Monday, December 31, 2012

Obama Writing Rules For Killing People With Drones

The source of all tyranny in this world is the rule of man; the illegitimate authority a human being grants him or herself over others.   Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, the Japanese Imperial Empire, Robert Mugabe, Communist China, Communist Russia, Apartheid South Africa, the British empire, Wall Street, deregulated corporate capitalism, African American slavery or any kind of corporate slavery, undocumented workers in unsafe and predatory jobs, European indentured servitude, empire, corporate payment of nonliving wages and the like were and are flagrant examples of how the rule of man has destroyed democracy and determinism and in the process murdered and enslaved cumulatively what has been and are billions of people. 

One of the long term theses on here is that the world is collapsing for this very reason.   Today, the entire world is under that yoke of tyranny in one or many manifestations of the rule of man. 

Because the rule of law has been destroyed by predators, sociopaths, narcissists and other unstable manifestations of the self acting out against other human beings , modern civilization teeters on the precipice.   Any public servant who “makes up” or dreams up any types of rules for anything affecting democracy, our economy or the lives of any other human beings that grants him or her authority in any way is creating an illegitimate authority to serve not the needs of a free people but to serve themselves and the various incantations of the rule of man.  This is the exact dynamic that has always led to tyranny.  Always.

There is absolutely no legitimate authority in this world other than reasoned, just, transparent, democratic law.

The law has been shredded.  The Constitution has been destroyed.   Democracy is dead courtesy of the corporate state.

Title link video here.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Mythical Fiscal Cliff Part 1

I’ll get my post about the mythical fiscal cliff up in the next week.   There may be one or two minor posts I place ahead of it.  Actually, it will probably be two posts to break it down but in the mean time I am going to include three links in this post.  I am including these links because all three of these people are talking about topics I have discussed on here ad nauseam.  And, they are all excellent primers that relieve me of much effort in rehashing the same topics in my upcoming post.  

As I noted on here before, there is no fiscal cliff.  The fiscal cliff is an imaginary boogeyman created by the corporate state and its masters of private, for-profit capital.   Imaginary boogeymen that allow the corporate state to stomp on the face of humanity and perpetuate endless wars  ---  The same imaginary boogeyman that allowed the corporate state to throw more Americans in prison than even communist China; the war on crime and drugs.  The same imaginary boogeyman that allowed the corporate state’s unconstitutional Patriot Act to pass Congress; the war on terror.  The same imaginary boogeyman that has allowed the corporate state to run roughshod over the world with undeclared and unconstitutional military actions in countless countries like Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Somolia; more on the war on terror.   The same imaginary boogeyman that has allowed the corporate state to brutalize labor and deny Americans the basic dignity of health care and that has resulted in untold thousands, if not millions, of unnecessary deaths and sickness; the war on democracy.  And, the same imaginary boogeyman that has allowed the corporate state of Germany, and to a lesser extent, France, to ruin the sovereign nations of Greece, Spain and soon to be other European economies; the war on democracy and sovereignty.   And on and on and on.

The first link below is a video on the fiscal cliff by Dennis Kucinich.  Then an op-ed by Cheri Honkola, who was once homeless herself and was also the Green Party candidate for vice president in 2012.  And, most importantly, by Michael Hudson.  Michael has been highlighted on here before and is probably the only economist out of countless thousands that I can cite as really understanding money and monetary economics.   Seriously.  The only one.  There may be more but I haven’t seen them.  That’s because they only learn what they are taught in university unless they have a desire to reject the voodoo we call modern economics.  And, what they learn serves the perpetuation of the status quo’s bureaucracy in economics rather than any modicum of truth.   

Kucinich video here.

Honkala comments here.

Hudson comments here.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Barack Obama's Tears For The Children Of Newtown Are In Stark Contrast To His Silence Over The Children Murdered By His Drones

The title of this post is the title of an op-ed linked to at the bottom of this post.  I wanted to make a few more remarks on the topic of social violence in our nation since the mainstream press has become pliant lemmings for the state in its efforts at restricting our liberties at every turn.  

The outcome of the recent social violence in our nation is no different than the 9/11 attacks in the regard that the state uses any opportunity to increase its grip of power at the expense of our liberties.   Why is there never a debate on the sources of systemic social violence in our nation?  Instead all we hear about are the symptoms of that violence including murder and what band-aids to put on the symptoms.   All while the patient’s condition continues to deteriorate. 

I would like to have someone explain to me how the recent Fast and Furious gun-running scandal by the ATF is any different than any of the social violence in this nation?  The state commissioned the sale of military-grade weapons to drug dealers; clearly a very serious crime that should be investigated.  Essentially, the state commissioned murder in some Orwellian effort to infiltrate drug cartels.  The actions of the state in this ludicrous scheme resulted in untold numbers of deaths of innocent Mexican civilians.  By some accounts, hundreds of innocent Mexican’s deaths have been tied back to the weapons handed to drug cartels by the state.  The total killed by this fiasco is far more than any random act of violence ever perpetrated in the U.S.   Where is the accountability?  Where is the outrage by the politicians who endorsed Fast and Furious?  Or, how about the Iran-Contra death squad crimes; what I believe may be one of the most blatant examples of political disregard for the rule of law and human life that our country has seen in the last fifty years.   And, if Reagan didn’t know about it, it was almost certainly consciously decided by his inner circle and possibly by Reagan himself in order to hide behind plausible deniability.

It is wildly dystopian that Washington politicians choose to ridicule Americans for their love of guns.  Our political, social and economic cultures are all incredibly violent and encourage-reward aggression.   Washington politicians and their corporate masters have created our political, social and economic cultures.    The United States military-industrial complex has killed or imprisoned more people on this earth than any other force of man in the last fifty years except maybe for communist China.   We export more weapons than any other nation on earth.  Those weapons are most often sold to American-backed thugs and dictators to spy on, imprison, torture and ultimately murder millions of people.   American financial “aid” to the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein and Hosni Mubarak to name just three, was then used to load up on American weapons, American military advisors and American know-how to then spy on, torture, murder and imprison millions of people.   We surely can’t stop there.  Our endless undeclared and unconstitutional wars have obliterated parts of the world and given rise to complete chaos in Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.  In the last decade alone some estimates are as high as one million deaths directly attributable to the undeclared and unconstitutional American wars.  And there are countless more casualties including physical and emotional trauma, physical impairment, diaspora, etc.   The number dead is dwarfed by the lives directly and indirectly impacted by these dynamics.  Millions alone have fled the violence in Iraq.  99% of these people, victimized by the military-industrial complex, never did anything to anyone in the United States.   And we now have a president who leads weekly conference calls on who to murder next, including American citizens.  We don’t know who these targets are or what the evidence is against them because the law has been trampled upon.   Forty years ago, who ever could have envisioned a day when the supposed leader of the “free” world would leak propaganda to the New York Times about how murder hit lists were virtuous and noble?   The secret intelligence used to determine who will be murdered is based on the same type of “secret” intelligence that told us Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.   This dystopian “intelligence” is most likely secret because it is spotty at best and useless at worst.  And, public knowledge of that intelligence, much of it exposed as farcical by Wikileaks, would likely result in demands for criminal investigations of lawless politicians. 

Our “modern” society is dealing with unprecedented mental illness, unprecedented levels of physical and emotional sickness, unprecedented levels of emotional distress, unprecedented levels of addiction, unprecedented levels of poverty, unprecedented levels of illiteracy and unprecedented levels of imprisonment.  These are all outcomes of acts of violence perpetrated by the corporate state.  And, the projection of the corporate state’s power overseas results in the same dynamics elsewhere.   All of these crises have been enabled by corporate state politicians through their various efforts at rigging the system,  destroying the rule of law, for their corporate masters. 

The world is on fire.  And, the vast majority of it is simply a manifestation of illegitimate authority and self-granted rule of man created by the state.  It’s almost hilarious for the state to ridicule Americans for their love of guns when its actions of violence lead the way for accepted aggression, predation and violence in our political, social and economic systems.

If anyone thinks some attempt at banning assault weapons is going to change anything, I’ll take that bet all day long.  The war on drugs, the war on illiteracy, the war on poverty, the war on terrorism, the war on crime thirty years ago, the war on alcohol eighty years ago…….    were all massive failures.  Hate begets hate.  Violence begets violence.  Toughness begets a greater toughness.  We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.  Our aim must never be to defeat or humiliate..   War begets war whether that is acrimonious and violent political policy of the corporate state or the literal act of murder endorsed by the state.  The war on guns will be no different. 

The state’s ability to control social and economic manifestations of its violence cannot and will not ever work.  Yes gun laws and legitimate background checks are often ridiculous in this nation.  But what is even more ridiculous is the inherently violent society we live in.   A society whose values were created, endorsed. practiced and perfected by the corporate state.   What we see is simply symptomatic of corporate state culture.  And, you don’t cure the patient by putting band-aids on its symptoms.   The corporate state and free market, deregulated, private, for-profit capital, a hallmark of the corporate state, is the source of modern society collapse. 

Barack Obama's Tears For The Children Of Newtown Are In Stark Contrast To His Silence Over The Children Murdered By His Drones

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deregulated, Private, For-Profit Capital(ism) - Spain's Robin Hood Mayor and Landless Peasants Battle The Tyranny Of Europe’s Private, For-Profit Banking, Corporate And Political Criminals

“You only have power over people so long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything he's no longer in your power, he's free again.”  --  Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

How true is that?  Is it really any surprise that Solzhenitsyn chaffed against state tyranny his whole life?  And, had everything taken away from him?  One of the most profound statements that are applicable to this time in human history.  The elites, politicians and our corporate masters have pushed too far and they will eventually be unseated because of it. 

I wrote this post many months ago and never put it up.  But, since secessionist elements won seats in Spain’s most recent election, it reminded me to post this.   I thought I would put it up as a holiday post.  Because around the globe this is a holiday season when billions of people celebrate, in some way, elements of timeless human values of compassion, empathy, equality, dignity, acceptance and worthiness.   This most certainly isn’t a post highlighting the actions of people exalting these values.  To the contrary, it is a post highlighting how evil and tyrannical the world has become.   And, how, seemingly everywhere around the world, human decency has been obliterated by deregulated capital, politicians and corporate bureaucrats.  How Godless these people truly are.   Onto the post…..

I’m amazed at the number of people who still believe this is a financial crisis.  Or that this is some type of recession.   Or, that with underemployment and unemployment cumulatively at 40-60% in some democratic nations, that somehow capitalism will magically create 200 million+ new living-wage jobs globally if only we smash democratic programs and take from the repressed & exploited and give more money and power to corporate, banking and political criminals.  

Who cares about factory utilization, the purchasing manager’s index, lending surveys, inflation or monetary policy?  Seriously?  These metrics don’t matter any more beyond giving us an indication of the severity of the moment.  What we know for certain is that we are in the early phases of transitioning out of the monetary, banking and economic structures as they have been defined by capitalism since its inception.   If you are looking to the past or to politicians or to private, for-profit capital to divine the future, you are going to be wildly wrong in your assessment and the solutions required to create a new and better world.

What amazes me even more are the number of people who can sit back and deliver some faceless, inhumane, abstract argument about economic statistics and numbers when millions of people around the world have lost everything, and millions more will.   The John Boehners, Paul Ryans, Angela Merkels and Barack Obamas of the world are consummate examples of the status quo.  These people are truly consumed by the self and its perceptions of importance.  They show no ability to rise above the self and to actually become selfless; to become leaders.  When was the last time anyone in any political office actually proposed a real solution that would create a massive, sustainable employment boom?  None of them.  None.   Jobs or restructuring our economy aren’t even topics of discussion in the U.S.   No where regardless of country or political affiliation.   The reality is politicians have made clear they don’t care about the world’s citizens.  They care about maintaining control and serving their corporate masters or deregulated capital. 

What we are witnessing today is the result of the deregulation of capital.  In other words, a lack of rule of law applied to the capital in capital(ism).  Deregulated, private, for-profit capital, a tenant of Reagan’s Supply-Side Economics has gone global thanks primarily to Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  It went global because that was the only means of keeping this rigged system from collapsing.  Once the U.S. was completely looted, capital needed new markets to loot.  Globalization provided just what trickle down economics needed.  And Bill Clinton and Al Gore delivered in spades.    Now almost every society in the world, maybe sans Iceland, is at the mercy of the financial rule of man.  Private, for-profit rule of man.  The deregulated capital in capitalism means we live in a lawless economic system that has its jack boot on the neck of democracy and those without a voice.  Private, for-profit capital without regulation and law will always exploit those perceived as weak.  Perceived as weak because they have no voice with the megalomaniacs who control private, for-profit capital(ism).   They are denied democracy’s capital and resources by predatory capitalism.  By Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama’s corporate and elite masters. 

The reality is those who are truly weak are those who exploit and prey upon others.  That would be the banking criminals, corporate bureaucrats and their dimwitted political marionettes.

A public, democratic banking system with democratic money would ensure that society’s capital and economy are placed under democracy’s rule of law.  Forever.  It would ensure that both money and banking were chartered to first serve human development, democracy and democratic economics.  Not a lawless form of private, for-profit fundamentalism  courtesy of Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama’s legacies.   With democratic banking and democratic money, democracy would never be denied access to its own capital by private, for-profit banking criminals or their political toadies.   The foremost tenants of democratic institutions are human development, freedom from tyranny of capitalism or any other ism, morality, justice, needs of the community, dignity and equality.   Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence would finally start to align with our political, economic, social, capital and educational structures under democratic  banking and democratic money.

People who advocate public money and private banking are completely erroneous in their ideology.  They don’t understand that democratic economics can never be realized under private, for-profit banking.  People who advocate private, for-profit control of both banking and money as is the case around the world today are even worse.  They are criminals and predators.   I think many can finally start to appreciate that globalization is dead and what will arise in its place will be localization which, by the way, is true democracy.  Self-rule is not some abstract group of power-mad bureaucrats in a far off castle playing chess with your life and economic freedom.   It is local rule.  It is self-rule.  Quite frankly, the only people in politics I have heard cogently express an appreciation of this and how national capital should serve local communities are Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, the Green Party Candidate.  That’s not an endorsement.  It’s just an observation.   It’s an observation because I have been writing for many years that this is where we are going.  That it has now entered the public forum, even if it is a thinly followed public forum, is an indication that truth to reality is starting to be recognized by people willing to open their minds. 

About two in three Americans don’t have a pot to piss in and the figure in Spain is just as high.   In other words, most people are living paycheck to paycheck or are just barely alive.  Literally.  Paycheck to paycheck under a very different democratic economic and financial model may be fine.  In fact, I could easily show you a world where savings are unnecessary.  They become obsolete.  Not communism or any other kind of ism but a merit-based economic structure that incents entrepreneurialism, responsibility, ownership, human dignity, living wages, competition and many of the working components of capitalism.  But, today, in a system of predation and unregulated capital, the fear and stress of living paycheck to paycheck is incredible.  

The region of Andalucía highlighted in these two videos below has an unemployment rate of about 35%. (As noted in one of the videos, the unemployment rate for those under 25 across the entire country is 50%)  So, to get some type of comparative for those living in the Untied States, this region would be stricken to a level of unemployment similar to Detroit and thousands of other communities in the U.S. manufacturing belt, as an example.   And, Spain’s youth has a similar employment profile as those all across America. 

So, how again did the people in these videos live beyond their means?  And, what type of austerity do these people have to accept?  Austerity that Obama is getting ready to drop on Americans.  Do they have to give up shelter and food?  Live in caves?   Literally, all many of these people have is their lives but the banking, corporate and political criminals keep telling us that these people have lived beyond their means and must accept austerity.  This while freeloaders and state-dependents like Europe’s banksters,  politicians and corporate welfare recipients mint trillions of dollars/euros in personal gains by living off the backs of democracy’s labor.   Is this democracy?  What did a banker or corporate bureaucrat or politician ever make or create?  Banks and monopoly corporations, as they are structured today, only exist through predatory usury, taxing society, slave labor or essentially destroying productive work, creativity, human expression and wealth.  Banksters run extortion rackets and they pay themselves a king’s ransom for doing so.  They do so because politicians want them to.  That’s right. 

Let’s be clear.  Politicians in every nation determined the rules to the the economic game to ensure winners and losers.  Democracy lost.  Deregulated corporate (capital)ism won.  It won the battle… not the war.   Democracy can just as easily rewrite those rules so that all people have an opportunity for a living wage and human dignity -  I could show you a system that would be primarily based on a market-oriented, merit-based economy where ever single American is guaranteed employment with a living wage.  Guaranteed employment.  Guaranteed living wage.   Guaranteed.  And, it would work.  The world as you see it is not the way it has to be.  Pittance slavery handouts for unemployment and welfare would be unnecessary.  They would become obsolete.  This isn’t rocket science.  It’s simply that the looters and politicians reject ideas for transforming our society, economy, financial system and our democracy exclusively for benefit of the self.  If politicians and corporate bureaucrats wanted everyone to have a living wage, we would all have one.  The reality is they don’t.  And for those still unwilling to see Obama for who he is, has he ever fought for a living wage or employment for anyone willing to work or contribute to society? 

The good news is that We The People own this country, not the politicians.  You, as a citizen of any democratic nation, you, we, all of us, hold the highest level of human authority that exists.  We are the sovereign.   We simply need to spread our wings and take flight to restore dignity, decency and democracy.  To return political office to public service and retake our sovereignty and authority over corporate, banking and political criminals.

It’s hard to watch these videos in Spain and not feel a great empathy for those who have been totally forsaken by their own politicians and corporate authority.  Totally forsaken.  To see a grown man brought to tears because of compassion for his fellow countrymen is indeed a stirring but far too unnecessary sight.   It doesn’t need to be like this.   This crisis is manufactured by financial looters, political marionettes and corporate criminals.  Just as the U.S. did with the Nazis after gaining control of German territory, the criminals who perpetuate this suffering should be made to watch what they have done. To force them not to avert their gaze from the inhumanity and suffering they have created.  To take responsibility for their behavior, to make it right and to live with the consequences.   That is, politicians, bankers and corporate looters who define irresponsibility as all emotionally-dysfunctional, power-mad people do.

The global economic system as it is constructed destabilizes human dignity.  What did the people in these videos do to deserve such malicious indignity and outright contempt from their own government while banks and corporations are given massive handouts taken by political force from these same people who are exploited; corporate-dictated, state-enforced austerity for average working people  and the poor?  Did these people live beyond their means? Hahaha. Rrrright. That’s one of the great moral injustices and crimes against humanity of our time.  Injustices as great as any genocide at the hands of third world dictators.  Injustices perpetrated by banksters, corporations and the stooge politicians who do their corporate master’s will of evil and injustice.  Truly evil.   And, I am not mincing words.  This is truly evil.

Those who lived beyond their means were banks, corporations, politicians and elites whose dependency on corporate welfare and special state privilege, preyed upon society and then went on looting binges with our money.  Democracy got the bill.  How again did the average person live beyond their means?  The Big Lie.  Adolph would be proud(By the way, this is exactly how the economist Marx predicted 150 years ago that capitalism would ultimately die.  That elites would resort to class warfare and prey upon those who had no voice.  On that note, in the ideological world of “isms”, the only thing worse than deregulated, free market, lawless capital(ism) may be  communism.  But, then they both look eerily similar for the same reason.  Looters, the power-mad, predators and psychopaths always find a way to gain illegitimate authority over their fellow man.  To subvert the rule of law in favor of the rule of man.)

While I’m sure some people who have stolen so much are afraid people like Gordillo (in the videos below) are going to come take what they have stolen, and will most certainly label people like him as criminals or  socialists or communists or whatever other ad hominem attacks they can dream up, in any attempt to marginalize dissent and keep their stolen gains, Gordillo is a leader.  Although he refuses a title, he clearly has an ability to actualize his humanity to empower community, dignity, social justice and a sense of connectedness in the name of what is good and right and true.  Gordillo’s voice has helped give people, people who have spent their lives being exploited, a sense of hope, connectedness and human dignity.  A sense of a world where they can lead a life of responsibility and worthiness.  But more importantly, this may be a sign of what is yet to come.  That people who have been pushed to the edge, who have nothing to lose, and who are abandoned by society, their fellow man and the status quo must do whatever they need to do to simply survive.  To take personal responsibility from those who have forsaken their responsibility as leaders and public servants.  Jean Valjean’s struggle with the law and label of criminal given to him by the status quo was over stealing a piece of bread.  Because the status quo lacked any human dignity and morality.   The same dynamic Gordillo and others are  fighting two hundred years later.  Two hundred years later, Les Misérables or the wretched and poor are still being exploited and persecuted by predatory elites.  And two hundred years later, the outcomes are exactly the same. 

Barack Obama and Democratic & Republican politicians should take notes since none seem to have the first idea of how to truly be a leader.

There is no doubt in my mind, as Gordillo remarks, that if they could, the status quo would certainly murder or imprison him.   It is no coincidence these types of stories, either in this country or around the world, are either manipulated to make protestors or dissenters appear as violent, lawless, uninformed, communists, fanatics, lazy, ignorant or worse or they aren’t reported at all in the suppressing and repressing corporate-controlled mainstream media. 

You know, this movement for social or economic justice aka democracy against the three-headed monster of banksters, corporations and politicians reminds me a little bit of a similar movement against the status quo that happened many, many years ago.   A movement against the status quo that is celebrated this holiday season – blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice’ sake.   Kindness, compassion, equality, dignity, mercy, justice, grace and community are no more a part of the social, political or religious fabric of the status quo today than was the case when apostates also dominated society, religion and the state then.    Not only are the poor and wretched still being exploited and persecuted as they were two hundred  years ago but they are being exploited and persecuted as they were two thousand years ago.

These videos in Spain are representative of so much of what we see around the world today.  The entire world is on fire.  Those who say these revolutions or movements are being orchestrated by the CIA or other conspiratorial remarks are nothing more than nonsense.  This is the cycle of volatility as has been the theme on here for the last seven years.   The status quo may be trying to influence outcomes but they are not creating this massive global movement.  This massive global movement is against the status quo. 

In closing I want to make a remark that is very timely to these dynamics. For sixty years we have heard of the great communist threat around the world.  And, how the U.S. polity has fought the good fight against the threat of communism.  Today, we hear that same argument extended to include “enemies” in the Muslim community, socialism and the like.   In other words, any convenient boogeyman. 

If the American form of social and economic justice was the beacon on the hill that we are told it is, then people suffering injustices and tyranny around the world would have been overthrowing tyranny not for communism but for capitalism and democracy.  And our economic and political system would not create blowback or hatred were it a system of social and economic justice without equal.  But, the reality is most of the destabilizations of tyranny for the past fifty years were people rising up against American-backed police states and dictators benefiting from American-style deregulated, private, for-profit capital.   And, in those corrupt systems of control, American corporations, Americans weapons manufacturers and American private, for-profit capital were highly complicit of the exploitation and tyranny by the ruling elite.  

The volatility and blowback we see around the world today is against tyranny and corruption, often supported in some way by the empire of the American war state and its military-industrial complex or others seeking their own empire – that once again includes Germany.  The Soviet Union police-war state and the U.S. police-war state and their military-industrial complexes played the world like a chess board and exploited-used anyone and everyone they could bribe, cajole, intimidate or manipulate.   Today, the U.S. police-war state has no counterweight to this hegemony but our policies are working overtime to manufacture one. 

Communism is/was never a threat to democracy but to the hegemony of the Godless corporate state and private, for-profit capital.   Democracy would have/would today rally around people rising up against tyranny rather than trying to defeat or manipulate grassroots uprisings against the brutality of the rule of man.  Against the brutality of exploitation and persecution.  And, democracy, were our policies driven by such, would allow those people the determinism and responsibility of creating their own society without constant meddling, manipulation, interventionism and war.   And, if corporate capitalism and private, for-profit capital was a better model than communism or any other ism,  the American polity  would feel no threat to people around the globe rising against tyranny.  It would, in fact, embrace such movements with unequivocal, peaceful, moral authority.    Our polity would have known that without engaging itself in violence or war that our nation’s moral authority and social justice system, were it as pristine as we are told it is, would eventually lead all uprisings against tyranny and communism to our way of life.  And, that regardless of any experimentation or threats to the contrary, everyone would eventually choose what is self-evident - our system of social and economic justice.  But, the reality is social and economic justice has ever existed for most citizens anywhere unless they took what was rightfully theirs from the pathocracy, looters and neofeudal lords.    That includes the hard-fought gains, paid for in blood and the loss of life, that Americans have made against capitalism under the auspices of private for-profit capital.  That includes the Civil War.  All “ism’s” are nothing more than ideology.  Free market fundamentalism, capitalism, communism and the like.  That means they offer no form of universal truth, including social and economic justice.  And, thus all will eventually be relegated as failures to history books.

There are snowflakes dropping everywhere around the world. But, when taken in their entirety, as they should be because this is a global social movement for justice shared by people everywhere, one starts to gain an appreciation that this is the beginning of a massive storm.   As noted on here countless times, global finance and globalization are dead.  What we see now is simply violence and exploitation trying to maintain its illegitimate authority.  That too shall pass.

Rather than experiencing peace, justice and dignity for all people on earth this holiday season, the cycle of volatility continues in full force.

Spain’s Robin Hood Mayor and Landless Peasants Battle Bankers

Interview with Spain’s Robin Hood Mayor

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Today’s Galactic Plane Event

Many of the manipulators and con men who called for the end of the world today cited this was the date we were going to pass through the galactic plane and some massive, energetic event would take place as a result.  Today being the winter solstice date.  (I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.)  And, that the Mayans predicted this.  Well, even though the Mayans developed some level of numerology based on planetary cycles or astrology, I seriously doubt they realized what was going to happen in 12-21-2012. 

First of all, we aren’t anywhere near the galactic plane.   And, there isn’t ever going to be a “day” where we pass through some imaginary line.  When the earth does pass through the galactic plane in some millions of years, it will take more than a day to traverse it.   But, with a pleasantly powerful software program, we can view the sun today against the earth’s horizon and see that its ecliptic actually passes directly in front of the galactic plane as seen from earth.   This wasn’t predicted by any Mayan texts that remain.  But, it is part of much of the modern folklore associated with Mayans.  In other words, people have the same type of software that I have and fast forwarded to this date to see this event.  Then con men took the event and ignorantly manipulated it into a distorted reality that never existed.  And, this was added to Mayan folklore created by modern-day charlatans in order to terrorize people for money.

The galactic plane (yellow line falling from left to right) and the earth’s horizon (green horizontal line) are labeled with the sun directly in the middle.   Click for a larger view.


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Thursday, December 20, 2012

12-21-2012 - Maya Unmoved By Quacks, Flakes And Psychos Pushing The Armageddon Hysteria

There is no evidence from any ancient texts anywhere or from any credible science anywhere that we are going to see the world end tomorrow or in 2012.   (It is already tomorrow in parts of the world so I guess they have already disappeared or were killed by fire and brimstone in Tokyo, Mumbai and Shanghai.)  And, there isn’t even any legitimate mystical, metaphysical or spiritual knowledge pointing to the end of the world either.   

We can thank the Catholic priests who were part of the expeditions to the New World for what were essentially massive Nazi-style book burnings of Mayan codices, written texts and knowledge as they attempted to civilize the Mayan “heathens”.  And, to do so, they were hell-bent on destroying their culture, their civilization, their knowledge, their language and their identity.  We don’t really know a lot of what the Mayan knew except what has been saved by  word of mouth and the archeological hieroglyphs that remain because their libraries of knowledge were torched.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Illegitimate authority or the rule of man has always used terror, violence and control in an attempt to “civilize” or indoctrinate anyone with dissenting views.   Illegitimate authority fears diversity of any kind.  Especially diversity of the most powerful force in the universe, the human mind.   Bullying and indoctrination still remain common in modern society’s violent and predatory patriarchal culture.   Our kids learn this type of indoctrinated violence at a very young age.  Or, as George Bush said, “You are either with us or against us.”.  Booyah!  It’s time to open up a can of whoopass. 

Up until about fifty years ago, many people of color weren’t even considered human by illegitimate authority in some western societies.  So, oftentimes there wasn’t even an attempt to “civilize” so much as eradicate.   The only way the modern for-profit military-industrial complex is able to wage endless war and destruction around the world is by intimating a less “civilized” or even somehow inferior race or culture.    As George Carlin so aptly noted, “Now we only bomb brown people.”.   Has anything actually changed since the western power-elites destruction of Mayan culture and knowledge?  War and murder on a scale encouraged by the state requires some form of fear by manufacturing a boogeyman that is somehow different than us.   Somehow to be feared.  Nearly four hundred years ago the Mayan culture was associated with the devil.  Or, so it was perpetuated in order to create that boogeyman.   Today, that same boogeyman has been recreated as Muslims or others who are often portrayed as different are once again associated with evil, the devil or similar holy war intimations.  And, there are most certainly lunatics on the other side of this issue willing to fan the flames for their own self-interested megalomania. 

The only way any rule of man can gain its illegitimate power and control is through terror and fear.  And, the rest of us are left holding the bag either through being manipulated out of money or loss of our own power aka liberty in some way, fighting their endless wars, be they the economic wars of deregulated capitalism, or the literal wars of killing people we know nothing about or have no grievance against.    If we lived in a just, virtuous, compassionate, stable world ruled by law where all people who granted dignity and worthiness, predators, quacks, lunatics and psychos would never find a substantial following for their manufactured hysteria.   As noted on here before, these are signs of the times.  Signs of social collapse created by the rule of man just as was the case in the military, corporate and politically-created social collapse of post-WWI Germany.

This is why no man should ever have any authority over another human being.  Ever.  Period.  No exceptions.  Only, reasoned, just and transparent law is the legitimate authority in this world.   But we live in a world ruled by man who have bribed, manipulated and deceived their way into positions to distort and destroy reason and law.  We live in a dumbed-down Godless world of sameness and conformity ruled by true heathens who reject science, reason, liberty and human dignity.

This hysteria over tomorrow is all created by the vacuum that develops when a collapsing rule of law is filled with the terror, manipulation, deceit and exploitation of the rule of man.  Or, when there simply is no rule of law but instead the terror, manipulation, deceit and exploitation of the rule of man.  The tyranny of the self.  2012 histrionics are driven by people who are motivated by controlling and preying upon others through fear and terror for their own personal benefit, be it illegitimate power or money.  Just as has happened with the Mayan civilization nearly four hundred years ago.  Psychopaths, predators and lunatics.  It is simply another in a long list of timeless terror tactics used by an unstable perception of self for its own megalomaniacal benefit.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skyscraper Indicator Update And It’s Dependence On The “Doing Each Other’s Laundry” Economy

The Skyscraper Indicator has been discussed quite a bit on here.  And, China is now readying another monster building in its drive to urbanize its population with its Sky City half-mile high skyscraper as noted in the link at the bottom of this post. 

Back before the 2008 collapse, I highlighted this indicator a few times including the Burj Dubai as the modern day Tower of Babel.  Or, put another way, man’s modern day example of hubris of the ancient and prophetic allegory about man’s timeless stupidity.   And, true to form, Dubai’s real estate had one of the worst collapses in the world in 2008.  Frankly, in history.  That includes the Burj Dubai, what is now the world’s largest, mostly empty, most expensive, 2500+ foot tall observatory.   ie, A 2,500 fot tall boat anchor. 

Dubai’s Ponzi economy and debt bubble collapsed along with it’s real estate back in 2008.  This was consistent with the theme on here leading up to the 2008 collapse that the Middle Eastern oil fiefdoms were headed for a massive bust; a very, very lonely position as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other financial oligarchs spent billions increasing their presence in the region to serve the world’s perceived new super wealthy.  Obviously with American taxpayer backing.  How’s that working out for them?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.   It’s very likely when this system destabilizes again that the dollar rises violently and the world will no longer be able to afford petrodollar oil as dollar reserves around the globe continue their downward spiral.  Dollar reserves around the world are already shrinking again and that means nations will be begging for dollars as they did in 2008.  Just as we said they would before that crisis erupted.   That is why the Federal Reserve keeps extending dollar swap lines with central banksters around the globe.   You don’t get to wish the dollar to collapse based on hope as so many seem to use to determine where the dollar is headed next.  As I have said on here numerous times, the value of the dollar is determined by supply and demand dynamics not by wishing a corrupt nation to see its currency implode. Let the first virtuous nation step forward with their virtuous currency.  That figment of imagination doesn’t even exist.  All nations in today’s neoliberal world are wildly corrupt.  Iceland may be the exception given their crisis of massive fraud has created enormous change including a citizen-led rewriting of their constitution.

A violently rising dollar could ultimately prove bad news for oil prices just as it did in 2008.   The high price of oil is highly dependent on a global glut of dollars that were a result of American capitalism’s globalization Ponzi scheme.  When that scheme ends, and I can guarantee you it will as I have been saying for a long, long time, good luck to the House of Saud that could very well be toppled.   And, with it, possibly the petrodollar. 

Prices for oil are most certainly headed for collapse as we have noted on here time and again over the last seven plus years.  And, they could retest the 1998 lows of $10 a barrel; another long term thesis on here.   Yes, it was just a dozen or so years ago that oil prices were testing all time lows; something that many seem to forget when gasoline was 99 cents a gallon for a few months.  By the way, that $10 oil was signaling a coming collapse in the U.S. economy as has been noted on here.  That was courtesy of Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s destruction of the U.S. economy.   I have banged the drum very accurately on oil over the years and predicted the 2008 oil price bust, a downside target within a few percentage points of its ultimate 2008-2009 lows and the anticipation of it rising again as it has.    Next likely comes the bursting of the Peak Oil myth; another con of the fanatical mind. 

This economic cycle is rife with massive overbuilding and countless skyscrapers to the moon.  The real estate bubble is not a U.S. phenomenon.  And, it is not limited to housing.  It’s corporate & commercial space, retail space, etc.  The retail space in our nation is up over 500% per capita  versus 30 years ago.  That dynamic has created a non-living wage, benefit-less, less than forty hour per week, persistent-poverty-stricken, merchant-class corporate slavery for tens of millions of Americans; a direct result of the fraud in our financial and political systems driving the corporate state-induced hyper-consumerism bubble.   Or put more pointedly, we have a society where tens of millions of Americans live in perpetual poverty and underemployment because they are caught in the cycle of jobs that are effectively doing each other’s laundry as Henry Ford famously remarked.  

For the umpteenth time, a service-based economy cannot grow.  It cannot inflate its way out of debt.  85% of this economy is based on service jobs or jobs that are varying degrees of doing each other’s laundry.  Regardless of whether they require a college degree or not is irrelevant.  Our monetary-banking system does not match our economic system and nary a single person out that I see understands this simple mathematical fact.  Something must give.   That is either monetary policy or economic policy.  If not, the future will rectify this situation for us - if you would take away transfer payments, government debt spending and monetary inflating by the Fed, our GDP would not only shrink, it’s most revered participants would collapse under the weight of corruption in our financial,  monetary and corporate-political system.   More on that in my upcoming fiscal cliff post. 

One of the most egregious manifestations of the real estate bubble is the national building out of temporary storage facilities for Americans to store their endless supply of Chinese-made, Wal-Mart-sold junk.  Never in the history of humankind has any such hubris ever happened on such a massive scale.  Acquiring endless mounds of worthless shit for a promise to pay tomorrow.   It’s like Whimpy’s hamburger pledge on steroids courtesy of the manufacturer’s (China, Germany and Japan) endless funding.  You know, like America did leading up to the Great Depression.  It should be of no surprise that for the last seven years Wal-Mart has been reported as the future K-Mart on here.

In many ways I could explain how the global real estate bubble that has been growing for the last decade is a sign, not of global prosperity, but that the global trading system is and has been collapsing during that entire period of time.   Those who think with their eyes are deluded from a greater reality.  Unfortunately, there are far too few people who really appreciate how capitalism, capital formation and monetary economics are supposed to work and versus how they are actually working.   So, the vast majority of news, political commentary and financial-economic commentary in this space is limited to supreme ignorance and stupidity.  A sign of the dumbing-down of the United States by the truly idiotic corporate and political bureaucrats.

Gustave Le Bon wrote that the mob or the crowd takes on a mindset defined by the most ignorant and base mind in the crowd.  Politicians, Wall Street and corporate bureaucrats are, in fact, those ignorant and base minds given the illegitimate control and authority they have created for themselves over our media, our social values, our democracy and our economy.  They therefore define our media, social, democratic and economic values. 

When did we ever start believing bureaucrats were anything other than ridiculous?  When they grabbed control of the microphone and told us.  As the brilliant American philosopher Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”. 

China’s Sky City Skyscraper.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Modern Capitalist Society Collapse And The Increasing Spate Of Violence In Our Nation

This is a topic that has been discussed ad nauseam on here.  And, I want to revisit it given the most recent school murders by what was a very unwell young boy and his very unwell family and a very unwell community support structure.   In other words, we tend to lay blame on the perpetrator and perpetrator alone.  While he most certainly pulled the trigger, the issues go much deeper in the endless violence that plagues our society.  And, as a result, we all need to look in the mirror.

People who separate themselves from community and the cycle of life always have some level of emotional dysregulation.  People who are emotionally-unstable or have some level of emotional dysregulation cannot fully participate in the world around them.  They may be able to “fake it” for some hours or even days but eventually their dysregulation sends them back to “hide” to feed their obsessions, instabilities or other dysfunctional behaviors that are simply manifestations of an unstable perception of self.   Whether that hiding is literal or in some form of disconnect such as substance abuse or some form of self-abuse such as eating disorders or self-mutilation or some form of acting out through someone else such as prostitution or abuse, they are all simply reflections of unstable perceptions of self.  

The emotional dysregulation of the manifested self is the root of all evil in this world.  Evil that the self perpetuated against itself and the world around us.  And, I believe there is ample evidence, although prevailing science believes it is inconclusive, that all emotional dysregulation is placed there by someone else.  In other words, by others whose conditional love or abuse of authority was a result of their own fear and guilt and hence their own dysregulation.  Conditional love or abuse of authority that causes others to question their own worthiness.    These are most often caregivers who are really caretakers.  In other words, rather than giving, their instability and dysregulation takes from those they are responsible for protecting.   Or it is positions of trusted authority who use their positions of trust to prey upon children; such as pedophile priests, child molesters, child abusers, abusive parents, abusive siblings, abusive teachers and the like.  

As you read on, keep in mind that corporate CEOs and politicians often fit the profiles of people who use trusted authority to also prey upon and take from people and society. 

Because we live in a fear-based, capitalist society where vulnerability is preyed upon and exploited, this dynamic manifests itself much easier in the U.S. but it most certainly is not just measurable here.  Or put another way, the patriarchal, capitalist state perpetuates emotional dysregulation by labeling people who are vulnerable as weak or sissies or some level of unworthiness.  And, then preys upon and victimizes countless people.  That predation and victimization of the modern capitalist state starts early in childhood.  And, that dynamic often forces separateness upon people.  A perfect example is someone who wishes to work or contribute to society but is denied that right by not being granted economic opportunity or even a living wage.  This dynamic separates and destabilizes people who otherwise would be productive and giving members of society.  Another example might be the misogynistic and violent use of patriarchal advertising and corporate-manufactured media that makes women question their own worthiness because they they don’t look like corporate-manufactured, breast-enhanced, liposuctioned, bleached-blonde models on Baywatch.  And, then men in society fall prey to this message as well by comparing women to perfect, Photoshop-created idealizations of worthiness.   The violence of modern, patriarchal capitalist society is everywhere.

Modern capitalist society is collapsing for one simple reason; because it destabilizes the human condition.  And, being American society is the ultimate manifestation of selfishness, predation and exploitation of a patriarchal society that practices deregulated, Social Darwinistic capital and capitalism, it is experiencing some of the most measurable forms of human dysregulation and, therefore, some of the most measurable dynamics of society collapse.   I could write a book on this topic it is so pervasive and systemic.  

Mind you, emotional dysregulation is rampant in places like Wall Street and Washington.  This is where the unwell go to “regulate” their emotional dysregulation by seeking power and authority over other people.  It is a perfect environment for the emotionally-unwell to act out against others.  Our capital markets, being private and for-profit, rather than public and focused on democracy and human development, are a haven for unstable dysregulated types who act out through incredible power over society, rampant drug & alcohol use, prostitution, overt displays of obscene wealth and a very male-dominated predatory corporate world.   Gordon Gecko, an example of Wall Street emotional dysregulation that was glorified in the wildly corrupt 1980s, is nothing more than a predator in a system that glorifies predation.  The aforementioned behaviors above are patently obvious expressions of “acting out” by those who are suffering from severe emotional dysregulation.  Yet, these are the people who are labeled as successful and glorified by the corporate state.  The most evil in society are literally in charge in a deregulated corporate capitalist society with a private, for-profit capital system.  Evil has free reign.  And, as with all people who suffer from emotional dysregulation and act out, they never wish to take responsibility for their behavior.  Wall Street never took an ounce of blame for their decades of perverse and outright evil behavior.   And, neither has Washington. 

I’m not stating incontrovertibly that modern society created these most recent school shootings but I think we must explore this possibility.  Certainly there are other factors beyond modern society that creates emotional dysregulation but if you don’t appreciate how modern society manifests itself in the stability or instability of its citizens, you need to wake up.  This type of violence of our culture is everywhere from Wall Street to the war state to the police state to exploitative corporate advertising to the corporate exploitation of labor to the political violence used by parties to maintain authority and control of our government to the hyper-violent corporate competition to our hyper-violent foreign policy to the win-at-all-cost corporate and political culture of deregulated capitalism to the Social Darwinism perpetuated by elites and Wall Street and on and on and on.  And, that violence endorsed by the state manifests itself through a very misogynistic culture to incredibly violent sports to rampant school bullying to violent children’s video games to street gangs to organized crime to incredible violence against citizens in denial of our constitutional, food, social and economic rights/justice and on and on and on.  And, as I have noted on here many times, all of this violence is a reflection of the violent values of the state.   Our cultural values are defined by authority.   And, society reaps what it sows. 

This was a very unwell young boy involved in these school shootings.  This is a boy that, as long as he was under adult supervision, clearly should have been receiving emotional help.  I don’t know if he was afforded an opportunity to seek help but the initial family history doesn’t appear to support that he was.  How unfortunate it is for society that so many innocent children had their lives taken from them.  Whether it was shame on the parent’s part, or lack of money to seek the proper mental health services, or resistance on the boy’s part, or simply a wildly inadequate and wildly unresponsive mental health care system, we continue to pay the price with tremendous violent acts in our nation. 

So… what would have happened in this school shooting case if we lived in a society where worthiness was connected to vulnerability?  Where citizens were rewarded by sharing their innermost self with others.  Where sharing my guilts and fears and feelings of unworthiness were met with unconditional acceptance of my neighbors and community?  Where being weak and vulnerable and acknowledging I can’t do it all on my own were met with open arms and connection to my fellow man?  And, that I need help surviving in this world was met with an understanding and appreciation that we all need help and that help was granted to everyone?  What would have happened to this unwell young boy were he to have explored his inner dysregulation in a safe and accepting environment such as this?  We don’t really know.  But, there is a reasonable chance that his perceptions of self would have changed dramatically.  And, he would have started the journey of becoming who he was meant to become. 

Instead, he tragically murdered our society’s most innocent, our children.  And, in the process placed his own pain and dysregulation in the minds of countless others.  Pain and dysregulation that may eventually perpetuate itself into some future dysregulation or pain placed in the minds of even more people.   When is the cycle broken?  In modern, patriarchal capitalist society, it never is.   And, so the cycle continues.     

Today’s AP Story - Gunman's Mother Kept Trials From Home Life Hidden In other words, this clearly was avoidable in a caring and compassionate society that encouraged the proper human values.  You can pass gun laws from here to eternity, but it doesn’t solve the root issue that is plaguing modern capitalist society - it destabilizes the human condition. 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

LIBOR Manipulation - The Biggest Fraud In The History Of The World

And, every major bank in the world was likely in on it.  Good article.  Sickeningly so.  By the way, Alan Greenspan’s fingers are all over this for his neoliberal, completely bullshit belief system that banks and corporations would do a better job of regulating themselves than any democratically-controlled government agency.  Greenspan is was nothing more than an incompetent Soviet-style bureaucrat who believed the rule of man, corporate self-regulation, was superior to the rule of law of democracy. 

I will say this is not the biggest fraud in the history of the world as is remarked in this article.  The biggest fraud in the history of the world was the Corporate Personhood Supreme Court ruling 150 years ago that guaranteed we would some day end up a fascist nation and right where we are today.  As remarked on here before, at that time the Supreme Court was excluded from recent bribery laws that made buying politicians illegal for the first time in our nation’s history.  Yes, a surprise to most is that up until the mid 1800s, Washington politicians actually used to hand out cash on the floor of Congress as John Boehner does today.  And, just as today, do it legally. 

But, as Boehner remarks in the above video of him handing out corporate bribes, it’s not illegal.  Hahahaha.  "Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." -- Frederic Bastiat

So, it seems obvious that a way around this new legislation in the mid 1800s was to bribe the Supreme Court, still a legal act, to get an end around by legalizing political bribery of all politicians through an absofrickinglutely laughable Supreme Court decision that corporations are people - Corporate Personhood.   This opened the floodgate of corporate money and corporations created to funnel money into a fascist political system.  Once that happened, elites and corporations could legally bribe Congress and presidents under the corporation-granted rights of citizens to give money to political campaigns.    This dynamic ensured the Supreme Court remained stacked with corporation-friendly and Corporate Personhood-friendly judges.   You know, because corporation-bribed politicians picked the Supreme Court justices. 

And, you thought fascism was something we had to worry about becoming.   If you open your eyes, it becomes manifestly obvious that we have always been a fascist political system with democracy chafing underneath it.    Ever wonder why Common Sense progress is always such a struggle in this nation? ……………  Thomas Paine would most certainly be imprisoned by the corporate state.  Or, most certainly on a watch list of prospective terrorists.

That was the biggest fraud in the history of the world.  Bar none.  Then everything that flowed since in corporate fraud is a result of that landmark case with global implications.  Global implications because of how courts around the world use precedence and rulings in other nations to defend their own rulings.  So, it perpetuated a global corporatocracy we see today.  And, a major part of that was the legalized bribery of Congress in 1913 to pass the fascist Federal Reserve Act that outsourced democracy’s banking and money to private, for-profit criminal Wall Street fascist oligarchs.   The current Libor scandal and all of the other Wall Street frauds naturally flows from this.  Even if Libor is set in Britain, the original Corporate Personhood decision by the American Supreme Court  plays a pivotal role in its use today. 

We need a public banking and monetary system that serves democracy, democratic economics and human development.  Instead we continue to mound regulations on a criminal private, for-profit system that isn’t even consistent with democracy, democratic economics or human rights.   No amount of regulation will democratize private, for-profit banking. 

Washington, the whorehouse of whorehouses.

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CREW’s “Most Corrupt” Congressperson To Take Barney Frank’s Place On House Finance Committee

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update On Obama’s TPP Dystopian “Free Trade” And His Crown Jewel Of Taxpayer Investment, A123, Sold To Chinese Firm For Pennies On The Dollar

Obama’s business acumen maintains its AAA rating as his battery maker’s assets are sold in bankruptcy to Chinese firm for $250 million.  Chrysler is owned by the Italian firm Fiat, who received an Obama-directed American-taxpayer-funded handout and now the hybrid battery maker and Obama-directed American-taxpayer-funded handout recipient is owned by China.  Fisker received an Obama-directed American-taxpayer-funded handout for making cars in Finland.  They will almost certainly  go bankrupt at some point.  Tesla, another Obama-directed American-taxpayer-funded handout is burning tons of cash and will more than likely go bankrupt at some point.   That’s just the automotive industry.  Obama’s got plenty of other failures too including the political hot potato Solyndra.   Where is democracy’s bailout?   Soon, our democracy will be owned by everyone other than us.   Hey, look on the bright side.   That means our politicians can’t meddle with our employers if none of them are actually American.  And, maybe working for a communist is better than working for a fascist.  Can’t be much worse.   

The original U.S. government investment in A123 was to be $2.4 billion or as noted on here at the time, an almost unbelievable and massively incompetent $500,000 for each job that was supposed to be created in the U.S.   Anyone with a modicum of business sense knew this was a bad investment as was noted and mocked on here at the time.   But, a Chinese firm benefited from our endless political malfeasance and politicians distorting the employment and economic opportunity markets by picking winners and losers based on Ouija boards, payback and favoritism.  

I want to be on the corporatocracy’s handout welfare train.   I don’t know what the average welfare or unemployment benefit check is but a government check of $500,000 for each job at A123?  That is the bomb! albeit it isn’t anything compared to Wall Street corporate welfare handouts.   I think someone called in huge crony favors for that level of stench.   Is Obama accountable for this mistaken use of taxpayer money?  Of course not.  He’s Mr. President.  Our own modern-day self-appointed king who is above the law.  Our kings, who grace our presence in the oval office,  are not bound by written law.  And, when they are, they simply make up new laws on the fly that serve their unbounded ego motive  through unconstitutional executive orders.  Unconstitutional executive orders that grant them the power of unconstitutional war, unconstitutional murder, unconstitutional torture, unconstitutional spying, unconstitutional destruction of habeas corpus, unconstitutional spending other people’s money how they see fit and on and on.   Sound familiar?  Sounds like King George.  But the American people are held to account for every single mistake we ever make.  We are personally-responsible even when we have little, if any ability to directly impact our situation as slaves the the corporate state.  Even if those mistakes are a result of government and Wall Street corruption like in the housing bubble.  Can you imagine if you lost $2.4 billion dollars of other people’s money?  Or, $25 trillion as is the case with Federal Reserve handouts?  It would be time to stock up on a lifetime supply of soap on a rope. 

The Detroit News ran a story that the  Whitehouse is excluding Japan from the Asian TPP sham “free trade” talks.   You know, Obama’s secret TPP “free trade” agreement that grants corporations extrajudicial and extraconstitutional powers.  This exclusion of the largest industrial and financial economy in Asia from Asian “free trade” talks simply proves there’s nothing free about free trade.  It’s corporatism and corporate welfare handouts negotiated in secret to benefit the corporatocracy while destroying the American economy and American democracy in the process. 

The reason why Japan, the second largest industrial economy in the world and arguably the largest sustainable economy in Asia, is excluded from an American-rigged Asian “free trade” agreement is because their industrial corporations routinely eat what are often our financialized, MBA-incompetently-managed, state-welfare-propped-up, humpty dumpty, industrial  corporation’s lunch.   That is, whatever is left of our industrial economy.  And, their financial firms provide stiff competition for capital development in lieu of financial looting provided by Wall Street firms. 

Put more poignantly, American car makers have concerns about access to Japan’s markets as cited in this article.  Okay, let’s digress a little on this one. I have been to Japan and have close relationships in Japan.  Let’s take cars as the example used in this article as the basis for Obama’s exclusion of the largest industrial and financial economy in Asia from Asian “free trade” talks.   Japan’s streets and alleyways in cities, which is where almost everyone in Japan lives, are often tiny and very cramped.  Even their road working and construction equipment comes in  miniaturized sizes to work in alleyways and tight quarters.   And, they are a nation with no domestic natural resources so efficiency, quality and saving resources or miniaturization is a huge issue for all consumable markets.  ie, Consumables and durables are expected to last and to be made with as little imported resource as possible.  Additionally, their cars use right-hand steering systems.  Most importantly, from my experience, I believe they are the most discriminating consumers in the world.   They are informed, they are frugal and they demand incredible quality and service.  In other words, if you want to sell to Japan’s consumer, you’ve got to invest and earn their business.   It is possible.  There are American brands in Japan. 

So, when was the last time an American auto firm made a small, right-hand steering car designed to meet the Japanese consumer’s needs with quality comparable to that offered in their domestic market?  And, then invested in a parts and service distribution network needed to maintain those products on a national level?  The answer is never.  Not one single time.  Period.  GM did slap a right-hand steering column on an American-designed Yugo-quality kar made for American markets twenty years ago.  Then they tried, if you want to call it trying, to sell what was essentially a piece of shit to the Japanese consumer with no support and no service network.   Then when the Japanese consumers didn’t buy it, GM’s incompetent, financialized management bitched that they were being kept out of Japanese markets.   That is no joke.  And, it is not a mischaracterization.  I worked for GM and with the auto industry.  And while I post very infrequently about the industry now, I posted a lot of accurate remarks years ago including a foretelling of their coming bankruptcy and how they would rise again to be successful firms as they are now. 

GM should have gone to Procter & Gamble and asked them how they became a successful brand in Japan through effective brand & product management, marketing strategies targeted to the Japanese consumer’s needs & tastes and Japanese-demanded levels of service.   Or gone to Toyota who offered to teach them how to make and sell cars in Japan.  Haha.  How hilarious that was.  Instead GM quit.  They quit because GM was run by bean counters and financial idiots beholden to Wall Street’s financialization drive (financial terrorism of private, for-profit capital(ism)) and growing control over our industrial economy.  And, therefore, the executives at GM knew nothing about how to run an engineering & design company, let alone a consumer-driven and consumer-centric organization.   But they did know how to destroy innovation and industrial prowess and replace it with a culture of counting beans.  So, GM became a Soviet-style, financialized (efficiency-driven), systemically-incompetent monopoly living off of the gravy train of American political handouts, fleet sales, employee sales, government bulk vehicle sales and lack of competition at home.  You know, like all major corporations in this country today.   Especially Wall Street and financial firms looking to extent their monopoly and looting in the TPP agreement.  People participating in working markets create jobs.  Not corporations who actually destroy jobs. 

Here is the reality of our free trade agreements.  American free trade agreements are based on the premise of investor-class, financial looting using the world’s reserve currency to do so.  So, the only nations that need dollars, ie. the focus of our free trade agreements, that America’s investor class, corporations and financial looters would provide are patsy and corrupt nations.  Those are the sole focus of free trade agreements.  You know, like China and Mexico, two of the most corrupt nations on earth.  Any nation that is truly free on some level has already empowered their people and economy with their own national currency and their own financial system.  And, therefore, they don’t need corporatocracy dollars as provided by free trade agreements. 

Case in point is Japan.   Well, Japan needs petrodollars to buy energy because the dollar is required to buy oil on the global markets.  Today.  We shall see about the future.  But, they don’t need dollars to expand their domestic production, employment or investment.  Everything in Japan is self-funded.  Everything.  You know, like the U.S. used to be 200, 150, 100, 50 and even 30 years ago.  In the U.S. that form of economic democracy, self-determination and personal responsibility has been destroyed by the corporatocracy.  We beg for welfare and unemployment benefits funded by other countries.  We beg for others to buy our bonds, buy A123, buy our automakers, build our schools, pave our roads, pay for our wars, spy on our citizens, bomb the world into submission, FUND OUR DEMOCRACY and on and on and on.   Do you see how f*cking nuts this is?  How undemocratic this is?  How tyrannical this is?  How exploitative and predatory this is?  No democracy ever has to be reliant on the private savings of other nations, dictatorships, communist countries or even private, for-profit bank funding in their own nation.   This is unregulated/deregulated capitalism and it is tyranny defined.  The neoliberal state created equally by Democrats and Republicans.

So, my point is that we see these free trade deals are all based on exploitation.  Countries and markets that need dollars our corporations will provide them - courtesy of defeated American labor; thank you American politicians.  These countries need those dollars because their economy, financial systems and political systems are too corrupt or too tyrannical or both to generate their own wealth.  Do you see Japan, Germany or France signing these free trade con games that allow American corporations to loot, pillage and exploit?  Hahaha.   Canada is part of NAFTA and Australia is part of the TPP for what is one primary reason.   That is, their economies are so dominated by our corporations that including them in free trade deals simply extends American corporate hegemony and corporate rule.   Canada and Australia are already America’s 51st and 52nd corporate states.

These secret corporate state agreements destroy American labor, American democracy and American sovereignty.

We are getting exactly what we voted for and plenty of it.  And, that includes Obama’s acceptance of corporate funding for his inauguration celebration.   “Criticizing the move, the transparency watchdog the Sunlight Foundation said: “[President] Obama said unlimited donations sully our democracy, threaten public service, and weaken representation - and he has now chosen to embrace them.””

“Has chosen?”  His whole presidency is foundational to embracing the demands of the corporate state.   It’s nice to see the Sunlight Foundation has embraced reality.  Change you can believe in. 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

I never found the time to put this up and forgot about it. But think it important enough to highlight.  Do the ravages of inflammation caused by a destabilized mind-body connection, sugar, junk food and industrial food create plaque in the brain just as it does in our arteries?  I think one must consider this notion to be very plausible.  Or at least headed in the right direction.  Inflammation is inflammation and one must consider the sources of plaque to be the same. 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Small Business Hiring Intentions Lowest Since 2008 Collapse

It has been a while since I put anything up from Gallup.   This most recent data is a good reason to change that.  There is ample evidence this system is failing systemically.  And, the back end of the storm I said was likely here in March of 2012 has proven to be lurching upon us by many measurements since.  This Gallup poll on small business is simply the latest.   

Where did the tens of trillions of dollars go that the Fed pumped into this system since the 2008 collapse?  Money heaven is returning in 2012 according the the Mayan calendar.   Smile with tongue out 

By the way, of no surprise, the latest Gallup poll shows Congressional corporate-state dunces were barely nudged out by car salespeople as society’s most smarmy people.  But Congress handily beat car salespeople and all others in the most untrustworthy category.  I have to laugh at people who believe the American people are duped by the corruption and destruction of our nation.   I seldom meet anyone who isn’t well aware of what is going on to some degree. 

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Odds And Ends–Corruption, Secrecy and Deceit Remain The Driving Force Of The Corporate State and Its Latest Invention, Globalization

As you can see from these recent headlines, all is well in the corporate state. The mythical recovery is in full force as corporate state slavery continues to expand its injustices and tyranny ––>> the only option it has to avoid collapse.   More on that in an upcoming December “fiscal cliff” post.  There is no fiscal cliff.  Only the continued tyranny of deregulated, free market, private, for-profit capital(ism) that is killing democracy.

East German secret police sold its citizens to western pharma to be used as guinea pigs

Bradley Manning, the shredding of the Constitution, the police state and lost liberty

Natural gas fracking is poisoning our food supply and our citizens.  Noteworthy for the disturbing consequences of massive corruption of our government by corporate looters.

Obama’s unconstitutional meddling in Libya sends American weapons to extremist jihadists -  a lesson in humility for the timeless arrogance of incompetent, overreaching bureaucrats who create our enemies through their constant asinine decisions.

Senate passes $631 billion defense bill (Total police state/defense spending is somewhere around $1 trillion while record numbers of Americans rot in abject poverty.  Plenty of money to enslave the world in the military-industrial complex’s hegemony of unconstitutional, undeclared wars and murder.  No money for democracy.)

Leaked footage - NASA finds life on Mars

Corporate, industrial food, artificial sweeteners linked to leukemia and lymphoma  and obesity here

DuPont hires former cops as thugs to terrorize farmers. “The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the …. militia, jailers (law enforcement) …. etc.  In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones…. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens.” (by the state)

Are psychopaths in the workplace on the rise?  lol.  Does a bear shit in the woods?  As illegitimate hierarchy or the rule of man becomes a greater part of our society with the death of the rule of law, more psychopaths rise to levels of power as they are the most capable of stomping on the face of their fellow man to get there.

Department of Justice mysteriously ends Monsanto investigation

Deregulation of capital’s(capitalism’s) sinister consequence of global money laundering continues.  Noted on here countless times.

Institutionalized child abuse/terrorism condoned by state bureaucrats.  This is f*cked up.

RepubliKKKlan Congressman tells us we don’t need Social Security or Medicare.  I have a better idea.  We don’t need mafioso goons of the RepubliKKKlan and Dummycrat crime syndicates.

10 outrageous tactics cops get away with

Laser-pulsed transistors increase speed ten thousand times.  I had to throw in one noble virtue in the search for truth.

Wall Street criminals subvert Dodd-Frank (ObamaCare) Wall Street welfare law by routing derivatives Ponzi schemes through overseas units

Drug legalization, which I support, could be the worst thing for organized crime.  And, it would rid ourselves of the war on drugs that has granted well too much power to the police state to incarcerated countless Americans for victimless, nonviolent crimes rather than constructively empowering citizens to recover from addiction and become contributing members of our society.  And, it is often deregulated capitalism, an invention of the state, that has directly or indirectly destabilized many into these addictions.

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Friday, December 07, 2012

New Discoveries Of The Universe Continue To Baffle Science

This truly is a time of tremendous discovery for humanity.  Unfortunately, given the circumstances on earth, many people are not able to appreciate how substantial many of these discoveries are.   But those people too are experiencing tremendous discovery as failed belief systems are shattered left and right.  The endless amount of new discovery that is taking place in basic sciences clearly vindicates the absolute need for basic scientific research.  Basic scientific research with no profit motive, no product development or any other corporate state involvement.  Simply the untainted discovery and search for truth driven exclusively by our divine inquisitiveness.  

Our political masters have been on a corporatized mission to push all science towards a direction serving profit motive, product development, corporate capitalism’s benefit and other forms of control.  Especially since the Clinton-Gore presidency that truly unleashed the Godless corporate state.  If left up to the corporate state, all science and discovery will eventually be tainted by corruption, control and self-interest.   All science will become dystopian.  Instead of basic research and the nobility of the search for truth, we will see all science pointed in the direction of outcomes like GMO foods, artificial sweeteners, pharma drugging us to death, chemically-laced consumer products, poisoned food and water and other manifestations of for-profit, corporate capitalist-driven “science”.  Politicians have already tainted and hobbled NASA and, if left to their own vices, will eventually kill it. 

Publicly-funded science and the unfettered search for truth is a founding pillar of freedom and democracy.  Unfortunately, in the dumbed-down corporate state we even have proletariat “quasi”-libertarians like Ron Paul telling us that public-funding of science should be privatized into the corporate world.  Unfortunately, politicians, who always are seeking to subvert democracy, are now meddling with and have destroyed much of basic science and public science.  Anthropogenic global warming being a keystone or pillar to that statement.  

There are many people out there making a lot of money by telling people that 2012 is going to see a return of aliens or some new age leap in consciousness abruptly change humanity or life on earth.  I don’t discount any plausible or often even implausible possibilities about the universe if there is some foundational rationale.  But I think those perspectives are generally fantasies and delusions driven by the same dynamic that causes people to outsource their belief systems to institutionalized religion, institutionalized politics, institutionalized science and institutionalized corporations.   That is, our inner child is always seeking to relive its early life experiences in some attempt to heal itself.  And, we see those attempts to heal ourselves in the use of other people or external factors – saviors, politicians, careers, spouses, children, returning aliens, fantasies about a new age jump in consciousness, drugs, alcohol, food and on and on and on are often used in some failed attempt to heal our inner child’s wounds.    It is the same reason George Washington or the rule of man over law was proposed to be king of the United States.  And, the same reason why arrogance and megalomania allows modern day presidents to believe they are granted powers of kings beyond the rule of law. 

But, in the end, we must realize that only we can grant ourselves our own divinity to heal and free ourselves.  To grant ourselves our own worthiness.  ie,  Part of the human condition is that we are always looking for some type of external factor or external sign or external savior or external validation when all of those abilities truly only reside within us.  And, only when we grant ourselves these abilities will we become who we were meant to become and release ourselves of the bondage that seeking external validation and worthiness places upon us.  Peace and harmony are granted by conquest of our inner divinity over the endless sufferings of the manifested self including our inner child and their never-ending search for external validation.  Not by the returning of aliens, some divine event expected in 2012 and most certainly not by politicians and corporate-inspired slavery aka corporate careers and the institutionalized proletariat view of work and capitalism as some higher form of worthiness.  Not ironically, something that Jesus of Nazareth, Krishna,  Buddha and other great spiritual leaders clearly understood and embraced in their spiritual & mystical wisdom and teachings. 

That we have found water and organic matter on Mercury are consistent with previous scientific findings in the universe but they seemingly continue to baffle institutionalized perceptions of knowledge.

While we continue to find the organic building blocks of life throughout the universe, I think we must consider the possibility that for complex life as we know it, the earth is, in fact, the center of the universe.   I know how unpopular and how hilarious that statement might be given the unsubstantiated drivel that is pounded into our heads since childhood.  I could write a lengthy dissertation on why I believe this could be so, and it most certainly could be wrong, but no more wrong than other prevailing belief systems to the contrary pawned off as truth.  I’ll just remark as I have many times that the physical world most certainly is not as it seems.  I’m not certain of how the world or universe truly is but I certainly know how it is not.  And, I base much of that on personal experience rather than unsubstantiated, institutionalized conjecture and ideology taught almost to a level of incontrovertible fact. 

We already know that organic matter and water, as found on Mercury, is prevalent in the universe.  This has already been proven by science.  So, we already know either we come from the stars or the stars come from us or some variation of that statement.  And, given that fact, we must consider the possibility that the universe is itself alive and intelligently so.  It made you, a sentient and divine being, didn’t it?  Is it possible for something of no intelligence, the universe, to create something of unbounded awareness and intelligence, the human mind?  Or, could the universe itself simply be a manifestation of the human mind?  That statement is more plausible than one might consider at first blush.     

“Man is made by his belief.  As he believes, so he is.” – Bhagavad Gita

I believe, therefore I am.  We have to make our own reality by first believing it.  Everything in your perception of reality is first made so by believing it to be so.  You make the world in which you live by believing it.  Illegitimate power and authority fears nothing more than the power of the human mind.  Since the beginning of time, illegitimacy has continuously tried every conceivable method of extinguishing the power of the mind including endless war, fear, propaganda, predation, victimization, murder and violence.  There truly is no greater power or energy in the universe than the human mind.  Your mind.  And we still have absolutely no idea of its ultimate power or even what it really is.  Every single advance in society, human dignity, human decency, science, art, literature, music and other forms of divine expression were first the dream of a single man or woman.  We truly do live in a dream world.  And individual expression is the only way those dreams will ever continue to become a greater reality.  We have to make our own freedom and a better world by first dreaming and believing it is possible.   It most certainly is more than possible.   The divinity contained within the human mind must ultimately make it come true. 

There most likely is no one coming to save you or me in 2012 or any other time.  There is no one to save you from your self.  You are the one you have been waiting for.  Each of us divinely has the gift of higher power processing that uniquely grants us the ability to love without condition by connecting to another sentient being and to do so knowingly, consciously and with intent.   Or, the flip side, for the manifested self to deny another sentient being connection, love and acceptance and to do so knowingly, consciously and with intent.  If you want to change the world, change yourself by seeking the journey of connecting to your own inner divinity and its unbounded energy.  By eschewing the endless search for external validation and false answers provided by someone else.  End the rationalizations and lies you tell yourself by embracing your own journey over that of the Godless corporate state.   Create a better world by dreaming it to be so and then actualizing that world through your mind’s unlimited abilities to create a greater reality.

Voyager finds new energy highway at the edge of the solar system

NASA’s NuStar platform catches black hole eating snack

Giant black hole could upset galaxy evolution models

Black hole jets may be molded by magnetism

And, finally, water and organic matter found on Mercury (With this discovery of massive amounts of water on Mercury, trillions of tons just at the north pole, a planet with an extremely weak - almost nonexistent atmosphere, and with flowing water on the moon Europa, I think we can now expect to eventually chuck the prevailing theory on where water originally came from on earth. And, as part of that, we most certainly must question prevailing theory on how and and possibly why complex life, requiring water and organic matter, started on earth. Complex life is the result of an unknown, unseen energy that science simply cannot explain. And, that energy is seemingly specific to earth. Frankly, it’s very plausible that matter as we perceive it, simply doesn’t even exist.)

How can anyone call themselves a scientist or seeker of truth and believe a simple-minded planetary model of essentially air temperature can be accurately described by simply measuring atmospheric carbon levels when the most powerful sources of energy impacting our planet aren’t even factored? Carbon is not an independent variable. These models aren’t consistent with the laws of physics or the laws of thermodynamics. But then climatologists don’t have a strong foundation of fundamental sciences in their education. These people are simply another set of clowns trying to pawn this junk politicization of science off to the rest of us. And the herd instinct and outsourcing of beliefs of those who follow politicized science as a subset of politics itself is very intense. So, the search for truth becomes a popularity contest driven by the timeless untruths of social factors rather than true discovery. These junk models are just like the junk Wall Street “scientific” models that firms spent billions creating that blew up in 2008. And we said they were going to blow up. It’s not too ironic that I hold the same position with junk climatology.

Our world and our solar system are most certainly changing, and they are changing substantially as noted on here in many posts, but it isn’t because of the nonsensical notion of human-created carbon emissions. The sun, earth, planetary moons and all planets are being impacted quite substantially and measurably so.

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