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China, The BRICs and Emerging Markets Continue To Teeter On The Precipice - Part One

The world is once again warming up.  Moody’s just downgraded the outlook for the health care industry to negative (No doubt because of Obamacare regardless of spin to the contrary.  A failure of this system would be a good thing in the long run.  In a bout of irony, Obama, in his endless central-planner’s arrogance, has likely provided the impetus for that to happen.), the U.S. has another debt ceiling issue coming up, China’s massive bubble is teetering with a potential major default and emerging market economies, currencies and financial markets continue to be under extreme pressure. 

I’m going to break this subject into multiple posts for readability.  Let me start with some background necessary for the next post.   You may wonder how any of this is relevant to the title of this post but it most certainly is.   The content below is necessary to appreciate the next post.   If the topic of the global economy interest you, bear with me.  You will certainly see the direct realities of today’s global economy and an update on its collapse by understanding this post in relation to the next.  It will make the world so much clearer than most people have probably ever seen it.  Onto the post…..

Communism varies from state to state.   It takes on local prejudices, traditions and factors as does all state violence.  That includes the manifestation of state violence that is class-based corporate capitalism.   Today’s communist China and the former communist Soviet Union are two very different manifestations of communism and state violence.  As noted on here in past posts, the competitive rivalry between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was driven primarily by differing economic ideology and the western capitalism plutocracy’s attempt to maintain its system of class. 

Class-based, western capitalists vehemently despised the classless Soviet economic system.  Why is that?  Was it the subjugation of the human spirit that state-forced communism created?   Well, that’s quite dubious since corporate capitalism uses many of the same methods to achieve a similar end.   There are two glaring reasons why the people in the west were fed so much hate-spewing propaganda about the Soviet Union.   Mind you, there was plenty to fault about any repressive and brutal system of control including communism.   But, then ask black, minority and poor Americans,  single parents or countless others about the repression and brutality of western capitalism with Robber Barons, slave labor, ghettos (state-created concentration or internment camps), child labor, corporate brutality, endless state violence used to enforce this unjust class-based system, etc.   Ask those on the African or Asian continent about European corporate capitalism and its effects over the last three hundred years.  How many tens of millions of people died directly or indirectly because of the corporate state?  That doesn’t even include its endless wars driven by the need for more that murdered millions more.   How many have suffered under the violence of the corporate capitalist state?  The violence of western capitalist “democracies” certainly compares to Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, communist China or other equally despotic forms of statism in its exploitation of resources, people and the planet.   

The two glaring reasons for such a hatred in the west of the Soviet Union were -  1)  It was a threat to class-based corporate capitalism, especially in western Europe.  The Soviet Union proved that class was not needed for society to create its own wealth, its own capital and its own modern, industrial society.  In other words, the Soviet system exposed the class-based predators at the top of corporate capitalism and private capital as being moochers and parasites rather than necessary for the survival of the species or the survival of any economic system.  Let alone a democratic one.  And, 2)  because the Soviet Union created its own wealth, there was no need for class-based, private foreign capital in its development.   That means class-based, foreign private capital was shut out of the Soviet Union.  It is the plunder of class-based, private, rent-seeking foreign capital that has allowed the western capitalist aristocracy to loot and pillage foreign lands for the last three hundred years.   It is this looting and pillaging that has allowed class-based, corporate capitalism to survive.   The Soviet Union threatened the very survival of that system for without an ever-greater ability to loot the world, the capitalist aristocracy would collapse.

Up until the last one hundred-odd years, that class-based looting and pillaging was primarily the exclusive domain of western European class-based, corporate capitalist societies and the lords, kings, queens and aristocratic families who used state violence to achieve their plunder and power.   You know, the same class-based, plundering, war-mongering, predatory, exploitative criminals we fought a Revolutionary War against.

Now, some may argue that the Soviet Union provided the  boogeyman needed for the corporate military-industrial complex to survive and thrive.  And, I have actually written of this truth in the past.  But, the military-industrial complex is really part and parcel to the two reasons cited above.   The military-industrial complex is simply an extension of corporate capitalism’s class-based state violence.

It is dubious that the threat of the Soviet Union was to freedom and democracy.  If humanity were truly free in class-based, western corporate capitalist societies, no competing form of socioeconomic system or forms of violent statism could ever threaten that freedom.  If I am truly free, what is the appeal of being subjugated under a dumbed-down, forced equality in every aspect of our being that is state communism?  Meh.   A free mind is able to appreciate the stillness of being rather than the want of power and control that is the basis for any form of state violence including communism or corporate capitalism.  

The reality is communism propped up corporate capitalism and vice versa.  Both would have almost certainly collapsed long ago without one propping up the other.  The existence of both provided a false meme that allowed both systems to maintain control.  The Soviet Union controlled the masses by instilling fear of the United States in its people and vice versa.  This fear, nothing more than another manifestation of state violence, assured that the masses conformed to supporting the power of the state while subjugating their own rights and freedoms in the U.S., Europe and the Soviet Union.  This false meme is the exact same one that props up the illegitimate Democratic and Republican Parties in the U.S.   That is, a society is kept ignorant and often stupid by accepting the same fear-based memes perpetuated by the two political parties in our nation.  Memes used to divide the masses who are unwilling to think for themselves and, in the process, take responsibility for their fears while the state benefits at our expense. 

I don’t want to get off track here so back to the Soviet Union.  The European royal families and private capitalist power structures maintained their control over Europe long after they lost the political battle to some form of democracy or republicanism.  But they maintained what mattered most.  That is, private banking, private money creation and private capital.  These economic forces then allowed kings, queens, birthright privilege and the long lineage of family power to maintain its grip on European states.  In corporate capitalism and the corporate state, private for-profit capital is only subservient to the force of the state.   In other words, human rights and freedoms are subjugated to class-based, private, rent-seeking interests that, combined with state violence, have always controlled much of western Europe since the advent of kings and lords.  Always.     

For all of its warts and murdering state violence, the Soviet Union proved that humanity doesn’t need class or a privileged aristocracy to subjugate us to any system of predatory surplus value and rent extraction to create wealth for people or a nation.  Mind you, there were hundreds of trillions of dollars and class-based power beyond imagination at stake in making the Soviet Union a boogeyman. (In today’s dollar terms.)  Do you think that was worth killing for?  Worth going to war for?  Worth exploiting the masses or destroying democracy for?  Maybe you don’t but it certainly is for those of class rank and privilege.  It is the only reason war has ever existed.   It is the only reason the state exists.  War exists to serve class and violence is the state’s reason for being.  Combining the two is what we call free market corporate capitalism and the corporate state.

Even with all of its imbalances and internal contradictions, including butchering tens of millions of its own people, the Soviet Union was still one of the wealthiest, advanced nations in human history.  At least as determined through the eyes of statism.   Through statism because all of that wealth was not created for its citizens but for the violent force of the state.  Yet none of that wealth was created by an aristocratic, class-based predatory system of private capital but by domestic, classless, public capital.   As an aside, it also wasn’t created by the nonsensical concept of “savings” as so many economic idiots in today’s system believe is a necessary component to creating wealth.  Hence the endless boogeyman of America being broke, and thus having to accept the capitalist aristocracy’s forced austerity.   The U.S. is far from broke.  It is wildly wealthy.  Money is not wealth as I have noted ad nauseam.   Money is an institution of the ego or a system of control.  More lies and bullshit from the corporate state aristocracy.  

The Soviet’s wealth was created by bootstrapping.   The Soviet Union created its own wealth by educating its society and embracing a crash program in science and the monetization of science employed to build a modern, industrial society.   Now, what they may have created was a dystopian society, but there is a pony in here beyond dystopia.  You should be able to clearly recognize it.   

The Soviet Union is one of the very few societies in the last few hundred years that has created its own capital essentially out of thin air.   Because reality is that humanity is the source of all capital.   Not rent-seeking aristocratic predators who mooch off of society’s productive people and engage in parasitic, renter activities.  That reality of private, class-based capital being unnecessary, exposed by the Soviet Union, is a major threat to the existing power structures that have dominated the world for hundreds of years. 

Of course, the most well-known society to create its own capital during this time was the United States.   The Soviet Union and the U.S. achieved their ends through different means although both were bootstrapping efforts.  There certainly is some overlap involved as well.  The U.S. originally achieved this through the embrace of the natural talents of human expression and a free mind’s innate desire to create and produce.  In other words, through state force and violence being too limited to stop people from being naturally-productive.  Yes, that included some degree of science and education.  But, in our society, dictates of forced state education and capitalist/communist corporate work weren’t the primary factor in the creation of our nation’s capital.  It was the free and natural talents of people who then expressed themselves through craft, creativity, invention and production.  Free and natural talents that aren’t always “improved” through more state-based education.  

Free and natural talents are often subjugated and beaten down by the aristocracy and corporate power as has generally been the case throughout “civilized” European history.   Just as they were in the Soviet Union.  There is absolutely no way corporations can extract or exploit, for profit, the unique abilities of all people.  Especially when those abilities are focused on improving our individual lives and our local communities rather than corporate rent extraction and profit.   So, the only method of survival for the corporate state is suppression and subjugation of human expression, talent and merit; dumbing-down citizens through corporate state force.  That is, human freedom is a threat to class-based corporate capitalism just as it is in communism.  Communism and corporate capitalism makes us stupid.

At some point that all started to change very substantially in our nation.  Corporations and class came to dominate and enslave people through the force of the state as they always have in Europe; the reason why millions fled Europe for the New World.   We really don’t have a clear view why.   Was it European aristocratic meddling in our politics?  Because the American model of freedom was certainly a threat to their class-based corporate states.  Was it foreign banking interests?  Was it the American wealthy aristocracy that had a desire to create a European-type class-based society to protect their power?  Or, was it just the age-old evils of greed, power, money, control, etc  that arise any time there is an opportunity for control and exploitation?   We have a limited view of reality.   But, in reference to the Soviet Union, the U.S. has always been a relatively uneducated society as defined by state-based education.  Throughout most of our history, we have had low graduation rates.    Is state-based education, or lack thereof, really the driving factor in our failure in our society to “compete” as Obama and other neoliberals would have us believe?   Is that why our cities often look like war zones?   Because we can’t compete?  Meh.   Who said we had to go to economic boot camp, more and more of today’s universities, to learn the skills of economic warfare to compete on behalf of our corporate masters?   Why must I compete for my own economic freedom?  For a meal on my plate and a roof over my head?  Isn’t that a paradox?   I’m quite certain our society has the skills we need to survive, even thrive, although those certainly may not be the skills our corporate masters wish us to have. 

We certainly don’t want an ignorant, uneducated society but who said getting a college degree to serve your masters isn’t a form of ignorance?  Universities were not founded as boot camps for corporation.  They were founded upon the free exchange of liberal democratic ideals and the search for knowledge and truth. 

Regardless, the evidence of not being “educated” as the reason why the U.S. socioeconomic system is collapsing, and it is collapsing, and why real unemployment and underemployment is probably around 100 million people, is far from compelling.  Frankly, it can be easily disproven.  In other words, Obama and the U.S. aristocracy that continually batter us with false memes that we aren’t “competitive”, and thus are doomed to be underemployed and unemployed is pure bulloney.   What skills do these bureaucrats have that we don’t?  Please do tell.  Lying?  Manipulating?  Fast talking?  Deception?  Selling out?  I’m bored with hearing that we aren’t smart enough or educated enough so tens of millions are forced to live in squalor while often ignorant or very “average to below average skilled” corporate and political bureaucrats live like royalty.   These memes are nothing more than manipulation or ignorance themselves.   That should be of no surprise.  Those in our society that perpetuate this system of class and injustice are often the most “educated” or credentialed while being the most ignorant and incompetent. 

The intent of Soviet educational programs was substantially based on defeating the west through technological superiority.  Both sides saw the differences between the west and the Soviet Union as a competition of  ideologies.  One set out to defeat the other and vice versa.  A competition that exploited and subjugated the masses to win their statist economic and political wars.   In the process both were really nothing more than  examples of state violence that subjugated people to a dumbed-down system of control.  By the way, I would argue that the same state violence as it pertains to education is now at work in the U.S. today.  That the U.S. corporate state seeks to subjugate its citizens into a forced educational system that serves the power of class, private capital and the corporate state rather than serves the needs of its citizens, freedom or our communities.   Just like the Soviet Union.  And, the fact that we now herd masses of people into the corporate state university system as a requirement for economic survival is not a sign of an enlightened, aware, educated society but rather a sign of  mainstream ignorance perpetuated by class-based beliefs.    How’s that working out for you? 

Class and bureaucrats, aka moochers and parasites, love “educational” credentials.  Even if you may actually not be learning anything of value to your journey.  Well, other than how to conform or serve your corporate masters.  I’m certified in this or degreed in that.  They love credentials because they offer little else in the form of creativity,  industriousness,  inventiveness or other forms of human expression.  So, they value pieces of paper rather than merit.  We certainly need education of some form for those working in the sciences, medicine and some other fields, be that on the job or university or self-taught is really irrelevant.  But we are the most credentialed society in history.  You need a certification or degree to blow your nose.   It is no coincidence that we are also the most incompetent.   By the way, shoving more and more people through the university system requires that we relax standards.   Credentialed in no way, shape or form should be confused with competent.   Credentials have replaced merit in the dumbed-down corporate state.  

The Soviet industrial economy experienced far greater growth rates than the U.S. for most of its existence. It certainly wasn’t a lack of growth or the bureaucrat’s love of efficiency that led to its failure.  But, that growth was primarily for the benefit of the state power as opposed to the benefit of a free society.  The masses were turned into dumbed-down, anonymous conformists assimilated by the Soviet Borg - take note free market corporate capitalists.   85% of the employment in the U.S. produces no wealth.  Instead, these are rent-extracting, assimilation Borg jobs endorsed by the state and used by capitalist power structures to loot and pillage our society’s public coffers, it’s wage slaves and the world.   Beyond that, the vast majority of jobs in our society are useless jobs made up to take the place of collapsing capital-creating employment.   They are capital-consuming jobs.  That is, the mythical doing-each-other’s-laundry service economy that enslaves our society to endless poverty wages and dumbed-down consumerism, aka endless spending, to keep this Ponzi Scheme going.  

The Soviet Union failed due to its basic structure, a system of state violence and control, and all of the associated internal contradictions.  Just like those that have always existed in class-based corporate capitalism.   And, without a new boogeyman, the corporate state is going to fail.  That attempted boogeyman of terrorism and the trillions of dollars spent waging wars on invisible enemies and spying on all of humanity is waning.  So, who’s next?  Well, long time readers will know the next boogeyman is China.   it must be a large enough and formidable enough enemy to consume the resources and attention of this monstrosity.    Mind you, with regards to the above comments about corporate capitalism propping up communism and vice versa, communist China too would have failed were it not for the temporarily habitation or propping up of corporate capitalism.  You know, just like Nazi Germany.  More on that in the next post. 

In closing, and mildly off topic with regards to the next post, it kind of makes you wonder.  Or, maybe it should.  Kind of makes you wonder why class-based European capitalist states allowed the introduction of unions into their societies.  And why they granted reasonably liberal social programs to society.   Was it really out of the goodness of their predatory and victimizing hearts?  Or, was it a fear of classless Soviet communism being right next door?  And if they didn’t bend on providing basic dignities and living wages to their wage slave citizens,  that communism would walk right over to western Europe and sack class rank, title and birthright privilege that is the corporate state?  

Well, we certainly can safely assume it wasn’t goodness that made them see the light of giving just enough to their chattel to ameliorate them.  Because the European aristocracy continued to plunder and murder tens of millions of people in Asia and Africa colonized under their subjugated, class-based corporate state rule.    Kind of makes you wonder why the European capitalists are now in the process of unraveling all of those “gains” made by the “little people” in their societies.  Well, the easy explanation is that class-based, corporate capitalism and the corporate state possibly believes it has reached a level of hegemony with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the capture of Chinese communism by western, foreign, class-based for-profit capital.  In other words, with no potential threats to capitalist power, there is no reason to pretend to be good and decent human beings.  They can be who they really are.  That is, pathological, evil, parasitic plutocrats. 

It also makes you wonder what forms of treason are possibly at work in our nation.  Is the destruction of the United States democracy and its ability to create its own capital seen as necessary by the Old World European corporate state aristocracy?  And, did European parasitic predators play a role in the failure of our nation because it was a threat to their very existence?   Or, is it just the plain old power-mad delusions of ambition and ego that our society has always embraced to varying degrees?   Regardless, remember this.  Class-based, corporate capitalism is an invention of the European feudal system of class, title, kings, lords and birthright privilege.  It is no more American than communism.  And it clearly is not democratic economics.   In fact, we fought a war to ride ourselves of our European capitalist masters.  That was indelibly imprinted in the minds of Americans for quite a long period of time.  Which is a major reason why we resisted being drawn into the European aristocracy’s endless wars of profit. 

Yet, somehow our society has been brainwashed into believing the corporate state, its endless wars, it’s endless creation of misery for the masses and its propping up of a predatory, pathological class is part and parcel to our nation’s founding and to our democracy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   Our founders were highly suspicious of the concept of permanent corporations and corporations in general given their experience with European kings, class, private for-profit capital and their looting corporations. 

Here is what we do know as fact.  When the European aristocracy lost their political control to the masses, they were able to cling to what really mattered.  That is, the rich families, royalty and aristocracy of Europe held onto their economic empires through corporate capitalist control and through private banking/money creation.  That has allowed their illegitimacy to survive.   Has allowed class to survive in democracy.  We call it free market corporate capitalism.  A system where the subjugated masses have to compete under the guise of wage slavery against the most inhumane and oppressive examples of state violence in the world today.  That includes China. 

Onto the global economy update in part two.

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Queen Of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

Every once in a while I ramble on something that many people probably view as meaningless and bizarre.  That’s okay.  I actually received the motivation from this post this afternoon by unexpectedly hearing Sounds of Silence for the first time in ages.  I’m going to push the envelope again with regards to a very important topic; Colony Collapse Disorder.  Bee populations has long been something discussed on here.  There is a reason for that and I’ll go there through this circuitous post.  When it comes right down to it, no one knows for certain what is causing Colony Collapse Disorder.  Pesticides, mites, virus and other causes have all been implicated at one time or another. 

Every example of complex life is an ecosystem unto itself relying on the connection of millions and billions of living micro organisms and organisms.   That we see so many ecosystems in some form of crisis or collapse, including the human one, is very telling.   Something is happening to our world and it’s far more profound than an economic recession as many would have us believe.  We just don’t understand because we don’t have the knowledge of what exists beyond the ego’s limited perceptions.   If you are willing to open your eyes and consider something beyond your existing belief systems, we are possibly witnessing mutation, and possibly even evolution, on a massive scale.  Science tells us that life adapts and changes over long epochs and ages.  But, the data does not appear to support such a belief.  The forces of life are often violent.   It appears to be closer to reality that we see massive evolutionary changes to both our planet and to the natural world in very short periods of time.  Periods that are too short to capture in the evolutionary record.     

One might expect that such a possibility of change would start at the lowest and simplest forms of life.   That includes the organisms that might be responsible for collapsing bee populations.  Some in science hypothesize that viruses, bacteria and other simple organisms are, in fact, the building blocks of life rather than something to be erradicated.  We are gaining a much greater appreciation of this now that humanity and all complex life is being found to be more virus, fungus and bacteria than actually what has traditionally been classified as human or mammalian or whatnot.   It certainly is possible that the mutation of the simplest forms of life results in the mutation, adaptation or even evolution of more complex life.  We cannot be certain what is happening to bee population is beyond our limited perceptions with a far greater purpose. 

One cannot deny that in this very moment, life is mutating very rapidly.  Whether that is the natural response to man’s overuse of herbicides in the form of new super weeds or collapsing frog populations, or the increasing rise of mutated bacteria resistance to drugs, to the rise of mosquito populations that are becoming resistant to decades of successful suppression, or the superbugs that seem to possibly be infesting bees or whatnot.   Not only are simple forms of life possibly mutating, but it may actually be the hosts or higher orders of life itself are mutating.   Thus allowing for many of these changes to occur.   What is happening to the bee populations could be classified as an ecosystem change.  There are many variables we simply don’t understand.  We often believe we know the reasons behind these changes but do we really?   For mutation or changes to take place, energy must be involved.   What is that energy causing these mutations?  We certainly know that gamma radiation is one such source of that mutation.  And, as noted on here many times, we are experiencing massive blasts of gamma ray radiation never before measured coming from both our planet and from the cosmos.  That includes from the Orion constellation that NASA has uncovered and as posted on here in the past.   It might be of interest to recognize that the Orion constellation was known as the Son of Man in ancient times.   Now, don’t allow your mind to wonder too far in what I may be saying.    I doubt I’m stating anything that you may be thinking.  I’m simply stating that the ancient texts pointing to the return of the Son of Man may have more profound and even cyclical connections than those recognized by modern man.  Open your mind to possibilities beyond those you can see, touch, hear or taste in the appreciation of the true realities of science.  

True science comes from the same place as art, literature and music.   It comes from the depths of the human mind.  True science is magical and mystical in its origins.   The dirty little secret that many in society don’t want us to appreciate is that science is a manifestation of our own divinity.   Science is as spiritual as art, literature, music and other expressions of our own divinity.   Throughout history, the greatest scientists almost always appreciated an intuitive higher meaning in life.   That modern corporate capitalist society has played the primary role in attempting to kill science should be of no surprise.  We could have predicted this when they killed God or the divine life force of the universe . 

"Fools" said I,"You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach you."
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed
In the wells of silence

We could have predicted that all forms of human individuality and expression would follow the wells of silence that has marked the death of our divinity.   Our true expression and our divinity are one in the same.  And, they are a threat to class-based authority and the power of the state.  Whether that is art, literature, science, any form of free thought or free expression or whatnot.   That is, unless it is class or state-sanctioned human expression as was so popular with the Nazis and communists. 

Inner truth and the search for it, of every kind, is dying in a world that seeks to control every aspect of our existence.  That seeks to tell us what to think rather than teaching us how to think for ourselves.   A world that forces us into conformity and suppresses our divinity through the exaltation of the illegitimate authority of man. 

Inner truth is the only thing we actually know to be real.  Yet, the corporate state, through its endless use of violence, most importantly psychological violence, has effectively removed any internal locus of control or internal locus of discovery and replaced it with the mindless existence of a society told what to think.  People who are controlled in nearly every aspect of their existence.   Our divinity, individuality and our natural gifts, of which everyone has many, have been suppressed or killed, and replaced with that of controlled and contrived mindless workers and consumers to serve a meaningless, dumbed-down existence for our masters.   This truly is the Idiocracy.   

True science is proven true to varying degrees by its ability to predict outcomes time and time and time again.   We can’t observe gravity directly.  But we observe its effects.  And, the theory behind gravity has been proven time and again through predictable outcomes.   We witness those outcomes and the theory of its existence has never failed.  Not once.   Is gravity real?   lol…   No one knows.  But the theory holds true until a better one comes along.   

The same could be true of what we see around us today including colony collapse disorder.  We are witnessing the outcomes of some force or energy that we cannot see or experience through our known senses.   Just like gravity.   What is that energy?  Every change is associated with energy.  Whether that is bee populations or drug-resistant bacteria or the collapse of corporate capitalism.   Are all of these events random?  Without intelligence?  Or are they neither?  Does anyone really know?  But as Einstein noted, “God does not place dice.”.  In other words, randomness and/or probabilistic perceptions of reality certainly are likely to nothing more than our ego’s limited views of what is and isn’t real.  What is and isn’t true.  One reason why many of our perceptions of quantum physics are certainly dubious as a science.  Shaky theories mounded on top of new shaky theories to build a contraption that has much in common with a Rube Goldberg machine.   Why are existing conclusions about global warming and colony collapse disorder, to name just two of countless examples,  really not providing us the truth and understanding we are looking for? 

Intuition and instinct may have already alerted you to just such a possibility of something beyond our perceptions happening this cycle as you witness countless unexplainable or even disturbing events.  Are bee colonies experiencing collapse because of man and his arrogance?  Possible.  Or are bees experiencing colony collapse for the same reasons modern corporate capitalist society is experiencing a similar type of “colony collapse disorder”?   Science really has no idea but I find the two to be eerily similar.   The magical and mystical forces that drive our mind’s discovery of science has yet to uncover these forces, be they the same or different.  And, is a major reason why that may not have happened because of the mangling and even often destruction of science?  And, associated with it, the ego’s destruction of our divinity?  Or, of a divine life force?  Possibly even the ego’s destruction of God?   Who knows. 

Where am I going with this?  Well, multiple places but I’m tiring of typing and have some other things to do yet this evening.  So, let me just say that I have just given a prime reason you should listen to your internal guidance.   You should think for yourself and learn to trust yourself.   And, most importantly, learn to be still and listen to the answers that come from inside of you.  To learn to listen to the sounds of silence.   It is this very environment and its glaring unknowingness that reinforces why you should always trust your own compassionate, loving internal guidance.  Or, your own divinity.   And that means to quit listening to others who have come so close to destroying humanity time and again.   That is, the illegitimate rule of man.  No one knows more about you or more about what you need than you.  Incorporating positive shared experiences from others into your internal guidance system can lead to a much more rewarding human experience.  But in the end, your journey is your own and no one knows what is best for you better than you.  And no one knows what is best for your neighbor than him.  Maybe that is the intent of this environment.  Maybe that is the intent of the experiences we are all accumulating through this massive global awakening. 

The Queen of the Sun documentary is available to watch at no-charge.   The documentary link is here.  It’s free until February 1st.

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Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere Bubbles.

The first chart attached below of American Express, a poster-child renter capitalism stock.  There are three bubbles in the chart.   All three of the bubbles were created by deregulated private, for-profit capital and their distortion of our monetary and economic system.  The first starts in the 1995 pivot date that I have remarked many times is integral to my analysis; 1995 started the blow off top in the U.S. economy and in asset prices.   Although I have remarked of what triggered that, the collapse of Japan’s economic and asset bubble, I’ll be posting more details in the future.   Bill Clinton did not leave the presidency with a great U.S. economy.  He left it in shambles and is responsible for the collapse George Bush presided over.  Enough of the ignorant partisan nonsense that drives our dumbed-down left-vs-right political theater.

The last bubble on the Amex chart is far and away the largest.  That is corroborated by the follow on charts.   They are just a sampling of equities reaching all-time highs before this past week’s weakness.  

Because this bubble has been building for 35 or more years, and that is such an extended period of time, society and people have become habituated to the economic ignorance and corruption created by the class-based capitalist and corporate state predators that drove it.  Entire belief systems are now based on socioeconomic immorality and corruption that is now mainstream within the economic and social circles of people who are generally economically-successful during this time.  (Be sure to click on this link.  Carter is a smart and observant guy worth considering.  The Wolf of Wall Street glorifies class-based immorality and Godlessness and turns its victims into a comedy.)   Many people in the last 35 years attribute their success to immoral and corrupt economic policy, delusions about their own abilities and their generally accepted beliefs that the policies over the last 35 years create economic prosperity.   In fact, many will rabidly defend these beliefs to their own destruction that such beliefs create.   Exaltation of the self or ego will always lead to self-victimizing self-destruction. 

Woe is me.  I appreciate that my economic success or failure is often driven more by being in the right place at the right time than any great abilities I may have.  Not that I didn’t work hard or smart.  But, what does that mean?  The people subjugated to nonliving wages at Wal-mart and McDonalds often work like dogs and they aren’t generally allowed to use their natural  talents in such a monotonous, inhumane form of indentured servitude to class.  How’d that work out for them?   The disconnected ego is pernicious and sinister in its beliefs.  And, we will be punished for outsourcing our beliefs to an aristocratic class of economic and political predators who certainly are pernicious, immoral, corrupt and sinister.

Just as George Bush and Barack Obama inherited a pile of dog dung from Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, so is Janet Yellen inheriting a bigger pile of dog dung from Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan.   That said, all of the inheritors are complicit in accepting and even perpetuating the immoral and corrupt policies they inherited.  That includes Yellen who is on the Fed’s Board and helped create this mess.   And, is now on the cover of Time Magazine, a kiss of death granted by the dumbed-down mainstream media.  In other words, corruption and immorality are now accepted as mainstream social values in the “free market” corporate capitalist system. 

As I have noted on here ad nauseam, observational science, including modern economic and monetary policy, is junk science.  Now we will watch entire socioeconomic structures and belief systems fail because of the acceptance of such self-interested ignorance.

American Express






Sherwin Williams


Valeant Pharma






Northrop Grumman


Mettler Toledo


Jazz Pharma


Credit Acceptance Corp






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Monday, January 20, 2014

A MLK Day Post - Obama And Republican Leadership Covertly Try To Ram The TPP Trade Scam And Its Lack Of Environmental Controls Through Congress

“Each day the war goes on the hatred increases in the heart of the Vietnamese and in the hearts of those of humanitarian instinct. The Americans are forcing even their friends into becoming their enemies. It is curious that the Americans, who calculate so carefully on the possibilities of military victory, do not realize that in the process they are incurring deep psychological and political defeat. The image of America will never again be the image of revolution, freedom and democracy, but the image of violence and militarism.”  -- MLK quoting a Buddhist leader in Vietnam during his speech Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence

How unbelievably powerful and prescient were those remarks by a spiritual leader of Vietnam when applied not only to the Vietnam War but to America today?   For reasons beyond that which I want to discuss in this post, I think it’s quite plausible we will look back at some point in the future and recognize that Martin Luther King was the most important American leader since the Revolutionary War.  It was King, more than anyone else, who tried to make America stand to account for social justice, democratic economic determinism and basic human rights.  King attempted to force America to confront its own humanity, or lack thereof.  Regardless, King’s Beyond Vietnam speech was quite possibly the most profound speech ever in our nation’s history.  Its applicability today is even greater than when it was originally given.  If you have never listened to it, I would encourage you to consider doing so at the link above.   

More and more people are awakening to a greater truth in this nation and around the world.   And with it, they are recognizing “the betrayal of my own silences” as King remarked.  A remark taken loosely from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s famous quote regarding Nazi Germany, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.”.  That is, this system of class, corporate capitalism, that exists in our nation and that we violently spread around the world is killing democracy, humanity and the natural world. 

Let me digress briefly for a paragraph on this topic about something I have written of often.  That is, karma.  I think it’s quite plausible, if not probable, that the karmic forces of the universe are at work in this environment.  As I have noted ad nauseam, we are in a cycle of volatility.  And, how accurate that has been as the future has continued to unfold.  That volatility is manifesting itself through countless examples of human and natural phenonoma.  King remarked of this in his recognition of divine karma eventually smiting the arrogance of the class-based American aristocracy if they did not face their own egomaniacal injustices.  There certainly is some scientific understanding through Newtonian physics of a balance of opposing positive and negative energy or, applied to human behavior, the balance between the energy of our divinity and our ego,  or good versus evil, that seeks a harmonious, connected Newtonian karmic balance.  And, if that karmic balance is broken, that the forces of the universe will seek a return to equilibrium.  Karma is restored through the same violent forces that created the disharmony or disequilibrium of energy in the first place.  This is easily seen in our nation and around the world in the madness and violent human emotional, physical and social manifestations, be that the exponential rise of suicides, the rise of violent gladiator sport such as cage fighting and American football, endless examples of the ego’s self-destruction;  war, social violence, addictions, bullying, the left vs right violence in our nation, militarism, the rising exploitation of the planet, the rising exploitation of humanity, the violence against gay people, poor people, etc, etc, etc.  We have people stabbing their best friends because they placed a pizza order inaccurately.  This is not an uncommon occurrence and it is not only happening in the United States.  Additionally, there is a seemingly large rise in the number of animal attacks on humans around the world over the last handful of years.  These are all consistent with the 12 laws of karma that may possibly be unfolding before our very eyes.  That the karmic response to restore the self-correcting forces of the universe to the evils of this world are already well underway.  And, while they may be violent, their intent is a restoration of the balance of good and evil or positive and negative energy forces.   It’s interesting that the weak, who always are the source of all evil, or those driven by an ego disconnected from their higher power, are the manifestations of that violent karmic destruction we see today.    It is the weak who prey on humanity and the natural world.  It is the weak who seek power over their fellow man to ameliorate their own inner demons.   In many regards, we essentially witnessing the corporate state and the class-based aristocracy self-destruct.  Which, by the way, is the only end state of the disconnected ego.  That is, ego collapse. 

The class-based socioeconomic system of corporate capitalism is enslaving the world into a system of massive exploitation, predation and victimization.  And, we as a nation are responsible for perpetuating this evil through our own silence.  Just as the German people were silent about the evils perpetuated by the Nazis.  As Bonhoeffer observed and noted, silence in the face of evil is in fact support of evil. 

The corporate state always has been and always will be a system of class.  We fought a war to defeat the king, the British empire’s aristocracy-driven corporate state, the king’s global corporations and its military that destroyed anyone in the path of its global economic looting in 1776.  Now, with the help of Alexander Hamilton, and against the protestations of Thomas Jefferson and others, the political class in our nation has sold us a bill of goods by embracing the same class-based system the masses fought to defeat in the founding of our nation.   

King’s remark that “When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered.” are manifestations of the endless violence that is class-based, private for-profit capital and its endless appetite for more consumption, production, profit, property and natural resources to continue to expand its power needed to survive its endless contradictions.   This is a system that requires an enormous violence to pave the way for that looting and to ensure a world remains subjugated to private power that dehumanizes humanity and destroys democracy and the natural world.   And, because private capital determines who gains access to what resources in our society and in every society it operates, it is the source of class divides determined by local prejudice around the world.   ie, Racism, misogyny, misandry, religious conflict and on and on.

In the U.S. that manifests itself in many ways.  Most notorious is the  prejudice of denying human rights to anyone that corporations cannot either extract rent from through forced subjugation to their products or services or if there is no surplus value to extract by their employment.   Additionally, in the U.S. specifically, albeit it takes different forms around the world based on local prejudices, misogyny, misandry, racism, gay-bashing and bashing the poor are all examples of covert state-created and endorsed violence that results from class-based, private, for-profit capital dominating democracy.  

We are an empire.  And that empire exists so that our aristocracy can loot the world through corporate capitalism’s “free trade” agreements.  I don’t know when the self-identified Democrats who support the political rot in Washington will wake up but if Barack Obama gets his way, he would likely go down in American history as our worst president.  Ever.  His policies have the potential to surpass even Bill Clinton, the one president I have repeatedly remarked is the worst in our nation’s history.  Even worse than Reagan.   Now, that is a subjective statement but the evidence is quite overwhelming on many fronts and I have presented much of it over the years.   The massive power grab by the central planners in Washington now uses state violence to  dominate and control every aspect of our lives and those of people around the world.  As King noted, the U.S. is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.  Now that violence has turned against itself in the self-created destruction of the United States Constitution and our inalienable rights.   State’s Rights anyone?  All of a sudden, my endless rants over the years on State’s Rights and concentrated power of a massive, unaccountable centralized bureaucracy in some far off land doesn’t seem so radical.  They seem rather mainstream.  Maybe even more than a little Jeffersonian.  They are definitely a threat to the Godless corporate state.

In closing, I hope people have the awareness to start to tie together many disparate topics and understand how this system drives every meme in our nation.   I have written extensively on here about human-caused global warming.  Oftentimes railing against the science, or lack thereof.  But, more importantly, highlighting how this con game is a grab for power by corporations and class-based elites that died-in-the-wool Democrats have swallowed as part of the “party line.  This, even though, none of them can actually defend its mockery of science.   All they can defend is the party meme.   Anthropogenic global warming is part of the same class-based memes that the corporate state creates across every topic it touches.  Across every aspect of our lives it attempts to control.  It is a system designed to subjugate the world to existing aristocratic American power.  The same system that Martin Luther King recognized forty-odd years ago.  The contradictions of global warming policy that were always present are now becoming too glaring to deny.  Obama has pushed the global warming meme very substantially in his rhetoric but when it comes down to action, he has done nothing but the opposite of what he has said.   He is unwilling to provide any funding to underdeveloped nations to fight global warming and he has negotiated the largest “free trade” agreement since NAFTA that is void of any  ecological or climate protections as uncovered by Wikileaks and discussed in the links below.   It’s simply more of that polished grifter propaganda that flows from Washington.  A grifter propaganda that involves “do as I say, not as I do” that so defines the Democratic Party’s endless hypocritical memes.  (And equally hypocritical Republican memes)

The U.S. offers no financial support to poor nations to deal with global warming.  But, instead wishes to use cap and trade and other systems of control, that subjugates undeveloped nations to existing U.S. corporate control and thus guarantees a steady stream of future profits for American firms through rent extraction and wage slavery.  This is guaranteed by forcing underdeveloped nations into economic austerity in the name of climate change that then gives American corporations  unfettered hegemony to colonize these nations through and, in the process, denies them their own economic determinism.  Economic determinism that is a threat to the U.S. corporate empire and its global rent extraction schemes called “free trade”.   Obama’s actions on sick care reform, financial reform and free trade agreements are simply attempts to perpetuate the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism that define the corporate state and empireAnd he does so through the false memes of climate change and “free trade”.

Most people aren’t willing to consider that this class-based, undemocratic, unjust system is that sinister but, in fact, the TPP and the TTIP (the trade agreement between European and American corporations that Obama is also negotiating in secret), guarantees the financial predators and the class-based system of private, for-profit capital,  corporate capitalism, and the corporate state maintains its dominance over humanity and democracy.  And, in the process continues to enslave the world to a future of class-based, aristocratic system of racism, extreme materialism and militarism.  All examples of the ego’s self-destructive violence. 

This system will create its own demise through its endless internal contradictions.  Because it was designed as a system of control that attempts to defeat karma and the laws of the universe.

Karma is indeed a bitch.

The Real News on the TPP and its complete lack of regard for the environment.

The Ed Show discussing the TPP  (Excellent excoriation of the bipartisan political corruption behind TPP and the corporate state.)

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Washington’s Central Planners Push The Sick Care Bubble Closer To Collapse

I think many people in our nation have a hard time separating reality from fiction.   Especially those who are very active in political parties.  ie, Who ignorantly outsource their perceptions of reality to the con man or the grifter.   The changes in our nation have happened over such a long period of time that we have habituated to complete lunacy.  We accept the absurd as normal.  Not only are we in the largest financial bubble the world has ever seen, but it has many real world consequences beyond the financial sector.  The bubble is far wider and deeper than asset prices.  One of those many “wider and deepers” I have written about is the U.S. sick care system or the medical-industrial complex. 

In the 1990s I knew countless people who were in their late 20s to mid 30s who were so close to retirement they could taste it with millions in stock grants and massive salary and commission bumps.  I mean massive.  Some people saw sales commissions exceed a million dollars when just a handful of years before, they were making 10% of that.     It all came crashing down.  All of it.  In its wake the people who believed the insanity were often decimated.  Employment collapsed, wages collapsed and the corporate overproduction and overconsumption of IT-related businesses disappeared like the mirage it was.

To date, no one actually knows who has actually paid for actual Obamacare.   That doesn’t stop the bureaucrats from feeding us endless lies and deceits.   The world has become so insane I can’t even believe it.   For someone who wrote about most of this socioeconomic coming to pass for years in advance, it’s far worse than I ever could have imagined. 

As I noted some months ago, I believe it is likely we will look back on this moment and recognize that this was the beginning of the sick care bubble popping.   And, it clearly is a bubble.   A bubble created through the force of corporate state central planners.    Things are pretty bad when the Washington mouthpiece, the New York Times, runs a major article highlighting what everyone who lives in the real world already knows; we are all slaves to the Soviet-style central planning leviathan in Washington that has destroyed America.    A leviathan that enriches those who willingly participate in the class-based predation of their fellow man for their own self-interested egomania.  (This is a nice article similar in absurdities and state-created and enforced violence to the one I put up last year on the sick care system sourced from

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Nuclear Power Is Not Safe Or Cost Effective - 4 Myths The Nuclear Industry Wants You To Believe

It is more than dystopian to witness the endless state deceits and lies in this world.  It doesn’t matter the topic.  Does anyone even still think 2008 was actually a financial crisis?  Is Fukushima or the BP oil spill even in the mainstream press anymore?   Both are still very critical issues whose impact are not going away.  In the case of the BP spill, the consequences will last for generations or longer.  Fukushima is never going away as far as the people alive are concerned.  And much longer than that.  Now it has essentially “infected” the entire northern hemisphere with silent, invisible toxins that will certainly have very profound impacts for a long time. 

Just like with the BP oil spill, the corporate state pinheads are out telling us that everything is a-okay with the food supply, with the oceans and with plant, animal and human health.   Ahem.   But will they be able to squelch university and private scientists from reporting the truth?  Not likely.  That is, unless they throw scientists in jail as the Soviet Union did for those who spoke the truth about Chernobyl.  The state’s violent force is nearly limitless when we allow it as many Americans are finally coming to grips with.

If there is one industry in the world that has the largest corporate state “put” guaranteeing its existence, and often a precarious and incompetent one, it is likely the nuclear power industry.   What other industry has the ability to end life as we know it?  Well, other than the military-industrial complex.  There is no non-military industry that socializes such staggering losses, costs and potential risks.   Only the U.S. government will insure the trillions of dollars in potential liabilities of every nuclear power facility in this nation.  Without the force of the state, the nuclear power industry could not exist.  Privatizing gains and socializing losses is the only way nuclear power exists in the corporate state. 

Now, I’m not against nuclear power per se.  But I am against the lies and deceit that often define the industry today.  And the corporate state corruption that enables it.  We certainly need this country to continue nuclear power research and basic nuclear research in general.  That includes cold fusion and other esoteric research areas in this field.  Maybe some day we can then safely deploy nuclear power.  I mean real safety.  Not the comparative faux safety that exists if we have no major human errors and no major natural disasters. 

If we had a real public, open discourse on nuclear power and its potential consequences and benefits, then we might not have had a Fukushima, a Chernobyl or many of the other near disasters or ticking time bombs that exist.   If we did, in other words if democracy was actually allowed to function rather than being constantly subverted by ignorant, corrupt politicians and the force of the state, we likely wouldn’t be in this situation.   And, if people were actually being informed about what the impacts of Fukushima are on North America, the impacts of Chernobyl on Europe and what really happened at Three Mile Island, Obama would almost certainly never be able to use the force of the state to push existing nuclear power designs into production as he is doing today.

Arnie Gunderson, an engineer with 40 years experience in the nuclear power industry, speaks truth to the endless lies perpetuated by the corporate state and one of its largest welfare recipients, the nuclear power industry.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Men Are Obsolete

I had to chuckle when reading the title of this article.  There is a war going on between Camille Paglia, a feminist herself, and other feminists.  This after Camille penned an article that  It’s a Man’s World and Always Will Be.   And she gave a very interesting account defending masculine virtues

I’m not sure really how people gain so much power in our society on topics often derived through nothing more than opinion.  I suppose it’s driven by ignorance, herd behavior and the desire of the ego to abandon itself, and thus, always look for an external locus of control that can be found in megalomaniacs.  But since my obsolescence is at stake, (ridiculous horseshit) I am going to chime in on this topic. 

First off, this social competition and social comparison between Camille and Hanna, and between men and women, often derived through ignorance and an intent to control, is common to both genders and, more importantly, to class, in the ego-primitive state of the barbaric tribal culture that defines class-based societies like we see around the world today.   Hanna Rosin’s remarks at the link above are utterly ridiculous.  We are a nation of fanatics in constant social competition to see who is able to gain an upper hand to control the false memes they create.   These fanatics take an issue, often of substance, and polarize it and politicize it with extreme prejudice and ignorance to dumb down society.  Just like the anthropogenic global warming meme.  Or, the religious zealotry and ignorance and the memes it creates.   

Rosin has seemingly lost touch with reality.  That is, in her socially-competitive zeal to achieve equality with men, she has become disconnected from reality.  That’s no surprise because ego-maniacal social competition so prevalent in Darwinistic corporate capitalist society thwarts connection.   We compete for everything.  That includes our right to stay alive and our right not to live in a cardboard box.  Rosin has fallen prey to the dumbing-down of society this social competition creates.  She loses cite of the fact that men and women are very different in many ways but very similar in many others.  Equal but different and equal but similar.   In many ways different is complementary.  And I mean beyond the social definitions of what men and women should be.  I mean that men and women are literally different.  Our minds have been measured to often work differently and the chemicals in our bodies are comprised of differences that regulate our state of being differently.  Rosin equates social equality with sameness.   The reality is much more complex.  Men need women and women need men.   No I don’t mean “need” as in emotional codependency or dysfunction.   Camille recognizes this beyond sexual differences or social sameness as she herself is gay.   If I may put words in Camille’s mouth, I believe she is or should be stating on some level that there is an extreme fanaticism to socially deconstruct and figuratively castrate men that has resulted from the dumbing-down of society by class-based extremists who seek to impose their polarized and politically-correct distortions of reality onto the rest of us.  It’s part of that extreme ignorance that polarization creates when the political class of our culture controls all aspects of our lives.   

I have two friends in particular who are very staunch feminists.  Feminists who have no desire to emasculate men or dumb them down through social competition or social comparatives.  And we have had many a discussion about the movement and about women’s rights; a movement I firmly support.  Frankly, in many ways, the struggle for women’s rights are no different than the struggle for the rights of the poor, people of color or those who have simply been unlucky or are endlessly persecuted for something as simple as a single decision they made in their life.   While many people may disagree, or may not understand the profound ramifications, the reality is the struggle for equality in a society that is supposed to be based on equality is driven by class.  And, that class is enforced through the capitalist class’ control of access to society’s capital. 

If women or the impoverished or people of color or anyone else who cannot consume, or do that class wishes to control, and thus, is of no value to class-based private capital or the patriarchy that controls it, had public access to all of society’s capital, there would be no point of control to subjugate anyone to this rotten, evil and unjust system of class.   (I doubt that is actually a sentence but it shall suffice.) In other words, the rights of all people not of privilege are denied through private, for-profit capital and the patriarchy that controls it and thus subjugates democracy and freedom for those it arbitrarily wishes to repress.  As written on here ad nauseam, our nation was not founded on the system of class-based, state enforced corporate capitalism and its manifestations of class, poverty, slavery, wage slavery, denial of property rights, etc.  That is the system millions of immigrants were running away from in 1776.   That was the system of neofeudal colonial corporate empire that was and still is Europe and for a long time, maybe forever if I am honest, has defined state violence in the United States.

I certainly support any and all efforts by women or anyone else to take all of their power back and their divine light.  Frankly, more importantly, I support a system of social and economic justice that prevents a class-based system of violence from ever taking anyone’s power in the first place.  ie,  Democratic economics, democratic determinism and democratic rights; an egalitarian meritocracy.   No form of supposed self-rule should allow society or social values or men or women or anyone else to take anyone’s power or allow class or the state to dumb anyone down by defining and controlling who they are and who they should be.  Especially when that defined and controlled worthiness is determined by how much they consume.  ie, The ignorant, dumbed-down, Godless corporate state.

Everyone suffers from the human condition;  and that means there are many people out there who are insecure about themselves who will bring anyone down they can rather than pick themselves up.  Down to their level of insecurity, self-judgment and self-hatred.   That is what is happening when anyone tries to dim another human being’s shining light.  No one should be able to suppress anyone’s shining light.  And, that should clearly be guaranteed by our economic and human rights that value all people as equal and worthy and able to take their abilities and accomplishments as far as they are able to take them. 

Now, that said, there is a lot of confusion of what that light and accomplishment truly is.  It is not ego or ego motive.  It is not self-centeredness.  It is not exploitation of others through exploitative class-based economic control systems to achieve your own rank and wealth.  It is our divine power, our worthiness, our right to be heard, our right to lead our own life as long as we aren’t harming another person, our right to invent, our right to express ourselves through art and science and speech, our right to become who we were meant to become, etc.    It is all that is being suppressed by fanaticism, politicization and class in our nation.

Now, I want to get to the heart of this post.  That is, the obsolescence of men.  Ha!  It is no surprise to many, and it certainly is no surprise to me as I have noted before, that this global crisis is really a crisis of men.  It is a crisis of the failure of men to be men.  At least those men in positions of authority, rank, title and class.   I don’t care if that is the class of politics, religion, the military or corporations.  They have all failed society.

That should really be of no surprise.  Because in a society that exalts the ego or the self above our divine power, human values and selflessness, this is the outcome.  The ego is the source of all abandonment of responsibility to others and itself.  So, what are the responsibilities of men?  Let’s take a look at what a man’s responsibilities to society and to himself were in values foundational to western culture.   

  • To fear God and maintain His Church
  • To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
  • To protect the weak and defenceless
  • To give succour to widows and orphans
  • To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
  • To live by honour and for glory
  • To despise pecuniary reward
  • To fight for the welfare of all
  • To obey those placed in authority
  • To guard the honour of fellow knights
  • To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
  • To keep faith
  • At all times to speak the truth
  • To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
  • To respect the honour of women
  • Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
  • Never to turn the back upon a foe

Obviously, these can be be updated to embrace modern society.  Never refuse a challenge from an equal no longer applies since we don’t have duels and sword fights but instead rely on a rule of law to determine offenses against each other.  But not allowing lies or untruths spewed by someone impugning your character certainly could be a modern interpretation.  And, to obey those in positions of authority certainly should be replaced with obeying the rule of law.  Or, at least, the reasoned, compassionate, humane rule of law based on our natural rights.  In a free society, no person should ever be subjugated to the authority of another human being; only through natural rights and the written rule of law.  But, other than that, they are pretty much timeless responsibilities appreciated regardless of culture.   What I find most compelling from the above list is “to despise pecuniary reward”.  That a man’s view of justice, responsibility and our moral fabric are not swayed by monetary gain or the possibility of it.  How much has this responsibility been abrogated in the corporate state where the god of money defines and determines everything?  Especially in the patriarchal ruling class of predatory and exploitative men?

My point is that in the ego-primitive state that defines the corporate state’s Darwinian culture, virtue has been replaced by the laws of the jungle.  Virtue has often been replaced by predator and prey.  And who determines this?  That would be the monsters who control our society. 

Further down the page of the link above, the Duke of Burgundy, a man of class privilege, describes the virtues men should represent: 

  • Faith
  • Charity
  • Justice
  • Sagacity
  • Prudence
  • Temperance
  • Resolution
  • Truth
  • Liberality
  • Diligence
  • Hope
  • Valour

What exactly from this list defines the class of men who control our society?  Our society is controlled by evil predators who have granted themselves the power of kings and tyrants and in the process have destroyed democracy and the responsibilities of men.   These are predators who have forsaken their own responsibilities.   In many ways Rosin’s article is top-ticking the “obsolescence” of men caused by the failure of men of title, class and privilege.  And, by class-based extremists like herself who push an extremist agenda of social comparison and social competition onto the rest of us.  An agenda that socially deconstructs and figuratively castrates men and has resulted in a dumbing-down of society.  An agenda that seemingly uses social competition and comparison with men to hide what are likely her own insecurities about who she is.  It is not western civilization or western values that are at risk of collapsing as Camille believes.  It is of fanatics, conformity and class that has dumbed-down our society that is at risk.  There are tens and tens of millions of men in this nation who attempt to lead a life of honor and decency.  Who have reject the dumbing-down and castration of men.  And, that means the violent, repressive agenda of predators and fanatics of all ilk will be toppled when this class-based system of control unwinds.  

Karma is here for a payback and the pendulum will swing with it.  Men are not obsolete.  To the contrary, the virtues of men that have defined western civilization are about to make a major comeback.  And with it, will be the rise of both men and women as the process of enlightenment brings into our conscious mind the fact that in an egalitarian society the rights, uniqueness, individuality and worthiness of all people are exalted.   The vast majority of women don’t want to be men nor do they want to compare or compete with men.  I have never met a feminist who wanted to except for the small number of fanatics who make the most noise so are naturally the ones who are most often heard.   Most women want men to be men.   Being equal does not equate to the dumbed-down conformity of sameness, social comparison and competition that attempts to define men and women through sameness and the attempted  emasculation of men through these efforts. 

Being equal equates to the respect and embrace of every person’s individuality without the dumbing-down of social conformity, sameness, political correctness or the attempt of fanatics to take away any person’s, gender’s or race’s identity and uniqueness through comparison and competition.   That means if a woman’s dominant energy is masculine and a man’s dominant energy is feminine, they should be able to embrace their individuality just as masculine men and feminine women should without fanatics terrorizing them.  We should be able to live in a society without class and fanaticism and be proud of who we all are.  Masculinity or masculine energy is a part of who we all are as sentient beings.  And, frankly, Camille is right about one thing.  We need a dose of masculinity right about now.  

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Friday, January 10, 2014

U.S. Jobs Number Collapses

We have had three very powerful turning points in late fourth quarter of 2013.  One is the Fibonacci turn date off the 1995 pivot that I wrote last September was coming up later in the fourth quarter, another is the solar magnetic pole reversal and finally we saw what I wrote may be the most powerful astrological alignment in the last two or three thousand years that came to pass and was “exalted” in late November’s Scorpio. (Something I wrote that I may come back to in 2014 and post specifically about that event.) 

Now none of this guarantees the global economy will fall off a cliff at this very  moment.  Of course, it doesn’t guarantee it won’t either.  If these three turning points do play a role in the human experience,  and I am very confident they do, we can expect the beginnings of a change in trend from December/January onward.   How rapidly a change in trend develops is really an open-ended question.  But, I noted in a post in the fourth quarter that the U.S. equity markets have been defying reality for some months as measured by an algorithm I posted.

The economic news and data in December and early January has been horrible.  More on that in an upcoming financial markets post.   In the mean time, another confirming data point is a literal collapse in jobs created.   We were creating generally horrible, non-living wage, non-benefit wage slavery jobs.  Now we are creating what is effectively no jobs.  At least with this latest report.

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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Corporate Capitalism Doubles Down On GOP Civil War

I have remarked a few times over the years that we are in the midst of America’s second civil war.   Indeed we are.  But, it’s not about left versus right or progressive versus conservative.  It’s a war of class-based capitalism versus democracy.   More and more people are waking up to this greater truth.  One of the long time theses on here is that we will see political parties in this nation disintegrate.  When I first started writing about this, I was generally mocked by people who consider themselves part of the Democratic “team”, or people who have outsourced their thinking their whole lives to an illegitimate authority.    Up until the revelations of the last two years, most were still enamored with their savior.   They believed the partisan ideology created by party bosses that all we needed in Washington was to get rid of that idiot, George Bush, and replace him with an intellectual.  Their Harvard man fit the bill to a tee.  How’s that working out for you?  Record poverty in our nation, record food stamp usage, record numbers of people unemployed, record paltry transfer payments from the government, more illegal wars and spying, a centerpiece corporate sick care takeover, new “free trade” agreements that will outsource tens of millions of more American jobs and record handouts of your money to corporations and elites just to rattle off a few realizations. 

Without the politically-contrived, false left-right meme, neither party can survive.  They only remain in power as registered corporations that use corporate money to control elections, control gerrymandering, control public opinion, control science, control government propaganda, control democracy and our government and most importantly control the people who outsource their thinking to party authority. Neither party has a clue as to what they are talking about but they boil every issue in our society down to a political one.  So, every solution is political and thus enriches the party bosses and the cronies they do their bidding for.   Every issue is boiled down into a politically-divisive one to ensure their team has a chance to win the battle of ignorant talking points.  Frankly, we need to get politicians out of science, out of government, our of society, out of democracy and out of our lives in general.   We need to ban political parties as many founding fathers wished to do.   Public service in government can never be sustainably accomplished under any party’s control be that the Chinese communist party, the Soviet communist party, the Nazi party or the Democratic or Republican party.  

Both parties are collapsing as I type this and what I have been writing about for years is getting that much closer to reality.  Political parties are institutions of the ego aka control.  And with it, comes class rank and privilege that are an anathema to democracy and self-rule.  So, they subvert truth.  Period.  There is no way to devise a party that is anything other than an institution of control.  So, as reality presents itself, their false meme is going to collapse.  Without political parties and the corruption of democracy they bring, I am quite certain neither party will survive. 

Frankly, as noted on here many times, political parties dumb down society by enforcing a party ideology and convincing millions of people to quit thinking for themselves and adopt ideological drivel.  If every candidate for government had to stand on their own merits, and if every candidate had to formulate their own thoughts and ideas on how to serve society, I seriously doubt any Congressperson today could survive the honed blade of public discourse of democratic ideas that would arise in place of controlling moneyed political parties.  That includes Bernie Sanders.  Bernie talks a good game, and I like him a lot, but when it comes down to it, he conforms to the corrupt system of control.  There certainly is more qualified representation in his district just as there is in every other district in this nation.   A meritocracy is the antidote to political parties and the ignorance they create.    

We only have one legitimate representation in Washington today.  That is the Tea Party.  I mean the real Tea Party.  Not the organizational construct hijacked by inside the beltway Republican hacks, the Koch Brothers and other class-based moneyed interests.  But, the real Tea Party that is against political and economic corruption, corporatism and cronyism.  Their message may not be an inclusive one but it does espouse honest values of integrity and personal responsibility.  Unfortunately, much of their message is corrupted by their own desire to return to a system of wage slavery and corporate control in this nation.  But, it’s an honest, grass-roots movement based on legitimate concerns of We The People.  That’s why the corporate state including Democratic and Republican elites and corporate capitalism want to kill it.  Just like they killed the equivalent fracture of the Democratic Party, the Occupy Movement.  Or, at least temporarily muffled it maybe a more appropriate characterization.   Because the Occupy Movement is far from dead.  It simply hasn’t gained critical mass as of yet. 

Corporations, corporate capitalism and the corporate state will lose their battle with democracy regardless of how much money they spend.  Money can’t buy the truth.   It only seeks to subvert it.

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Corporate State Violence - McDonald’s Worker Arrested For Asking To Be Paid A Living Wage And Other Timely Corporate-State Sick-Care Links

If all doctors were like Dr. Mercola, a social activist and person of great conscience and compassion.   But, to be fair, many doctors are of great conscience and compassionate.  Dr. Mercola has a unique bully pulpit by funding his own business through supplements and health care products.   So, he is his own “man” beyond the dynamic of endless violence that is the corporate state. 

There are certainly many doctors and health care professionals on the front line who are as disgusted with the corporate state and corporate sick care complex but are violently subjugated to conformity and silence.  Corporations now decide what doctors are allowed to use hospital facilities, what doctors are part of a health care insurance network and corporations even use brutal and extremist interpretations of Taylorism to limit their doctor-patient time to ridiculously numbers like 13 minutes. By conclusion, corporations and corporate bureaucrats essentially have the power (class-based, state-backed violence) to decide which doctors are allowed to practice medicine.  

The sentence regarding Taylorism and efficiency above brings up a good point I have remarked of in passing before.  That is, bureaucrats love efficiency be they Soviet, Nazi, Chinese communist or Amerikan corporate capitalist.  Keeping copious records of the efficiency of activities at Auschwitz, the time-limiting activities of Amerikan doctors (That creates unnecessary sickness, mistakes and death),  the NSA or the CIA are really no different.   They are all the same.  That is, Godless state violence against humanity.  And, we know from historical records that Amerikan korporations were and are glad to oblige with all of these activities.   Remember, as noted on here many times, American and European corporate capitalists loved Adolph Hitler and were instrumental to his success.  The synergies between corporations, inventions of the state, and the state create a marriage made in heaven between like-minded, control-driven (efficiency) bureaucrats.   Fascism is a natural conclusion of corporate capitalism be that the British Empire, the American Empire, communist China or the Third Reich.  

The use of corporate state violence in the sick care complex is long and illustrious even if often covert.   Through this violent use of corporate state force, all health care professionals are subjugated, silenced and forced into conformity.  Of course, there are many in this corrupt and brutal system that embrace its benefits to those who conform to it.  Many doctors have become rich by destroying health care through countless conflicts of interest.   Adolph Hitler would be proud.

Corporate capitalism and the corporate state makes us stupid and ignorant through its rote conformity and dumbing down that subjugation creates.  And, more importantly, it plants a spike right through the heart of democracy and its freedoms, including freedom of speech and a meritocracy that freedom creates. 

Video of Nancy Salgado asking McDonald’s president why she isn’t paid a living wage here. 

Top Mercola articles of 2013 here.

Foundation Training here.

Mouth breathing, especially during endurance exercise, may be life-threatening.  I ran across Buteyko breathing, a discovery by a Soviet doctor, some years ago.   The impacts of breathing can play an enormous role in our physical and emotional health, which is one reason why meditation is so important.  Breathing, be it proper or improper, has been shown to change our cellular structure, and possibly even change our DNA, although the last point has not been conclusively determined by science.   But, improper breathing and overly stressful exercise together may be a recipe for a hidden health disaster.  A related topic that isn’t discussed in this article is hypoxia, or the deprivation of oxygen, but can be caused by improper breathing, neuromuscular and fascial train issues (injuries, stress, movement disorders, etc) and other unknown dynamics is implicated in all types of sickness including cancer.  Breathing may be the most important exercise we ever master.   I have posted a few great links on here to mediation and breathing in the past if you want to search my Blogspot(Blogger) site. 

As always, do your own diligence.

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Monday, January 06, 2014

Cycle Of Volatility Update - The Rapidly Blowing Winds Of Climate Change

“There have been examples in our fairly recent history of how a considerable portion of Europe was flooded with the brown Nazi ideology, the red Commie ideology that caused severe casualty and consequences for Europe and the entire world.  Now there is a big likelihood that a considerable part of Europe has been flooded with another type, another color of ideology – [and he is speaking of global warming here – again, another type, another color of ideology] – but with very similar implications for Europe societies and human societies the world over.

He also said the imposition of the Kyoto Protocol ‘ would deal a powerful blow on the whole humanity similar to the one experienced when Nazism and communism flourished’.     -- President Putin’s chief economic advisor speaking on behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ position that “the Kyoto Protocol does have have a scientific basis and would not be effective in achieving the IPCC’s aims.”   Testimony taken from the United States Congressional Record, V 150, PT. 17.

I have been writing on here since starting this blog nine calendar years ago that human-caused global warming is a hoax.  An ideology.  A religion.  All driven by True Believers or fanatics as Eric Hoffer would classify them.

CO2 levels have risen to one one hundredth of one percent higher than at any time in the last how many hundreds of thousands of years.  And that human involvement in that amount is certainly some much smaller amount.  Maybe 3% –5% as a guesstimate I have seen.  That would be at most five one thousandths of one percent rise in CO2 levels caused by humanity.   But, that’s really irrelevant.  As always in the last half a million years of ice core samples, CO2 levels have risen after climate has warmed. (Shown on here in past posts with links from scientific research.) ie, While C02 is correlated with a rise in temperature, it is a dependent variable.  High temperature lead high levels of atmospheric CO2 and not the other way around.  Some, or maybe all of this, we clearly understand.   C02 trapped in ice or permafrost enters the atmosphere as the earth cycle warms.  

When we were in the belly of the beast, back well before the 2008 collapse, I wrote that we would be soon entering a period of global cooling.  There are long term astrological cycles that contribute to solar variability that have been known for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  ie. Cyclical solar inertial forces that are substantially impacted by cyclical astrological patterns and, likely other forces we don’t yet understand.   We are almost certainly entering one of those longer term cycles where solar activity is likely to be very muted.  Much more muted than that witnessed by the shorter term 11 year solar or 80-odd year Gleissberg solar cycle. 

I have noted on here many times that it wouldn’t take long before Al Gore would have to give back his Nobel Prize.  That we would soon see the science of human-caused global warming fail.  As noted on here before, and linked to the scientific research, the sun has been more active in the last 50 years than at any time in the last 8,000 years.   Now the sun is fading fast and comparatively in a weaker cycle than at any time in the last 100 years.  With solar maxima being reached literally as I type this, there is every reason to believe we will continue to see a much cooler global climate develop for decades or even longer. 

The same dimwits who told us global cooling was the threat in the 1970s are soon going to be begging us to burn more carbon-based fuels to stave off global cooling in the not too distant future.  Just as they did in the 1970s.  (The same trend-following, linear thinking of this paragraph’s video link is the same nonsensical hogwash fed to people today.)

This is Custer’s last stand.  The false meme of humanity causing climate change is now trying to fence their failures, their junk science and their junk model’s absolutely complete failures to predict the future.  So, now the popular meme in the last few weeks are alarmist fanatics telling us that today’s weather is causing the cold we are seeing rather than climate actually changing.  lol.  Okay.  If that makes you feel better.  As noted on here before, the alarmist, ego-driven dumbing-down of science, discovery and truth that is the politically-controlled IPCC has not measured an increase in global temperature in 18 years.  

Oh, one more thing.  As I noted in my first post on this topic many years ago, Democracy loves cold climate.   The collapse of tyranny is often correlated with these type of climate cycles.  That includes the tyranny of the IPCC that has hijacked science and turned it into a fanatical religion.  And the religious zealots and True Believers who ignorantly followed them without having any understanding of the science or anything else. 

Humanity as the cause for climate change is an ego-driven social movement similar to all of the other ignorant and false left versus right memes and contrived social constructs controlled by the ruling class of pathocrats.   And, anyone who actually understands science,  scientific falsifiability and the horrendously unscientific models used to create this fanaticism never bought the pablum.   More of that dumbing-down of our society by bureaucrats hijacking discovery, truth and the purity of science.

Satellite data shows Arctic sea ice coverage up 50%.

Snowy owl invasion in Florida.

U.K. sees largest ever influx if gulls from Arctic ice shelf.

Largest migration of upper Russian owls invades Finland. 

Antarctic sea ice hits 35 year record.

Cairo sees first snow in over one hundred years.

AMS meteorological fellow states that latest storm likely to make 2010s the snowiest on record.

Mystery electrical energy linked to earthquakes.

Michigan, home of the Frost Men, in pictures.

Volcano dormant for 400 years erupts 50 times in one night.

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