Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pathocracy Update - Tesla’s Coming Collapse


I’m going to use this post to look at some less than obvious esoteric factors at work in the economy today.  As a result, to call into question much of the beliefs commonly held by those who support this system and who are bullish about its future.  I think many people will appreciate this post’s stark reality. 

There is a lot of manipulation going on in Tesla’s stock.  Frankly, I wonder if there is some shady dealings going on.   The regulators are in the pockets of the Wall Street criminals because the politicians are crooks so we’ll never know.  But Morgan Stanley recently raised Tesla’s stock price target to insanity, then professional traders manipulated the stock into the stratosphere and then after this was accomplished Tesla announced another stock offering.   A coincidence?   What did Einstein say?  God doesn’t play dice.  In other words, randomness is a delusion of our ego’s perceptions.  I wonder if Wall Street plays dice?  

If Tesla’s stock were trading at a valuation it deserves based on fundamentals, which is somewhere around 99% lower than it is today, then they could never raise the money needed.  If they cannot raise money then what?  The markets would demand a greater risk premium.  That premium may actually may be too much for a startup company to absorb.  Remember, Tesla has already benefited from many political favors including guaranteed taxpayer loans.   Maybe a lower stock price and higher risk premiums would result in bankruptcy or a future that is grounded in reality (ie the company is a startup that still may fail) or something similar.  There certainly is a club and we aren’t in it.  This system is so rotten that what is outright insanity, if not fraud and corruption, has become accepted without question.   Almost every aspect of our lives is described by this greater truth. 

Tesla’s valuation today is closing in on the GDP of Bolivia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Macau and Serbia.  It has already surpassed the GDP of dozens of countries.   Yet, Tesla’s economic output is comparatively just about zero.   Have you ever wondered why Tesla can trade at nearly one thousand times EBITDA?  This when tens of millions of Americans are enduring a debt-enslaved, nonliving wage existence paycheck to paycheck or worse.  This when poverty is at record levels on our nation.  This when the real unemployment rate is 25%.  This when we are told there is no money for any type of democratic programs.  We don’t have enough money to pay a living wage but we have enough money to plow Tesla’s stock to a level discounting one thousand years of earnings.   Let the market decide.  Hahaha!  Well it has.   The market decided that so much money should flow into Tesla that it is worth one thousand years of earnings and that millions of American citizens aren’t worth keeping alive.  Or they are worth just enough to keep barely alive.  Why?  Because private, for-profit capital can’t extract any rent or profit exploitation from them.  I’m sure if it wasn’t so heinous that the nonliving wage class would bring back the guillotine, the free market would be fine with actually allowing the untermensch to just die.  A life enslaved to a nonliving wage job can’t be much more rewarding than death anyway.  Why else do Chinese workers jump out of factory windows?  This kind of Godless dystopian madness cannot be made up.  Orwell would be blushing right now at the dystopian state horror that is far worse than he ever imagined. 

How come that money plowing into Tesla isn’t instead being distributed to serve the needs of democracy, community and society?   Or, how come that money isn’t being distributed to others who can create another few hundred or ten thousand companies like Tesla?  It’s the same reason Tesla exists in the first place.  Cronyism and corruption that is private, for-profit, rent-seeking capital.  Well, and the fact that private, for-profit, rent-seeking capital has created the most massive financial bubble in the history of the world. 

How does Tesla rate to receive guaranteed taxpayer-backed government loans when it had never turned a profit?  Where is your guaranteed loan?  Or where are the guaranteed loans from untold numbers of suppressed entrepreneurs who can’t get one?Frankly, this is how Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, and countless others made their wealth in the first place.   Musk had a small business that merged with another company during the Internet bubble.  That company was then purchased by Paypal again during the Internet bubble.  Then eBay purchased PayPal, again during the Internet bubble.   And, as a result of that gargantuan Internet money bubble, he received magnitudes more money for his company than it was actually worth.  Actually, his company was apparently worth little or nothing because it was scrapped by Paypal.   But that didn’t stop him from becoming a billionaire through the money printing idiocy of the Internet bubble. 

So, we saw this magnification effect of companies buying companies inflated in value by magnitudes.  Once you get to the third of fourth iteration of companies buying companies the magnification effect on money was insane.  Magnitudes times magnitudes of company mergers and buyouts, the cash-out payments for those in the club became stupidly beyond any semblance of reality.   By the way, this still happen.  

So, let’s take a look at what I am talking about.  A hypothetical of what was happening during the Internet bubble.  Let’s say a company is bought for 50x what it is worth.  Frankly, maybe it has never made a profit so it may actually be worth little to nothing at all.  Buying companies that are worthless or substantially so happened time and again during the Internet bubble and many times since.   Then that company is again bought by another company for 75x what it is worth.  Then again this company is bought by another for 20x what it is worth.   If your investment was originally $10,000, you are now worth $10,000x50x75x20.   Or your $10,000 is now worth $750,000,000.   Voila!  You are now a member of the one percent and you never really did anything other than support the predatory mergers and acquisitions game.  All courtesy of the criminal Wall Street racket.  Yes, it is a club.  Not a club based on merit but on corruption and fraud.  Not every example is so extreme but this reality of “cashing out” is quite common.  I doubt most participants are even mindful of its madness.  Their ego tells them that they are brilliant and they deserve what they have “earned”.   The same ego that tells them that millions of Americans aren’t worthy of a living wage.  The rot is so ingrained and accepted that this is the American dream for the ego-driven unbridled ambition for many college “educated”.  And we actually encourage our children to embrace this system.  Remember, the German people giggled with glee under the leadership of the Nazi Party because they too closed their eyes to greater truth. 

Frankly, as an aside, eBay itself has excelled because millions of Americans have essentially created an undercurrent barter and broker economy to stay alive.  That’s really what eBay mainly represents.  In many ways, they have become renter capitalists as well.  Not by choice but through the force of the state.  Yes, some corporations have become involved in selling overproduction on eBay but it’s success is predicated on working class people bartering and brokering to stay alive.  eBay flourishes substantially because our economy is and has been collapsing for decades.   (More on this in my upcoming series of posts.)

Remember that barter and broker comment because I have made it before about what may be coming.  It’s already here for millions.  Most who serve the corporatocracy just aren’t mindfully aware of their ego’s own delusions so they don’t see it.

Today Musk took the money he made in the Internet bubble to make cars for the one percent.  In other words, to make cars for those who made him rich during the Internet bubble.   A little bit of quid pro quo or back scratching that has come to define success in Amerika.   I doubt that was his mindful intent but the reality is the best opportunity to make money in this system is to serve the class who controls the flow of money.   There is no doubt any astute person recognizes this.

I will grant Tesla that it employs quite a few people.   Most of whom cannot afford the product they make.  I thought we used to call out capitalists who made things that their workers couldn’t afford as Robber Barons.  But now they are revered as magnates.  Ha!  Steven Jobs is the poster child for this dynamic.  How much of what is made in this world is unaffordable to those who make things for the amusement of their masters?  That class-based dynamic continues to swell. 

Now, some people will view this post singling out Elon Musk.   Meh.  That is simply not my intent.  I just don’t mindlessly chant ignorance in support of how this unjust system of control operates or why Tesla’s stock is hundreds of times more expensive than the average stock in 1929.  I’m simply using an example to build a narrative of larger importance.  Personally, I think Musk exhibits many admirable qualities and respect him as a human being.  I’m simply asking people to think beyond the end of their nose.  Elon Musk is worthy as all people are.  As all life is.  I wish Musk an abundant life as I do all people.  Actually I wish we had more people like Musk.  That is, more people who actually embraced science, the method through which humanity is propelled into abundance, and who valued building things.  And building them well as Tesla does.  Then there would be millions more Elon Musks in this world.   And, rather than building cars for the one percent, wouldn’t it be nice if we had an economic system that encouraged them to build things that actually allowed more of humanity to reap benefits?  That will never happen as long as our world is controlled by pathocrats,  private banking,  private money creation and private, profit-seeking capital because they care more about their gods of money, class rank and title than they do about humanity.  We can clearly see this greater truth with the massive poverty that exists in a world of unprecedented abundance.  

In closing, it is quite plausible that Tesla’s collapse will include more than in its stock.  It could be the company itself that collapses.  I think all of the other Obama crony investments have already failed.   To be honest, I doubt that Tesla is actually long for this world either.  That’s a common theme on here as I have noted that we could see corporations fall like dominos as this system unwinds.  Tesla is  benefiting from exogenous, temporary factors as noted on here before.  If carbon energy prices implode, and that is a long term thesis on here that I remain very comfortable with, there isn’t going to a line out the door for electric cars.  Well, and if that happens, most of the illusion of wealth in this world created through central bank money printing (that created the one percent Tesla serves) is going to disappear anyway.  In other words, both the one percent and the electric auto industry are going to be exposed as a temporary mirage.   What a great irony.  The very system that birthed  Musk’s wealth and Tesla may destroy them both.  That’s simply another manifestation of the endless contradictions of corporate capitalism. 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How Predatory “Public Servants” Use Taxpayer Money To Infiltrate The Internet To Manipulate, Deceive And Destroy Reputations

A look at another application of endless state violence used to subjugate humanity - courtesy of Glenn Greenwald’s new journalism venture.  Umm, isn’t this criminal behavior?  Sounds like something the Nazis or British Empire would do.  Doh!  It’s the British who created this program.  Well, that’s not a surprise from a nation whose class-based aristocracy has murdered and subjugated more people than can ever be counted.  How deep is the rabbit hole?

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

China, The BRICs And Emerging Markets Continue To Teeter On The Precipice - Part 1A

First I want to highlight a data point that was released today that is completely off-topic.  U.S. homebuilder sentiment is experiencing the largest crash in its history.   (Update – today, February 19th, new housing starts were released and they have crashed.  Down 16% month over month.)  Weather playing some role?  I’m sure.  But this has been predictably coming and I have put up quite a few posts since the middle of last year stating that we are putting in another major top in housing.   Just remember the banks still own all of those assets.  But rather than having to process foreclosures or recognize the toxicity of their balance sheets, the Federal Reserve has allowed them to become predatory, rent-seeking landlords.   Bank balance sheets are still filled with the same illiquid, toxic trash that I wrote would bring the banking sector down a year before the 2008 crash.   The economy sucks and the data across every conceivable metric is now pointing to the Fed’s policies as destroying what is left of our economy rather than saving anything or anyone other than the class-based criminals who created this mess.  Well, and saving the corporate state.  For now.  The reality is today the global economy is magnitudes worse than leading in to the 2008 crisis.  A reminder - up until six years ago my downside target on the S&P was 400-450 for reasons I have mildly explained.   Then six years ago I amended that to the early 1990s or even early 1980s level as being possible for housing and equities.  Not that I was or am predicting that.  But the policies of violence being instituted by bureaucrats is creating a much larger crisis.  You’ll appreciate those statements more in coming posts.  Okay, now onto the post.

I want to make a few additional remarks before moving onto part two in my updates on the BRICs, China and emerging markets.  So I’ll call this Part 1A.   I have written ad nauseam about the violence of the state on here over the last nine years.  After a lull of some years, I have been ratcheting back up the number of posts dedicated to this topic.  I’m going to be writing in greater detail to fill in many of the blanks behind some of the anticipated outcomes I have written about on here over the last nine years.  The last post on China, the BRICs and emerging markets is laying the ground work for this. (Link below)   By the time you finish reading these posts you will understand more than most in finance and economics about what is actually unfolding before our very eyes.   I can’t actually cite statistics, but from what I have seen, you will understand more than everyone in finance and economics.   You will understand it in the detail needed to appreciate what is actually happening and why.  And you’ll appreciate what is happening at a level that will allow you to recognize the passing of events leading to future outcomes while completely removing yourself from the mainstream political, corporate and media babble.   They have literally no idea what is happening. 

I’ll try to roll all of these posts out in the first half of the year.  I will probably be including other posts not listed below and I may combine two or more posts into one or require multiple posts to cover one topic but all of the posts following this paragraph will be covered in detail that I may have omitted in the past.   (Because I didn’t want my work pilfered)  Some of this previously omitted detail is necessary to appreciate how profound this moment actually is.  And, some of what I plan on sharing will simply not be found anywhere else.  That’s not a statement of arrogance but of the ignorance that has developed in the institutions of our world.   Especially within the economics and finance community that is propped up by state violence rather than through any type of competency or merit.   True knowledge has become exceedingly  rare in the modern corporate capitalist world. 

Titles of upcoming posts in this series:

- China, The BRICs And Emerging Markets Continue To Teeter On The Precipice – Part One (Posted on January 29, 2014)

-China, The BRICs And Emerging Markets Continue To Teeter On The Precipice – I have yet to name these coming parts but there will be a Part Two (and possibly a Part Three)

-The Vampire Of The Continent:  The Sources Of The Class-Based Virus Infecting America And The World Today

- The Coming Collapse Of Germany’s Fourth Fascist Reich

- The Coming Collapse (And Possible Demise) Of The Vatican State

- America’s Four Decade (And Counting) Depression

- How The U.S. And Capitalism Was Temporarily Saved From Its Own Collapse Immediately After The Fall Of The Soviet Union

-Why The U.S. Consumer, Housing Or Asset Prices Will Never Pull The Global Economy Out Of Depression

- The Hidden, Misunderstood Culprit For Wealth Disparity In This Nation And Why It Will Lead To The Collapse Of Class-Based Capitalism And This Monetary & Financial System

- The Endless Lies And Self-Interested, Primitive Ego-Motive Inhumaneness Perpetuated By Useful Idiots And Class-Based, Capitalist Predators In The Living Wage Crisis

- How The Nobel Prize Organization, Class-Based Corporate Capitalism and Political Parties Destroyed The United States

- The Largest Unwinding And Greatest Profit Collapse Since The Fall Of The Roman Empire (And The End Of Money And Economics As We Know Them)

-An Update On The Mythology Of The Post-Industrial Service Economy And Its Coming Wage Reset – Part Two

- Class-Based Social Darwinism And Class-Based Capitalism’s Threat To The Survival Of The Species

- Why The U.S. Empire (And Possibly The U.S. As We Know It) Will Fail In The Next Decade (As Will Countless Other States)

-A Unique Look At A Basic Architecture For Democratic Banking, Democratic Economics, Democratic Money And A Resilient And Sustainable Existence

- A New Dawn - Reclaiming Our Humanity   

Literally the entire world is wildly corrupt. And when I’m finished, you’ll recognize just how corrupt it truly is.   No one who speaks the truth is able to be part of this cabal at any level of power.   Doing so would mean losing your seat at the table of evil and all of the class-based and financial benefits  associated with it.   So, there is no way anyone in higher levels of state power are ever going to open their mouths and implicate this Omerta culture.  In order to actually get to such a level of control in the first place, you have already been vetted by the system and proven yourself as a statist.  The very few who actually wake up or recognize what is going on are then removed from the system or ostracized into irrelevance.  Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul come to mind. 

This dynamic of global state brutality and violence is unprecedented in human history.   Not that corruption is something new.  Our nation and every nation has always been corrupt to some degree.  But what is new is that the force of the state has reached unprecedented levels, unprecedented scope and unprecedented reach.  The entire world is subjugated under its extreme violence.   It really doesn’t matter what country you live in because the subjugation of humanity is accomplished through extra-sovereign state violence of corporate capitalism and unaccountable, unelected  bureaucracies.  The extent of state violence as part of everyday life is unprecedented.   The state has almost completely eradicated self-rule or democracy/republicanism.  It certainly has for anything that truly matters.  More actions by politicians will not fix anything.  It will simply result in more state violence.  That is,  unless those actions are to revoke their own power and the power of the state and restore the balance in favor of humanity. 

Those attempting analysis of this crisis strictly from a standpoint of U.S. corruption or the financial sector or projecting their emotions onto the U.S. or other wrongly-held beliefs are going to be very wrong.   Just one example of this is believing the U.S. dollar is going to collapse because our nation is corrupt.   This is not an analysis at all but an emotional belief that doesn’t take into account all factors affecting this global trade settlement system or all of the factors at work in the world today.  If you want to talk about corruption, comparatively, the U.S. almost always smells like roses when considering India, China, Russia, etc.   Even comparative to most European countries, it is dubious to conclude there is some measurable difference in corruption.   Europe has ruthlessly used state violence to literally attempt destruction of the lives of tens of millions of their own citizens.   While the U.S. socioeconomic system is extremely violent, the overt brutality of what is happening in Europe is often equally violent or worse.     

As Christopher Morley is famously quoted, “The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking.”.  This greater truth has become bastardized in a dystopian world dumbed-down by self-interest and people seeking to develop a following of those who are willing to outsource their thinking.   This is a function of the times we live in and a major reason why people are unable to truly appreciate our current reality.  Personal gain and profit motive are prime movers behind the bastardization of truth.   That includes so much of the blogosphere that is driven by people seeking to “cash in” by developing an self-interested following. 

Rather than creating a curious mind able to then think on its own and form its own ideas,  often what is written or spoken in the modern corporate state world, be it in a book, or within science, within the blogosphere or any other paradigm, has become a religion and ideology that True Believers seek to  defend to their death.   We live in a world where we are told what to think rather than how to think.  So reading for the fanatic, ideologue and rigid mind  (primitive ego state of existence) isn’t about unlocking their own mind’s ability but rather embracing the beliefs of others and defending them as rabidly as if they were their own.   This is the dynamic behind the anthropogenic global warming meme, peak oil, religious strife, the politicization of our society, the free market, corporate capitalism, gold as  honest money and countless other modern fundamentalist movements.

This is the dynamic driving the power of political parties, political leadership, political saviors and the like.  The larger the following, the greater the damage done to humanity.  This is a testament to the last one hundred years of unprecedented state-created misery, destruction and death.   Not just of humanity but of our planet.  How else is the state actually able to create so much misery, destruction and death without the fanaticism and wholesale outsourcing of beliefs it demands? 

This highlights the true narrowness of knowledge in today’s world where we are taught what to think rather than how to think.  The dependence on the state and its endless violence has become unprecedented.   So we dare not ridicule the system that ensures our dehumanized survival.  Humanity has lost an unprecedented level of knowledge by giving up its self-actualized and self-determined existence.   And, until this process of greater and greater state violence is reversed, our own determinism and ability to actualize to a higher plane of consciousness and knowledge will continue to be eroded.   In other words, our own existence will continue to be dumbed-down and dehumanized.

The mainstream viewpoints on both the bearish and bullish sides of the U.S., the global economy and what humanity is  experiencing today are very wrong.   The contrarian viewpoint that is based on sound analysis, intuition and an appreciation for the human condition rejects the groupthink and regurgitation of false beliefs, false memes, junk economics and junk science be they bullish or bearish.   Being optimistic or pessimistic about the future of this system is an ideology unto itself that refuses to accept reality and truth.  When one understands how false memes, false beliefs and false information expands through society (the groupthink mob), there is really no other valid viewpoint other than that of a contrarian.  That is, as long as there is truth in analysis behind it.  Social values and beliefs are really nothing more than transient viruses perpetuated by social dynamics and the statist propaganda needed to create them.  

This dystopian socialization is driven substantially by the politicization of our society, the embrace of a form of fundamentalist economic ideology and the embrace of ignorance on a wholesale level.  A form of social propaganda across a wide spectrum of society’s values and beliefs.  All of this is a function of state violence.  We see this in nearly every aspect of our society where True Believers, fundamental fanaticism or a social movement exists.    I don’t care what the topic is.  It has become tainted or outright nonsensical.   The madness and ignorance of accepting transient social, corporate or state values as our own is fundamental to the creation of this madness.   If you personally cannot confirm what someone else tells you either through science or experience, then why do you hold it so deeply as a belief?  Is there no room in your mind for the unknown and little understood that defines the vast majority of our perceptions of reality?  For the intuitive higher power of your own existence?  Has your rational and logical ego consumed all of your existence and left no room for the humanity that exists within you?   That’s a rhetorical question because if you are reading this, I am likely not talking to you.

There is substantial truth that resides within every person when we wipe away all of those modern corporate capitalist and statist beliefs.  Ironically, most of those truths have been known for thousands of years and people are reawakening to them today as they take back their power of thought and actualization from those who have misused and abused it.   That being the state and its endless manifestations of violence.   At some point, if we already haven’t, (I believe we are incredibly close or possibly even already have as future posts will outline), we will reach a tipping point for corporate capitalism and the corporate state. 

The state is a force and violence that creates a dehumanized, destabilized, disconnected, primitive ego existence.   Then that force and violence fills that existence with useless and meaningless state-enriching activities like overconsumption, debt enslavement, endless financial schemes, plundering the natural world and humanity, mindless corporate work, amusing ourselves to death, drugging ourselves to death, drinking ourselves to death, eating ourselves to death, endless war, spying on anything and everything and the like.   All of these outcomes enrich the power of the state while stealing our humanity.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Linkfest From The Pathological Corporate State Madhouse

Another week without an update on my China, BRICs and Emerging Markets post.  I have a post finished on the topic so it will be going up early next week.  But there is so much to report as this control system appears to possibly be entering a new phase of self-created lunacy.

Rand Paul sues Barack Obama for unconstitutional (lawless) spying

Matt Taibbi on Wall Street’s most devious scam yet.  Nothing really new on here but a mainstream realization of the endless fraud of Wall Street enabled by state violence.

I’m a big fan of William K. Black’s truthiness as noted on here many times, (Mostly because of his lovely beard.)  including a review of his great book on robbers – CEOs - and banks.  Black gives an interview where he accurately cites that the system is ungovernable and has essentially already collapsed.  I think millions recognize this.  A little teaser.  Black notes that Jamie Dimon has presided over the largest crime spree in history.  Gotta love truth seekers.

Will no one challenge Obama’s unconstitutional (lawless) presidential edicts?

Maryland moves to shut down the NSA.  There are those darned pesky state’s rights.

Utah is on track to end homelessness by giving people homes. Thomas Jefferson would be proud.  As noted on here many times, Jefferson wanted to give every American their own home.  Give.  Free.  Courtesy of the government.  That is still possible today.

New report discussed by nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson shows Fukushima situation is much worse

Improving economy good for stocks?

High speed trading isn’t about efficiency.  It’s about cheating.

Janet Yellen and I were taught to worship capitalism but it is collapsing.  Indeed it is.  It’s nice to see a mainstream publication in the country that created neoliberalism and capitalism – Britain - actually publish the truth. 

Drug cartels recruit military veterans.   Job retraining for those disposed of by the corporate state. 

Chicken soup for the neoliberal soul.  A great piece.  We see a lot of this going around in one form or another.  All meant to make the pilfering ruling class of financial predators, corporate capitalists and the "investor class"  feel good about themselves.  The dehumanization of the vast majority of Americans and people around the world by private, for-profit capital isn’t ameliorated by pathology’s faux contrition and dystopian lies about reality.   

You know who else collected metadata?  The Stasi.  What else is left to say?  The U.S. police state has many comparatives and none of them are flattering.

Trader’s log shows the Godlessness of Britain’s slave empire.  Is there any difference to how humanity is treated today by those of class?  Chattel and beasts of burden.   They are fed enough to allow them to serve their purpose as slaves.

In the name of love.  A profound look at how class in the corporate state rationalizes the suffering it creates in others. 

What’s going on at Yellowstone?  I highlighted this because of the green energy orbs seen at Yellowstone.  Ha!  These have been seen elsewhere and are somehow tied into our changing planet.  As I have noted in the past, there is ample evidence our planet was/is heating up from the inside.  That explains the rising volcanism, tectonic movements, ocean acidification, change in ocean currents and failing magnetosphere.  ie Operating above the Curie temperature, the earth’s core creates magnetism through current flow.  We are possibly experiencing a reduced current flow due to changes in the temperature delta between the earth’s outer and inner core.  Since I have sort of expected this environment and have been writing of it for years, I must also restate that I believe these events are caused by forces beyond our planet.   Just as the sun’s behavior is certainly impacted beyond its own inner workings.  I’m not sure why this isn’t being pieced together but increased activity at Yellowstone should be no surprise.  I certainly have no idea what will happen but a major eruption at Yellowstone could be the end of humanity or close to it.   Worrying about something like that is completely ludicrous.  What will be, will be.  But global cooling even without any volcanism is much, much, much more dangerous than global warming and itself could cause severe hardship for humanity.  Who knows.  It might be the unexpected final nail in the coffin of capitalism.   And, we are almost certainly entering a long period (decades or a few centuries) of climate cooling as noted on here ad nauseam. 

The body kills cancer cells every day

The Tyson Gay Debacle.  Once again it is this hyper-competitive class-based socioeconomic system of corporate capitalism that encourages people to take undue risks.  Gay, Lance Armstrong or countless millions in our society who skirt morality are given many forms of encouragement to do so.   That includes others who wish to victimize and exploit people like Gay and Armstrong by encouraging them to cheat for their own self-interested success.  This system gives countless millions one shot at success and failure often involves becoming a permanent member of the marginalized,  exploited and forgotten class as Eminem noted so eloquently in “Lose Yourself”….   “All the pain inside amplified by the fact that I can't get by with my 9 to 5.  And I can't provide the right type of life for my family.  Cause man, these goddam food stamps don't buy diapers.  And it's no movie, there's no Mekhi Phifer, this is my life.  And these times are so hard and it's getting even harder…   I've got to formulate a plot fore I end up in jail or shot.  Success is my only motherf$$cking option, failure's not.  Mom, I love you, but this trailer's got to go.  I cannot grow old in Salem's lot.  So here I go is my shot.  Feet fail me not cause maybe the only opportunity that I got.

The investor class makes huge bets on a bullish future for Wall Street.  By the way, the investor class is part of the dumbed-down pathocracy.  I wouldn’t be feeling too confident about the ignorance of the financial mob.

American politicians joke about murder.   This video has gained substantial popularity.  It should really be no surprise.  The pathology of those in power is pretty easily appreciated by those willing to open their eyes.  There is a palpable devaluation of life, be that human or otherwise, by the pathological. 

Fish oil cited in healing brain trauma.

Hollywood spies for the CIA.  Not really a surprise.  Much of what comes out of Hollyweird is propaganda for class and the state.  In many ways, it is the mouthpiece for the corporate state and capitalism.  That’s why Obama is paying entertainers to try to convince the rest of us to sign up for Obamacare.

The war against the working class.  It is a war.  It always has been.  And now that war is no longer covert because this system is collapsing.  So, it’s those of birthright privilege, power and authority against the rest of us.  There are six billion of us and a few of them.  I wonder who will win?  lol.  Tyranny only exists through generally covert means.  When it becomes overt and daily in its need to survive, its failure is imminent.

Do you really need to eat vegetables to be healthy?  I think I’m quite well informed about food.  But, the reality is, none of us really know as much as we’d like to think we do except that we should eat what is provided naturally and minimally processed.

Leveraged loans scream above par value.  lol.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Again courtesy of the investor class.  It’s about time to head to the barber shop for a haircut.  Corporate capitalism inherently rewards stupidity.  Corporations are institutions of the ego or of control; they suppress merit.  That’s the only way they can survive.  It’s really little different than the idiocy of state communism. 

Glencore’s dumping the copper bag on China.  Glencore, the company that Marc Rich founded, (Bill Clinton’s good friend on the FBI most wanted list) has top-ticked almost everything this cycle including their IPO that marked the peak on the commodity bubble. 

Cop shoots man’s service dog during son’s birthday party.  Simply another example of the devaluation of life in the Godless corporate state.  Everything and everyone is disposable in the Borg.  Well, except the Borg itself.  All this cop had to do if he felt threatened is to get back in his car and get on the loudspeaker to alert the owner to detain his dogs or to call animal control.   This is extremely disturbing to anyone who loves animals or respects all life.

Illinois jury acquits citizens of terror charges.  A little bit of jury nullification of state violence?  I’m not so sure Edward Snowden would actually be prosecuted by a jury of his peers in this nation.

Antibiotic resistance is a man-made plague.  And, what we eat perpetuates that plague on a daily basis.

The pathology of the rich and the credibility of the ruling elite is being shredded with Chris Hedges.  A great piece from two of my favorites – Hedges and Paul Jay of the Real News.  Watch it! 

Dramatic recovery from Parkinson’s with a gluten-free diet.  But no money for pharma or the medical-industrial complex by simply eating food to cure our ills.  Let food be thy medicine – Hippocrates. 

The North Star is getting brighter.  The discoveries that aren’t explainable by current scientific understand are coming at an alarming rate.  In many ways, much of current science has already collapsed.  It’s simply that the institutions perpetuating much of junk science still hasn’t received the message.

Fat doesn’t make you fat.  Sugar does.  Thank you.  After 40 years of junk science perpetuated by the hierarchical institutionalization of knowledge is failing.   Truth seeks freedom rather than institutionalization.

Chicago issues bonds to pay for police brutality.  Is there anything more telling of the state of the state than it using taxes to pay for its endless violence?

How Philadelphia’s DA loots the impoverished.  This isn’t new but I just read something that made me remember this.  This is a very compelling example of how state violence has become so all-consuming and pervasive that it is an accepted part of our daily lives.  We have habituated to our own slavery. 

Are vitamins useless?  Apparently we are told so in a recent study.  You know, one of those studies that always seems to encourage us to become more reliant on the medical-industrial complex.

Addiction to junk food

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The End Is Nigh As Obama Rewrites Obamacare Again: Another Day, Another Lawless Act Of The State

Another post before my next major  post on emerging markets and China.  I promise it will be a very interesting post.  But I couldn’t pass this up.  This topic is very important to the coming collapse of the corporate state.  It’s easy to see beyond the headlines to esoteric factors at work when you appreciate what is actually happening in the world today.   The title link story for this article is here.

Over the years I have mentioned Andrei Amalrik’s name on here and written of his work.   Amalrik was the Soviet dissident who wrote of the coming collapse of the Soviet Union about 20 years before it happened.  Amalrik’s Cassandra works on the  coming end of the Soviet Union was off by only a few years.   But one of the most interesting dynamics of his work was that American politicians, military experts and foreign policy experts all laughed off the coming collapse of the Soviet Union and Amalrik’s book when it was smuggled into the west.  “Experts”.  Hahaha.  More of that credentialed incompetence so systemic in the dumbed-down corporate state. 

It’s easy to appreciate why all of these American bureaucrats laughed off Amalrik’s work.  Because all of these people were statists.  That is, all three of these bureaucratic positions rely on the violence of the state in their reason for being.  They are examples of the dumbed-down ignorance that Thoreau wrote about when he said, “"Others--as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders--serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God.”.  

American politicians, military experts and foreign policy experts relied on the perpetuation of the Soviet Union for their own self-interested ego-motive or professional success.  That blinded, ego-driven ignorance is so typical of what we see today in Amerika.   Without a foreign boogeyman, we don’t need foreign policy experts.  What actually is a foreign policy expert anyway?  An expert in the projection of state violence.  Without a foreign boogeyman, we don’t need a standing army.  Thank you founding fathers for your prescient warning on the dangers of standing armies that the corporate state now glorifies.  Without a foreign boogeyman, we don’t need full-time politicians granting themselves unprecedented and unlawful power over the lives of Americans.   Being a politician used to be a part-time job.  Not a full-time position filled with moochers and parasites.  In some manifestation of dystopian reality, these people all relied on the survival of the Soviet Union for their own self-interested positions of state authority and power.  Positions of authority and power that are used to project corporate state violence.

Is it any surprise that these same bureaucrats can’t see beyond their own self-interested megalomania in the coming demise of the U.S. corporate state any more than they could see the demise of the Soviet Union? 

Anyway, as noted on here before, Amalrik wrote that the Soviet Union would fail because of its inherent internal contradictions.  (As noted on here in past posts, the Soviet Union failed from within.  Not because of Ronald Reagan outspending them or other nonsensical political bullshit perpetuated by our political class.)  Without rehashing those details, one of the main  contradictions was the the Soviet Union would fail because it never produced a society consistently based on the rule of law.   It was a society controlled by the rule of man.  Just like communist China.  Just like what the United States corporate state has been morphing into more and more.

He also noted that the Soviet professional class would continue to support the state because they were enriched by it.   And the only way the professional class would join the working class in the rejection of state violence and subjugation would be if the state made it difficult or impossible for professionals to practice their trade.  Now, I’m paraphrasing but these last few sentences should immediately cause something to click in your mind. 

That “something” is the United States today.  State violence is destroying the working class in this nation.  Just like in the Soviet Union.  I’ll be sharing some very unique data on this dynamic within the U.S. in the first half of 2014.   But, let me just say for now that the destruction of the working class has led to the organized grass roots resistance of the Tea Party.   It’s interesting to note that the professional intellectual left and the corporate state thugs on the right have teamed up in an attempt to destroy and/or commandeer this movement.  Rather than attempting to connect to their fellow man and understand his resistance to state violence that manifested itself as the Tea Party, the supposed progressive left mocks the Tea Party as ignorant and uneducated.  This is consistent with Amalrik’s view of the professional class and its abandonment of the working class in the Soviet Union.    

The progressive left participating in this attack on the Tea Party is generally comprised of “educated” intellectuals (excuse my French)  or professionals.  The same educated professionals that Amalrik noted was propping up the Soviet Union while abandoning the Soviet working class.   You might also recognize that it was the supposed intellectual professionals or liberals that either supported or tolerated Hitler as noted on here before; a historical fact that is incontrovertible.  This is also consistent with Amalrik’s observations in the Soviet Union and what we see in the United States, the Eurozone, Communist China and other class-based capitalist states today.  In other words, we see a consistent theme here across the Soviet Union, the British empire, Nazi Germany, Communist China, the Eurozone and the United States.   That is, the professional class that is enriched by the state is the glue that holds together state violence against the working class.   It is the glue that is used to destroy human freedom and create misery in its place. 

So, how does this tie into our king, Mr. Obama, and his lawless sickcare debacle?    There are two major issues with Soviet Union parallels.  One, is that the rule of law is dead in this nation.   Obamacare is just another example of this.  We have a single bureaucrat who is attempting to literally run our nation and the lives of our citizens with unconstitutional and lawless powers of the rule of man.   He legislates from the executive branch and does so without any support or consideration of the rule of law or democracy.   His actions across countless issues, be they state spying, state-sponsored murder, undeclared state war or Obamacare are lawless and with no regard for our constitutional form of republican/democratic government.  This is consistent with one of the major themes of a society lacking in a written rule of law in Amalrik’s writings on the coming collapse of the Soviet Union.   Secondly, doctors are finding it harder and harder to actually practice medicine in our nation.  Another point that Amalrik cited.  That is, when the professional class is no longer enriched by the state, but instead are victimized by state violence, only then will they will join the working class in creating the demise of the state.   

In the United States today, the state and its endless red tape, it’s well-intentioned rules and its not-so-well-intentioned rules-rigging for corporate and class-based power are constantly raining down on health care professionals and, frankly, professionals in just about every other field.   Then there is the extreme and inhumane Taylorism employed by corporate bureaucrats that forces doctors and health care professionals into rules of practice in order to maximize corporate state profits and power at the expense of patient’s and doctor’s/health care professional’s rights.  (Well, and the constant manipulation of doctors by drug, medical device and medical equipment sales representatives who often become their primary source of junk research that serves the motive of corporate profit.)  So, now we have a dying state-based sickcare complex that serves the corporate state’s profit motive and the force of the state rather than a healthy healthcare community that serves society.  All of this lawlessness and state violence makes it more and more difficult for health care professionals to actually practice in our nation.  Not to mention the countless issues it creates for the working class.

Doctors are leaving the health care profession in large numbers.  And, it isn’t because they aspire to become Wal-mart greeters either.  It’s because they have little ability to practice their trade without constant interference created by corporate state violence.  Just like the Soviet Union.

And, new college-degreed professionals in every field imaginable are seeing extreme unemployment and underemployment in our nation, thus adding more credence to Amalrik’s remarks.

Being an engineer, I appreciate this dynamic very substantially.  In some ways, as humanity’s problem solvers, engineers are   very closely aligned with the working class.  We produce that which society needs.  Or that is the theory.  Practice in a private, for-profit capitalist system doesn’t always work that way.   But that affinity with production requires us to work hand-in-hand with the American worker.  So, our fate is tied directly to that of the working class.  This is a very unique symbiotic relationship that doesn’t really appear in any other professional employment or work classification.   That we see the demise of applied science (engineering) in this nation goes hand-in-hand with the demise of the American worker.   It is the same state violence at work dumbing-down science that is destroying the working class.  And, I can assure you, the experiences I see in my compatriots and friends easily implicates Bill Clinton and Al Gore as the lawless Whitehouse that abandoned the American worker.   This is followed closely by Barack Obama.  That is, if he gets his way with the European and Asian corporate state trade agreements.  Again, the parallels to Amalrik’s remarks in these dynamics are more than disturbing.  They are repeating history. 

The corporate state, an institution of the ego, must exert greater and greater control (violence) to maintain control of this system of endless contradictions that is private, for-profit corporate capitalism.   That the U.S. is now openly exerting greater and greater control both within and outside of its borders is the best leading indicator of its ultimate demise.  And Obamacare is a poster-child for that exertion of state control.  We see this in the ever-increasing lawlessness of both corporations and the state.  Ultimately, resistance and dissent, both reasoned and unreasoned and often out of necessity to survive, against the illusory belief in the corporate state’s ability to control will cave in upon itself. 

And, now that this state violence is not only directed at the working class but also the professional class, the support within the professional class propping up this control system will continue to collapse.    Ultimately, all that will remain in support of this system are those at the root of the self-interest that is the corporate state.  That is, those that are at the top of enrichment created by state violence:  corporate bureaucrats, political bureaucrats, law bureaucrats, university bureaucrats, military bureaucrats,  renter capitalists and the useful idiots who ignorantly support their own victimization by all of the above. 

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Friday, February 07, 2014

Let The Market Decide: Capitalism’s Deregulated “Free Trade In Blacks”

Well, it doesn’t appear I will be getting the second part of my China and emerging markets post up this week.  I haven’t even really thought about it yet, let alone starting penning it.  So let me provide a little filler.  A filler on a topic consistent with my next China and emerging markets post. 

This is a very interesting interview (link below) and I suspect the book is even better.  Slavery is just one remnant of European class that exists in the New World.  Not everyone coming to the Americas in the 1600s and 1700s were running away from European corporate states, European state violence and European class repression.  Some were coming here to pilfer and loot courtesy of the state and often on behalf of the state.   Those people were coming to perpetuate the misery and suffering of class that defined European capitalist states.  To make the New World a mirror image of Europe.  To extend the violence of the European states.   More of that invisible hand of self-interest serving the common good.

When you listen to this interview, ask yourself a question.  What kind of person can actually uproot another human being through great violence, rape and even murder, place them in chains and drag them in miserable conditions, under which countless died, half way around the world to become their beasts of burden?  Then have these people sold into bondage to the highest bidder.  All so that their masters may gain great riches off of the misery of others.   It’s quite simple.  It is people of class.  People who believe they are, in some way, superior to others.  Who view the masses as inferior and worthy of their brutal misery.  In other words,  people who are disconnected from their own humanity or their own divinity.  People who separate themselves from others through the ego’s perceptions of entitlement, expectations and superiority.

Then, ask yourself, what exactly is different today?  Seriously.  Who makes your smart phone?  Your laptop?  Your toys?  Your clothes?  Who serves you on vacation?  Who serves you at the mall or at Wal-mart?   Who serves your food?  Who mows your lawn?  Who picks your fruits and vegetables?  And, finally, who fights your wars that keep this system of control going?  All of these people were sold into bondage by the highest bidder.  That is what comparative advantage, so crucial to capitalism, really is.  Taking a poverty wage job to make your toys is really no different than being sold into bondage to the highest bidder.  

Do you think those people actually chose to take those jobs because they love serving you for poverty wages and all of the joys that come with it?   No.  State violence forces them to take those jobs in order to survive.   If you think this is any different than what happened three hundred years ago, your ego is lying to you.   And that lie is no different than the Godless lie people told themselves three hundred years ago.  

In today’s world, these people are subjugated to an emotionally mind-numbing, dumbed-down, wage slavery, poverty existence to please you.   How again is today different?  Oh yeah.  Deregulated, private for-profit free trade determines the fate of your fellow man in today’s world.  You know, like the deregulated, private for-profit “free trade in blacks” determined the fate of capitalism’s slaves three hundred years ago.

Being free is a state of mind.  A state of mind where one is first able to think for yourself and appreciate that your mind is your own property and your own person.  Thus, it is your responsibility to protect that property, your mind, from the violence of the state.  And using it for something other than a hat rack is the first step in becoming free.

Isn’t the deregulated, private, for-profit free market grand?  

Title link here.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The United States Of Dystopian Violence - Wal-mart Misses Earnings Because Of Drop In SNAP (Food Stamps)

“Despite a holiday season that delivered positive comps, two factors contributed to lower comp sales performance for the 14-week period for Walmart U.S.,” Holley explained.  “First, the sales impact from the reduction in SNAP (the U.S. government Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits that went into effect Nov. 1 is greater than we expected. “

If this isn’t a sign of how dystopian our society is, I don’t know what is.  Shopping results at the company store are most certainly a function of state violence.   Wal-mart and corporate capitalism, in general, only exists through the force of the state.  This earnings announcement proves that very fact.  We live in a system of control that makes us poor, ignorant slaves to class-based, private for-profit power.   In other words, corporate capitalism.

The state strips its citizens of their own democratic economic determinism through allowing, and even endorsing through force, repressive, nonliving wage, predatory corporations.  These corporations destroy our economic determinism and enslave us to a control-based system of rent extraction.  

Wal-mart is an example of a corporation that creates the dynamic of social poverty.   If forces citizens onto the public dole to survive.   Not only its nonliving wage employees but the active program is has to offshore supplier production jobs to lower consumer prices.   Then, if that’s not enough, because of the state-backed violence of a nonliving wage, the state actually pays Wal-mart to continue this madness.  We call this payment any number of welfare programs.   In this most recent earnings announcement it is food stamps or SNAP.  The state pays Wal-mart with food stamps to continue its violence against our nation’s citizens.  Otherwise, Wal-mart’s power and profit would collapse.  This is how corporations and corporate capitalism extracts rent or profit needed to survive.   That is, through the force of the state.

This clearly points out that the state pays Wal-mart to create poverty in our nation.  In a world of abundance, only through state violence does poverty even exist; a regular theme on here. 

This is shopping at the company-owned store in the company-controlled town owned by the company tyrant.  Citizens are screwed coming and going.  And Wally World is doing the screwing in both instances.  Of course, courtesy of state violence.

I’ll be back to posting the second part of my China and emerging markets update next. 

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