Thursday, December 29, 2011

Japan Eases Ban On Weapons Sales

There are quite a few factors involved in this decision, likely including the urging of the U.S. military-industrial complex, because of its reliance on Japanese made parts.  We wrote on here many years ago that this industry would more than likely prove too lucrative for Japanese politicians to miss out on in the long run.   And so it has.

The state’s answer to economic hardship and jobs?  Reform corrupt globalization? Reform corrupt economic policy?  Reform corrupt monetary policy?  No.  Sell more weapons used to murder countless people around the world.  Mostly innocent people.  Mostly people under the jack boot of illegitimate authority.  Mostly people without a voice. 

For years we said it was coming.  Global volatility.  Yet we saw endless bureaucrats and talking heads remark of prosperity on a scale that the world had never seen.  Bureaucrats beat their chest with the arrogant and delusional message of ‘look what I have done’.  Yes indeed.  Now look at what they have done.   

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