Friday, December 30, 2011

It’s That Porky Time Of Year Again - Crock Pot Barbecue Rib Recipe

Out of superstitious tradition, many people eat pork on New Year’s Day.  Apparently because pigs root forward… 

Given 2012 is the end of the world, or at least it is in the minds of some, we could all use the protection of a little extra superstition.  So, I am reposting my crock pot barbecue pork rib recipe.  This works great with country(western) style ribs ––>> You can eat like a pig for next to no nothing.   What could be better in uncertain economic times?  By the way, for those of you who are health-conscious like I am, this is not a healthy recipe.  Just give it up for a day and fill your internal organs with radioactive goo.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paid Bush War Propagandists Appear On TV News 4,500 Times In Attempt To Brainwash Americans

This story broke years ago but what is new is we now know the frequency and intensity of the propaganda.  Paid shills for the war state, posing as independent analysts or SMEs (subject matter experts) , pumped the war for the Bush administration 4,500 times on every national TV news network.    Think about that.  4,500 times over a handful of years.  I doubt the Soviet Union had anywhere near that many of propagandists on their state-run newscasts for any topic.   Joseph Stalin would be proud.  Of course, so would George Orwell.

Lying and deceit are insidious.  If one is willing to lie or deceive about any topic, then how do we ever know what is true?   We don’t.  The bond of trust is irreparably broken without reform.  Until democracy is restored in politics, how can we trust anything out of Washington?  We can’t. 

Democracy cannot survive without transparency.  There are many easy fixes for this type of puppet government propaganda.  One might be that every news guest commenting on issues affecting our nation must sign a legal disclosure form that requires them to list all economic ties.   Legal.  As in, you lie, you face perjury.  Then these disclosure forms must be transparently shared on air before the guest is allowed to speak. 

Now, if a former military officer was required to share that he was being paid by the government to shill for the war, I seriously doubt the mainstream media would even invite them as guests.   But, then what would the mainstream media talk about?  Doh!?  Maybe what they are given a constitutional pass to talk about.  That is, to inform and educate society rather than attempting to deceive us for the motive of profit.    Profit-driven news is a false dichotomy.  One cannot serve two masters.  One cannot serve both profit motive and the search for truth. 

Video here. 

"Without debate and without criticism no administration and no country can survive.........that is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press is protected by the First Amendments. The only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution. Not primarily to amuse and entertain. Not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental. Not to simply give the public what it wants. But to inform. To arouse. To reflect. To state our dangers and our opportunities. To indicate our crises and our choices. To lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion......And it means finally that government at all levels must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible obligation.........." --JFK

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The Big Lie – Fannie and Freddie Caused This Crisis

Joe Nocera has chosen to use one of Adolph Hitler’s favorite forms of propaganda to reveal the truth.  A truth we hammered on numerous times.  That is, it is preposterous for anyone who actually knows what is going on to blame this crisis on Fannie and Freddie.  These government sponsored enterprises were manipulated by the fascist state to socialize much of the losses created by a corrupt Washington and Wall Street operating in collusion. 

Pretty interesting times when a very well-respected mainstream journalist who often writes about finance is accusing our political system of propaganda techniques used by Adolph Hitler.  That’s a very good thing.   It’s also a very true thing.  

The con game has been exposed.  The American people have known for a long time that Washington is rotten.  Now, with so much sunlight exposed on the rot, there is no way we are ever going back.  They can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  Now, we work to make a new world.  A better world. 

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Japan Eases Ban On Weapons Sales

There are quite a few factors involved in this decision, likely including the urging of the U.S. military-industrial complex, because of its reliance on Japanese made parts.  We wrote on here many years ago that this industry would more than likely prove too lucrative for Japanese politicians to miss out on in the long run.   And so it has.

The state’s answer to economic hardship and jobs?  Reform corrupt globalization? Reform corrupt economic policy?  Reform corrupt monetary policy?  No.  Sell more weapons used to murder countless people around the world.  Mostly innocent people.  Mostly people under the jack boot of illegitimate authority.  Mostly people without a voice. 

For years we said it was coming.  Global volatility.  Yet we saw endless bureaucrats and talking heads remark of prosperity on a scale that the world had never seen.  Bureaucrats beat their chest with the arrogant and delusional message of ‘look what I have done’.  Yes indeed.  Now look at what they have done.   

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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Holiday Post - The Journey Of Becoming I Am

On this holiday I believe is important to remind ourselves of the one universal truth we know exists.  A truth that many, especially those in positions of self-granted and illegitimate dominion over others,  are very disconnected from.  One can only perpetuate acts of hate, violence, control and evil against the world around it if one believes they are separate.   If one believes the physical or sensory illusion of the self.  

This separateness that is so common, especially within those who seek control, is a clear sign of the self’s disconnectedness from its core being.  Depending on one’s belief system, our core being could be termed our spiritual guidance, our divinity, our higher power, God or whatever term one’s belief system feels comfortable calling it.    The term one uses to describe our core being is irrelevant but I will use the term higher power from this point forward.   This essence or higher power exists in all of us.   It is who we are without the belief system we all develop through our sensory interaction with the physical world.   It is what makes us human.  It is our humanity. 

Those who are disconnected from their higher power  are disconnected from the cycle of life.   Those who are disconnected from the cycle of life are therefore driven only by the physical illusions of the self and the beliefs and emotions created by the self’s experiences in the physical world. 

That separateness or disconnectedness of the self is the source of all evil in this world.   One could not have any intent of hate, violence, control and evil toward any living being were the self  connected to and receiving guidance from its higher power. 

The self is the mind’s manufactured illusion it creates to survive in the physical world.  With it comes a belief system, an inherently fluid and often unstable one at that,  that is truly different in every human being because it is not based on truth but instead based on our own unique journey through life.  When one understands this, one realizes incontrovertible truth and meaning are only found through that connectedness within us.  But the self resists that inward journey and its connection to our higher power in its attempt to maintain and perpetuate its illusory identity and control over that identity.   So, instead the self seeks to project its separateness and all of the fears and control associated with that separateness outward onto others.   The inner path of our own spiritual and emotional growth threatens the self’s perceived existence and its separateness.  So, those most consumed by the perception of the self project the self’s manufactured fears, insecurities and imperfectness on the world around us rather than embark on the inward journey of self-discovery and truth.  And, that very reason is why we have disconnected authority around the world who has always turned a blind eye from those in need.  Authority that perpetuates economic predation, corruption, bigotry, slavery, racism, divisiveness, war and other manifestations of separateness created by the unstable self’s attempted control.   

In a world often controlled by the madness of the disconnected self, there is only one truth.  That truth cannot be found anywhere in the words or actions of any man.    Truth can only be found within each of us if we are willing to embark on the journey of self-discovery and the search for truth.    

When all vestiges of the self, its fears and its manufactured beliefs are released from our mind, all that remains is love.  And, that means when we are able to be in the moment and allow our mind to release everything, there is no concept of self, of time, of science, of reason, of greed, of government, of hate, of fear, of beginning, of end or any other illusions of the manufactured self and the physical world.  Just a state of being without boundary, fear and judgement.    All that remains is I am.  That’s it.   Of everything you think you believe, the only timeless truth we really know exists beyond all doubt is that I am and I am love. 

The world can only change if we have leadership from those who are first connected to their higher power.  Those who are connected to the cycle of life.   That first starts with our own leadership and our own connectedness.  Only then can we accept, respect and love ourselves and the world around us.   Only then can we embrace leadership within ourselves that will recognize truly selfless leadership qualities in others who should lead our nation and humanity.

The world can only change if we first change our mind through our own journey of self-discovery.  The journey is the endless path of learning to just be.   To be I am.  And to accept the unconditional love that resides within each of us.   Once we are able to receive this gift, even only for moments at a time, in those moments when nothing else exists but I am and I am love, we have experienced what is is like to become who we were meant to become.   Who we always were all along.   To become who we were meant to become doesn’t require a therapist or a college degree or finding the right mate or making more money or getting a promotion.  To become who we were meant to become is simply to recognize we were that person all along.  To simply release everything and let yourself be I am.  

Are you able to be I am?  At first, maybe no.  Later, maybe a little more.  Even later a little more.  Many years later, even more.  But never completely.  Therein lies the human condition.   But becoming mindful is the first step in the journey to becoming I am

When a state of consciousness exists where we have all become I am we will have all become connected.  We will all have become one.  And the needless suffering, fear and illusions created by the perception of the self’s separateness will cease to exist.   You may believe that day would never be possible.  Day?  Who said anything about time?   I am talking about a state of being void of the illusion of time. 

How do we know the state of consciousness where we are all connected in the state of I am doesn’t already exist?   We don’t.  But it most assuredly does.  Because it already exists within each of us. 

 “I honor the place in you where the universe resides, I honor the place of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you, where if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.”

We are all worthy.  Our goal should be to build a world, an economy, and a state of being for all that reflects our worth.  Peace and goodwill to all.  


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul Pointedly Rebukes Racism. So Who Wrote His Racist Newsletters? The Mises Institute Founder?

I have been supportive of Ron Paul on here for exposing the truth regarding rampant government and banking corruption.  But I have also been highly critical for some clearly racist views written in a newsletter he used to print decades ago.  And, the fact that he needs to answer questions beyond his hazy comments generalizing a poor memory stating he didn’t write those remarks and wasn’t even aware of them for years past their printing.

There is no doubt that the Republican status quo is attempting to take Paul down now that the top election statistician in the country is projecting him to win in Iowa.  It’s only fair that I post Paul’s most recent attempt to put this issue to bed permanently.  Paul attempts to clearly explain his position in this video  and becomes assertive in his position starting at about the four minute mark.   Interestingly, in this story link it appears that Reason, a Libertarian magazine, found out that Paul’s ghost writer was the Mises Institute founder.  On numerous occasion we have also been highly critical of many economic views expressed by some of these Mises kooks as well.   First of which is they often hate government.  Any government.  Period.  That is NOT a Libertarian viewpoint.  (Do you want to live in a country where you always hate your government?  Or do you want to fix your government and be proud of being part of a free and compassionate nation?  No society ever has ever become greater though the dynamic of hate.)  And, another is that hatred and a VERY limited understanding of economics, a very common theme with self-described Mises preachers, leads to batty, extreme and unsound ideas on how to restore democracy and democratic economics.   

Only Ron Paul knows what is true but with the rest of the Republican candidates clearly in the dunce camp or shills for the corporate state, I’m not sure any amount of attacks or money can stop his popularity amongst grass roots political conservatives as well as those seeking transformation of a system that is corrupt beyond most of our wildest imaginations.  I guess we shall all find out.    

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harold & Kumar Went To Guantanamo Bay And Soon You May Too. Obama Ready To Sign Indefinite Detention And Possible Torture Of American Citizens

Obama has withdrawn his veto threat and is expected to imminently sign the NDAA bill.

Did Congress Just Endorse Rendition for Americans?

Did the Senate Just Commit Treason? 

This is eerily similar to the Reichstag’s authorization of extra-constitutional powers granted to Adolph Hitler.  Now I am not saying Obama is Hitler as some loopy people might insinuate.  But, the process of subverting the rule of law and granting authority to a supreme leader able to determine his own interpretation of law is common in society’s granting the whims of man authority over the written, reasoned, democratic rule of law.   The Constitution is dead courtesy of the two political parties and the corporate state’s military-industrial complex.

Constitutional attorney Glenn Greenwald video on the impending bill.

Ron Paul on the legalization of martial law in America.

A few prophetic remarks that graced this blog five years ago.  First, a few words from a few thousand years ago.

"Of the tyrant, spies and informers are the principal instruments. War is his favorite occupation for the sake of engrossing the attention of the people and making himself necessary to them as their leader"
--Aristotle, over 2000 years ago

Now a few words from Martin Niemoller, a German citizen under Nazi Germany


  • First they came for the communists,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I wasn’t a communist.
  • Then they came for the Jews,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I wasn’t a Jew.
  • Then they came for the Catholics,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I was a Protestant.
  • Then they came for me,
  • and by that time there was no one
  • left to speak for me.

Eisenhower's prophetic speech on the military-industrial complex. What did he know that compelled him to make such an unusual speech?

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Government-Funded Research Now Starting To Admit Anthropogenic Global Warming Is A Hoax

Now, ain’t no one who values their ability to find employment or maintain employment in the establishment gonna come right out and say human-caused global warming, manufactured by the establishment, is a hoax but this comes pretty close while maintaining politically-correctness. 

Global climate volatility is real unlike many in the anti-science Luddite establishment who tend to deny any research based on reason or science.  Human-caused global warming is a hoax perpetrated by Algore; a man who can’t even spell science and countless establishment ideologues, many who were scientists (in name only) who are highly political and motivated by their own self-interested agenda.  

Does this mean Algore has to give back his Nobel Peace Prize?  Maybe about the time President Obama has to give back his Nobel Peace Prize as the U.S. bombs civilian populations and places kill contracts on American citizens.  I would say whomever runs the Novel Peace Prize selection process needs to be replaced for systemic incompetence. 

Before this is all said and done, future scientists will look back on human-caused global warming as a propaganda campaign. 

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Amended- the above link works for some browsers but not others.  Huh?  First is the original link to Oregon State.  Then to the original work in Science.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Statistician Nate Silver Projects Ron Paul Win In Iowa

And the status quo Republican kooks who the support corruption of democracy and continued fascism predictably announce their displeasure.

Very interesting.  Very Good.  Very unexpected to the status quo.  As I said some time ago, I suspect the Republican race is going to come down to Paul and Romney.  ie, the Tea Party – type candidate versus the establishment.     I wrote years ago that the Republican Party was in serious trouble.  A few years later the elections swept a substantial element of the Tea Party into Congress.  Touché.

The Republican Party is fracturing into two parties.  I expect the Democratic Party could eventually collapse and be replaced by a new party.  I have a really good post on these dynamics and why this could possibly come to pass.  I was trying to get that post up on Labor Day but it required a fair amount of work and I still haven’t tackled it.  So I don’t want to spill the beans as of yet.  Needless to say both efforts are/would-be led by grass roots (democratic) efforts to sack the status quo of the corrupt Republican and Democratic Parties.  Maybe in the first quarter of 2012 I can type up the post.    

Link to Politico’s status quo (fascist) crazymaking and fearmongering.

Title link to Nate Silver

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-Il Is Dead – The Telegraph Offers Parallels To The Power-Mad In Our Own Society

Well, first off, this is a good time to link to a prior post where we highlighted a satellite image of North Korea at night

I’m not sure how the Telegraph compiled this list of propaganda about Kim Jong-Il but even if it is half accurate, there is a story here.  You would think that God himself had been North Korea’s leader after reading this article.  This type of extreme self-aggrandizing is common of the manufactured self-image or ego of the power-mad.  The human ego is capable of amazing rationalizations (self-delusions) and self-deceit.   These rationalizations and self-deceit must be created by the ego of the extremely unstable mind.  Otherwise, the ego would be faced with resolving the dichotomy that who I am does not match who I believe I am.  An extreme example of this dichotomy in Jong Il’s case is the unique divinity, goodness and ability to lead North Korea that he believed himself to possess and the fact that he killed his own brother and terrorized a nation.   That dichotomy cannot exist in the mind without the ego’s self-deceit.  So, instead the ego will do anything and everything to rationalization its behavior.   There is little doubt Kim Jong-Il actually believed his own self-delusions.  His mind made them real.   

Self-deceit is an attempt by the ego to control its  inherent instability.  We all rationalize - we all tell lies.  Even if they are only little white lies our mind tells to ourselves.  We all seek to control.  Even if it is only to control what happens within our own mind.    The duality of the conscious human mind exists in everyone.  It is part of the human condition.  But, the ego or manufactured self becomes all-consuming and incredibly distorted in those with the most unstable sense of self.    The power-mad exhibit such extreme distortions.  And, it is when those people are able to impose that incredible distortion on the rest of us that we see environments around the globe that we see so prevalent today.   The volatility we see today is a result of that imposition of the distorted mind failing.  The system of fraud and corruption is collapsing.  Everywhere.  While very painful, enlightenment, if achieved on some level, is a very good thing. 

While Kim Jong-Il is obviously a very, very unstable mind capable of extreme brutality and murder, (even his own brother)  and the rationalizations and self-deceit that goes along with it,  we can consistently see much of the behavior highlighted in the Telegraph list by looking at those who seek power and authority in our own society, Europe, Russia, China and elsewhere.  In the U.S. two examples are obviously Wall Street or politicians.  

Every election cycle I watch the television commercials portraying the political, often power-mad mind in a similar, if less outrageous, vein as those outlined in the Kim Jong-Il Telegraph article highlighted above.   These infomercials portray politicians often as martyrs, saints and God-like.   They kiss babies, tell us of their heroic exploits that qualify them to uniquely lead us, tell us the millions of jobs they are going to create for all of us, how they are uniquely qualified to be some Orwellian economic savior and other  manipulations that many no doubt believe; just as Kim Jong-Il no doubt believed his own self-delusions and lies of the mind.   There is no coincidence that these manipulators appeal to the ideation of being a savior.   The ego in all of us loves to outsource its responsibilities to others.   And, who better to outsource them to than a politician promising to take care of us.  Possibly even take care of us like our parents never did.  

What really catches my ear is when someone seeking power, typically a politician, starts professing their undying devotion to God.   The power-mad mind is supremely gifted at manipulation and control.  And there is no greater manipulation than to try to convince the rest of us (after that unstable mind has convinced itself of its own deceit) that they have some divine connection or divine authority.  In fact, this God-given divinity is the very basis of neoliberalism (Social Darwinism) and the associated class warfare and economic model that exists within our society and the world today.  In other words, those who rise to the level of authority in neoliberalism do so because it is survival of the fittest.  So, they are uniquely qualified to tell the rest of us how to lead our lives.  Nothing can be used to manipulate someone more than that they are Godly.   After making a mockery of spirituality, there are no angles of attack left against someone when someone publicly professes, for deceptive purposes, their divine connection.  Doing so is akin to attacking God.   Don’t think this isn’t understood by those seeking power and using such manipulations.   They are divine right up until they head to public office to take endless sums of money from lobbyists, or stuff their pockets while trading with  insider information, or carpet bomb countless innocent men, women and children, (rationalizations) or line up their next job as a lobbyist or corporate toadie after they leave office. 

Politicians and many television evangelists share much in common.  They both reach a wide audience to share their ego’s own self-deceit with as many potential followers as possible.  And then, depending on the gift of rhetoric, the money and power just starts rolling in.  Personally, I think we can anecdotally use as a measuring stick the amount of money a politician makes using his crony Rolodex after leaving public office to how unstable that person’s ego is.   The bigger the line of bullshit, the greater the ability to deceive and manipulate.   Now, were any politician to leave office to start Google or Apple, well, that’s a little different.  Because industriousness, discovery, merit and honest work should be rewarded.  Public service is NOT politics.  And a politician is NOT a leader.  Not even close.   Some day politics, a relic of history, will go the way of the Dodo bird in favor of post-political self-rule.

Similarly Wall Street is defined by unstable behavior of excessive and extravagant showings of power; yachts, Ferraris, estates in the Hamptons, etc.   Or, whether it includes the drug use, prostitution, alcoholism or other extreme behavior sought by an unstable self-image we see as rampant on Wall Street.  I remember reading some years ago in the height of the Wall Street bubble about a New York City restaurant creating a gold dessert for tens of thousands of dollars.  Then there was Lloyd Blankfein’s comments about doing God’s work.  Or Jamie Dimon’s comment that his bank didn’t need a bailout; a delusional rationalization with absolutely no truth to it.  And, then we highlighted some years ago the talk of building a direct highway from New York to the Hamptons and the parallels to the same traffic jams to the Hamptons we saw during the 1920s before the coming Wall Street collapse.   (Remember, one of our anticipated outcomes is that New York is headed for an incredibly hard landing and that Wall Street may be headed for complete failure… forever.)  The list of cues are endless once you start to understand the instability of the mind consumed with power and control over truth, love, compassion and honesty. 

We have plenty of our own Kim Jong-Ils here in America.   And, with a corrupt economic model that rewards the traits most often shared by unstable minds, a disproportionate amount of them are going to rise to the top as we see today.  But, the one thing that has protected us from seeing the level of heinous behavior seen in North Korea is a written rule of law we call the Constitution.  (Although, at times, those same minds have projected their behavior outside of our country onto other peoples in the world not protected by the Constitution.) And, while many power-mad minds have chipped away at our rules of law over the years for their own ego’s personal rationalizations and self-deceit, they are substantially in the minority.   In other words, they can only maintain their perceived authority over the rest of us as long as enough of us still continue to believe their ego’s endless stream of manipulations and deceit.   All it takes is peaceful and nonviolent resistance and the denial of support for their endless rationalizations for the deceit to stop. 

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Friday, December 16, 2011

China And The U.S. Exchange Tariffs - The World Continues To Unfold Exactly As We Said It Would

We have written for years… well before anyone else in the financial community….. that this would be one of the outcomes of globalization.   And, as we have uniquely written since the 2008 collapse, globalization is dead.  There are reports of social unrest in China, which we said years ago was imminent, and we know its economy is again starting to teeter because the state just cut bank reserve requirements.  This time the teetering will be the last as we have now seen economic capital in China work through its entire cycle.   The recent consumption cycle was the last stop in the flow of capital before substantial crisis sets in.  Now, as anyone who truly understands economic capital flows would understand, there is nothing left to inflate.  

Remember, we wrote that China surpassing the U.S. in auto production a few years ago was incredibly bearish as opposed to the consensus headlines of it being a sign of the rise of China and the decline of the U.S.   The massive rise in auto production was simply another sign of the rotation of out collapsing capital investment and into consumption.   And the size of that massive swell of money was measured in both the enormous rise in auto production and the incredible rates of inflation in real estate.  Could the mainstream media and the economics community understand any topic any less than they do economics?  Seriously.  Horrible and systemic incompetence with seemingly no comprehension beyond what they see with their eyes.  

As we wrote before China’s stock market collapse, which, for new readers, we also anticipated, reserves rather than rates are being used by China’s central bank in some attempt to control the money supply because the vast majority of China’s loans were not repayable at higher rates.   In other words, China’s banking system was in complete shambles even before the real estate bubble of the last handful of years.  Raising rates as opposed to raising reserve requirements would have had a more immediate and disastrous effect.  What does that make their banking system now?  A puddle of dog poo I do believe. 

Jim Chanos, whom I respect as a contrarian, recently clarified his position on China and said he expected real estate to be a problem in China but that he didn’t expect a serious economic crisis.  This flies directly in the face of what we have written since starting this blog.   That is, China is in a capital bubble and a major economic bust is coming.  As we have written countless times, China’s biggest crisis isn’t even close to being a real estate bubble.  And, people who focus on this are showing how little they understand about what is happening in China. 

Let me restate that if anyone thinks China has the upper hand in this growing tension with the U.S., they would be very wrong.  This view that China has sway over the U.S. because they hold our debt is absolute nonsense.  The U.S. has no foreign debt.  Zero.  I would encourage you to think about what I mean by that because when I have tried to explain this with others elsewhere, I generally get this histrionics response of people who rely on emotions rather than understanding monetary policy and debt.

The U.S. dominates global trade and sets the rules to the global game through two dynamics; far and away the largest economy and through the reserve currency.   Conspiracy theorists who write that there is some global cabal of elites running the economy while the rest of us are puppets are curve fitting their paranoia to a belief they have made up in their own mind.  Global finance and globalization is about one thing – American hegemony.   Why do you think Germany was behind the European Union?  It wanted a piece of that hegemony for itself by enslaving all of Europe.

As we have said numerous times over the years, China’s economy is a mirage.  China’s economic revolution has been predicated on a transfer of wealth primarily from Japan, Europe and the United States.   China on its own could never have become what we see today for it has no economic rule of law protecting property rights, patent rights or innovation.  That doesn’t even address the fact that they have no human rights and freedoms written into any incontrovertible rule of law protected by a free society.   As we wrote years ago, it is laughable that anyone would ever believe a communist country would ever challenge a free society for economic leadership.   China’s economic miracle is driven by massive fraud and corruption by the communist party and the systemic cronyism that such a culture inherently involves.   And that pliantly self-interested, corrupt entity took the bait offered by a crony-led, corporatist Clinton/Gore/Gingrich government and the corporate toadies running our two political parties.   Yes the dimwitted ghost of Newt has made a new appearance in the endless spawn of the confederacy of dunces manufactured by the two corporatist political parties in our country.  And, now by taking millions of people out of a generally self-sufficient agrarian model into a model where untold tens of millions of people are reliant on this corrupt Chinese state-dominated economic system, enormous volatility will eventually ensue when the state can no longer provide for those newly “industrialized” workers. 

As we have written numerous times, anyone who tells you that tariff spats caused the Great Depression is either an economic dunce or a shill for the status quo.  Have you ever noticed the only people who howl about free trade are banksters, corporations and shills for the corporate state?  Well, and unknowing useful idiots for the status quo.   There is such a fundamental lack of understanding of the foundational elements of economic capital within this argument that these people are truly economic dunces or con men bent on destroying our liberties and our freedoms.   As I have written on here numerous times, we will eventually disprove all of the lies of this economic model and the foundational elements of the crookery and corruption of the economics profession using mathematical proofs rather than endless and useless ad hominen opinions.  In other words, reason and the written rule of law rather than an economy determined by the whims of man. 

We need an economic constitution to protect our economic liberties from this endless stream of crooks, con men and the power-mad who seek to impose their unstable view of the world on the rest of us.

As we wrote years ago, the seeds of war have been laid.  Now we must do what we can to keep the status quo from destroying all of us.   Remember, we once wrote on here that it would not be surprising to eventually see mass mutinies in the U.S. military just as we saw in Europe during World War I, as the average foot soldier was driven to the point of breaking in a war serving only the interests of elites.   The macro parallels to today are substantial. 

The world continues to unfold exactly as we said it would.  Albeit, slower than I expected due to the endless methods of profligacy and corruption that the status quo is employing in an attempt to keep their schemes going.   In the end they will fail as the search for truth exposes more and more of their illegitimacy.  

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diworsification - Is The Amazon Kindle’s Failure Imminent?

Some times it is the small, unnoticed perturbation that signals a change in trend.  Is this Amazon’s?  Sales of its Kindle appear to be brisk but not everyone is convinced. 

This raises an issue I have written about on here.  That is diversification or diworsification as I like to call it.   Diversification is the death knell of businesses.  Countless studies have proven the horrendous outcomes of this dynamic.  While there may be detailed case studies and analysis the cliff notes are really quite simple to explain in a single sentence.  Companies try to become too many things to too many customers and end up not doing any of them particularly well as a result or sinking the profitability of existing businesses. 

I just saw the results of a neuroscience study that concluded what we as humans intuitively knew already.  That is, it is the obsessive and focused mind that is capable of brilliance.  Multitasking is substantially overrated and multitaskers often thrash unproductively rather than accomplish any greater number of tasks.  Albert Einstein was not a multitasker but instead was obsessively focused.  And, so was Michelangelo.  In a recent study, neuroscience concluded it was obsession that led to dramatic human achievement.  I think we all knew that.   If, by multitasking, we are talking about walking and chewing gum, that’s one thing.  If we are talking about trying to resolve five complex tasks simultaneously, I am extremely dubious that the human mind is capable of the level of problem solving  and detail required to accomplish these tasks concurrently. 

We can apply the concept of multitasking to corporate diversification.   Diversification is essentially multitasking applied to a corporate business model.  And, with it comes the poor focus and mediocrity of execution that defines multitasking.  Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was obsessively focused with the invention of Amazon.   He was focused on providing a superior experience and superior service for the passionate buyer of books.  Since, the company has embarked on an effort to try to become everything to everyone.  It has a vision of delivering diverse digital content and dominating the devices we are supposedly going to consume it on.  We shall see.  That is an enormous shift with enormous risk. 

Companies diversify in search of the never-ending need to grow to satisfy shareholders and Wall Street.  By the way, why do we need an economic model or monetary system that enforces the need for growth?   We don’t and at some point when society tires of the endless treadmill, we won’t.  Ultimately, all firms that diversify hit the wall in some manner.  Some reorganize.  Some refocus.  Some trim their offerings.  Some suffer under mediocrity.  Some go bankrupt.  Amazon is in a risky game as it seeks to diversify and play in new markets where there is no natural moat or intellectual capital to protect its foray.  All, while such efforts drain focus, talent and cash away from their core business. 

It is one thing to provide a simple e-book reader as Amazon did before.  But, today, they have built a large technology infrastructure to support this launch and  have gone well beyond an e-reader into competing directly with a full line of general purpose computing tablets and a large IT infrastructure to support it.   A solution to the dilemma of diversification might be to spin off profitable new ideas into separate companies with completely separate management, business plans and profit & loss responsibility.  The Kindle business is substantially more complex than simply sourcing a hand-held device.  And, all of those moving parts are  not a profitable business for Amazon.   Amazon would say not profitable yet as it siphons talent, focus, resources and cash into what essentially is a start up business.  In other words, this investment most assuredly does not meet the hurdle rate required for a new business.   Amazon more than likely rationalized this investment as a required extension to its core business model.   The key word is rationalized. 

Remember, as we wrote long ago, much of the demise of American auto companies was because of diversification. American auto companies diversified into home loans, IT consulting, medical research, cruise missiles, satellite TV and buying other car companies such as Ford buying Volvo.  All because management tried to diversify away from their core competency of transportation.   And, because bigger was thought to yield economies of scale.   But the primary driver of this growth in girth is substantially driven not by talent or skill or ability but due to the financialization of our industrial companies and the resultant mismanagement.  (Wall Street fueled the massive corporate diversification bubble over the last thirty years through telling economic lies and through its endless self-serving deceit by telling companies that bigger was necessary to compete in a global economy.)  Now the auto companies have refocused and are profitably making even small cars in the U.S.   At least for now.  As I have noted previously, I expect that could very well change due to supply chain risks and exposures in volatile foreign markets; that dynamic we wrote about many years ago is now starting to reveal itself.

We are going to see a lot of companies that heretofore were considered successful end up with substantial business model crises before this cycle ends.   Wall Street companies fit this bill to a tee and Goldman Sachs is one we have highlighted many times.  None of them are likely to survive in their current form.  I could make a blanket statement and say all of the companies in the S&P fit that bill to some degree because all adopted the same girth and diversification strategies shared by Amazon and Wall Street.  Strategies that may appear on the surface to be successful for some period of time but in fact will turn out to be miserable failures.   In fact, I would argue that most of the large companies in this country are severely mismanaged or even systemically incompetent.   We have highlighted this through numerous data points and analyses over the years.   All it takes are the right macro dynamics to expose this incompetence.  We are nearing that tipping point.  Remember, as we have uniquely noted time and again, this cycle could very well be coined the end of big.   (We’ll continue to discuss this further in later posts.)

Diversification almost always leads to some type of failure or eventual mediocrity.   Almost every new and innovative company that was listed on the Nasdaq from thirty years ago no longer exists.  The same can be said for even mega corporations that existed during the last great economic crisis to hit this country.   Some times that was due to creative destruction or as we see on Wall Street today, some times it was just due to self-destruction through diversification and horrendous management incompetence. 

Is this becoming Amazon’s moment they hit the wall thus forcing them to eventually refocus on their core competency or worse?   The dynamics are present but I am not close enough to the company to know.  We shall all find out over coming years if this foray into diversification was a turning point.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is The Gold Bubble Finally Peaking? HSBC Sues MF Global Over Gold

Now might be a good time to remind readers what we have consistently said on here.  Gold is a bubble.   Physical demand for gold has been falling for about two years.  But, paper demand for gold has been rising.  And that paper demand has been rising using greater and greater leverage through paper products created to allow greater and greater leverage.  None of that is new to long time readers.  But, today gold is being taken to the wood shed and is down about 5%. 

Now, no one knows exactly when that gold bubble will pop but please be assured, the price of physical gold has been driven substantially by leveraged financial demand for gold from hedge funds and financial speculators.  And, remember, we have said that at some point, big buyers of gold like China and Russia are either going to become net sellers or will no longer be large buyers as their economic Ponzi schemes are exposed.  ie, It’s hard to be a net buyer of gold when your country is exposed as being broke.   

The gold bubble is no different than any of the other “paper” bubbles created by a banking system run amok be that the technology bubble, the housing bubble, the commodities bubble, the stock market bubble, the debt bubble, the financial employment bubble or any of the other bubbles we have written about on here.   They are all a myth.   That myth was exposed back in 2008 when gold collapsed.  And we said it would.  But then gold buyers were bailed out by the Federal Reserve. 

With this MF Global fiasco, it seems some people might be starting to understand the dark side to the leverage we see in the gold market.  And, as we have said before, that the Federal Reserve won’t be bailing out the buyers of gold again as they did in 2008.  MF Global is a proof point of that.  That means investments in gold, be it physical or paper, are not quite as safe as people’s faulty beliefs thought they were. 

The biggest buyers of gold are the status quo.  If you think the status quo is going to come out on top, then as we have said before, you should be buying gold.  If not, you might want to think for yourself rather than listening to all of its religious preachers who are essentially selling people a vision of a savior that does not exist any place but in their mind.  And, that is exactly what we have said all along.  Gold hasn’t collapsed yet.  Maybe 2012 will be the beginning of the end of the gold bubble and maybe it won’t be.  But as the financial demand for gold unwinds, we are left only with fundamentals.  Fundamental demand for gold has fallen substantially and we haven’t even hit the knee of the curve of the coming crisis we have written ad nauseam will make the 2008 crisis look like a picnic. 

One thing is certain.  Gold is not a safe haven.  It never was and a lot of people are likely to lose their ass in gold just as they will in other financial speculations because they outsourced their thinking to foolish ideologues.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home Sales Substantially Inflated Using Double-Count Method Of Accounting

Haha.  Apparently NAR is a little too zealous in their calculations.  Are we at all surprised there were apparently over a million double-counts in home sales last year?  Looks like numbers are going to be revised downward quite substantially for the last four years. 

When the housing bubble started dumping, we said housing wouldn’t recover for a few decades…..  money cannot go into housing if the economy is ever going to recover.

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United Nations Tries To Enforce Climate Court As Talks Implode

The United Nations has become a rogue organization of unelected bureaucrats trying to legislate beyond their authority and beyond national sovereignty.  Just as has the EU’s unelected bureaucracy, the Federal Reserve’s unelected bureaucracy and the unelected bureaucracy of the lobbyist engine subverting our sovereignty in the United States.

In a massive power grab, U.N. bureaucrats attempted to float the idea of a climate court where the United States would be a primary offender.  Under this court the United States would be required to pay billions of dollars of climate reparations to other countries if it did not meet goals set beyond the sovereignty of the United States.  Well….  how’s that working out for you?   Climate talks essentially imploded.   Bureaucrats are attempting to hail the latest talks as a success with some nonspecific agreements but they have essentially collapsed.  In fact, Canada just followed the U.S. and dumped the Kyoto Protocol and other major countries, including China, have pushed back on any specific agreements.  In other words, the only outcome to these talks is essentially a lot of talk about talking about future talk.   

There are two issues at hand here.  One is pollution and the other is climate change.  The U.N. and many bureaucrats pushing for these agreements are co-mingling the two yet one has nothing to do with the other.   Instead, it has become an ideological issue for bureaucrats who have no appreciation for constitutional law or constitutional freedoms.   The United States and other sovereign countries are responsible for their own pollution laws.   What the United States could do is tell any nation that wants to trade with us that they would be responsible for enacting certain pollution laws or we wouldn’t trade with them.  As a sovereign nation, we have that legal right. 

The United Nations is useful in allowing nations to communicate and possibly find understanding on open issues but it is not and should not be attempting to subvert national sovereignty.  When all members of the U.N. adopt the United States Constitution, then I might be open to considering a new possibility.  Until then, most of its members are massively more corrupt than the United States.  In fact, the United States foots a disproportionate amount of the bill for the United Nations

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Monday, December 12, 2011

EPA Finally Ties Fracking To Water Contamination

Ya think?

We highlighted the documentary Gas Land on here some time ago.  I would highly recommend this horrifying exposé.  Amongst other incredible revelations is how the government exempted energy executives from criminal prosecution under existing laws; a criminal act in itself.  No wonder the Republicans want to end the EPA.  

It seems every few days I see some corporate advertising propaganda on television telling me how safe it is to dump millions of pounds of poisonous chemicals into the ground (fracking) and that it doesn’t affect the safety of our water table.   Only a dumbass of unbelievable proportions would believe such blatant bullshit.  In other words, the propaganda machine requires the consumption of such unbelievable nonsense to perpetuate itself that it no longer works.  George Orwell would be proud. 

ProPublica’s story here.

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Dennis Kucinich On The Federal Reserve’s Massive Corruption And The Need To Restore Our Constitutional Rights

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The New Curiosity Mars Rover

One more post since we are on the topic over the last few days.  This is just a really excellent piece on the new Mars rover, Curiosity, that was just launched.  The advances from what was learned in prior missions is really quite astounding and exciting.

I am a huge proponent of the NASA civilian space program.  Unfortunately, NASA’s mission has become highly politicized in recent times and its tiny budget appears headed for funding cuts given many political idiots think the “free market” should drive our space program.  ie. Corporations.  Corporations that would obviously get their funding from our government but be driven by a profit motive rather than a motive of the search for knowledge and truth for all of humankind.  But we have plenty of money for a military space program, to bomb the world into submission and unconstitutionally spy on Americans, often with space technology. 

I am a proponent of a manned mission to Mars that would be led by NASA.   Those who say we don’t have the money are ridiculously uninformed about what money is.  We have plenty of money for a manned mission to Mars.  Just as we have plenty of money to rebuild our country and restore our economic sovereignty to We The People.  And, a manned Mars program would spur massive innovation with benefits across the entire spectrum of technology benefiting society as did the Apollo program.

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Cloud Formations And Climate May Be Linked To Cosmic Rays Of Terrestrial And Extraterrestrial Origin

While I am thinking about the upcoming eclipse, I am going to get this posted since it has been a matter of a few months since some of this discovery was released.  

The results of the discovery that cloud formations may be linked to cosmic rays went well under-reported by the mainstream press and the anthropogenic global warming stooges.   This blows another massive hole in the anthropogenic global warming scam and lends substantial credence to the source of warming being extraterrestrial as we see in warming, ice cap melting and increased storm activity on other planets and moons within our solar system.    It also explains the substantial uptick in the number and intensity of storms and volatile weather on earth. 

We have talked quite a bit about gamma rays and the fact that they are the most powerful sources of energy known to man.  Some sources release more energy in a second than our sun will release in its entire life time.  ie, Humanity’s effect on our planet’s weather is a mosquito on the butt of an elephant; it may register but it isn’t the driving factor.  Curiously, science is now able to determine that gamma rays are not all extraterrestrial in origin.  Or, at least, not directly.   Quite bizarrely, the earth generates its own gamma rays.   Those gamma rays can be measured from outer space as well as on our planet’s surface.

The sources of this phenomenon could be our sun, our own planet, sources beyond our solar system or all three.   What triggers these events?  We simply don’t understand any of this.  But, if all three are seeing an uptick in intensity at the same time, there is the potential that we are experiencing some substantial cosmic shift that could impact life on earth.   Not necessarily in a bad way either. 

What we do know is that all of the science surrounding these topics taught in universities and lapped up by political dunces with regards to anthropogenic global warming are essentially junk science.    Anything taught or theorized up until these discoveries is useless gibberish.  If you aren’t factoring the effects of the most powerful energy sources known to man in your theories and models, well, then both are completely erroneous.   Junk.  Worthless.   Just like Wall Street’s worthless financial models that have been and continue to fail.   

Luddite Republicans would like to politicize these announcements if they actually knew how to read.   In other words, this doesn’t prove the anti-science policies of the political dunces in Washington any more than the anti-science policies of the Democrats espousing junk science in support of human-caused global warming  --->>> Correlation is not causation works both for and against the anthropogenic global warming issue as it pertains to political idiots and their endless attempts at control and manipulation.   

So, how might these dynamics be affecting human behavior around the globe?   Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone?

The world is not as it seems.  Especially for those who think with their eyes. 

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Reminder: Saturday Is The Lunar Eclipse

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Corruption At MF Global And The Continued Fascist Intermingling Of The State And Corporations

Today as Corzine speaks before the Congress, let’s take a look at some very hard-hitting realities.   The Republicans in the Congress may attack Corzine today but it will generally be for political reasons.  They don’t want to upset the fascist flow of money into Washington.  They will seek to make MF Global a political issue.   As the first article cites, there is some irony in the fact that Blagojevich is going to prison while Corzine could very well get off scot-free for one of the biggest financial frauds in our history.   The difference?  Blagojevich doesn’t have the Washington cronyism pedigree.   

A Confederacy of Dunces – This is an excellent article that captures the state of our nation.  A nation run by stooges who are the most unqualified people in our society.  Yet, they have granted themselves untold wealth and authority.   As I have said before, our country is still that great nation when measured through its citizenry.  It is the elites who have destroyed our country.  Just as they did in Rome and countless other historical examples of elitist-driven class warfare and pillaging for their own avarice and greed.  

Jonathon Swift’s quote “When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”, cited in the article above is so prescient on many levels.  Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot; these were just the latest in a long list of people seeking to expose the Confederacy of Dunces.   Look at how the status quo in politics, lobbying and in the mainstream press sought to mock these men by diverting their remarks of the truth with ad hominem attacks and labels as kooks.   The confederacy of dunces lined up squarely against all of them in an attempt to destroy their reputations. 

Corzine and Clinton in “bed” together through crony capitalism – What does Bill Clinton or Tony Blair know about finance?  Clinton was arguably the worst president in our history and destroyed our financial system.  Yet, he and Gore have each collected $200 million+ through selling their connections gained as public servants.   What are they doing to make that horrendous amount of money?  They are bureaucrats.  What skills other than their rolodex do they bring to any opportunity that would net them hundreds of millions of dollars?  Bill Clinton is arguably the godfather of cronyism. 

MF Global and the Great Wall Street Re-Hypothecation Scandal(Reuters)  - An excellent article from a legal perspective on the fraud at MF Global and Wall Street.

Corzine ignored warnings about risk management (NPR)

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Los Angeles City Council Calls For Constitutional Amendment To End Corporate Personhood – Join The Good Fight

While the political dunces in Washington (and state capitals) revel in their corporate cash hoard, while lobbyists spend untold billions bribing our government under the guise of corporate person’s free speech rights, while corporations spend untold billions buying off competition, job creation and democracy by bribing politicians, there is a growing movement in America.  That movement is to slam the door permanently on corporate personhood.   It is arguably the most important movement in our country’s history.  It is a movement to free all people of this country from corporate slavery and to empower democracy in its place.

As we have discussed before, the Supreme Court’s many cases supporting corporate personhood are at best politically-motivated and at worst, corrupt.   The President and Congress has the constitutional authority to check against the Supreme Court through Congressional or Whitehouse review of this issue.    Judicial Review of the constitutionality of any topic is not a right granted by our constitution.  It is a self-granted right of an overactive and illegitimate authority granted by the Supreme Court for itself long ago.  All three branches of our government have a right to constitutional review.   Our president and some members of Congress give lip service to being upset with the recent Supreme Court decision fully opening the corporate money spigot in politics but while no one else is looking, they are raising record corporate cash for their elections, their PACs and their own personal whorehouses.    Watch what they do and not what they say.  Words are meaningless to the endlessly manipulative political con man (and woman).  

If we end corporate personhood, the status quo would eventually collapse.  Corporation-induced illegitimate “free trade” agreements would collapse.  Wall Street’s domination over our economy would collapse.  Both political parties, being corporate persons, most likely would collapse.  Corporate power and lobbying would collapse.   The massively corrupt health care system would collapse.  The war machine would collapse.  The security state would collapse.  The industrial food monopoly would collapse.  Washington think tanks would collapse.  Political consultants and billions of dollars worth of useless money spent on elections would collapse.  Fascism would collapse.   The political whorehouse in Washington would collapse.  Money-driven election of otherwise unelectable political idiots would collapse. 

And who would win?  Democracy would win.  Local communities would win.  Your family would win.  Your friends would win.  You would win.  Those stricken by poverty and injustice would win.  Our sovereign nation would win.   Economic and political freedom would win.  In the wake of the corporate fascist state’s collapse would rise solutions for our country’s ills.  Likely a new monetary system.   A new health care system.  Economic markets that are based on merit and not on bribery would arise.  A less belligerent foreign policy would arise.  You would arise to have a better chance of becoming who you were meant to become. 

The search for truth would win over the endless desire of the bureaucrat to control the world around it would win. 

This movement has been passed in numerous cities across America.  Why not join Move to Amend and lead the effort in your local community to restore your freedom, your democracy and your economic rights.  Or start your own local movement.

Youtube video of LA City Council’s announcement.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Unintended Consequences Of The Financial Gold Bubble

The financial speculators ramming gold prices have little understanding of the ripples they create for often poor and underprivileged people around the world.  And, the polluted, often unrecoverable devastation of the environment.   The speculative gold bubble is substantially harming innocent people around the world just as is Wall Street’s criminal speculating in other commodities. 

I saw the PBS story, link below, about a month ago and the issue has intensified with the state of emergency recently instituted in Peru.  Needless to say, local publicly-elected officials in Peru want to stop the mining practices of, to no surprise, a North American gold company.   Economics should all be local.  And, that means in a localized economy, the people of Peru would determine if and how they wish to mine gold and what practices would be used.  But, I am sure Peru’s central government is under the same corrupt corporate duress just as Washington is here.  Remember, democracy is local self-rule.  Corporatism and Globalism has destroyed this dynamic across many societies including in the U.S.  But, as we have uniquely said for years, globalization is dead.  We are simply waiting on the status quo to run out of bullets as they continue to push democracy down the road for their own personal avarice.  

Once again, as we have said numerous times, the status quo is the driver behind the gold bubble.  Gold is an always has been used by those who have it to deny those who don’t.  And, a gold-based monetary system is no different.  Those who have placed their ideology behind a gold-based monetary system are unknowingly playing the role of useful idiots on behalf of the status quo.   Nothing would benefit the status quo more than a return to gold-based money. 

I have to laugh when I hear the endless drum beat of ideologues telling us that fiat money always goes to zero and gold is the only honest money.  Actually, all prior money has gone to zero.  Not because it was fiat or gold or juju beans or cacao or anything else.  But, because every past society has collapsed.   A little bit of self-serving manipulation in that message. 

The only form of money consistent with democracy is commodity money; money that is freely available to everyone in our society who has an idea or an economic dream or is sending their children to bed hungry.  Gold is exactly the opposite of commodity money.  It restricts the availability of money and historically has been used to restrict it from African Americans, Chinese immigrants, poor European immigrants and other “undesirables” in the eyes of elites.  Was our gold-backed money honest money when it was used to destroy our society and cause the Great Depression and its 30% unemployment?  Ahem.   Gold-backed money is a weapon.  And, it has always historically been used to subvert economic rights while perpetuating hate and violence.

Gold advocates like Ron Paul and countless bloggers know just enough about money to be dangerous.   If Paul had a chance to institute some of his monetary “reforms” he would send the U.S. into a spiraling depression with no end in site.   I would love to publicly debate some of these gold pinheads.  They are nothing more than radical religious ideologues who have an ego-driven belief system based on a poor understanding of money.   They preach from a pulpit without actually having to have a reasoned debate on their views.  Views that are not well-thought out and show a very limited and even ignorant view of money.   The sad thing about it is, as with any religious ideologue, they gain many followers (worshippers) who help ignorantly perpetuate a tainted reality of what money should be. 

As I have said before, I would not be surprised to see the status quo propose returning to gold-backed money as a way of enslaving the world in all of its debts.  Because that is exactly what it would do.  It would put massive and artificial limits on the amount of money available, would ensure no economic competition ever arises, and it would act as a form of debt-slavery for those now indebted to American and European banking criminals. 

The status quo wants you to focus on debt.  They want you to believe that is the primary issue the world is dealing with.  Debt is a myth.  We were the only voice in the financial world to write during the 2008 collapse that the Federal Reserve should start printing money.  Not to save Wall Street criminals but to save our economy and to start to redeploy its resources into constructive and productive use.  Interestingly, there are now more and more voices who are starting to understand that debt is a myth.  And that we could and even in some situations should wipe the slate clean.   And that printing money is desirable in many circumstances when it is managed properly.  The hyperinflationary myth behind forgiving debt or printing money is simply another fear-based form of terror used by the status quo in some attempt to keep us enslaved in their anti-democratic criminal economic model.   Unfortunately, many unwittingly become useful idiots for this myth because of their ideological and limited understanding of money.

As we have said on here before, we will eventually have a society where money no longer exists.  I have no idea when that will come to pass.  Whether it will be in my lifetime or some future lifetime.  But it will happen.  What would the gold-money advocates say were that to happen today?  That everything they told all of their worshippers was nothing more than a myth?  Because that is exactly what their message is.  A myth.

Peru declares state of emergency due to gold mining

Illegal Gold Miners Rush to Peru’s Rain Forests (PBS video)

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Monday, December 05, 2011

60 Minutes Shames Justice Department Over Wall Street Corruption

Amazingly, 60 Minutes has been on a roll lately as we have highlighted with the Abramoff expose, the Congressional Insider Trading corruption and now the expose of a captured government refusing to prosecute Wall Street fraud. 

The party is over for all of this as we have remarked countless times.  That Wall Street, lobbyists and political toadies continue to thumb their fingers at the rest of us is irrelevant.  It’s simply a sign of their delusional egos believing in their own invincibility.  Those in a bubble seldom realize it until it actually pops.  Once the illegitimacy and corruption of our political system was exposed, there is absolutely no way society will continue to support this system. 

Change you can believe in is imminent.  It just isn’t going to be courtesy of a marketing slogan perpetuated by Barack Obama’s handlers. 

Title link here.

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Friday, December 02, 2011

The Negative Effects Of Antibiotics

I have linked to Mark’s site before.  He remains one of my favorite bloggers.  This is a very worthwhile read to consider some of the possibilities that are discussed. 

Let me provide a different perspective than we are given in the establishment community - every drug is in fact a toxin to the human body.   That means there are unintended consequences.   Most of those unintended consequences are unknown or downplayed.  Most of the long term consequences are never known or only found out long after it is too late.   Now, if I am terminally-ill, I’ll pop the pills that are recommended after doing some confirming diligence.  But we have untold millions of people with no terminal illness who are medicating the medication just to function day to day.  

Something is clearly wrong.   As the ultimate complex system, the human body has an amazing ability to govern, manage and even heal itself.   But, you don’t put dirty gas in a car and expect it to work.  In the U.S. our bodies are generally filled with nothing but dirty gas with endless toxins and industrial goo pawned off as food.  Antibiotics are used in epidemic quantities in both our food chain (farm animals) and in humans.  Does anyone see a problem?  Bueller? Bueller?  Anyone?   

There is a reason why humanity has been eating raw fermented foods for thousands of years.   Humanity recognized the value of doing so even before science understood the positive effects of billions of healthy bacteria and yeast cultures in foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut and natto.   Science is now starting to understand that many illnesses often start with an unhealthy gut.   Some even believe cancer and other terminal illnesses are a result of this dynamic.  Industrialized food and antibiotics contribute negatively to the health of our gut’s natural fauna.  Do yourself a favor and start making your own fermented foods!  Especially if you ever have to take antibiotics.

The invention of antibiotics are a great thing if you have gonorrhea or sepsis.   Not so much when they are overprescribed for sneezes and sniffles and to keep industrial farm animals alive because of the unhealthy gut fauna they have because of what we may be feeding them.   The epidemic use of antibiotics has both unintended consequences within our food supply and our own body.

Title link here.

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dylan Ratigan - “U.S. Senator’s Stock Portfolios Beat The Market By 12%. Only Bernie Madoff Had Numbers Like That.”

A must watch.  Our government is so wildly corrupt it isn’t even fathomable.  Congress makes Madoff look like Mother Teresa. 

Courtesy of Jack Abramoff and the new book exposing the whorehouse in Washington titled "Throw Them All Out".


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Nomi Prins’ Latest On Wall Street’s Endless Criminal Behavior

It’s been a while since we have cited any remarks by one of my favorites, Nomi Prins.  Two recent and extremely well-written posts.

The Fed’s European “Rescue”: Another back-door US Bank / Goldman bailout?

As the World Crumbles: the ECB spins, FED smirks, and US Banks Pillage

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