaining omega-3 to brain and heart unhealthy (in high doses) omega-6 that is possibly linked to numerous illnesses including heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, artery blockage, etc. So, all meat or dairy may not be healthy.  Although our body most certainly uses omega-6 fats as well.  I suspect it’s a quantity and ratio issue rather than an absolute statement. 

Only naturally-raised meat and dairy where animals are allowed to live and eat as nature intended them are guaranteed to be healthy in my estimation.  My observations are that the industrial food monopoly is force-feeding animals the same sick diet that we are being force-fed.   And through biomagnification, we run the risk of assimilating the sickened state of the foods we are eating. 

As I have noted on here before, the institutionalized medical bureaucracy’s junk science and ignorance is heavily complicit in the systemic sickness pervasive to modern corporate state society.  This junk science provides a positive feedback loop that ensures a constant demand for medical services as junk medical science makes us sicker and sicker.  The institutionalized medical bureaucracy most certainly is not doing this as part of any conspiracy, it’s simply what happens whenever any form of science becomes institutionalized and then taught as fact in educational curriculum.  Especially, when much of that science is based on profit motive.  Education to these notions simply makes us stupid. 

Sugar, wheat and carbohydrates that are so pervasive in the modern diet are plausibly the basis for inflammation that lowers our immune systems, makes us sick and plays a major role in autoimmune diseases.  Or, substantially contributes to this issue.   At least in the quantities and with the artificial ingredients that are being forced upon us by the industrial food monopoly.  And, the chemicals/carbohydrates and methods of raising modern meat are probably lowering our immune system so that cancer and other autoimmune illnesses are able to invade the human ecosystem.   There are ample real world examples and research that points us in this direction.  Not always clear cut conclusions but a substantial amount of evidence to consider. 

All of those decades the supposed experts told us meat and animal fat were bad for us may have made untold millions upon millions upon millions of people sick and created an epidemic of cancer, depression, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, obesity, mental illness and untold other sickness in modern society.  Given half of all Americans are obese or worse, and that we consume 90% of the world’s medications, that means the recommendations of modern medicine and the industrial food monopoly may be responsible for the sickness of half of our population and how many unnecessary serious illnesses around the world as the pathology of corporatized industrial food and corporatized junk medical science spreads beyond our borders. 

Here is what we do know.  Nature knows best.  How do we know this?  It has proven over billions of years what does and doesn’t work.  Medical science often makes ludicrous conclusions based on distorted statistical studies that are neither controlled nor science.  Those studies are often a few years or a decade and clearly are not accurate or properly controlled nor do they stand up to billions of years of data nature provides.  Statistics is not science, by the way.   What it is is the most misused basis for damned lies imaginable.   In the right hands, statistics can provide useful data but it is almost never in the right hands.  Especially when it comes to manipulated medical studies.  Tons of exposure has been done on the manipulation of medical research using the absurdity of statistics.

The human mind and body have everything they need to cure and heal themselves of any illness when they are given the fuel and nutrients nature intended them to have.  That is fresh, naturally-grown fruits, vegetables, meats, fats, etc.  We simply know almost nothing of how the human ecosystem heals itself so instead we pump it full of toxic food, toxic chemicals, toxic antibiotics, toxic hormones, toxic pesticides & herbicides, toxic pills and toxic medical treatments that oftentimes make us sicker.  That is why America is the sickest, most overweight, most medicated, most emotionally-unwell nation on earth.   The medical and industrial food systems are failing right before our eyes.   We see the evidence of their failures.  It is us.

Here’s what we do know.  Ketogenic diets have been associated with cancer cures and reducing tumor sizes, reducing seizures with epileptics, treating and even curing type 2 diabetes, treating and possibly even curing type 1 diabetes (autoimmune disorder), treating herpes and shingles to the point of reducing outbreaks to near zero, treating and even curing some forms of arthritis (autoimmune disorder) and who knows what else.  Obviously, do your own diligence.   Some degree of a ketogenic diet appears consistent with the body being able to defend itself from a multitude of pathogens and in the process contributes to keeping our human ecosystem more resilient.  

You may be asking yourself how something so patently obvious could have been ignored by institutionalized mainstream medicine.  How nothing more than a diet could possibly cure cancer and help regulate so many other common maladies.  The answer is really not a complicated one.  In a corporate capitalist society, the primary intent is self-interest or control.  And that means truth and discovery are continuously subverted.  It’s really no different than any of the other unbelievable truths  of the corporate state that are so incredibly obvious. 

One thing is for certain, until institutionalized medicine wakes up, I personally will not be listening to my doctor.  That is, unless my doctor is also rejecting institutionalized medical junk science and the corporate state’s dietary recommendations. 

Dr. Mercola’s recent article and video on cancer and ketogenic diets. 

An excellent article and video a few months old that was authored by a cancer survivor and highlights substantiated research and many links to educational materials.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Beppe Grillo - Democratic Money Is Fiat Money And Debt Is Nothing More Than A Myth Used To Enslave And Impoverish Us To Elites And Criminals

A friend sent me this video this morning. I guess it has become highly popular on the web so I might as well be part of the crowd.  Ha.  I just watched it and would highly recommend it to everyone.  It will awaken many minds to a greater truth.  Grillo is the first person with a mainstream audience to deliver a message that is consistent with that which has been delivered on here ad nauseam over the last eight years.    That is no coincidence.   Truth is obvious and universal when one releases false perceptions of reality and the self-imposed lies we tell ourselves.    Lies always put there by those wishing to control or instill fear in us.

Notice how Grillo’s message is diametrically-opposed to Ron Paul’s message.  And as I noted on here numerous times, as much as I appreciated Paul’s honesty about Washington corruption, he didn’t know what he was talking about regarding banking, money and economics.  

Paul’s message was that America was broke and that we should return to gold money and the free market.   Frankly, that is bullshit.   This is the free market.  We are in it right now.  This is what happened when Reagan and Clinton deregulated capital(ism).    Free market, private, for-profit capitalist fundamentalism creates massive corruption and cronyism.   History is replete with this greater truth.   This system is finished.  That’s for certain.  But neither are we broke nor should we ever return to gold money or free market fundamentalism.  Or listen to politicians who are generally nothing more than ignorant about democratic money, democratic banking or democratic economics.  For all of his redeeming qualities, Paul was no exception.

I hear these histrionics every day. America is broke. Health care is going to eat us alive. We can’t afford Social Security. Blah, blah, blah. This system is screwed.  And so are its institutions of control.  It might be very painful getting from point A to point B.  Maybe even devastating for many.   But we certainly are not broke.  Not even close.   Those who define money and debt as the metrics used to define wealth are wildly ignorant.  They have succumbed to the lies others tell them.   This system of control is broke both morally and monetarily.  But, that’s a very good thing.  Because that means crisis is dead ahead.  And that means shattered belief systems, their false perceptions of reality and the endless rationalizations that are produced as a result of those lies of the mind are just around the proverbial corner. 

So, let’s summarize what Grillo said in his video that has also been discussed ad nauseam on here (Watch the video!) :

-Gold is the looter’s money and the money of elites.  Its value is derived through scarcity and artificial control.  And since you don’t have any of it, if you want it, you are going to have to work for whatever terms your masters define you should work to get a small piece of it.   That keeps you always “hungry” to do the bidding and work of your masters.  It also keeps you busy doing menial tasks that keep you ignorant, enslaved and oftentimes poor.

-Gold mining creates massive and often permanent ecological damage.   The concept that we have to dig a hole in the ground to find our money, as Ron Paul and other gold worshippers believe, is absof*ckinglutely preposterous.  By the way, in the world of fiat commodity money, gold has no value as currency.  That means its only value is derived through industrial and consumer demand.  If democracy wins this battle we are witnessing around the world today, gold will no longer be convertible as money.  It will essentially be worthless as it should be. 

-Money is owned by democracy and not private banks or a public-private partnership of unelected bureaucrats at a central bank.  If money is owned by democracy, then why do private, for-profit banks lend it to us?  Remember when all of those people in the financial community were hyperventilating that the FDIC was going to run out of funding for deposit insurance? Countless people in the financial community wrote these detailed analyses on how this could create a huge crisis. On here, I said you just print the money if banks fail and take depositor’s money. You print all of it. Not some artificial FDIC insurance limit.  You protect democracy because it is our money.

    -Democratic money is fiat commodity money. It is liberally and abundantly available to all of democracy and all of its citizens.   Unlike gold, whose value is derived by force, scarcity and peonage, democratic money’s value is derived by distributing it freely to every citizen.   In a free society, money is not wealth.  It is simply a form of exchange that enables human expression, science, art, literature and other manifestations of our divinity that are the foundations for our society’s wealth.   Grillo made a point here that is very important.  When there is too much money, the government collects the excess and burns it.   It’s commodity.  It’s in itself useless paper that simply enables exchange and sharing of our true wealth.

    -Central banks are public-private partnerships that use the state to loot democracy.  And, that private, for-profit capital as the only source of investment has no place in democracy.  Nor does the ability of private, for-profit capital to decide what our money is spent on have any merit.   That not only means banks should have no say in what our government spends its money on but it should not be deciding what businesses or investments are made in our society.   The massive debt we have today is because of two reasons.  One, because capitalism has denied us a living wage and thus has enslaved us into debt peonage and two, because looters, including banks, have used the comingling of private, for-profit capital and central banks to loot and steal our democracy and enslave us.

    -Grillo says if we owe debt to ourselves, then poof, I say all is forgotten and forgiven.   That message has been consistent on here.  Debt is nothing more than a myth.  An illusion.  A form of control.   You buy your house and then your private, for-profit bank lends it back to you with 30 years worth of usury to enrich private interests?  Now, there are people who don’t understand either debt or money who will tell you the U.S. owes money to China and Japan and other “foreign” entities.  That is patently false as noted on here before.  All U.S. debt is denominated in dollars.   All U.S. debt is owed to ourselves.  To American citizens.  Every single nickel of it.  Ditto with Japan whose entire debt is denominated in yen.  All of their debt is owed to their own citizens.  In the case of many other nations, such as Italy, who have given up their monetary sovereignty because of political and corporate capitalist corruption, they owe it to some illegitimate authority like Germany and they should default on it.   That debt is looter’s debt.  It was never used by democracy or used to enrich We The People.  It was used to loot democracy in countless countries around the globe.

    -We are witnessing a great awakening.   A global enlightenment.  Another long term thesis on here.  That awakening will eventually lead to the collapse of the status quo when it reaches critical mass.

  • F*ck Off!  The Age of Enlightenment continues.
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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Bumblebee Population Experiences “Scary” Decline

More disturbing news.  Our perceptions are often that these issues are manmade.  Electromagnetic pollution, millions of tons of farming chemicals that even show up in our rain, genetically-modified foods with unknown consequences and endless manmade toxic poisons are everywhere.  There have been studies that link humanity to these and other issues but there is no definitive answer.  What if none of these are the fundamental factors? 

Have you ever wondered if the same forces causing honey bee colony collapse disorder and bumblebee declines are the same forces behind humanity’s collapsing societies?   Are we as humans experiencing our own colony collapse disorder?

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Updates From The Criminal, Predatory, Violent Looters And Manipulators Of The World’s Fascist-Corporate States

New investigation reveals the Pentagon sent a former thug in charge of it’s brutal Central American campaigns to set up Iraqi torture centers.  This is an incredible bit of investigative journalism by the Guardian and BBC highlighting very serious human rights abuses.  This goes right to the top including General Petraeus.  Two Guardian stories and videos here and here.  The shit is going to hit the fan on this one.  There is talk of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  Guess what I’ve been talking about on here for a long time?  As secrecy of our government gives way, we could see crimes tried by a special extra-judicial U.S. tribunal.  The U.S. is not a signatory to the ICC so that path likely isn’t going to happen.  By the way, this reporting was only possible because of Wikileaks.  Now you get some idea of why the U.S. is trying to shut them down.  They are hiding heinous crimes.

U.S. attorney general states that president has the right to kill Americans on U.S. soil.   Ahem.  Can you say impeachment?  Hey dickhead.  Yeah you.  The person shitting all over the rule of law and making up rules to rig the system as you go.  Why don’t you show me this power granted to the executive branch in the Constitution or in any constitutional case precedence?  If one or both political parties fail at some point, and I am clearly on the record as saying that will almost certainly happen, those who manipulate the legal system in this country for their own megalomania could be in for a very rude awakening to the rule of law.  It’s called war crimes, crimes against humanity, treason, murder, impeachment and on and on.

Obama proposes Social Security and Medicare cuts so that our corporate masters can continue to suck democracy dry with their welfare.  Yet the Obama apologists still refuse to look at reality and think for themselves.  They are still consumed by their savior’s rhetoric.  The only one going to save you is yourself.

Neoliberal capitalist fascists in the U.S., Europe and at their crony tool, the IMF, threatens Egypt with debt crisis if democracy takes hold.   How many times have we seen this criminal racket?  Finance and money are the tools of criminals used to loot the world as has always been the case with private, for-profit capitalism.  We need public banking and democratic money.  The Real News video

Scientists reduce the historical time delay of rising carbon emissions to climate change from 1,400 years to as low as 200 years. In other words, rising carbon still often trails climate change by hundreds and thousands of years and thus has never been proven to be a possible causational or determining factor or independent variable but instead it is still an outcome-based measurement or dependent variable of climate change. The concept of “greenhouse gases” is one that been accepted for well more than a century without any substantial scientific rigor and has been outright rejected by very credible scientists.  Not that carbon or gases don’t rise into the atmosphere but that the process of these gases maintaining heat cannot actually exist.   It’s like countless other examples of science that has never been validated through rigorous analysis and eventually often turn into nothing more than junk science. Today atmospheric carbon is still  increasing, very rapidly in recent years I might add.  Yet temperature has not increased in about 17 years – a fact recently admitted by the head of the lead junk-science political organization at the UN pushing anthropogenic global warming.  With the changes we are seeing, it’s almost certainly not going to increase either.   We will witness the death of anthropogenic global warming in our lifetime.  In fact, its likely happening as I type this.  Anthropogenic global warming is a political attempt at controlling and manipulating science for self-interested, political purposes.

Supreme Court or the Ku Klux Kourt could bring back Jim Crow voting laws.  More covert violence by the corporate state and elites.  The Real News video

H-1B Visa workers aren’t the best or brightest.   This is consistent with a Duke University study I cited years ago that most emerging market and nondemocratic educational systems produced inferior scientific talent.  Of course, scientists in democratic countries know both of these facts.  Oftentimes as they learn training someone in some far off sweatshop to do their outsourced job.  And they have to do so or forfeit their buyout package.  The distinction is both H-1B workers and emerging market scientists can be hired as slaves by our ignorant, bureaucrat corporate masters who dumb-down our society in the process.  Of course, all supported by political idiots from both parties.

China is militarily-aligned with Iran.  My remarks many years ago on the world entering a war cycle - and the most likely adversaries are the west and China - could mean Iran may be a spark for global war.

We are Bradley Manning - Chris Hedges

Bradley Manning tells courts U.S. citizens have a right to know about U.S. politician’s war crimes.  The Real News video

Big Sis and Homeland Security customize drones for domestic spying – I can’t wait to witness the first joint Big Sis – king Obama drone attack and murder on U.S. soil.  If that happens, it might be time to start accumulating a weapons stash even though I pretty close to being a pacifist.

Former Obama Secret Service agent on post-constitutional society and how gun control is really people control – Youtube video

Apple executive destroys JC Penney – As noted on here a few times, most major corporate success throughout capitalism’s history is driven by exogenous cyclical factors.  ie, Manipulation, rigging the game, state-sponsored monopoly, financial bubbles, political favors, etc.  That means Apple or Goldman or Google employees aren’t any more talented as much as they are riding an unsustainable cyclical economic wave.  A wave rigged by corporations and politicians.  That Apple’s top store executive literally destroyed JC Penney in record time should help illuminate this reality.  Not only that but this was the hand chosen executive by one of the top hedge funds in the world.  By the way, hedge funds are headed for a dirt nap for the same reason as has been noted on here incessantly.

Montana house passes anti-NDAA bill 98-0. State’s rights are one possible way to stop the unlimited power grab by our king and his court in Washington.

Mortgage interest set to double for many borrowers as banking criminals extort more fees.  European banking criminals on the march again.

Google says FBI watching the internet without a warrant.  Ya think?

Oklahoma attempts to build illegal DNA database of citizens.  The state run amok.

U.S. dairy industry tries to secretly ad aspartame to its products – Possibly one of the most toxic food additives today.  Drink your milk.

Supreme Court denies challenge to FISA spying on Americans  Corporate and elite capture of our courts is manifestly obvious.  And it has always been that way.  Always. 

Florida police raid sick woman’s home after being featured in medical marijuana story – Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley on the police state and it’s abuse of power.

A look at the forces behind for-profit school privatization  More corporate criminals looting society and destroying democratic institutions by Turley

JP Morgan’s massive loss tied to structural senior management incompetence.  Nothing new on here.

K-12 student database to sell information to corporations – Our corporate masters are looking for ways to  extend their corrupt and criminal advertising propaganda campaign that preys on our young children

Earth belches large methane deposits  Large methane releases have been documented quite frequently around the globe.   It was even hypothesized that a possibly catastrophic methane bubble could be released by the Gulf BP well disaster.  

Viking navigation sun stone was more than legend.  How many ancient myths or parables are based in some level of lost fact? 

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Orwellian Financial Market Dynamics Part Five - Rising Prices With Collapsing Demand


This is the fifth in a series I started in the fourth quarter of last year.    Positive volume, or demand, and price are always correlated in any functioning market.  In other words, without demand or with waning demand, prices fall.  That is, unless prices are rigged in a nonfunctioning market.  With a fall or collapse in demand, prices eventually follow suit as we learned with all of Wall Street’s past criminal enterprises.  That includes the Great Depression, the Reagan-inspired S&L Crisis, the Internet Bubble, the commodities bubble, farmland bubbles, the mortgage-backed securities  bubble, emerging market bubbles, the housing bubble and on and on.  But, at some point, I have noted at least a dozen times since 2008’s collapse, it will eventually be Wall Street holding the bag as financial markets see a collapse in demand.  And, we know that because Wall Street’s monopoly has traded counterparties out of functioning markets.  We don’t have functioning markets.  Anywhere.  This is going to have dire consequences when the day or reckoning arrives.

Recovering asset prices are an illusion created by the rigged markets, rigged demand and a rigged political system.   Rigged markets and rigged politics are simple to understand.  Rigged demand is derived through many more esoteric factors.  We can easily appreciate massive leverage of derivatives and endless free levered Federal Reserve money to turn America and other pliant nations into a Ponzi scheme.   But rigged demand also includes the corporate earnings bubble, rigged wealth-shifting schemes used by elites and an and on.  There has been no recovery.  Only the attempted reflation of financial assets for the benefit of the criminal class of looters who derive their control and power from the valuation of those assets.   The Wall Street and corporate bailouts only re-ignited the largest financial and asset bubble in world history as has been discussed on here countless times.  

The only substantial entities left in financial and tradable paper or contract markets are hedge funds, Wall Street banks and the small percentage of people in this country who own nearly everything.  That includes politicians who use a Congress-created and self-granted loophole to illegally trade on insider information as noted on here before.  It’s illegal because it’s illegal for you and me.  That our masters have granted themselves special privilege above the law doesn’t make it anything other than corruption.   Essentially, all of the bailouts since the Reagan-inspired S&L crisis were for Washington politicians and both political parties as much as they were for Wall Street.  Any major asset decline is going to obliterate the investor class.  That includes the political class of looters.   That should be no surprise to long term readers because it has been a regular thesis on here. 

Above, in blue, is my cumulative volume advance-decline line for the NYSE.   It is overlaid on the S&P 500 for the last dozen or so years.  This algorithm is constructed in order to minimize the amount of manipulation that now drives Frankenstein finance or Wall Street’s Ponzi schemes.   And, as such, it looks far different than the “official” NYSE volume advance-decline line that continues to skyrocket almost parabolic over the last decade.  I don’t have data going back 200 years, (I don’t think that data actually exists)  but I suspect this might be the longest and most substantial disconnect between demand and price in U.S. stock market history. 

There are many known and likely unknown dynamics involved in this disconnect given the complication and pervasiveness of the Ponzi schemes and esoteric macro factors we see today.  But, I suspect the main reason for the disconnect is that supply-side economics is finally failing on a systemic level.    If that is an accurate interpretation, and there are many reasons to believe it is, and if you really understand what this means, the above graphic will make you very uncomfortable about the future of all asset prices.  Because if that is indeed what is happening, that means the Federal Reserve will be completely powerless to stop any type of asset price reversions to reality from this point forward.   (More on this topic in my next post in this series)  

Regardless, for all of 2012 I became very cautious and made a few very accurate economic predications for that year.   One of the most important was that I said corporate earnings were collapsing at a faster rate than at any time in the last decade.   Faster than 2008.  And, I said it months before those earnings were actually released and Thomson Reuters subsequently remarked that earnings declined faster than at any time under Bush or Obama.  With the benefit of hindsight, we see from the above area highlighted in red that demand for equities also imploded in all of 2012 and has not recovered for what is now 14 months.   Negative 4Q GDP was not an anomaly driven by Sandy or Republicans or other nonsense.   The entire democratic world saw negative GDP in 4Q.   This is consistent with another 2012 theme.  That is, money was draining out of the global economy at a faster pace than 2008.  If you don’t remember or don’t follow economics that closely, in 2008, the U.S. was the sole crisis while other economies chugged along with generally positive growth.  How the world has changed.   Just as I said it would for the last eight years.  ie, That the back end of this economic crises would be focused substantially outside of the U.S.

We may or may not be close to another major peak in the S&P.  We are definitely seeing the erosion of the risk trade as I type this.  February saw a major turn date for equities and the economy so I expect we have hit somewhat of a wall to the upside over the next four months.   Additionally, commitment of traders data is wildly extreme and bullish regardless of any type of sentiment (rhetoric).  ie,  I don’t listen to rhetoric but do watch what people do.    What is left of the status quo appears to be”all in” on this rally – something that really caught my attention is that Lloyd Blankfein, who helped bring us the last collapse, was just quoted as saying this could be the beginning of a new bull market.  And today’s most popular headline at Bloomberg is that markets climb on central bank optimism.  Blankfein is obviously “all in” on supply-side economics creating new demand where none actually exists.  None of this means that a stock market or asset price collapse is going to happen tomorrow.   An increasingly volatile topping process is more plausible for the first half of this year.  I’m also not a big fan of a major price dump in the first half of this year for many unresolved and powerful cyclical reasons.  And, one must grant some level of credence to the powerful forces of life and cyclicality.   Additionally, there are too many “pretenders” who don’t have any appreciation for esoteric factors affecting volatility or cyclicality that are calling February “the” top in the stock market.    Market volatility is starting to return and if we see a continuation of the pulling back of the risk trade, price rises will eventually abate or fall. 

That said, I do suspect we are getting very close to a peak in all asset prices.  Let me be clear; price not time.  The bigger unknown is always time.  In other words, price or demand is likely to be close to exhaustion across all assets.   So, I do expect a substantial chance we will see assets make a major peak this year.  But the time factor may not yet have been reached.   If we do see a major peak in asset prices, it may be the second half of this.    Plus there are lots of fun dates slated for the second half of 2013.  That includes what I believe may be the biggest turn date in our nation’s history.  More on that later this year in a post on an esoteric topic I have only mentioned on here.  That is mundane astrology or how the cyclical energies of the universe affect life, evolution and events on earth. 

In the graphic above we have three distinct examples of the S&P at this price level.  That is in 2000, 2007 and 2013.   Three times as much demand was needed to drive the markets to this level in 2007 and 2013 is actually making new highs on collapsing demand.   Both the massive demand swell leading into the 2007 peak and the lack of demand into this price range again in 2012 represent bad news in my book.   In other words,  we could be seeing a secular shift in fundamental demand that has been leading prices higher.   Mind you, this is a wildly expensive stock market as noted on here dozens of times in the last eight years; wildly more expensive than 1929.  Don’t listen to the attractive Tobin’s Q or low PE ratio nonsense.   Those are useless measurements that only worked when we had a functioning economic, credit and monetary system.   We have none of those today.  Frankly, we haven’t had either since at least the elections of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

We really don’t know if there are any covert efforts to inflate asset prices at the Fed.   Conspirators love to tell us this is happening without any proof.  In a period of great secrecy and corruption, that another 15 million or so people are on food stamps since Obama took office and the stock market is back to all-time highs may be proof enough for many.  But I doubt they are directly buying financial assets beyond that which we know about on their balance sheet.   They are trying to inflate housing through asset paper purchases and they are giving Wall Street and hedge funds all of the free money they could ever use.   Wall Street is the arm of the Federal Reserve buying assets.   Think about that – paper purchases.  Hahaha.  I was probably the first person to remark that the Fed could and should print a fair amount of money back in 2008’s crisis.  But I never said give it to the criminals.  Printing money can create wealth or it can destroy wealth.  The Fed’s policy’s are destroying wealth by deploying money into more paper-pushing bullshit while the underlying wealth-crating economy continues its implosion.   Implosion too dire for you?  50% unemployment in what were once industrial powerhouses like Detroit.  25% real unemployment rate.  The highest usage of foodstamps ever.   35% unemployment rate for new college graduates.  Implosion. 

Regardless of whether the Fed is directly buying assets or whether the banks are doing it for them, the end result is the same.  The Federal Reserve is the backstop for this activity and absorbs the risk.   Additionally, central bankers around the world are directly buying financial assets.  And they are doing so for yield.  ie, As an investment.  In other words, they have succumbed to the risk trade their own Ponzi policies have created

This means we could eventually see a global collapse of central banks if their policies of asset reflation fail because of their purchases of countless assets.  All in an attempt to recreate their artificial perception created through inflated asset prices.   You know, like all past Wall Street-created price bubbles.  A collapse in assets would then require political policy action to save not only banks but central banks and remonetize what would be imploding balance sheets.   Again.   Not only could this lead to central banking crises but it could also lead to a collapse in some banking systems and currencies as well.   Frankly, the outcomes surrounding a central banking crisis would be incredibly horrendous for global corporatism aka fascism and could even lead to the collapse of both political parties in this nation.   If supply-side economics is starting to fail, this could be the beginning of the end for the fascist public-private central banks as we know them. 

Regardless of exactly how, in a great bout of irony typical of dysfunctional behavior seen in those who seek authority and control, it will be the very actions of the status quo themselves that will lead to their own self-destruction.  Obama, Boehner, Bernanke, Blankfein, Dimon – they are all laying the seeds of their own self-destruction.  That is how economic, monetary, political and banking systems always fail.

The Federal Reserve needs to be nationalized and placed under direct control of the Treasury or some electable body as a democratically-controlled public institution.  That would restore our democratically-granted right to print  or “coin” our own money and end the tyranny of Wall Street-Federal Reserve fascism and all of its evils.

The greatest leverage on earth is the leverage of one percent of a population destroying life, liberty, human rights, economic determinism, the rule of law and democracy for the ninety-nine percent.   The parasitic elite’s accumulation of crony wealth is tied directly to the monetary-banking corruption that is enabled by the public-private Federal Reserve-Wall Street monster and its unique ability to literally steal everything from democracy.   If that dynamic unwinds, destabilizes or collapses, look out below.

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