Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is An Ice Age On The Way?

Well, first just a comment about my last post’s reference to diapers.   It’s becoming that time to load up.   Because October has the potential to be a very unnerving month for financial markets.   We aren’t going to see a 90% drop in one month that I am forecasting as a low for this cycle, but we could see markets rattled to the point that confidence in politicians and central bankers is destroyed.    Well, more broadly, that confidence in institutions of the ego are destroyed - corporations, religious hierarchy of any kind, politicians, the military-industrial complex, institutionalized hierarchical science, anti-democratic hierarchal debt-base money and on and on and on.  They are all intertwined.  They are all artificial control creations of the state.

There is ample evidence much of what mainstream science believes about climate is bullshit.   That is not a political statement.  Or is it?   I guess it is since the comingling of science and the state has led to this brainwashing and fraud we used to call science.   Politicians like Barack Obama, the United Nations and the Republican Party don’t understand the first thing about science.  Their minds operate on the ego’s intent of control as do all people who seek power and dominion over others.   What they understand is control.    We see that quite clearly as they have their jack boot on the neck of humanity in countless ways.   The climate diatribe being just one of them.   Everything touched by the state, by politicians or by corporations is a lie.  The world has become a mass delusion.   That means every social construct and every meme we believe is probably a lie.   Why would the climate meme be any different?   It’s a ploy by state liberalism to control the world.   And given no climate scientist would have a job without government funding, because there is no private market for climate science, we are guaranteed a political outcome.    I find it unbelievable how many people can’t see through these deceptions.   In the U.S. climate science would line the pockets of banks through carbon trading similar to Enron, it would guarantee a cap on economic development in undeveloped nations, thus enslaving them to developed nation’s rent-seeking economic endeavors and it would give politicians total control over another aspect of our existence.  

The sun plays the major role in climate as far as science understands.   Period.   Even NASA has reported this and I have linked to one of their detailed scientific reports at the National Academy of Sciences on this topic.    The earth and sun (as well as the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and possibly even life on earth)  interact in ways that we clearly don’t yet fully understand.    Frankly, we don’t really understand a lot of anything.   But continued discovery or an open mind and an open heart should be our intent.   That is, rather than institutionalizing control theories that often end up enslaving humanity to more flat earth nonsense from ignoramuses like politicians, corporate bureaucrats and the like.  

Do you see that third little bluish-green dot from the left in the picture below?   That’s earth in comparison to the sun.   The sun is a million times larger than the earth.   That is a number that is meaningless as our tiny little heads have a hard time appreciating what that means.   This graphic helps.   Now, get out your electron beam microscope.   Do you see all of the people on that little dot called earth?    There are 200 million square miles on earth.    All of humanity would fit into a one mile cube on the face of the earth.  So, if the sun is a million times larger than the earth, and there are 200 million square miles on the earth’s surface, and we can fit all of humanity into one of those 200 million squares, just out of curiosity, how much do you think the earth’s climate is impacted by the sun versus people?   That is, even if carbon dioxide was a greenhouse gas.   Which, many substantial scientists still doubt.  And, if you really appreciate how little we understand, and how the atmosphere is not a closed system in a lab where data can be easily ascertained, then you appreciate that too.   The earth’s atmosphere is not a closed system in a lab.   It’s a complex system that self-regulates through interactions with the universe in ways we really are clueless about.      


I had some conversations with a gentleman some years ago who compared human-caused global warming to Lysenkoism.  If you have never heard of this, I would suggest you consider reading this Forbes article because it will make you very uncomfortable with the state of science given the comingling of politics, the state, corporations and the the search for truth that is the fundamental basis for science.    There is no such thing as complete certainty and there is no such thing as the science is settled.   That the global warming crowd guarantees us such certainly tells us how much it is driven by the ego’s intent of control rather than our higher power’s search for truth.

Before I continue on, I want to share a recent experience.   A month or so ago I was invited to dinner with about ten other guys.   I only knew one of them.  Five of them were PhDs in the sciences.   Everyone but one had a degree in the sciences.   I was seated next to a gentleman who was introduced as one of the top climate scientists in the country.    I guess he has been on TV and in the media circuit quite a bit.   Anyway, a super nice guy.   You know what’s coming next.   So, as we started to chat amongst ourselves I asked him the obvious question.   Are humans mostly responsible for climate change.   His answer was that he was afraid so.   Because otherwise, if it were of natural origins, temperature or CO2 would have abated by now.   Okay, now I know everything else out of this guy’s mouth is going to be bullshit, nice guy or not.   Why?   Because the Vostok ice core samples going back hundreds of thousands of years show very long cycles of elevated CO2 and temperature.   And as noted in many scientific journals, CO2 always  lags temperature by about a thousand years.   So, what does that tell us?   The science is not repeatable, that CO2 is a dependent variable whose action is based on temperature or some other independent variable, and therefore, any assumptions about CO2 the mainstream climate community has today are bullshit.   Just sayin.

So, I asked him how much he factored the sun into his analysis.  Flat out, the answer was no factoring at all.   I then asked him if he knew that the Max Planck Institute had released a report that showed in the last 60 or 70 years that the sun has been more active than at any time in the last 8,000 years.   He had never heard of that.   And then I asked him if he knew that the sun had now collapsed and by many estimations was as weak as it had ever been in the last 1,000 years but definitely weaker than anytime in the last 250-odd years.   No.   Now, this wasn’t the Spanish Inquisition, but what the hell is a climate scientist anyway?   And if they don’t study the sun’s effect on earth, WTF are they doing?   I didn’t make this a whole table discussion meant to embarrass the guy and I stopped before the punchline, but I was asking honest and important questions and he was clueless.    This shows how little climate science is vetted and peer reviewed.   If he stood in front of a crowd of scientists and tried to pull this bullshit, he would be destroyed.   His reputation would be irreparably harmed.    He’s no different than any of the other idiots shoving this politically-motivated climate drivel down our throat.   Now, I see some of these “scientists”, ahem, want to start putting people like me in prison for being a denier.   That works out well with the fascist, communist bowl of rot and corruption that defines the state.  

Rather than continue babbling on, let me provide a few links that have come up over the last handful of months on the topic.   A long time theme on here is that we will live to see the day Al Gore loses his Nobel Prize for bullshit science.   Just like Obama mocked science and truth with his Nobel Prize for running more aerial bombing missions than any other president in history.   That includes World War II.    Another long time theme on here is that we are headed for a cold and dry climate.   That has been a them for a lot of years and well before any of the massive droughts we are seeing around the world.   It’s coming. 

Is an ice age on the way?   Why, yes it likely is.

Pluto wags its tale  Pluto may be the most powerful planet in the solar system.   And as its secrets are revealed, new theories about the solar system and the universe will almost certainly unfold over time.

Ionosphere collapses  While this was back in 2008, I wanted to highlight this for a reason.   One of the theories that some real scientists have postulated is that heat is allowed to escape into space and is thus regulated in our atmosphere.   If  this is true, then a collapsing ionosphere may contribute to a colder climate.   But, the ionosphere is largely driven by the sun.   So, when this was noted back in 2008, the sun had collapsed with an unprecedented-in-modern-times zero sunspots for quite some time.   The universe is connected.   And many of our simple-minded theories are going to collapse. 

ABC News apocalyptic climate forecast for 2015   This ties into the next link as well.   This is something I have talked about quite a bit.   If you can’t produce consistently replicatable results, then it isn’t science.   It’s opinion, beliefs, ego, self-deceit, lies of the mind or whatever you want to call it.   The human-caused global warming crowd has made a lot of predictions based on their bullshit models.   And literally every single one of their predictions has been wrong.   When Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, it was tested and proven.   Now, are there flaws in the testing or the theory?   Who knows.   But, from what we know today, it is replicatable.   Just like every single time you turn on your light switch at home, a light comes on.   

75% of mental health science is bullshit  While this isn’t directly applicable, it does prove how pervasive junk science is.   This is due to institutionalization and the dynamics that come with it.    That includes the profit motive, the career motive, the advancement motive of class & hierarchy, the motive of tenureship tied to production of published works and on and on and on.   By the way, it is also a long time theme on here that mental health science is dubious at best and bullshit at worst.   It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand that if the mental health community only can develop a cure rate of 2-5 percent for any kinds of illnesses, (statistical noise that is effectively zero percent cure rate) that the underlying theories and science are preposterous.   Mainstream, institutionalized mental health is ridiculous.   And so is pumping everything full of mind-altering prescription drugs to habituate humans to the endless emotional, spiritual, social and physical violence of modern state-created society.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Money And Markets Update: Three Peaks And A Domed House On The Value Line Index?


Value Line Index – click on image for a larger view


Vale Line Index Domed House – click on image for a larger view

Link to daily updated Value Line Index chart #1

Link to daily updated Value Line Index chart #2

As usual, an introductory paragraph of general thoughts for the day.  Isn’t it obvious by now that no one in the system has any clue what’s going on?   The system’s “experts” keep telling us everything will be okay or will stabilize or be contained.  Most recently the Chinese prime minister told the world that they will not have a hard landing.   And that the communists have methods of ensuring that doesn’t happen.   Bahaha!!!  You mean like the Soviet Union?   The ignorance and arrogance of that statement is palpable.  What else is a bureaucrat to say?   I was flicking through the channels about a year ago and I came across the Anthony Bourdain traveling food show.   He was in China so I watched a little of it.   I remember one point from that show.   (paraphrasing) One of the guests, who was Chinese, told him that the future was incredibly bright.   That around 90% of people in China believed their prosperity in coming years would only increase.    How’s that working out for you?   Given society, especially communist Chinese society, is the Borg, that statement should be very telling.   The universe has a long way to go in shattering that delusional belief system.  All of these experts tell us everything will be okay but none of them ever anticipate anything that ever happens.   Well, other than everything will be okay when something blows up in their face.

Above are two charts of the Value Line Index.   I thought I would throw this up before the remainder of my financial market updates because of the timeliness and urgency of markets.  As I’ve noted before, I have shut down my trading system.   It was just too expensive to maintain unless I was using it to make money.   And as noted on here mid last year, I am out of financial markets.   Likely forever.   So, I don’t have access to any of my algorithms anymore.    That is mainly why I am out of the intermediate term and shorter term forecasting business.   I don’t have the data to accurately or intelligently remark of markets unless I am using generally available analysis like government data or the charts above.   But I do want to share a pretty big secret hidden in plain sight that will give anyone who is still in the casino the ability to make some pretty accurate and intelligent decisions.    What am I talking about?  The Value Line Index.

Value Line is a lost name in the financial world.  It’s a company that has been around nearly one hundred years but you never see it mentioned anywhere anymore.   When I was a kid I remember sending away for these massive binders they would sell at introductory prices.   They were stuffed with enormous amounts of data and information about stocks.   Value Line was an incredible gem at that time.   With the rise of the internet in the last 15 years or so, I really don’t know what Value Line offers.   But I’m sure it’s even more voluminous. 

One of the gems of Value Line is a nearly anonymous index called the Value Line Index.  People who have been in financial markets more than the last fifteen years or so, and who are savvy market sages will clearly recognize the name of Value Line as a leader in market research.  The Value Line Index is an equally weighted index of about 1,600 high quality companies in the U.S.  (I have provided permanent links to the index that you can save into your browser bookmarks if you like.)    But what is unique about the Index is that it is equally weighted and comprised only of high quality stocks.   In the last twenty years Wall Street has brought forth so many useless trading products, derivatives, ETFs, bonds trading as stocks, companies that shouldn’t be traded publicly and the like.  Obviously, all to feed the profit beast.   So, the Value Line Index is really a unique look at the overall health of markets as it whittles away all of the junk and noise that has become the major stock exchanges.    The Index also serves as a perfect cumulative advance-decline line given all of the companies in the index are equally-weighted.   So, the index will only move higher if the majority of company stocks are moving higher, regardless of their size.   Within the Index, a small company is weighted equally with the largest company.    Simply by looking at the trend of the index, you can tell if more high quality stocks are rising or falling.   Included on the charts are 200, 50 and 20 day moving averages to get a better visual of the trend.   The legend of which is what color is in the upper left corner of the charts.  

This is pretty important because all of the advance-decline lines generally available are junk.   They include so many things other than high quality stocks.  ie, ETFs, bonds trading as stocks, ETNs and the like.   I created and programmed my own advance-decline data because of this.  And that is why I noted on here some years ago when everyone was saying that we were getting all of these Hindenburg Omens, that they were wrong.   The Hindenburg Omen was a rip-off of Norman Fosback’s work and he did not calculate his work using the flawed metrics that people use today in Hindenburg Omen calculations.    My point is that the Value Line Index works better than the NYSE or Nasdaq advance-decline lines and is a very powerful tool.   

In the first chart I have highlighted in yellow what looks very much like a Three Peaks and a Domed House pattern.    I haven’t applied that term to any indices in the U.S. since leading into the 2008 collapse.    There is a very technical interpretation of that pattern that tries to lay out dozens of points but it’s a lot of drivel.   But, the pattern itself is a repeated pattern.   ie, Markets start to top and form smaller peaks, in this case three.   Then, as a last bit of hubris hits buyers at the very end of trend, there is one final exhaustion push higher in a rounded or Domed House that then leads into eventual collapse.   Is that where we are today in the Value Line Index?   Well, that’s for you to decide.   But, I bring it up for a reason.   With liquidity around the world evaporating at such an incredible, and literally unprecedented clip, this has all of the makings of a massive top.   

On a shorter term basis, you can see from the close up on the second chart that the 20 day moving average or 20 day price trend is pointing straight down.  And the 50 day or 2.5 month moving average or price trend is barreling right behind.  Draw your own conclusions.  (Moving averages help you better see trends) 

The Value Line Index uniquely gives the health of markets in an environment like we have been in the for the last two decades or so.   That is, when derivatives, program trading and massive market liquidity allows Wall Street and major hedge funds to buy the entire market through the proverbial  push of a button.   ie, Computer trading.   Historically, the Value Line Index may not provide such a clear picture of market health.  Certain sectors may be in vogue.   And markets could levitate or go higher without the majority of stocks going with them. (Those are long lost days when stock pickers and fundamental analysis actually mattered.) But with everything either going up or going down, as it does in this liquidity bubble and computer trading that it allows, the Index is the perfect barometer for those without a lot of quantitative and qualitative knowledge of markets.    By the way, all of this computer trading in the world today is going to fail.    All of it.   I’ll put up a post on why quantitative finance must  mathematically fail at some point.   But it’s coming.   Guaranteed.   And just as I have noted many times, the only thing that will save you in a quantitative finance bubble is qualitative understanding of what is going on.   That means a fundamentals-based view of markets.   That doesn’t exist almost anywhere anymore.   The world, especially in finance and economics, has gone full bore retard.   No one knows how to read a balance sheet, an income statement, an earnings statement or, more importantly, all of the footnotes aka lies that we are being told in today’s dystopian world.   No one in the financial, political or economics Borg really has any idea what is happening or how profound this moment is.

In closing, just for giggles, well, and for the horror effect, below is a 25 year chart of the Value Line Index.   Horror because, as I have noted ad nauseam on here, the U.S. economy peaked around 1975-80-ish.   (Large details on that eventually)   You get a longer term perspective on the Three Peaks and a Domed House pattern in the chart below.  On this monthly chart, the index has clearly made a major breakdown.   Will it be temporary?   Will central banks and politicians find a way to overcome evaporating liquidity in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen?   Well, I guess that depends on if you believe in saviors.   The world apparently does because we’ve all give our masters unprecedented power over our lives.  And look what they have done with it.  

By the way, the Value Line index has made a lower low on the second chart above.   If it fails to overcome that and make a new higher high, personally, if I had money in markets, I’d make sure to stock up on as many boxes of diapers as I could find.  Because the next stop down is probably around 3,000 on the index as shown on the third chart below.  Ultimately, I would expect the Value Line Index to break the 2002 and 2008 lows.   Just sayin. 


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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is A Coup d'Etat In The Works At The Vatican?

It seems that The Vatican is in the press regularly.   And not always for good reasons.  This article about the internal division points to what the truth really is.   That is, the Vatican is a hierarchical control construct that derives its power through institutionalization.   And, it too may be nearing collapse as all hierarchical institutions of control teeter on the precipice.   It is quite plausible that The Vatican could collapse from within as its power structure (the ego’s intent of control) turns against itself.  Regardless, institutionalization means that any hierarchical bureaucracy perpetuates itself through violence.   The internal power struggle at The Vatican is exactly that.   The new Pope appears to have certainly unleashed a firestorm within The Vatican bureaucracy.    Capitalists especially hate the Pope for calling out the basic tenets of capitalism - greed, profit and money - as the devil’s dung.   This Pope is highly political.  And his foray into global politics has offended nearly everyone in power around the world at some point or another.   

I noted right after the  2008 collapse that the unity shown by global “leaders” would eventually give way to them turning against each other.   Ahem.    I wasn’t talking about The Vatican but isn’t that what is going on here?   All hierarchical systems are control systems.   Those who run them are not public servants or servants in any regard except to institutionalization.  ie, Dogma, orthodoxy, the appearance of order, contrived rules, etc.   They have a primary interest in their own pathological intent of control - rank, title, class, powers and privilege.   When that power is threatened, those who are institutionalized will defend that power through violence.    Every now and then a true public servant may slip through.   Not very often.   And when they do, you will know them by being universally attacked by hierarchy and class.   How much selflessness and Godliness (love) are involved in these petty political power games at The Vatican?   None.   It is all being driven by the all-consuming self or ego and its pedantic and inane vacuousness.

If The Vatican experiences substantial crisis or outright collapse this cycle, and I am quite confident it will, mostly for reasons not yet discussed, that doesn’t mean Catholicism will collapse or local Catholic churches will collapse.  But who knows.   We do know that local churches are generally not hierarchical.   That is, unless its local leadership are not truly servants are instead pathological or driven by their own intent of power and control.    There certainly are plenty of lunatics in this world.   That some of them end up in religion isn’t an indictment of religion but rather an indictment of hierarchy and class.  The old saying that more people have died in the name of religion really is an indictment of hierarchy and class.  And, in actuality, more people have died in the name of the state, which is the ultimate manifestation of hierarchy and class.   Hmm,  Isn’t The Vatican a state?    Just sayin.

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Monday, September 07, 2015

A Labor Day Post: The Ingrained and Unmindful Ignorance Of Class Exceptionalism And State Privilege

There is a myth out there that within this economic system we all have some great ability to create this life of wonderment including a wonderful career that we love.   The reality is someone always has to plant and pick the food we eat.   Someone needs to mine the raw materials we use.   Someone needs to take the dirty sheets from privilege’s hotel room.   Someone needs to slave away in a factory with a few short breaks a day while spending the other eight to twelve hours sitting or standing in the same spot doing the same repetitive task over and over and over again.   Someone has to clean the toilets.   Those are the “lucky” people.    They provide class and state privilege with incredible  entitlement.    They produce the phones, the   TVs, the clothes, the electronics, the cars, the gadgets, the consumer goods, the eyewear, the furniture, the homes and on and on and on that privilege and class consumes.   There are billions of other people who aren’t so “lucky”.   They are the marginalized who live in the world’s ghettos and shanty towns.   Those who have no voice because it is drowned out by the violence of the state and its concepts of hierarchy, class and privilege.    The reality is most humans, including the people who serve class and hierarchy, consume very little.   Very, very little.    They exist to serve people of privilege. 

Privilege.   There is a word that has meaning.   A professional career be it in the corporate world, the political world or whatnot, grants us privilege.  But that career is built off of the back of exploitation and violence.    There are a lot of people who recognize the dangers of exceptionalism as a belief system.  The Japanese Empire, Nazi Germany, the British Empire, the Roman Empire, the American Empire; they all have belief systems surrounding exceptionalism.   This belief system is necessary for class and hierarchy to rationalize (ego) economic & social violence and even outright warfare on others who aren’t exceptional or who are the untermensch, the subhuman or the exploitable.  What most people don’t recognize is that exceptionalism is also part of  political Islam, fundamentalist Christianity and corporate capitalism.   Essentially, any hierarchical construct operates under the tyrannical yoke of exceptionalism to perpetuate its violence.   The state is just the ultimate example because it is the greatest, most recognizable perpetrator of violence in the world.  

Going to college in this system does something to our psyche.  It generally makes us willfully ignorant.   We believe we have made it.   That we no longer have to toil at the meaningless, mundane and rote.   That’s for those lesser people over there.   But this is a myth.   If everyone went to college, no one would actually produce anything.  So, who goes to college?  The smartest?   Those who are exceptional?   Hahaha.    A lot of circular reasoning and moral rationalizing in that dynamic.    The division of labor that capitalism relies upon is a creation of slavery.   Which gives us a very clear picture of why corporations have actually used outright slave labor time and again throughout history.   Not just poverty wages but outright slavery.   The prison system in the U.S. today still is used in that regard.   But so are the poor Chinese, Vietnamese and the like who produce our wealth.

Interestingly, I had two conversations in the last week or so that floored me.   And both people were completely serious.   Both brought up the turmoil we are seeing in financial markets, expecting me to comment because of my background and knowledge.   I don’t really talk in any detail to most people about anything I write on here.   I simply commented to both that essentially there are structural economic issues that are coming home to roost.    One said that the United States needs a good war to rev the economy.     And another remarked, “What’s the problem? The smart people are successful and the stupid people aren’t.   It’s just Darwinism.”.   Now, neither of these people  are really outside of the mainstream.   Many people may not utter these direct words but they support similar violent belief systems.   They are also belief systems of exceptionalism created by corporate capitalism and corporate capitalist society.  The universe has a funny way of dealing with belief systems.   It’s called karma.      

This myth of a career and class-based exceptionalism is something that I have been writing could very well be nearing its end and may collapse if this class-based hierarchical construct we call corporate capitalist vanishes.    Loving what you do and creating a corporate career plays off of the dynamic of exceptionalism, privilege and human slavery that capitalism's anti-democratic division of labor has created.   This appeals to New Age yuppies who actually produce nothing and yet somehow believe in these mythical dreams created off the backs of people they exploit, or put another way, people who provide them with exceptional privilege that is fundamental to creating these wonderful careers.   New BMWs, two or three homes, sending kids to private schools, hiring nannies, going on glamorous vacations, over-consuming more than they produce;  these are all illusions.   In fact, there are people out there who write about peak prosperity and the like for America.   I’ve ridiculed that statement in the past because it’s laughable to believe the vast majority of people in this nation or around the world are experiencing peak prosperity.   Peak state violence that manifests itself as peak prosperity for the very few?   Possibly.  

If this system unwinds or collapses or is in terminal failure, life for the vast majority of Americans and people around the world will ultimately improve.   Because the vast majority of people consume very little and have very small carbon footprints.  But more importantly, being enslaved to this system, they lead a life of little higher purpose or meaning and can oftentimes do barely more than exist.    In fact, most people in this world who produce things are too poor to consume anything they produce.   How much production in this world serves class privilege versus democracy or humanity?    Almost all of it.   It’s the state actors and the very top of the professional class of bureaucrats who manage this control system who are consuming everything.    What is the carbon footprint of Steven Spielberg’s yacht or his endless real estate holdings or his annual consumption of goods, services, energy, etc?   Ditto for someone like Donald Trump?  While I’m too lazy to investigate that, I think it would be safe to say that Spielberg or Trump has a carbon footprint or consumption profile that would equate to upwards of tens of millions of people in the poorest places on earth.  Class is the virus that infects our planet.   Class and hierarchy are created through state violence rather than any natural laws or natural rights.

The American Indians had it right.  You kill what you eat.  Or, more broadly, you produce what you consume.  Or, you trade what you produce for what others produce.   The state and its creation of the professional class produces or plays a role in producing very little.  The political class produces absolutely nothing.   Most of the professional and state class generally push paper.   They are the enforcers in a system of exploitation for their corporate masters.  

The people on the other side of these pipe dreams of finding enrichment in mythical careers are the world's working class, mostly characterized as working poor,  who sweat away in all of these Godless and menial positions to provide for things that privilege and exceptionalism consume without any question of who is providing them their wealth and privilege or why they don’t have to toil away at meaningless, rote, mundane work.     If the professional class and state actors had to toil away for what they consume, the system of forced corporate work or wage slavery would disappear.  Because creating that life of privilege and doing what you love all of a sudden is replaced with the reality of having to toil away at meaningless, rote and mundane work.    Class generally produces absolutely nothing that society consumes, including what they personally over-consume in their rape of the planet and humanity, and creates literally zero tangible wealth, and has these meaningless egomaniacal desires for happy talk careers that grant them even more privilege while the undercurrent of working poor that slaves away on their behalf leads a gritty, dirty, raw life that helps one appreciate what it’s actually like to be a human being.    The people who are exploited for surplus labor and intellectual value don't have the luxury of these types of bullshit New Age fantasies of exceptionalism, careers and a life of leisure and endless ego-driven consumption and amusement.  They are worried about where their next meal is going to come from and whether their children are going to be able to have some ability to survive in this world without living in capitalism's gutter that the professional class and the state have placed them in. 

This is a Godless message of vanity and if people of class actually had to deal with the mundane and meaningless existence of providing for that which they over-consume, as the world's working class have to, they wouldn’t have so much free time to yammer on about fantastical delusions of careers, doing what you love and whatnot that is actually afforded to them through the slavery of others.   They’d be picking their own cotton rather than having their capitalist slaves do it for them.  

One thing to remember is that if this system is in terminal failure, the power will flip from exceptionalism and privilege (class, hierarchy and credentials like a college degree) to competence.     The exploited working class are the only people who actually know how to make things we need to survive.   Then we will see if they are actually as concerned about those of privilege and exceptionalism that exploited them now that the shoe would be on the other foot.   That would be very interesting.   But, given that most people not of privilege understand what it’s like to be human beings, I would actually expect most would still give them their shirts off their back just as they do today.   Because they don’t live under the delusions of belief systems of exceptionalism.   They live within themselves and, thus appreciate that to be truly human is to forgive, share and to love.  Because that is the only way they can survive.   The reality is it isn’t through Social Darwinism that humanity survived.   It was through being human which, when void of the ego’s tyrannical belief systems of exceptionalism, is innately altruistic.

What this world needs on this Labor Day is public capital, democratic economics and democratic economic determinism.    Then we can start to rebuild a just and moral world.  A world where people can return to being human beings.   Then we can stop relying on  anti-democratic slavery principles like the division of labor, and we can stop the endless wars that provide the looting necessary for those of privilege.   And on and on and on…..

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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Newt Gingrich And The Political Class’ Intellectual Dishonesty (The Ego’s Immoral Rationalizations) On Political Corruption, Corporate Capitalism And 1776

For quite a few years I put up the same post over and again on Labor Day.   While this isn’t really a Labor Day post, per se, it is in the spirit of Labor Day.

Newt Gingrich recently penned an article in the Washington Times on American political corruption.   It’s actually not a bad piece if one appreciates half truths and lack of depth in what really happened in 1776.   Because if Newt actually talked about what the real issues were and are today, he would have to face himself in the mirror.   The ego is perfectly deceptive in recognizing the truth insofar as it doesn’t have to actually take any responsibility or it doesn’t threaten the ego’s own belief systems.    If Newt were truly honest with himself then he would have to excoriate privately-created, debt-based money, private banks and corporations in his look at 1776.  But to do that would take away his position at the table of class and hierarchy and turn him into a pariah that the system would excommunicate, marginalize, destroy or whatnot.  So the ego acts as the great deceiver to protect itself through its subconscious intent of control.    Because the fundamental reason why the British political aristocracy was so corrupt in 1776 was because they were doing the bidding of privately-created, debt-based money, private banks and corporations.  In other words, the reason why the British government was and remains so corrupt is because of corporate capitalism, a class-based invention of the state that relies on state violence (corruption and fraud) to perpetuate itself.     So, Newt, who actually has a PhD in history as I recall, is either ignorant of history, of which he is supposedly a credentialed expert, or he is simply being intellectually-dishonest with himself (immoral rationalizations) to serve the ego’s self-deceit and self-interest.   Almost certainly unmindfully intellectually-dishonest at that.   That’s okay.  We all suffer from the human condition and its endless hypocrisy and ignorance.    I am not a saint pointing this out.   Newt and all people in this world are worthy of the same dignities, justice, equality, empathy, etc.   But I certainly can say without equivocation that people with tyrannical belief systems in support of social violence, class & hierarchy and overwhelming self-interest are not the types of people we should be looking to as selfless public servants.  In other words politicians and people who seek political office almost certainly do not do so for the benefit of humanity.    Selflessless and politics, an institution of the ego or the self, are contradictions.     One cannot be selfless when bound by the  self.   One must rise above the foibles of the ego to become selfless.   Local, direct, participatory democracy void of politicians and political office is the only true form of self-rule.  (The Articles of Confederation were a good start.)   Without politicians there may be city managers or whatnot to ensure infrastructure operates properly but mayors, governors, congress people, kings, presidents and other political appointments would disappear.  Politicians are actually unnecessary and I would say there is a compelling position to make that they are even undesirable as I have numerous times on here.   We will see politics and politicians disappear from this world at some point because it is an institution of the ego or an institution of control.

What is most interesting about Newt’s remarks is that countless polls have shown the positive approval ratings of Congress have only been in the teens (or less) since Newt was in office.   In other words, nearly nonexistent approval ratings for Congress because the American people have known how rigged, corrupt and fraudulent the system is for a long time.   His “Contract with America” was one of the biggest con jobs of the latter twentieth century.   Some highlights of Newt’s curriculum vitae include residing over the obliteration of public financial support for those who could not find meaningful employment or people that capitalism had placed as wards of the state through its endless violence against the citizens of the world.  He resided over the deregulation of our financial system that has created a f^cking monster that is devouring American citizens, democracy and all of humanity.   He resided over the deregulation of the national borders of corporate capitalism that has resulted in the mass deportation of our democratic wealth and our democratic economic determinism by the king’s private bankers and corporations.  He resided over turning our financial markets into gambling casinos of massive fraud and corruption that reflect no semblance of economic reality.   And he resided over the creation of the bubble economy that can only survive by blowing all of these massive distortions eventually lead to busts, misery and collapse.   Not only did Newt preside over them but he was the Republican congressional leader who set the agenda to create them.   So, when Newt wrote this article in the Washington Times, he might have issued with it an apology to the American people and the world.  (How come these politicians can’t retire and go away?   Why do they keep inserting themselves into our lives?)    But, then all Newt and his political cronies were really doing was recreating the corrupt dynamics of 1776 he wrote about.   They were recreating a culture of corruption, fraud, graft, violence, exploitation and predation for the benefit of privately-created money, private banks, corporations and the aristocratic elite but instead of Britain they were doing it for the United States.   Corporate capitalism is the hierarchical control system through which class endlessly enslaves and steals from humanity.   In 1776 Britain was the home to Poor Houses, Debtor’s Prisons, massive poverty, social inequality, outright economic slavery, a parasitic class-based ruling political and economic elite, free trade to arbitrage wages and to exploit slave labor, a vibrant slave trade, debt serfdom and the like.    And that was the real reason for 1776’s events.   Umm, how was 1776 any different than today?  All of these forms of violence still exist.   But now they are worse because with the advances in science and technology, the state’s chokehold on humanity is all-consuming.   The reality is the methods may have advanced but the forms of control haven’t changed one iota.   The king and parliament (and now Republicans and Democrats) are simply the puppets through which state parasites “legally” pilfer and enslave humanity, and specifically, the working class.

Why is this so important?   Well, as it relates to writings and themes on here, there are a few points worth making.   One is that institutionalization and class & hierarchy (flip sides of the same coin), including politics and political parties, turns state actors into idiots who have no idea of the consequences of their actions and have no line of sight to the effects of their behavior.  That’s Newt’s problem.  But this  isn’t just a Newt problem.   This is a human problem.   There is no person on earth who escapes the human condition.   So, one must understand that granting anyone power over our individual journey will always result in ignorance, hypocrisy and incredible violence.  And if one truly understands this, not at the ego’s intellectual, rational or logical level, but at a higher intuitive and loving state of being, then you know without even having to think about it, intellectualize it or rationalize it through the ego, one recognizes that the state, hierarchy and institutionalization will always create systems of violence that will continue to collapse whenever their violence invariably becomes so unbearable that all life is forced into suffering under its endless exploitation.  

We can keep rebuilding these institutions and class that controls them, watching the universe collapse them, keep rebuilding them, watching the universe collapse them, keep rebuilding them and on and on over countless millennia or we can recognize that these institutions of the ego simply aren’t consistent with human freedom, participatory democracy or the laws the universe uses to govern the human condition, and so will always be destroyed.   Generally from within.    Then, maybe we can try something that is consistent with the laws of the universe or as our founders noted, the laws of our Creator.  In other words, sustainable and nonviolent.   As long as we keep rebuilding these Golden Calves they will continue to be torn down through karmic fate.  Always.   Forever.  The only answer is community based on nonviolence – emotional freedom, participatory democracy, equality, cooperation, compassion, dignity and the like.   

The world will never be free of war, violence, poverty and the like until humanity is free of the state.  That means free of politicians, political parties and political offices.  And the institutionalized violence, hypocrisy, ignorance (including forced conformity) they perpetuate on a massive state scale.  And as it pertains to Labor Day, the world will never be free of the suffering of the vast majority of working class people, their families and their communities until humanity is free of the state.  

In closing,  some may be wondering when I am going to chime in on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump given my past predictions on here.   It’s coming.   When I get time.   For those who have forgotten or for newer readers, when Democrats were busy gloating with the election of Obama and Republicans were gloating at their midterm wins against Obama, I was writing that both political parties in this nation were going to collapse.    That was considered hilarious at that time.   I know because many people told me it was hilarious and preposterous.   The early stages of that are happening right now.    That’s Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  That is what is going on.   Trump ran as a third party candidate in the 2000 election before dropping out, as I recall, and Sanders has always run as an independent for his seat in Congress.   That they are both running from within the existing parties shows a level of astuteness on both candidates’ part.   But make no mistake, their messages and platforms, if successful, will destroy both political parties.    The parties are both scared to death of both of these candidates.   The parties will not be transformed.   They will collapse, experience terminal failure, disappear or whatnot.   What these two are doing is laying the seeds right now.    Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are registered corporations (hierarchical institutions of the ego) that only maintain their authoritarian grip on humanity by the “legalized” bribery of the political class by corporate capitalism and the aristocratic economic elite.  ie, Class and hierarchy.  

Karma is creating its own fate and has chosen these two men to start the process.

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